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    1. This Party's Gonna Blow, A Very Odd Adventure, I Should've Eaten The Chocolates ;-;

      by , 01-25-2012 at 05:26 PM
      My recall is getting a bit better again! Managed to remember three in some good detail this time.

      #1 - This Party's Gonna Blow

      There was some kind of pool party going on at my house, so I was out back swimming and just talking to people for a while. Some people were talking about how they had placed explosives on the water tower in the middle of the pool (yes, like a legitimate full-sizes water tower ) just so they could watch it blow up, but I was more interested in the jungle-like foliage around our pool and the couple of pterodactyls flying around the tower. Not TOO interested though, you know, it was just more interesting than the explosives thing. Anyway, I get up and sit on the side of the pool with my legs hanging into the water still, and then the explosives go off and they cause way too powerful of a blast, everyone is blown back and my legs are burned to the point of losing all feeling. >_< Stupid partiers! Flash forward through time a bit, I'm walking around a large, empty department store thinking about how there's going to be a new season of Yu-Gi-Oh! starting where Yugi is a crossdresser. ... My legs are still damaged but they're as healed as they're going to get. The department store at some point turns into my house and I decide to go to my parents bedroom and find an enormous sack of weed on the ground. I pull out a good amount to give to my friend N, who I think to myself is "still living in the past, and hasn't moved on to better things" (which I also think I've done by having my legs burned ). As I'm leaving I hear my parents arguing about the big sack of weed, and then it transitions into a third-person view of Marshall from How I Met Your Mother (again) buying something for Lily, but I don't really remember what that was.

      #2 - A Very Odd Adventure

      I'm with some friends, O and J, and we're at what I think I perceived as our junior high school, but it was really more of a two-story theme park that also had some shopping mall-type themes going on. But, there was the occasional classroom. Some gangsters tell the three of us that they're going to kill us by a certain time if we don't go find their gloves that are hidden throughout the school. I don't really remember that part of the dream very much (but I do remember that it was intense!), I just remember having found them and then thinking it was awkward when we ran into an old teacher of ours in her classroom, so we went to where the gangsters were but we couldn't find them, so we jumped down an opening from the second floor to the first and landed in the food court. We just stood around and talked to people for a minute until they showed up looking for us, and we gave them their gloves but they said they were going to kill us anyway! So we all ran, and we got away pretty easily. We each got separated but knew that we'd all be heading to the parking lot, so I had to hitch a ride there. I got a ride in a truck from two guys who seemed to think that the school/theme park/mall was a prison for some reason. I had put my stuff (which I'm pretty sure I didn't have before) in the back of their truck, and then when they dropped me off they immediately drove away with it still there! D: Aw....

      I ran into O and a couple other friends of ours who were just confused as to why we were so frazzled, and I told O I was getting the hell out of here but I needed to find my car first. He pointed it out to me, I said thanks, and I ran over there. J shows up and gets in my car too and asks for a ride home, and I tell him alright but that's it, I can't hang out or anything for a while first because I've got stuff to do. As we're driving off there are some guys I've known since elementary school yelling at J for something, but I can't really remember what. On the drive home we get sidetracked on some kind of trail in a distinctly jungle-like area, and then we run out of gas. I pull us off the trail and we try to flag down a couple of cars that go by, but no one stops for us. >:T We end up having to try to make it on foot, but the area we're in has random monster battles. We end up next to a giant ocean with two huge purple sea dragons coming out of it. I end up grabbing one by the tail and beating the other to death with it, after which I try to brag to J about my dragon-killing skills. He takes the still-living one from me, pulls out a sharp knife, and slits its underbelly and throat three times and it dies. He says he can kill them much quicker than I can, but I said "Yeah, but I still beat my dragon to death with another dragon, which is much cooler." After we get warped back to the main map from the random battle, we run off because we can see that there's a giant crab monster just behind us that we don't want to get into a battle with.

