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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Polar Bears and Two Moms

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:19 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: two dreams merged into one, non lucid, symbolic nightmare

      First Dream
      I don't remember this dream anymore. I only remembered the last scene, which was me and mom standing on a rooftop waiting to be saved from an evil woman. That theme will play a part in the next dream.

      Polar Bears
      I was in the backyard when suddenly a polar bear walks by one of the bushes. He didn't notice me. I don't know what came over me but I instantly tried to scare him away. I shouted real loud and flailed my arms "GO AWAY! GO AWAY!"

      At first the bear was startled and jumps back. But then his fear vanishes and he looks at me with cold, hungry eyes.

      I race back inside and slam the glass porch door. The bear paces back and forth in the backyard. I thought I was safe! I call out to my sister who was on the couch "A real polar bear! A real polar bear is outside! You have to see this!"

      But to my horror I realize there are more polar bears, and they're inside. A whole family was nesting underneath the couch. I shout "They're inside! Underneath you!"

      Sis is terrified and too scared to make a move. She quickly reminds me not to yell. If I wake them up, were dead. "One bite" she reminds me.

      There's more! Now there's a large one sleeping in the hallway between me and mom. I seriously considered we would die today. I tip-toed into the kitchen and grabbed the largest knife.

      The polar bears are slowly waking up. They gaze at me and my family with those icy cold eyes.We grab each others hands and quickly run out the front door.

      It seems the whole neighborhood was outside running away from polar bears! Everyone was outside of their homes. But I realize it can't be polar bears, they must be scared of something else. A disease outbreak?

      I see a woman approaching me, she greets me as though she's my mom. But that makes no sense, because my real mother is right here. Suddenly someone shouts "GET BACK! DON'T TOUCH HER!"

      She's not my mom! She's the evil one, a plague, from the previous dream! She lounges towards me, and I wake up.
    2. Tribal Rites and Swamp Swimming Deers

      by , 02-03-2012 at 06:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 2, 2012

      Synopsis: I witness a strange tribal rite of passage that left a child unloved by her parents. Lucid, I jump into a golden swamp with swimming deer and trash.

      Tribal Rites and Swamp Swimming Deers
      Inside a hotel room, me and a reporter get a first look at an ancient tribal rite of passage from Africa. A young female teenager, naked, sits supported on top of a boys back. She slowly dances using only her upper torso while the boy crawls around with his head tucked into his chest. It was a wierd visual effect, making it look like she had six legs. The dim lights helped with the eerieness.

      The dance is over and now the rest of the female teenagers line up to have their bodies inspected by an elder in the tribe. To do so, they strip off their bathing suits. I was talking to the reporter and we both agreed that technically none of the girls were afraid to be naked because this was a nudist tribe, they were only wearing bathing suits because we were in a hotel.

      A mother is so proud of her daughter, its like the kids just graduated. Just when I thought the ritual was over I noticed two girls quickly squat down on command, in front of the elder. They were completed folded over, with their foreheads to their knees and their hands tucked in.

      But somethings wrong, their backs are completely flat, and so is the back of their heads. Its like something squashed them. They were squished into table shaped people. What could do this? Then I realized their backs were being used as the ground for the ritual, and after so many years, their backs flattened. The elder rearranges them like boxes and yells at one of the girls to stand up.

      The reporter was recording the entire event.

      The box-girl wanted to perform the rite of passage herself. But before she can even try she's insulted by her own parents for being too fat and ugly. She frowns and chokes back her tears. At this point the reporter says 'Im sorry, I have to stop, her expression is too sour" and walks out the room. The parents insult the girls hideousness some more, then summons everyone to dinner.

      I was horrified and pissed off! Magically at this point the family went from black to white.

      The family was eating dinner in a private restuarant they rented out. I remember the father screaming at the hungry reporter "Family only!" I had something to say to that man that could make him choke.

      "What are you standing there for, youre family too, come on eat J"

      I didn't say anything and just left myself. I waited for what felt like hours for the family to finish their over priced meal. I snuck in, into the hotel room of the sleeping girls. I found the "ugly" girl, her hair was curly like mine but softer and lighter in color (like mom). She had a frown even while dreaming. I whispered softly to her

      "Not matter what your parents say or think, you will grow up to be the most beautiful"

      Then her frown changed into a smile and she continued to dream sweetly. I felt like my dream mission was done, which made me realize - hey Im dreaming.

