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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Naruto Style Challenge--Flying Cheaters

      by , 06-21-2012 at 05:46 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 21, 2012

      Synopsis: It's a naruto style challenge where teams fight to be number one, but the damn teachers try to tell us flying is against the rules

      Notes: I was attempting to dream share with Cay but never reached lucidity

      Naruto Style Challenge--Flying Cheaters
      Our Naruto style challange was to take down here, at the supermarket!!!

      Our teachers assembled us into teams of two. For this ninja game half the teams were designated as the predators and the other half were our prey.

      My teammate was a young blonde teenager, tall and skiny with delicate oval shaped head. She was quiet and shy and I wondered what ninja skills she had. It's my lucky day, our team is to play as predators. We were allowed to see the information of who we were chasing only once.

      I tried to memorize the faces and names, but my memory is terrible. And as soon as they took away the info cards I totally forgot the names of my target. My teammate luckily did not. Our targets were also female. I got the impression after we hunted our hiding targets we were then to become a four-man-cell.

      So the sucess of our team depends on the sucess of us finding our team!

      Since I couldn't remember who the hell my target was I just attacked who ever was in my way! The super market was an all out war. Hiding ninjas were being caught left and right. Most of us faught like wimpy genin.

      I tried to be cooler and use some fire-bending, but fire is really my worst element. I wanna be the winning team so I got tired of pushing through the mayhem. I've got to find my targets now! I jump over the stocking shelves, sprout some wings and fly over the crowd.

      "Hey that's cheating!"

      "As if!"

      A few others get the same idea and fly over the crowd to find their targets.

      I land at the back at of the super market and I get the strange sense one of my targets is hiding inside of a cereal box? I pick it up and examine all the details of the box. Theres hints of my target all over it. The name of the cereal is a girls name, there's a picture of a face on the back. But I'm not sure if its my target or not!

      My dream gets really abstract examining that box. Things get fuzzy and then stabilize again when all the teams have assembled again at the front of the super market.

      "We'll announce the winners, but before we do a few teams here are disqualified for cheating."

      They call out my first name but the wrong last name.

      "Wait! Do you mean my team, why are we disqualified?"

      "No flying allowed!"

      I fly above the teachers heads "That's a load of bull! Were all monsters here! Why can't we fly?"

      They try to tell me its because were genin so the skill is too advanced for the other teams.

      "Whatever!" I ask everyone who knows how to fly to take the air. At least half the teams do. The teachers and the flightless are even more infuriated. I guess the teachers are too lame to know how to fly. This whole challenge is lame!

      I run free outside alongside my teammate and other ninja.

      "I...I..don't know how to fly."

      I show my teammate how to begin flying. "First make a big jump!"

      She does a wimpy hop. "No! Jump like you mean it! Like this!" I leap like a frog. "Keep practicing jumping until you can do this" I took my legs behind me as I jump. "Then jump again except this time, keep your feet tucked behind you and dont touch the floor. Float!"

      My friend and other genin ninjas practice jumping in the sunny green surburbia. I woke up after that.

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    2. Fire Fight

      by , 02-10-2012 at 11:37 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 9, 2010

      Synopsis: It's an all out gang war in a huge house and I try to fight back with fire. Later, me and my dream husband escape but we leave our kitten daughter behind. Slightly abstract dream bordering lucidity with dream control.

      Fire Fight
      The dream started out nice with a large group of people just hanging out in a huge house. But then a pecking order started and that turned into a gang war leaving half the house torn apart. The other gang was hostile. We turned to fire to defend ourselves.

      Being an old house we found these brass and iron antique items. I'm not sure what they were, a mix between a rod and a candelabra. Either way, they lit on fire nice. We got oil, paper, sticks, whatever we could to start the spark.

      But the other gang was winning. They cornered us to a single room. At first the kids thought they were safe. But I knew we were just rats in a cage in here and there was a second door to the room that no one was guarding. I grabbed our iron fire stick and thought using sticks and paper to make fire was way too slow. So I tried to fire-bend instead.

      It worked! But I'm not good at this fire bending stuff and I'm having trouble making it grow. The bad gang bursts through the side door. I try to create a wall of fire but its not working so well. Its like I'm only imagining there's a wall of fire but my imagination isn't manifesting in the dream. Still it held them back long enough for my gang to escape.

      The dream transforms. I'm in an All-Generic-Building. It looks like a cross of a suburb smushed inside a warehouse with gardens inside of stair rails. Me and my imaginary dream husband are trying to escape from an enemy I don't even know. There's a concrete ravine in our way, on the other side is the exit door. At the time I was carrying my daughter, a black kitten. I put her down and fly my my husband across the ravine.

      The bad guys were right behind us, so we hid underneath a table. My poor kitten cries from the otherside. Then I woke up.

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    3. Lucidity and Total Life in a Moment

      by , 01-28-2012 at 03:58 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 27, 2012

      Synopsis: Lightly lucid, I help the dream characters learn to fly. Later, I witness birth life and death in a single horrifying moment.

      Lucidity and Total Life in a Moment
      I was at school, in a large open format classroom. There isnt a class in session but there's lots of students hanging around. After what felt like a long time, I get the idea that I can fly. I look down at my feet and imagine myself getting lighter, light enough to float. It takes a moment but gravity gives way and I'm airborne!

      Excited I start to dance in the air and fly over the classmates. Some of the students started to fly to. "Its a dream! You can fly!"

      My friend was having trouble, she told me "Its been so long since I've flown in a dream I dont remember how. I feel stuck to the floor"

      So I stand next to her and show her slowly, one foot at a time off the ground. After everyone gets their taste of flight inside school, the professor walks in and starts a different class. So we head to the backroom to continue our lucid exploration.