      The next challenge in our adventure comes in the form of an imaginary internet meme, and was definitely the most bizarre part of the dream. The meme itself was a video.... There was a little kid, couldn't have been older than ten or maybe eleven, but also a little tall for that age, who at first I thought was a little girl but then I wasn't totally sure, it looks like it might've been a little boy in a wig, or just a very androgynous-looking kid, or something, I don't know. But anyway, it was this little blonde kid with curled hair and everything, wearing ballet tights and an assortment of sparkly one-piece suits, like first it was just black and sparkly, and then there was one designed based on the American flag, and so on. The kid was repeating a phrase that he/she clearly hadn't actually said, but that someone had made by getting instances of them saying each individual word and piecing it together, and possibly adding a little synth sound. The phrase was "People like my pictures, people like my pictures. And they think I'm gay." The end almost sounded like a question, but not exactly. But they weren't just saying this. During it, in all these different outfits, they would be appearing in different areas around whatever city they were in and going up right behind people and doing very explicit humping, grinding, and erotic dance movements. Now, the challenge was that you had a clicker that you had to keep clicking through the whole thing to prove that you were still watching the video. The idea was that it would be so funny that you would become incapacitated from laughing and unable to continue clicking the button. J was doing the challenge and laughing his head off, I honestly didn't think he was going to make it. I woke up during this part.

      #3 - I Should've Eaten The Chocolates ;-;

      I'm in school, staying after hours to watch a new episode of American Dad! on the overhead moniter with my dad and a kid who had apparently threatened to kill me at some point before, maybe one of the gangsters? :O And this was the one year anniversary, and I was drinking a beer, so I raised it "To another year of life!" He just looked at me weird lol. For some reason I had four or five different boxes of Valentine's Day chocolates on my desk, which the entire time I kept thinking to myself "No, I should really save these for later...." Why didn't I eat those chocolates!? >.< The rest of the dream was just spent watching the episode, and all I remember about it is that there was a pool race and a reference to Goliath National Bank, from How I Met Your Mother, which my dad called ahead of time. I also had to pee for most of it but never did, and then I had to when I actually woke up.

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    2. Nothing is real. o.o

      by , 01-24-2012 at 05:29 PM

      Very vague on this one, all I really remember is being in my pool with two random guys and listening to dubstep that was blasting really loud seemingly from nowhere. At one point they asked me if I knew any other good club music to which I just laughed and told them I hadn't even gotten started yet. Then I woke up.


      I was in the gym of my high school I think, playing soccer for a PE class with mostly other kids from my school but also my cousin who's four years younger than I am. I was barely paying attention to what was going on though, like usual when playing sports in class. At some point the ball came toward me and everyone started shouting at me so I was like alright, alright! and kicked it and it went WAY up the side of the gym wall, then curved around somehow and shot right toward the goal. Everyone started cheering, and then Sinoblak showed up to tell me congrats! After that I went and ate lunch with some people from my high school in the cafeteria, which was relatively normal lol.


      This one's just a snippet, and in third-person perspective. Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, aka Jason Segel, shows up to a party dressed as Britney Spears, with a wig and everything, and wearing blackface makeup, then gets embarrassed when he walks in and everyone gives him really strange looks. I can't make this stuff up.


      A girl comes over to my house and tells me that she's going to do electrolysis on my legs. I say, alright, um, why did you just show up to do that? And she starts explaining it to me in some gibberish but half way through the conversation she turns into a guy, though he still claims to be there for the same reason. He starts asking me lots of really strange questions and sneaking looks around my room, and I'm getting really suspicious. I change my attitude really quick to show that I don't like him, and then I start to think about a bag of ecstasy pills in my drawer, and he's really close to it. He pulls it open right before I can get over there to keep it shut, and stares at it for a second like he found what he was looking for and I think oh fuck, he's a cop! He starts trying to arrest me and I go on a long rant about how I don't even care about the drugs anymore or even really care that he's arresting me because life sucks and all this stuff, and on the way from my room to the living room he tells me that he's got a plan for us. He's going to admit to committing a murder and get taken to prison, then I need to flee and get across state lines and call in and admit that it was actually me who did it, then when he gets set free he can elope with the electrolysis girl (the one that was him before) and if the cops ever find me it won't be a big deal because it'll quickly be proven that there's no way I could've actually committed the murder.