      Excited to be lucid I run around looking for something to do. A whole laundry lists of dream tasks pops into mind. Maybe I should do that, maybe this. I found a library. Maybe that can offer me intriguing information about the subconscious, nah that sounds like it'll take forever. So I continue running. Then I find an air hockey table. But playing made my dream abstract. Afraid it'll make my dream unstable, I stopped playing and looked for something more useful.

      Thats when I finally find a door out of the hotel.

      Outside was a swampy marshland, with golden grass growing in the water, and golden water shimmering with the morning sun.

      "THAT!" I was so excited I couldn't even finish my sentance, but I found what my lucid dream was about.

      I noticed deer were swimming in the swamp, with only their heads above the water. So its deeper than it looks. I dive on in! The water feels so real it makes me think for a moment that maybe ive lost my mind and im really awake. Its cold. Its slimy. It smells like a swamp smells, and theres a dead frog floating next to me.

      Im grossed out but I remind myself its just a dream and im not going to get any diseases. I swim with the swamp deer for a few minutes. The waves grow and grow. The height of the waves covered my view, hiding the human boats on the other side creating them. We were almost run over. Its so hard to swim fast! Giant boxes and random items float our way atop the waves. It felt like the humans were trying to corner the deer. It was working. Scared, the deer swim away to the other end of the swamp where the water was shallow. Theres a fence and more boxes preventing them from fleeing.

      I look at the humans on their boats and im pretty mad at them for ruining my swamp. Then I wake up.

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    3. Lucidity and Total Life in a Moment

      by , 01-28-2012 at 03:58 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 27, 2012

      Synopsis: Lightly lucid, I help the dream characters learn to fly. Later, I witness birth life and death in a single horrifying moment.

      Lucidity and Total Life in a Moment
      I was at school, in a large open format classroom. There isnt a class in session but there's lots of students hanging around. After what felt like a long time, I get the idea that I can fly. I look down at my feet and imagine myself getting lighter, light enough to float. It takes a moment but gravity gives way and I'm airborne!

      Excited I start to dance in the air and fly over the classmates. Some of the students started to fly to. "Its a dream! You can fly!"

      My friend was having trouble, she told me "Its been so long since I've flown in a dream I dont remember how. I feel stuck to the floor"

      So I stand next to her and show her slowly, one foot at a time off the ground. After everyone gets their taste of flight inside school, the professor walks in and starts a different class. So we head to the backroom to continue our lucid exploration.

      "Lets try walking on water"

      The back room was dark, dank, dirty, old and it had a huge sink. So we filled a bucket with water. "Okay, you first". The water was oily and slimy.

      "Hell no" I said "I dont care if its a dream, im not touching that dirty water". So we dump it and try to clean the bucket real quick. But nothing we did worked. The water was still dirty and greasy.

      "Lets try walking on water another time, at this rate I'll wake up"

      I also remember talking to the other students while in that room and I remember saying "We spoke about dreams for hours" which I don't remember "And after flying, all in all it feels like ive been dreaming for five hours"

      We left the back room, I felt I could wake up any time now. I went back into the main classroom which was now empty except for a small group of students.

      The next moment was so vivid and horrifying, I forgot half of the dream.

      A group of students sat around a creature, moaning in agony. His mother was in tears. They held his hand, caressed his head and remained in sympathetic silence.

      He had white fur and blue eyes. He bellowed in pain as he swelled up and mutated and grew some more. I realized he was born just an instant ago.

      "Whats going on? Rapid development?"

      His mother continued to cry as he continued to grow, mutate and age. He cries out "why, why". His eyes were deep. There was anger, as life was stolen from him in an instant and he begins to die, fear as he dies, and gratitude that he lived at all.

      As one creature died another was rapidly born from the mutated mass. But I didn't want to witness what I just witnessed again. I altered the dream and now these rapid development creatures were just mutants, but their life cycles were stabilized. Still they looked in the mirror and asked why.

      I woke up soon after, but that single moment of birth life and death stayed with me the whole day.

