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    Mouka's Mind Palace

    We don't care, we're shootin' Kamehamehas in our dreams!

    I'm going to give the online dream journal a try; bear with me because I'm used to paper journals!

    Marvel in terror disgust wonderment as Mouka moves along in lucid efforts to...
    ...hang out with the tulpa Afiel!
    ...destroy the solar system by firing off a Solar Kamehameha!
    ...get laid by certain super-villains without getting tossed into the sun!
    ...and whatever other sudden desires may pop up! YAY!

    Cast of recurring peeps:
    Seru - Cunning yet sexy Dream Guide and keeper of the locked house key
    Akiko - Overly emotional and stubborn knower of directions
    Afiel - Tulpa buddy angel extraordinaire and summoner of crappy music
    Cory - Real life husband but I often dream of him, so yeah

    1. Ramming into cars, and weird butterfly phobias

      by , 10-10-2015 at 06:48 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)

      I was riding along in my car with some other people, and Cory was driving. One of the passengers was my mom. We came along some traffic in Huntsville, near the intersection of South Memorial and Lily Flagg I think, and Cory was not slowing down fast enough to keep from hitting the car in front of us. I kept screaming "SLOW DOWN SERIOUSLY." and he was just all NAAAAAH, so I'm sitting there shotgun bracing myself, and sure enough he rams right into the car ahead of us. Which was some really tiny electric car thing, either blue or green.

      The guy ahead of us pulled into a U-turn area and into the big parking lot where people park their used cars for sale, and I noticed his bumper was falling off. Cory was making no move to turn and go over there, so I say "What the hell? You can't just run away!" and he says "Yeah I can, people get hit all the time." I eventually convince him to turn, and we're all sitting in that parking lot, exchanging info with the other guy. I was looking my car over, and it seemed to be okay except for some paint chipping.

      After settling that problem, we continued forward. I told Cory I wanted to drive since he sucked so bad, but he was adamant that it wouldn't happen again. So... now we're driving along some open highway in the countryside, and what does he do? He friggin runs right into the CEMENT TRUCK in front of us. I was super pissed at that point and yelling at him, and we all pulled over into a gravel parking lot for some bed and breakfast place. Cory got out to talk to the truck guys, and I got out and inspected my car. It was still OKAY, but it was missing some things... the driver's side mirror was gone. I was looking around on the ground for the missing mirror and I remember finding it next to a big pile of small square pieces of glass. For a moment I thought the glass was from my windows, but luckily it wasn't. That mirror would never move around automatically again if I glued it on myself, but I figured it would be fine moving it manually... first world problems and all that...

      Also I took Cory's stupid keys away. I put them on my keychain and noticed my mailbox key was cut in half. It was a lamentable thing.

      While Cory was out talking with the truck guys, me and the other passengers went into the bed and breakfast. We sat on the couches for a while and ate some food, some cheap gas station food like individually wrapped Twinkies and personal-sized bags of chips. Cory came in, and said the truck guys were being nice and picking all the ruined fragments off my car, so we still sat there and I bitched at him for being an idiot.

      I had to take my Lamictal pill, so for some reason I put it in a big glass of water, which was stupid because once it gets wet, it gets reeeeaaalllly bitter. So then I'm in the bathroom and drinking the water, trying to swallow the pill, and I just can't get it down because of the bitterness. I swear to god I stood there for like ten minutes trying to figure that out.


      Cory and I went to visit some botanical gardens in the fall. We brought along our dog Loki. There was a big door that led to a butterfly area, and so I ask Cory if we can go inside. He's really surprised and asks if I REALLY want to, and I say yes because I want to face my fears, and I was TERRIFIED of butterflies in this dream for some weird reason (WTF?) So we go inside, and let Loki off the leash so she can run around.

      The butterfly area was a rectangular grassy area surrounded by tall hedges on all sides. In the middle was a rectangular pond with really clear water that was light blue and had lily pads and stuff all in it. There were birds all over, and a big blue crane wandering around in the water. There weren't too many butterflies, since it was cold out, but there were a couple Monarchs, some yellow Swallowtails, and some black Swallowtails... and some big white ones I couldn't identify. Possibly cabbage butterflies but giant-size?