      Suddenly I switch to a third-person view of him violently being thrown in a prison cell, proving that he went through with his part of the plan. Then I'm back in the living room like no time has passed at all but he's still gone, and I sit down on the couch next to my dad and tell him to lean in so I can tell him what's going on, but he keeps leaning in like annoyingly close in a way makes it really obvious I'm trying to hide this information from whoever else is in the house. As I'm telling him all this, I see one of the buckets they give you to put your trash in at Joe's Crab Shack, and there's a red flashing light on a black clip on the side. Oh crap, we've been bugged! One of the other cops, who I now think are actually some kind of thug gang, comes at sits down on the couch next to us. I can tell that he knows we're acting suspicious and was possibly even listening in to the conversation through the bug, and so he starts asking us about the movie that's playing on TV, which I haven't even remotely been paying attention to. Apparently, it's Madagascar 10. I remember the last question he asked was if it was the only one that was ever set in the ocean, and then I woke up.

      *phew* That one was really convincing.


      I definitely had one in between this and the last one, but I guess I only dreamed I typed it up in my phone. Oh well.

      There's a memorial service for the guy who went to prison (who's apparently dead now) and his accomplice, along with all the people they killed along the way, still in my living room. I'm there and I see the graves and everything but I'm paranoid that the guy is still going to come after me for some reason because his birthday, as listed in the memorial info, is the exact same day as mine and I'm convinced that maybe that's not even his real birthday and he's not actually dead, he's just like some kind of crazy serial killer and sending me a message. I start rambling to my dad about it, who's still sitting right next to me, and he gets fed up and says it looks like they're just going to have to accept it. He tells me that there never were any guys that came to our house or got killed, we never went on the run, and there's no memorial service or bugs or signs that I'm being watched or that someone's coming after me. They've been pretty sure for a while, but hoping it wasn't true, that I'm actually schizophrenic and I'm just hallucinating all of this and my delusions are just getting worse and worse as I'm becoming more paranoid. I have no idea what to think about this new information and it sends me into deep despair, and also makes me doubt that they're telling the truth but that just makes me think they might actually be right and I have no way of knowing what's real and what's not....

      Freakin' dreams!

      Sigh... so that's it. I also got a false awakening at the end of this where I started typing it all up in my phone, and got about half way though before I woke up. Lucky I did that early, having thought I logged it down I almost forgot most of it!
    3. My Prince Charming

      by , 01-23-2012 at 04:23 PM
      Last night I had my sixth lucid since joining up here! I really need to start working on my recall so I can remember things like dialogue more exactly.

      So, I was back in my middle school again for some reason, it seems to pop up in a lot of my dreams lately. I was in my old English class with this one guy, J. (And other people I know too, but I don't really remember who they were.) J and I each finish our class assignments that I just remember were really frustrating to work out, but when we do we get up to go stand at the door until class ends. Our teacher seems really confused and then angry at us for doing it so early in class, even though we were pretty sure it was almost time to leave. I remember looking at the clock and just being confused by what time it was because it didn't really match up with anything. Anyway, she eventually caves and lets just the two of us go for "early lunch", as long as we come back later for some reason....

      We end up talking a bit as we walk through the halls back to our lockers, but then we have to go in different directions. The school suddenly has a gigantic spiral staircase that... well, it does have spiral staircases, but not like THIS. These things were enormous! It also suddenly grew in height quite a bit, and had full glass walls and through them you could see outside what looked kind of like an airport. At this point I spontaneously became lucid, and tons of other people who went to my middle school started walking all around me. (I guess class officially ended?) I started talking to a couple of people I hadn't seen in a long time just to see what they'd say (which I don't remember but I do recall that it was very strange ) and then some girl swoops in out of nowhere and picks me up! I just look over and see her face and think, what the hell... oh wait, I know what I can do with this! So, I turned her into a Prince Charming-type guy.