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    4. Make the Water Still

      by , 01-19-2012 at 05:33 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 18, 2012

      Synopsis: I ride a tree, become lucid, talk to DCs and meet Tracy who told me how to get to my forest

      Make the Water Still
      In a giant backyard some bad guy mocks me, my sisters and my friend, some guy I don't even know. The bad guy makes my friend climb a tree, and asks me to do the same. I don't mind! Not sure how this is punishment, but I wanted to climb the highest tree.

      So I fly up to the highest tree and sit on its branch and look down on every one below. My friend tries to sit next to me but he just falls off as the tree starts to sway back and forth. Some people below thought it was funny, so they pulled and tugged on my tall tree. But nothing made me move from my tree post.

      I get this idea "im out of here!". And me and my tree ride away. Its covered in fur and its branches reach the ground and become fuzzy feet. Its like a giant cat tree. Through the fields, down an old england ally, and into a mansion. I noticed my cat tree at some point had no legs - I was floating. The cat tree gets smaller and smaller until finally im just holding onto kitty. I give her a kiss and put her down in the fancy bedroom. I guess Im on my own now.

      I run outside and scream "im lucid dreaming!". I was just so happy to be lucid dreaming again. I'm in a courtyard and there's a lot of DCs. Im surprised because lately when Im lucid DCs disappear. I wanna know what DCs know, so I pop the question

      "Hey, did you know that this is a dream?" "Hey did you know that this is a dream?"

      Some of them look at me strange, some are happy with the news. An older black man with a luisiana accent says "You're right. Look at the details. Everything is so clear."

      He seemed aware, the other DCs gather around him to understand what he means. So I asked him "Are you an expression of my higherself?"

      "No! You are"

      At the time I thought he was saying that he was the dreamer and Im the DC.

      I go back inside and run around the mall, and watch a sex-ed video that was kinda gross because it featured a woman with tiny crabs, literally living inside of her. I run past a room owned by an older women, and the room was called Ayurveda. It was all the way in the back of the mall in a lonely dark corrider. The corrider looked boring so I didnt go inside - I THINK I MISSED AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY HERE.

      I leap back outside instead, skipping my way across a grassy field into a forest - yeah this is more exciting. But the forest was actually kinda creepy. Everything was eating everything else. Snakes attacking, animals growling and howling. I met a DC there. She seemed aware.

      She told me that this wasn't the forest I'm trying to get to. My forest is peaceful, animals don't eat other animals in my forest and she reminded me of this. She told me its possible for me to go there now.

      "How can I get to my forest?"

      She takes me to the bank of the river and instructed me "Make the water still". The water was filled with rippling waves, so all I have to do is - make it still.

      "Oh I see, you want me to meditate? Ive never done that in a dream before"

      We sat down together by the rivers bank, and I did my first dream open eye meditation. I was nervous doing "nothing" would make my dream melt away. But it remained stable. I noticed the incredible details. But there was also a fuzzyness, like my side vision was fuzzy so I can only focus on whats in front of me. The water was like silver. And not too far from the forests edge was suburbia. I sat there trying to still the water for what felt like minutes - who knows it could have been ten seconds.

      But nothing I did stilled the water.

      So we left the forest and she led me back inside, I guess to see something. As we walked through the mall I tried to memorize every detail of her being. Her short bob hair with strawberry brown stripes, her petite height. We went into a bedroom and I think shes pulling a box out - cant remember.

      I ask out of the blue "Is it true when people die they end up in a dream?" I guess she reminded me of a spirit I saw years ago.

      She looked taken back and sad by my question. "Sort of, but not exactly."

      "What's your name?"

      "Its Tracy"

      She starts to tell me something, but then I felt a "switch", I knew I had woken up and left the dream, and instead was only imagining I was still dreaming - if that makes any sense. Tracy was still trying to tell me something, but now it makes no sense, her appearance becomes unstable.

      "I cant (hear you), I'm waking up! Im waking up!"

      Her face, her hair, it keeps changing, but I dont want to forget.

      "Wait tell me your name again!"


      I wake up. But it turned out to be a false awakening - hypnagogic imagery. Then I woke up for real.

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