      Anyway, a few swooped at me, and I stood my ground. Cory was quite proud of me. Then he left me to my own devices and went to take photos of some of the birds. I walked around the pond looking at stuff with Loki running next to me, when she stops and does her business. I noticed blood dripping out of her when she did it, and I was freaking out and called Cory over. He said he couldn't see anything, and I was like WTF the blood is RIGHT THERE, but he was adamant about seeing nothing. As we're there on the ground I see a tiny baby hedgehog wander up next to me, rolling around all cutely and stuff. I get all giggly like OH MY GOOOOOD. I'm afraid to touch him because I couldn't remember if their quills were super sharp or not, but Cory pet him and then left. So I sat there playing with the hedgehog for a bit. It wandered up to Loki's business, and did some business of its own... gross. And I'm all "What the hell are you guys doing, trying to fight for territory or something?!"

      I get up and wander around the pond for a while longer, and notice Seru standing at the entrance. He's got his arms crossed and says something to me and smiles... I can't remember what he said. Something about the butterflies, I think? I also might have been something about leaving. One or the other. I remember thinking for a moment that he was the guy I came into the butterfly area with, and I got confused. He was the last thing I saw before I woke up.


      Just a dream fragment where I was walking around in a house. It was very cozy like a grandparent's house, at least, it made me feel that way. The floors were small wooden planks and felt really old.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. An unstable lucid dream, and strawberry-banana breadsticks

      by , 06-15-2015 at 09:52 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I wound up in a super unstable lucid dream. I knew it was a dream, but when I looked at my hands, my fingers looked normal. So I tried the trick where I put my finger through my palm, which also didn't work. Then I moved to holding my nose and I could still breathe, so... successful reality check. Though I was pretty annoyed about all the instability and my dream not acting "normal". I stood there in the room and tried out some things to see how much control I had. Zero! First I attempted to power up, so I balled my hands into fists and tried going Super Saiyan. There was a slight static feeling, but nothing else happened. So then I tried making a ki ball and shooting off a little energy blast. That didn't work either, even when I tried to visualize the energy flowing up through my hands. Super annoyed at this point, I climbed up onto a staircase and jumped off, bellyflop style. I can ALWAYS fly when I jump off something. But nope, not this time! I just flat out landed on the carpet. So there I was, on the carpet, moving my hands around on the floor to feel the texture of the carpet in an attempt to stabilize the dream somewhat... and then all my annoyance made me lose my lucidity. After that, I wound up in some dream with Seru, but it was so fuzzy I can't remember much other than there was something I wanted to do for him, but I was avoiding it because I was afraid I'd fail. I think it involved writing something? You know, it might have been a poem. Oh my god, would I really be so lame as to write sweet poems for people? Ugh. There was also something involving some really blocky landscape I was flying over. It looked a lot like a 3D landscape version of some of the levels in Super Mario World.

      I went to the grocery store to pick up something yummy, and picked out this breadstick-looking thing. I was driving my car home, and I had this big cup with this beadstick in it next to me in the driver seat, but I think it was more of a... I can't remember what they're called. Those bread rolls with filling in them? They're usually kept in fridges? I don't know, but it was cold and I knew had strawberry-banana filling. But hell, it was a dream, it could've been an actual breadstick with strawberry-banana filling in it. Weird stuff.
    3. Stranding on a mountain top, and the siege of the hell hounds

      by , 01-02-2014 at 06:18 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (undated older dreams 3)

      Cory and I were taking a road trip to visit a girl he used to know. He was driving and I was riding shotgun, and it was pretty uneventful at first. After a while we got lost in a mountainous area, and he took a wrong turn up a curvy and dangerous mountain path. It was a tiny one lane road with nothing but a wooden fence stopping us from going over the edge, but he started driving super fast and I was freaking out thinking we would die. At one point the front wheel of the car goes off the edge but somehow he was able to bring it back up to keep us from falling. At the top of the path was a dead end, so he parked us on the mountain peak with no way down because the road was only one-way. I scanned the area below us and saw highways in the distance, but we had no way to get down to them, so eventually he called 911 and they had to send a helicopter to come get us off the mountain. As the helicopter was flying away with us, I remember being worried because there were groceries in the trunk of the car and I didn't want them to go bad.