      Like this.

      (But more buff and even cuter. )

      So here carries me around while I'm squeezing his muscles and I keep talking to other people who all look up to me and treat me as the center of attention, basically like I'm a princess. Then Mr. Prince Charming starts talking about wanting to go somewhere more private and talk. Woah now. But then the dream starts fading! Fuck fuck fuck! I tried rubbing my hands together and making things happen and everything but it still ended and I woke up.

    4. Escape Sequences

      by , 12-06-2011 at 03:38 AM
      Some dreams I've been having lately have got me wondering about some oddities in my dreams that I'm calling "escape sequences" for now. I've been noticing patterns in some of the things that happen to me when I wake up from a dream and stay aware through the trippier third-person parts of it. I'll explain them in a bit though, first let me get the dream descriptions out.

      #1 (from a couple nights ago)

      I was hanging out with I, a girl I knew all through public school never once actually hung out with in real life, and we were over at her house, although it was actually the house of some family friends we have, and those family friends' dogs were even running around and jumping on counters much higher up than they'd actually be able to reach. We were eating cookies that her mom was making, and we were getting ready to go shopping for a while, but at the last second she realizes that she had something else she had to do, so she calls this imaginary girl M to come go shopping with me instead. Alrighty then.... We go out front and I gets in her car and I approach it, but then realize I'm supposed to be getting in M's car instead so I go sit in the front passenger seat while she talks to J, N, and I think O who were all just randomly standing on I's front lawn. It's raining pretty heavily through all of this, and the road we're parked on is REALLY slanted, with the car facing downhill. So I'm sitting in her Jeep, and it starts rolling forward. I reach over to the wheel and pedals to stop it and reverse back up to the house, but I accidentally overshoot it and go nearly up to the top of the hill, and while this is happening the rain clears up and it becomes bright and sunny (and totally dry ). At the top of the hill there is another "car" that is made of a disassembled mannequin, with the head at the front, an arm and a leg as the front tires, and the other arm and leg on opposite sides as the back tires, and nothing but steel bars connecting them as the body, and as I'm looking at it it flies straight up into the air! I let the car roll back down to the correct spot, and I get out of the car and explain that I just had to go up to the top of the hill to see that thing first. Then I go to the door and I's dad opens it and is pissed because he thinks that I stole M's car. I try to explain what happened and say "This is going to sound weird, and I know this is how it's supposed to be but listen.... I don't remember it starting as a dream, but... I think it was...." (Somehow, this didn't cue me into the fact that I was dreaming. ) I's dad doesn't listen and he starts strangling me to death. But as I try to explain a little more he stops and tells me that I'm dead and I'm a genius and that my story matched all the words from Romeo and Juliet AND Peter Pan exactly, after which he started ballet dancing and instead of strangling me was forcing me to dance with him, but I kept stumbling and messing up. At this time I kept flashing back and forth between this and a kind of third-person look at rows and rows of nonsense words (that basically looked like mashing the keyboard and hitting the space bar now and then) that I would try to read and get very confused by. Also while this was happening there was a strange group of people around us which at the time I perceived as dancing with us, however when I think back what they were actually doing was... they would start out staring directly in my direction, and then they would turn away and walk off or leave or something, but the motions seemed to play out in a very mechanical fashion that's difficult to properly describe. And they were all varied distances away from me, but they all started with this same demented, soulless smile on their faces. There were a good amount of them, but the only one I remember very clearly was a girl wearing glasses, a black/dark gray t-shirt, and boxers with vertical red and white stripes. Very strange....

