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    A World In My Head!!

    1. Storm Chase Me

      by , 01-18-2012 at 06:08 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 2012

      Synopsis: Two tornado dreams, and a vampire I kill

      Note: watched too many episodes of storm chasers

      Storm Chase Me
      Im on a country winding road. At first Im on a bus with a group of friends, until the twister shows up behind us and now were in a pick up on the run. The twister follows us, surrounds us. The two in the back were supposed to be keeping track of its movement, but when I looked behind me they had fallen asleep.

      Who falls asleep while running away from a twister?

      The driver is screaming at me, he can't see where the tornado is. I'm looking at the gps on the phone, but instead of showing me the tornado, theres a spider symbol on the screen. Whats up with this spider? Its, its saying its right in front of me. I look up at the drivers head, theres on a spider on it.

      "stay still theres a spider on your head!"

      I try to flick it off and as I do I feel something bite my left shoulder, waking me up. I fall back asleep and continue to dream of tornados.

      This time I'm outside my apartment, but the neighborhood is completely wrong. Im talking to mom on the cell about my tornado dream, but then I see something on the main road. Its whispy and transparent, but its a tornado.

      I get off the phone and run to sis. I don't feel safe staying in this wimpy apartment, we've gotta move. Sis agrees so we get in the car and try to outrun the tornado growing every moment. But the tornado seems to follow us and leaves us on a mad chase all over the city. At one point we tried to hide in a closet - but it was the janitors closet in the mall and they shoo'd us away.

      We made a giant circle around the city and finally decided to stay in our apartment. We dont actually make it to the apartment, we simply parked and took refuge in the car.

      I waited for the tornado to come, instead it simply fades away.

      Like the spider, a new enemy appeared, a female vampire. The city was dark, and she threatened to kill my sister. After some time I confront her, and told her to stop threatening my sister or I will kill her. But she continues to say shes going to kill my sister.

      Upset, I grab a pair of scizzors, and I warn her again that the only whos going to die is her. She threatens my sister again. So I slash her eye hoping that if I blinded her she can't kill my sister.

      She doesn't even feel any pain. She threatens to kill my sister still. So I chop off her head and her brain oozes out. She's an undead vampire, I've only weakened her. I put her head and oozy brain in a jar. What do I do with it?

      Ive got to bury it far far away from her body so it cant unite. Not my closet, I dont want to think about her head being in there. Finally I find a pool of water and bury it under the mud. I woke up soon after. That was pretty gross.

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