      I was visiting somebody with Cory. This might have been linked to the last dream but I can't remember anything happening between the two. Cory and I were in a room with the girl we were visiting, his old roommate. We were all sitting on the couch and she was complaining about her old neighbors. Apparently they were four goth kids who were always loud, and she had them kicked out of the neighborhood. Suddenly I remembered I had to go home to get something, and it was vital that I left right away. There was a railroad that ran right through the girl's living room, that started by her couch and entered a tunnel built into the wall on the right. Our car was still on the mountain, so the only transportation was this small platform with a single chair on it attached to the rails. I knew home was a long way away, and it would take me months to get there but I jumped on the platform and left that way anyway.

      Me and a bunch of people were all sitting in a cafeteria eating, when suddenly one person screamed and was carried off by an invisible force. Soon after, another person was taken. We realized that invisible hell hounds were attacking us so we barricaded ourselves in the cafeteria and this redneck guy that reminded me of the dude from Walking Dead just happened to have a rifle with him, so he put a chair next to the door and guarded the room. I told people that I had lots of swords in my room, so we got a few people to volunteer to leave the cafeteria with me to get the weapons. We left the barricade and headed down the hallway to my bedroom, which was very girly and had pink and dolls everywhere for some odd reason. One of the guys with us, a gangsta dude, was starting to doubt I had any swords at all in all that girly mess, so he flipped us off and left towards the cafeteria on his own. On his way out, one of the hell hounds attacked and dragged him off, so we grabbed all the swords and ran back to the barricade, slicing up all the hounds that tried to grab at us. After when seemed like days, we realized we couldn't stay there forever, and hoped that the threat had left, so we opened up the doors and went outside into the parking lot. But it wasn't safe, we were immediately jumped by a pack of hell hounds but were able to survive using the swords and the redneck guy's gun. We were then stuck in the parking lot because the door to the cafeteria had been opened and we had no idea if there were any hounds in there waiting for us. Someone discovered that the hounds would only attack us if they could see us, so we set out blankets and towels and stuff and huddled together under them so the hounds couldn't see us. I hid in a camping tent with three other people, and I remember feeling claustrophobic and couldn't move. The redneck guy sat near us with his gun to guard us.
    4. A flooded car, dolls, and a dinobot prison break

      by , 10-09-2013 at 05:39 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      It had just finished storming outside, and Cory and I took the car to go pick up some supplies. The whole area was flooded in front of our driveway, which was stretched out about two or three acres over our front yard. He couldn't get to the road from the driveway, so I told him to back up into the yard and just drive to the road from the grass. He was being kind of reckless and wasn't really watching where he was going, and I told him to back up slowly so he doesn't fall into any deep puddles. As soon as I said that, he backed right up into a huge puddle, and the back of the car sank immediately into it. The water flooded into the car and came up to my waist, ruining my phone that I had sitting next to me. Instead of freaking out, we were just really calm about it, and he was able to drive the car forward out of the puddle. I was pissed that he didn't pay attention and made him get in the passenger seat so I could drive instead. I remember just sitting there in the driver's seat wondering how I could get my phone working again, and I thought about putting it in a bag filled with silica packets.

      I received a new BJD in the mail and was super excited about it. It wasn't one of the 60cm ones like my Delf, but one of the ones about the size of Barbie dolls... I can't remember what they're called at the moment. It was a female doll with blue skin, but some of the darker blues painted on her face weren't blended properly and it looked odd, but I really liked her anyway. I wondered what she would wear since the only clothes I had were for Ian, and they were 60cm clothes, so I went online and someone told me that my specific model could fit into Monster High / Bratz outfits, so I got all giddy and bought her some cute outfits at Toys R Us. Her skull cap was kind of weird, too. The front part had to be tucked in under itself or it didn't fit properly, and it kept slipping off to one side so I had to keep readjusting her head. Basically, it was a dream where I did nothing but geek out over a doll.