      #2 (from last night)

      The fact that there were lots of houses without any locks on their doors was a big plot point in this dream, but unfortunately I forgot most of that plot because of what happened next. What I do remember is looking around at a house that I was intending to buy and being concerned about how that house also doesn't have any locks. I hear someone breaking in (more like walking in) and freak out. I hide around a corner waiting for them to walk by so I can jump at them, but when they do I leap out and get switched to a moving third-person perspective. Or, not exactly, it's more like... first-person but extremely dissociated. The guy, who looks kind of like a hipster Elvis Costello fan wearing a long, fuzzy pink leigh, laughs at me and my failed attempt. Suddenly I'm back in the same type of situation as the ballet dancing from the previous dream, only without the words or anything, just the people staring at me and then turning or walking away or whatever. The hipster guy is one of them, as is a goth girl, a girl in something resembling a black and red FOnewearl costume from Phantasy Star Online (but sluttier, and a little different), and a girl in a completely absurd black and white horizontal striped outfit with lots of feathers and something of a post-modern clown-like look, and a face painted totally white with black patterns on it. My vision slowly moved from left to right over these people, to the backdrop of some kind of game/clothes store, until it passed over a mirror and stopped right in front of my reflection, where I could see that I was one of these demented/soulless people just like the rest of them, I looked totally different from myself and was probably the most normal looking of the group, wearing mainly tight blue jeans and a pink top, but my clothes still had a decidedly trippy style to them and my face was the most soulless of them all, it felt like I was staring into the darkest part of myself, with a big evil grin on my face. My vision stopped moving when it passed over this "me", but I could see another girl to the right of me trying on a white, black, red, and green dress with leaf patterns on it, but then the store clerk (unseen) started yelling at us and we decided to book it. I woke up as that was happening. I remember that everyone in the group was talking about some drinking game while this was happening, but I don't recall any details of it. The whole thing felt extremely psychedelic.


      So, the escape sequences. The first one is the nonsense words thing, which has happened to me a good number of times. It always turns out to be very clear typing, often Times New Roman I think lol. It's always a bunch of nonsense but sometimes looks more realistic than others, and it's always third-person, and my mind just struggles to make sense of what's going on until I wake up. That's a pretty strange one. The other one, this newer one, is the turning/leaving people thing. It's really getting to me because it feels extremely alien. I can remember at least one time before where it's happened, but not in detail. I just had to point those out because I think I'll probably be dealing with them again, and I'd like to figure them out as much as possible if I can....
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    5. Seven old dreams.

      by , 12-05-2011 at 06:20 PM
      Alright, here are some dreams I've been too lazy to record that I've had since my last major entry, I'm finally getting them out of the way so I can post some actually interesting stuff that I'm dreaming about now. I don't remember exactly what days they happened anymore so I'm just going to number them.


      I was walking around college (although it looked like a fusion of my junior and senior high schools) with O but got separated from him, so I was searching around a hallway for him when Neil Patrick Harris ran up to me! I see that he's wearing a lab coat and instantly think "Oh, he must be part of the alien studies project." He grabs my wrist and starts pulling me while running so I have to run to keep up with him, and he starts talking about how they're starting some alien autopsy study where they're doing the testing on human volunteers first... for some reason. He looks back at me and says "Thanks for doing this." to which I respond "I never agreed to do anything." He ignores me and starts talking about how all of the other human volunteers they've had so far have ended up having some horrible aftereffects that I don't really remember much of, but they generally sounded terrible. He stops running so I do too, and he looks back at me and squints and just stares for a second, then says "...You'll probably be fine." We start running again as I say "Probably??" He starts explaining the mechanics of what they're doing, which I also don't remember well, but I remember him saying "I don't think this causes too much blood." (Causes too much blood? ) Then he goes on to describe how the machine they use was having some really bad malfunction in all of their previous tests as well, and there were even more terrifying things happening to the volunteers as a result of it, but after he stops talking he stops running again and stares off into the distance and says "I think they fixed that." As he was explaining that last part we had entered a science class room, and then he took me through a door in the back into a small office-like room where there was a woman in a lab coat sitting at a desk. Then he turns to me and goes "But first, I'm gonna do a magic trick! " He makes himself turn invisible, and then reaches over (but of course I don't see it) to a bowl on the desk that's filled with cherries and grapes, still on branches. He picks them up and starts tying the branches together and the woman (his assistant) says "It looks like Arby's food!" and I laugh and say "It's just cherries and grapes!" and she SLAMS her hand down on the desk, points to me with a pissed-off look on her face and yells "You have been warned!!" (I have?? ) He finishes tying branches together and I realize that he's made a dragon sculpture out of them, and he even opens the mouth and starts making screeching sounds (and of course it looks like it's doing it on its own because he's invisible). I'm laughing hysterically at this point and dropping a large number of couch pillows which suddenly appeared in my hands. He makes himself visible again and hands me a piece of paper that tells me not to be so worried about my future, and just take life as it comes.