      "Lets try walking on water"

      The back room was dark, dank, dirty, old and it had a huge sink. So we filled a bucket with water. "Okay, you first". The water was oily and slimy.

      "Hell no" I said "I dont care if its a dream, im not touching that dirty water". So we dump it and try to clean the bucket real quick. But nothing we did worked. The water was still dirty and greasy.

      "Lets try walking on water another time, at this rate I'll wake up"

      I also remember talking to the other students while in that room and I remember saying "We spoke about dreams for hours" which I don't remember "And after flying, all in all it feels like ive been dreaming for five hours"

      We left the back room, I felt I could wake up any time now. I went back into the main classroom which was now empty except for a small group of students.

      The next moment was so vivid and horrifying, I forgot half of the dream.

      A group of students sat around a creature, moaning in agony. His mother was in tears. They held his hand, caressed his head and remained in sympathetic silence.

      He had white fur and blue eyes. He bellowed in pain as he swelled up and mutated and grew some more. I realized he was born just an instant ago.

      "Whats going on? Rapid development?"

      His mother continued to cry as he continued to grow, mutate and age. He cries out "why, why". His eyes were deep. There was anger, as life was stolen from him in an instant and he begins to die, fear as he dies, and gratitude that he lived at all.

      As one creature died another was rapidly born from the mutated mass. But I didn't want to witness what I just witnessed again. I altered the dream and now these rapid development creatures were just mutants, but their life cycles were stabilized. Still they looked in the mirror and asked why.

      I woke up soon after, but that single moment of birth life and death stayed with me the whole day.

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    4. Red Tornado - Calm Beach

      by , 01-06-2012 at 07:13 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 5, 2012

      Synopsis: we take refuge from a red raging tornado, lucid, escape military and imagine a new scene - a beach

      Note: I woke up in the middle of the night and tried to recall the dream I just had. All I remember was that it had something to do with someone being healed. Their legs? Ayurveda? I realized now's a good time to try a lucid dream induction. I didn't, I just fell asleep instead. But its the thought that counts!

      Red Tornado - Calm Beach
      I'm walking with a group of friends in the industrial part of the city and were just having a good time. That was until I saw the red storm. "What is that? Do you see that?"

      A massive thunderhead was sweeping down in a funnel shape just next to the lake under the highway overpass. The storm was glowing red. And as the funnel became a tornado it was like the red was a shaft of light in its center.

      "We need to take cover!"

      There was an abandoned warehouse like building nearby. But it was also right next to the path of the red tornado. As we ran inside I thought it was strange that the red tornado was stationary. It didn't seem to be moving and it was silent.

      The inside of the building was weird. It was mostly empty, with dark concrete walls. Dark because of the lack of lightning, kind of like a parking garage.

      "There's a basement level, that'll be the safest spot" said an older man who was now leading our group that grew into 20+ people.

      We ran down the flight of stairs, which were really abstract. When we got down there I looked out the windows.

      "Why are we on the third level? I thought we were going down?"

      Its true, some how running down the stairs took us several floors up. We examined the staircase and determined it was missing a level or somehow that level was twisted the wrong way. We can see the ground level with the cars from way up here.

      Back up we go, which takes us down. All is quiet now. There's only one light on in the "living room" of this vast empty basement. Without the company of friends, this place is creepy.

      I don't remember why but I went down *back up* by myself - to get something or look for something. When I came back up to the basement everyone was gone. There was no way they could leave without me noticing, there's only one door and I crossed it going back up.

      They vanished.

      "Hello? Hello?"

      I get that strange feeling I've gotten before, they vanished because they never were. I don't want to stay here anymore, the place only feels darker. I quickly run out of the closest window, lucid. The storm is gone. Excited that I'm dreaming I observe my environment. I start with the items closest to me. The brick wall. I touch it, its gritty. There's a vase on top of a post.

      So shiny it looks so real! I tap on it and it makes a hollow sound. I put my palm on it and try to merge my hand into it but I can't. It feels too solid. I realized I do this a lot as a RC in waking life, and that its not a very good reliable RC for me.

      The military show up on the scene. What do they want? I just try to mind my own business and go the other way, into this weird cityscape that looks like a bad video game layout. But they follow me. I try to lose them and they give chase.

      They chase me into an area that looks like the isles of a walmart were tossed into a field, and lots and lots of boxes. Dream characters start to shout at me as the military men get closer. They're blaming, they're telling me how horrible this dream world is and its all my fault.

      "Get her!"

      I finally lose them in the field of isles and boxes. I hide underneath a table hidden by cardboard, I hope they didn't see me. I want to change this dream scene!

      I close my eyes and imagine the ocean instead. At first it feels like nothing is happening, I swear I'm still just underneath this table. But I give it a few moments, waiting for a cue. There. I felt it. I dunno, it just feels different. I open my eyes to a sandy strip with Hawaiians and tourists dancing.

      Cool. I saw people I recognized from waking life. Happy I shouted "were dreaming! were dreaming! hey, are you listening? this is a dream!". But they just nodded their head at me. I couldn't remember where I met them from, so my dream gave me dream-memories. I remembered them from a strange class.

      The dance is over and everyone is gathered by a stone wall. My vision blurs in and out. I can't feel the ground. There's almost no sound. I figured this was sign I could wake up anytime soon. So I didn't feel like sitting by the wall listening to some old bearded man yap on.

      I saw a tree with huge candy fruit of every color. I take a huge bite, but instead of something sweet, its more like a mild lemon.

      I woke up. Its a FA actually. I tell my sisters about my dream. My room is totally facing the wrong wall. And then I wake up for real. (or did I?)

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