      I was stuck in prison for something I didn't do, and I was assigned to stamp license plates with a few other prisoners. The plate-making procedure was kind of odd; we would hammer out lettering, dip the letters in black paint, and then hang them on a clothesline in front of our cells to dry. After they dried, we would attach them to the actual plates. One of the other prisoners told me they were planning to escape by making a license plate with fake numbers, attaching it to one of the prison's unmarked cars, and then driving out with it. She said since they wouldn't be able to run the license plate, they wouldn't know the car was stolen. I agreed to join them, and we put the fake plate on and drove away, but one of our cellmates snitched on us and soon we had dozens of police cars after us. The girl I had escaped with told me she knew a magic spell that would shield us from the sight of the police, so we got out of the car and stood on top of it, and she cast the spell. Unfortunately, the spell backfired and turned us both into Dinobots from the Transformers, except we couldn't move. I was the T-Rex and she was some sort of dino-bird. We stood there on the car top, with policemen surrounding us but too afraid to come near us. Suddenly, my mom popped in out of nowhere, snapped her fingers, and we were all in a big cozy den that was surrounded by bookshelves and had a fireplace going. Mom told me that I could transform myself and the girl back to human, because she was secretly a witch meaning that I also had witch-y powers in my blood. I remember being shocked, because I always took her for being Catholic, but I concentrated really hard and both of us morphed back to human form.
    5. Karr destroys my car, and a storm monster destroys an old lady

      by , 10-02-2013 at 06:56 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was volunteering as a helper for this elderly couple, and I was wearing a business suit. The business suit seemed very important to the dream somehow, because it's the most vivid thing I remember. While her husband was in the garage doing something with his car, the old woman needed help getting into the shower because she couldn't stand so I had to guide her wheelchair over to the tub and help her onto the bath seat. I stood outside the door waiting for her to finish when suddenly there was this strange whoosh noise coming from the garage, so I left her by herself to see if the man was okay. When I opened the door to the garage, the man was gone, and the entire area was filled with this blue electricity that swirled through the air like a rip in the fabric of time or something. I knew it was some kind of supernatural storm, but I didn't know how it had gotten into the garage of an old couple. The wind moved unnaturally fast, like a mini tornado in the garage, and I was hit by some debris and injured so I ran back inside to the bathroom to wash off the blood. I told the woman what was happening in the garage, and she jumped out of the shower with new-found strength and into the garage, calling after her husband. I stood at the doorway but didn't go back in there, and something inhuman that was only visible as a shadow picked her up and threw her against the ground. At that point, I silently backed up and locked the garage door, turned off the lights, and then locked myself in the bathroom hoping that whatever was out there would think that nobody else was home. I climbed into the shower and washed off the blood, not even bothering to take off my business suit, and then sat in the tub and waited.

      A dream I don't remember much about except for a scene where I was going jogging through the woods, and I looked down and realized I'd left my pedometer at home. I was very conflicted, because I wanted to go back for it but I'd already traveled too far into the woods.