      I'm teaching a class and I'm doing my best to make sure that all of the kids behave, but they're all pissed off at me for some reason and they start stealing my keys and things just to torment me for hours until they finally hand in their homework to force me to do it for them and I realize that my dad's been making extremely hard extra homework for them to make them angry so I grab my keys from them and fly out of the room so fast that I leave a trail of demonic fire in my wake. (Flying has always been my strongest dream power for as long as I can remember, in non-lucids I generally travel at a normal speed but I can go pretty frickin' fast, the first time I tired it in a lucid it was accompanied by a sonic boom and the speed was so intense that it woke me up in about a second and a half. ) I make it home and start to cuss out my dad for being so irresponsible because's he's a teacher in real life! Then I walk out to the kitchen and see my mom there and say "Oh, mom's home." Somewhat anticlimactic of an ending lol.


      I'm in a plane crash with a group of people that I went to public school with, although most of whom I didn't normally associate with. I remember that part of the dream because it was intense, but after that there's a lot of blurriness until the point when we're finally getting back on a new plane to go to... well, wherever it was we were headed in the first place. But still, we're understandably a little freaked out at the thought of being on a plane again. J checks his bags ahead of me and then walks off to the seats (which are conveniently located about ten feet away from where you check your luggage ), and I check mine and plan to go sit next to him but I'm told that I have to go take the seat up in the cockpit behind the pilot because I'm "being a troublemaker." I say "Damnit, does this mean I have to talk to A the whole time?" (Referring to myself in third person, literally thinking it's someone else, who I guess I'm annoyed at the thought of having to talk to. ) The guy responds "Are you serious?" and points to the cockpit. I go sit down and I'm watching out the front window. The plane is already in the air and is doing some serious loops through the sky, but it seems like a normal way to fly at the time. I watch as our view goes back and forth between the sky and the ground (we're flying REALLY low!) and at one point I look at a billboard and see the face of Charlie from Lost, although his face wasn't actually on the board... it just invoked the image so intensely in my mind that I saw it as clear as day, but it didn't actually enter the dream scenery, it was just kind of on top of it, like my mind's eye vision was exactly as clear as my normal vision... kind of hard to explain. Anyway, I'm starting to feel a little anxious and sick, so I go to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror and see if I look like I'm sick or if I'm losing color or anything like that. When I get there, I see my face literally rotting, melting off, and turning to stone (especially my neck), and the grim reaper(!) is standing behind me. And I mean really detailed, with a fiery flowing black robe and blue and black swirls of smoke and a gigantic evil-looking scythe and this aura of pure darkness. I inspect myself a little closer and say "Nah, it's probably nothing, I'm just letting myself get psyched out." I walk into the cabin instead of going back to the cockpit and everyone screams and someone points at me and yells "Fridge neck!" I start freaking out again and go "Oh no, does it look bad??" and start scratching at my neck, while everyone starts making these D: faces that start expanding to be bigger and bigger until they cover their whole faces and then their jaws starts enlarging so that the face can keep expanding (which looks really, really cartoony), and then I wake up from an adrenaline rush.


