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    1. old dream

      by , 10-11-2017 at 07:00 PM

      I am in a weird place, I think its London. It is half book store half preschool. There is an old woman watching the kids and I think she is a brittish cop "lorder" who cuts people to pieces and I think she's going to hurt the kids, so I cut off her thumb but there is no blood and I feel really bad but at least she can't try to destroy the kids. Then I am hiding in a bookstore by books wondering how to escape England. Stephen is there and we are frightened and then in Stephen's version of the dream (I think it was a shared dream, not sure), we walk to the woman and show them our fake badges (just by holding up our hands). Then I am lying on my bed my mom is on the bed too I get up and run outside and I jump and levitate and land/teleport from outside to suddenly being back in my bed.
    2. Fragments left

      by , 06-11-2017 at 06:46 PM
      A martial arts group was seeking me. They said they would teach me
      parallel bars if I started a martial arts school with them, and that I would feel
      an experience people felt like when/after they die. I wanted to
      learn parallel bars. In the dream it felt like a cult and I was afraid.

      In a different dream I was doing gymnastics and eating dark chocolate.
      I can't remember if I could taste the chocolate but I think I did a little
      bit, not the same as in real life.

      All else slipped away. Hoping to write my dreams down tomorrow morning. want to
      get back into my dream journal and get a lucid dream. Really wish the dream progressed
      to the parallel bars so I could experience them at least in a dream.
    3. New Zealand and an Eagle

      by , 05-30-2017 at 08:46 PM
      I was in a mall with Michael, and we looked at different stores. I realized we were in New Zealand (currently I live in USA) and I didn't have my passport. We walked around and someone asked us for our passports. Michael showed them his and I showed them my hand, hesitantly, hoping they would see a passport. (In another dream, I was stuck in a preschool in England, and an evil British cop wanted to cut the kids to pieces, she looked like a grandma. I cut off her thumb but there was no blood, so I should have became lucid. It felt so real that I thought God had carried me there. Then I walked around and found a book shelf and hid there, and then I saw Stephen and he told me he tried to arrest her showing his CIA badge...he's not in the CIA....by showing his hand and they saw a badge). They didn't see a passport though, and told us that I had to leave.

      We didn't listen to them. We said goodbye and walked around and then we were in Europe. I told my dad (Michael) that there might be concentration camps there, and I still didn't have my passport. I thought I have to get a locksmith to open my safe (I lost my keys in real life) to get my money and passport and social security card.

      Then I slipped into a different dream, which I don't remember.

      A long time ago, I dreamt that I was seeing an eagle and then I was in the eagle and was the eagle, and I flew for a while and felt powerful and afraid. Then I woke up.

      These are really just fragments there is really a lot more that I lost.