      During a big outdoor festival at night, I left the crowd to go up to my car where I parked it on top of a hill. There was a smaller party happening in the parking lot, but I just went up there to get something from my car. As I neared the car, I saw that a girl was leaning against the side of it and crying. She had blonde hair up in a ponytail and was sort of chubby. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that nobody wanted to hang out with her because she was fat, so I felt a little bad for her and told her I'd hang out with her at the party. That made her really happy, so I got whatever I needed out of my car and we were going to head back down the hill. I remember looking out over the festival from above and seeing the big yellow and orange striped tent draped over it, and all the fireworks going off above it, and thinking how pretty it was. A group of guys stood around drinking near my car, so I asked if they'd keep an eye on it for me because I was afraid of it rolling down the hill. One of the guys was Karr, which should have been my clue not to leave it in the care of them, but dream-me seemed oblivious. The girl and I went down to the party, and after a few hours I decided to go home so I headed back up to the parking lot. When I got there, everyone and all the cars were gone, save for Karr who was standing next to a pile of dirt and grass. I got worried and asked where my car was, and Karr just shrugged and said "Sorry, I tried to fix it." and pointed to the dirt pile. I ran over and wiped all the dirt away because my car was buried underneath it, and after I got it all off, I knew it was worse than I imagined. Poor Celtius's bumper was missing, all the windows were crushed, the paint was peeling off and there were big spots of grey showing, the roof was caved in, and pretty much anything you'd see in a high speed crash had happened to my car. I cried uncontrollably and clung to my poor car like it was a baby, and Karr walked by all nonchalantly and said "Here ya go." and tossed the bumper at me before strolling off.
    6. A moment of lucidity, bad paint jobs, and a not-so-epic Warcraft journey

      by , 09-21-2013 at 03:42 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 14.)

      I brought about a lucid dream through sleep paralysis. As I was in paralysis, I visualized my bedroom exactly as it would be if I were awake, and awoke into a dream of me laying on the bed in my room. The surrounding were very unstable, however, and the air was heavy like a blanket and strange looking. It was almost like heat waves, but no heat. It looked a lot like the air in hell from Constantine. I couldn't lift my hands to rub them together in an attempt to stabilize so I just had to deal. I crawled out of bed and looked around, but everything was normal except there were a lot of alphabet magnets on my TV screen. I stumbled down the hall trying to fight the heavy air, but I just couldn't stabilize and the dream faded away.

      Cory had hired these two slutty girls to paint my car for me as a surprise, but I was pissed because I knew they didn't actually know how to paint cars and I had no idea why he was letting them. When I went out to take a look, poor Celtius was not painted at all. They had spray-painted some black letters on the side of the car and it looked awful. But for some reason he kept defending them. Then he let one of them stay at our apartment for a while, and it got to the point where he was just fawning over her and doing whatever she wanted. I was so angry, and I kept crying and trying to get him alone so I could talk to him about it, but she followed us everywhere. The other girl who didn't stay got snippy with me when I asked about the "paint job" and I wasn't in the mood to argue so I just flipped her off and went to lay down. One day while we were at a store, Cory snapped out of it and we realized she'd had him under some kind of spell, so we ran into an elevator and got the doors to close before she could follow us, and then ran out of the store.

      I was a displaced orc living in a strange land that was set up like some kind of prison labyrinth. It wasn't actually a prison, but it was grey and simplistic like a prison. The through-ways were difficult to navigate and the whole of the land was one giant maze, but we had no choice because the orcs had been kicked out of Durotar and Orgrimmar for some unknown reason and this was where I had settled. There were other races living here too, mostly people who supported us and left on their own free will, some blood elves and trolls and such. On the corners of the maze roads were phone booths, and these were set up on every corner and "sponsored" by a person or group that would keep them clean, like those Adopt-a-Mile programs. As I was standing against a wall with some blood elves, they began to talk about how silly the booths were, and pointed to the one closest to us that was sponsored by someone named Snowsparkle. They assumed it was some girly weak person and set a bomb in the booth. I was afraid because I knew it would be a big explosion and someone could get hurt, so I called out for help. Then this huge imposing centaur appeared and defused the bomb and sent the elves running off in panic. Apparently he was Snowsparkle. He thanked me and said that indeed would've been a big explosion, and to properly thank me he said he wanted to show me something amazing. He picked me up with one hand, I was like the size of his forearm, and we galloped away. After a long while we were in Durotar, and we stood upon the road leading from Razor Hill to Sen'jin Village. There were hundreds of orcs all lined up heading back into Durotar, carrying sacks of their belongings and looking happy. The centaur told me we were all allowed home now and I remember being overcome with emotion and I just sat there on his shoulder crying in joy. He took me back to my temporary home and I decided I would move back to Durotar with the other orcs. I packed up all my things for my journey back, which wasn't much and fit into one bag. To get from the place I was currently at and into Durotar, I had to pass through a magical home. I ran into the house humming that magic carpet song from Aladdin because I was so happy, and I think I realized the house existed between dimensions, and that Durotar and the world I was in were actually separate dimensions altogether because that land was grey and Durotar just immediately was bright and reddish. I ran through the kitchen, still humming, and saw Thrall standing over the stove cooking something. I waved to him as I ran past. Then I entered into a bedroom and there was a huge dresser against the wall with a closet door to the left of it. I knew I had to crawl through a drawer in the dresser to reach Durotar, but I was nervous because I felt claustrophobic. When I opened the drawer, I could see Durotar on the other side. Instead, I opened the closet door and found inside that it was completely empty except for a mirror. I pushed the mirror and it opened into a small room that was mirrored on all sides, and this mirror room opened up into Durotar. I stood on the road, incredibly happy that I actually made it there.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Lucid dreaming with Rina, delicious candy, and a job at Walmart