      O and I and some other students from our college are eating in the cafeteria of some school other than our own, and one of the guys who goes to that school starts getting really pissed off saying that we're not allowed to eat any food except from one small area, but everyone does anyway. I like messing with the guy because he's being a prick, and eventually he's so angry that he starts going on this loud, ridiculous speech, that ends up having some religious undertones, about how it's THEIR school and THEIR food and THEIR right to eat and yadda yadda yadda.... O comes over to my table and laughs at him with me while we eat our food and I browse the internet on my laptop.


      This one is a little fragmenty. My log starts with this first part I don't really remember much about that reads "Save the world, emotional texting with M mad at dad to not be sad for him (crying)". After that my memory starts to pick up. I was playing a game, but I had to put it on hold to drive a friend of mine (M, but a different M from the first part) back to their car in [a nearby city] so that I could get back in time for the DMT revolution. I go to the back fridge we have to get something to drink, and when I get back there there are bottles of shampoo and large, empty glass mugs on top of the fridge for some reason. I just end up staring at them confused until I wake up.


      Somewhere before this dream I had a dream that happened in anime format, I wish I could remember it.

      I'm having a sleepover with O, M, and S. Originally it was at my grandparents' house and we were listening to dubstep and it was making me sleepy so I eventually passed out. I had a dream-in-a-dream about doing some intense dance moves with an old friend, C, in some big fancy kitchen. But it didn't last long, and soon I woke up at the slumber party again when everyone else had already fallen asleep, although the scene had changed to my house. Everyone else starts waking up and we talk about music that we heard in our dreams (mine was "Here We Go" by Bassnectar) and it starts transitioning from night to day. We hear a noise outside by the window, so I slowly creep over to the door to look but I don't see anything, but not long after that the curtains magically open by themselves and we see a creepy man peering in. o_o We all start freaking out and the man comes to the door so I open it and ask him what he wants and he says that he needs to speak to my dad and that "it's a matter of presidential importance!" O says he'll go back to tell him, and I turn back to tell the guy to hold on and close the door. I turn around again and see that O is now in the back room getting something to drink (lazy ) so I go tell my dad instead. I go to their bedroom and walk in and see that my parents are both awake, so I tell my dad he's needed and run back out to the door. When I open it I see the guy with a bomb strapped to his knee!! I run back yelling "He's a bomber, he's a bomber!" and everyone scatters and jumps down into the furthest-away-from-him corners of the house while he detonates the bomb, and I close my eyes and the sound of the explosion wakes me up.

      Another fragment that I remember from right after this dream, I was sitting at my computer watching a fractal generator in action, VERY cool. I wish I remembered more!


      Homer Simpson takes large amounts acid, shrooms, and morning glories and possibly other things at a nighttime hippie festival by [my middle school] and I see it as I'm walking by through the park, but somewhere down the line it changes to my cat, T, doing those things at a shamanic ritual in the same place. The next day O and I are at my house, and we're talking about how T must have tripped balls, and for some reason we have a white dachshund who's a little bigger than they would normally be, but I think she was actually representing an old cat we had, because we were aware that she was female and that T didn't like her, just like that cat. But now, T went over to her and started scratching her on her stomach (standing up with his paw outstretched, like a human ) until she gets up and happily runs away, and O and I talk about how T must have been humbled by his heavy experience. I feel inspired to take some mushrooms myself, which of course appear directly under me when I reach down to grab some. The dog comes over to me all happy and starts licking my nose while I'm laying on the ground waiting for them to kick in, and I wonder if she got a contact high from T. When I stand up everything is surrounded by rainbow auras and I'm starting to get heavy tracers, after I moved my arm there were three or four copies of it in different colors and levels of transparency. I follow O, T, and the dog into the laundry room and everything is starting to feel very dreamy (heh), then when I'm starting to feel some come-up energy building I turn around and walk away, and then I got woken up by the feeling.