      by , 09-21-2013 at 03:03 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 9.)

      I woke up into a dream, but I was in my old bedroom at the house we had in Arab when I was a kid. Nothing was really happening except I was sitting on the bed, so I had time to ponder over my situation. I realized I didn't live here anymore and that I must be dreaming, so I attempted the palm reality check, and sure enough my finger went right through my hand. I flew up into the air and hovered around the room a few times to gauge how much control I had. Then I remembered I wanted to practice calling Afiel into my lucid dreams, and I got excited because normally when I LD I get caught up in the moment and totally forget and Afiel and my's little experiment. So I call his name and attempt to visualize him, but nothing happens. I close my eyes and try to will him there, but still nothing. So I left the room and went to the door leading outside next to the pool table, constantly looking behind me hoping he would randomly show up there. Thinking I'd have a better shot at it if I were outdoors in a large open area, I opened the door and was just about to head outside when I saw a big bear wandering around right outside the door! I totally freaked out and suddenly I heard a vicious barking behind me, and next to the pool table was a rabid Rottweiler dog, so I slid in between the outer door and the screen door to keep them both away from me and tried my hardest to will them away. Unfortunately the bear had freaked me out enough that I lost control of my surroundings so I was stuck. Suddenly I couldn't hear the bear anymore, so I looked outside and saw the bear had turned to stone, and Rina was standing there looking all smug and laughing at me for being afraid. He pushed past me and walked into the house, the rabid dog now gone, and heads to the kitchen. At this point I am completely lost, because I have no idea how I'd summoned up Rina of all people when I was attempting Afiel. So I followed him into the kitchen and he tells me since he's my guest that I should pour him a glass of water. I tell him "Are you kidding me? I'm not wasting a lucid dream pouring you a glass of water, you prima donna." and he got all huffy and poured himself some water. Then I heard my phone ringing from outside the dream, and the whole scene broke apart because apparently my brain thinks telemarketers are more important than bugging the crap out of Rina.

      I was visiting some spoiled rich kid's home and I noticed my old DDR pad in the closet. It's for the PS2 and they said I couldn't have it back because I only have an XBox 360 and the pad wouldn't be compatible. The kid is talking about all the games he owns and heads downstairs into a basement area. When I looked down there, I saw the kid and two girls laying down on a futon playing console games.

      Cory and I had a routine where we would visit this small locally-owned candy store each time we went on a trip to that area of the country, which was often. The owner of the store was the lady who owns the food truck near our apartment. She'd always recognize us when we came into the store, and I remember once telling her my zip code and she got all excited and said her zip code started with the same two numbers as mine, which I thought was a strange thing to get excited about. We bought a bunch of interesting looking chocolates and I also got a red and white striped peppermint that was shaped like a shoe. The owner said the shoe had to be eaten a certain way so the middle doesn't melt and become raw. We noticed that they also sold cherries, and rights to pick as many cherries as you wanted from the trees outside. As we left, I saw rows of newly planted cherry trees growing next to the road. After we got home from the trip, I followed Cory from the parking lot and through a crowd of people all sitting on picnic tables under a sheltered patio. One of the people mentioned the ASVAB so I went over curiously to help him study, but my social anxiety kicked in and I just stood there awkwardly not saying anything.

      I went into Walmart and decided to work there. Apparently I thought since I used to work there when I was younger, I was allowed to just jump behind a register and start working whenever. But when I got behind the register, I noticed they looked different and had touch screens and stuff, so I got nervous. I couldn't figure out how to start, so the bagger told me I had to scan my badge to start every transaction. I annoyed lots of customers because I took so long to figure it out. One of the other cashiers took pity on me and took over my register and I opened a new line. An old guy with lots of TVs and inflatable pool toys came through and I had to lift each heavy TV to scan it and deflate the pool toys, but then I accidentally dropped a box and freaked out thinking it was a TV I'd broken, but it turned out to be a box of Capri-Sun drinks. After a while, I was called to the back and confronted by the manager asking why I was there since I left years ago. I lied and told her that I was still employed there, I was just working at another store in a place called Alphrettia, Georgia. She didn't believe me and looked up the store there on her computer, but I was desperate not to get yelled at so I sprinted off through the garden center and into the parking lot. As I ran, I passed Will Smith who was sitting in a car, and I waved at him and he waved back. I remember thinking he must drive around a lot because I see him in that car almost everywhere. Then I jumped into my car where Cory was waiting. After I pulled out, I realized my brakes weren't working, so I drift along in the parking lot trying to avoid small children and stuff. The car finally came to a halt when it lightly hit the bumper of a big white truck, and a lady got out and immediately recognized us because she's was regular at Cory's store. She said we were lucky she's such a nice person and said she'll forget that it ever happened.
    8. Sodas in the woods, school problems, and spelunking in the pyramids

      by , 08-26-2013 at 05:56 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was driving in my car, but for some reason it was scorching hot inside my car yet cool and nice outside. I had somewhere I had to be, I can't remember where, but I knew I couldn't spend another minute inside my hot car so I decided to park it somewhere and just walk the rest of the way. I pulled into a Barnes & Noble parking lot and a valet knocked on my window and asked for the keys. I told him I wasn't actually going into the store, I just needed to park my car so I could walk, so I drove into a space, parked, and then gave the valet my keys and said I'd be back later. Then I started walking down the road to wherever I was supposed to go, and feeling happy that I was much cooler now.

      Mom, my brother, and I were all staying together in an old log cabin in the woods. It was in the middle of nowhere and only mom had her car, as we had all came up to the cabin in her car rather than taking our own separate ones. However, in the dream it had a convertible roof, which it doesn't have in reality. Behind the cabin was dense forest, and in front of it was a huge field with long grass up to my knees, and then more dense forest about half a mile out. We were all sitting inside watching a TV show about ghost hunting when we heard this strange noise. I didn't make anything of it, but mom and Jonathan looked nervous and said they were going to go outside to get some sodas. As I sat inside, I heard the car taking off, so I ran out and saw them driving off in a panic, leaving me behind! I freaked out and ran after their car, and somehow caught up to it by running super-human speeds, but then mom stopped the car and I stood at the passenger door asking why she'd run off. She said she was afraid because there were ghosts and she didn't mean to, but then she said she only stopped so Jonathan could run back to the cabin to get something he forgot. I was super pissed that she would stop for him but not for me, but I got in the passenger seat anyway. As I stepped into the car I noticed there were dozens of unopened cans of Sunkist soda all over the ground outside the car, but even though I was kinda thirsty I didn't take one because they'd been touching the ground. The convertible top was down, but the top part of the window was super low and sharp and I realized that if we stopped suddenly it could totally decapitate me if I flew forward, so I put the top back up. Suddenly while Jonathan was still in the cabin, this orange SUV (the same orange as the Sunkist cans) came driving past us, but then spun around, kicking up mud everywhere and driving right at us. We knew it was chasing us but didn't know why, so we sped away to outrun the SUV and left Jonathan behind.

      A group of people were spelunking into the Great Pyramids and found a secret chamber. One of the people, a lady with a big fluffy ponytail, was lowered into the chamber with a lantern and a camera. The chamber had a huge floor the size of a ballroom and a giant mural of some kind of green bug-like creature on the ceiling. It looked kind of like a praying mantis. The group saw the mural from the camera and were terrified because it meant something bad and then the lady started screaming demanding to be taken out of the chamber because she was scared. I think there were spirits in the chamber or something.

      It was my first day at a new school and this girl was being nice to me so I sat next to her thinking we could be friends. Then I noticed everyone else avoided me and I didn't understand why. It turned out that the girl was in the KKK and because I actually talked to her, everyone thought I was in the KKK too! It really bothered me and I started avoiding the the girl but she wouldn't leave me alone. She would follow me around and randomly give me unwanted gifts. There was also something involving a Christmas card she left on my desk that had a drawing of some klansmen on it.

      Another dream involving a school, where I would switch seats depending on how my mood was. If I was feeling good I would sit on the left where the talkative people were, if I was feeling stressed and had social anxiety I would sit on the right by myself. At some point my teacher asked why I switched seats, and I cried and said I couldn't sit on the left when my social anxiety was bad, and then she gave me a hug.
    9. Attacked while lost in a parking lot

      by , 08-19-2013 at 05:59 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I went to some sort of festival or marketplace with my parents, but they took their own car and I followed behind them in mine. We traveled down a winding road with lots of flowers and pristine sidewalks and fences, it was very upscale looking. At the end of the road there was a gate set up that was similar to the gates you have to pass to get on army bases, where they wouldn't let us pass until we each bought tickets to the festival/marketplace thing. After we got them, they let us through into a huge parking lot that was packed with probably tens of thousands of cars, and the lot was divided into lots of smaller parking lots placed all around the area of the gate, I think each was numbered so you could remember where you parked. My parents and I parked in separate lots and went into the festival, but I don't remember the actual festival except that it was inside a giant warehouse and had dimly lit blue hallways with vendors selling things like stuffed animals. When we came out I couldn't remember where I parked, but I saw a red car that looked sorta like my Celtius. I walked up to it and realized it wasn't my car at all, and a couple walked up and asked why I was staring at their car, so I felt really embarrassed. Then I noticed a bike rack sticking out of a space further up and assumed it was my car instead, so I smiled and told them I was just walking past to my car up there, but as I got closer I saw it was just a big black SUV that happened to have a bike rack and wasn't my car either! So embarrassing, because I knew the couple was still staring at me as I walked around confused... Instead of continuing to search the whole lot, I asked my parents for help, and I hopped in their car and we drove around the the different lots looking for my car. (I remember playing the song 'To The Hilt' by Die Krupps on their radio and they were all "Ughhh your music sucks." Whatever homes, my music rules.) We drove through the gate to check the outer lots, but when we tried to get back through the gates the guard demanded we buy tickets again. I explained my situation and luckily he let us in and even helped us look, so we all split up to search the whole lot. As I was looking I heard a loud whirring noise, kind of like really low pitched binaural beats, and looked up to see weird undulating black things flying around in the sky that kind of resembled big cargo copters but were super disturbing in the way they wiggled while they moved. I was terrified thinking they were UFOs with grey aliens in them, but kept looking for my car instead of running away. The copters started attacking and a giant face came down from the sky and started killing random people it set its sights on. It looked kinda like the Face of Boe but bigger and completely white and see-through like a ghost. Then it set its sights on me and I was so scared and hid behind a car. When I peeked around the side of the car I saw it floating there on the other side looking for me, so I kept going around the car trying to avoid its gaze as it also went around the car trying to find me. Suddenly it came down on me from on top of the car and I screamed, then I woke up right before it jumped me.
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