      And there's that! Now I can get caught up to date with my next entry.
    6. Fragments, fragments, and more fragments....

      by , 11-21-2011 at 05:01 PM
      Ah, I need to start updating my Dream Journal more!! I have a good few entries to add, but first, here's a bunch of fragments I've built up over the good amount of time since my last entry! Hopefully this'll help me find some patterns....

      (I'm just typing them up as I wrote down the notes, so since I never actually remembered any more than I typed they may not always make a whole lot of sense.)

      "flying (plane) overdose? Tums dying"

      "remakes of Pokémon Blue and Yellow, seemed badass at the time (wish I remembered their names!), other fake Pokémon games involved"

      "Lost, electrode on Sawyer, Jack kids need to ask something, crossing legs"

      "Driving back to P's (Dad's) [Dream Journal note: P is not my dad.] house in a desert area, miss the turn and almost hit someone, gotta drive all the way out to the middle of nowhere to turn around, get there get the little kids out and start running away from the house for some reason, then hang up" <-- Honestly, I think I might have written this one down while half asleep. It's pretty detailed, yet I don't remember this AT ALL. Not even writing it. Even the fragments I actually do remember bits of. I just thought it'd be nice to add this here for the sake of seeing how my unconscious mind works. I think the "then hang up" supports this theory a lot, since I often end my more detailed notes with "then wake up", and I could see my dream mind using "hang up" for the same meaning.

      "M and I are in the bathroom naked, but we're both just looking at ourselves (and not the other) in the mirror. I'm shaving. ???"

      "Spending time with Sawyer/Jack, watching Liz [DJ note: 30 Rock] on some kind of cartless rollercoaster?"

      "walking home from [middle school] bacon ecstasy Hurley feels so much apartment leave Charlie save the world one dream toilet paper Sun explorer his mom Sawyer telekinesis flying haywire etc."

      "long homework packet with O somehow transitions into getting work done by a muscly guy in the bathtub... >_<"

      "fixing things for people at a Halloween party at my house, focus mainly on the fence gate at the end, NS [girl I went to school with]"

      "7-Eleven-type store O I work here notepad headphones girls talk about [a club I've been to] one dies later (know the future)"

      "tripping balls, trying to blue it's in dark never works S school don't talk to boyfriend house mom?"

      Well, there you have it. One thing is for sure... I dream about TV a lot, especially Lost.
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      dream fragment
    7. With the same beer!?

      by , 11-05-2011 at 02:08 PM
      Well, the first thing that happened is that I woke up around 4:00 am sick to my stomach. The same thing also happened after I woke up from my second dream so I just stayed up after that. I'm starting to notice a little less recall without the melatonin still, but I'll work my way up there.

      5:45 am - Non-lucid

      A guy, who kind of looks like an guy I used to know named J, and his wife and kids moved into my house for some reason, and the youngest version of Dabney, that one kid from Malcolm in the Middle, is one of their sons. O, D, and I are hanging out in my dad's office and Dabney comes in and spells red juice all over the carpet pretending that it's blood. I go find the guy that looks like J and yell at him telling him I've had enough and that he needs to take his family and get out of the house! He says "I'm not even in the right place!" and then starts coming at me ready to hit me or something. For some reason I have the strength to totally neutralize his punches just by holding up my hands, and then I step back behind a door, slip my hand through the tiny crack that separates the door and the wall where its hinges are, grab his hand, and yank his arm through and then open and close the door over and over again so it hurts him until he gives in and agrees to leave. O and D cheer in the meantime and then I wake up.

      7:10 am - Non-lucid, Nightmare

      I'm in a hotel room with my dad and he's complaining about how yesterday it seemed like there was enough wind outside to be able to open the screen door to the balcony and "let out a smell", but it didn't work. He goes outside to stare off into the distance. I start texting a friend about what he just said for some reason and the hotel room starts to morph into a long tunnel leading to a bright foresty area with someone on a bike waiting at the very end of it. Then the scene skips forward to me walking past a bakery and into a big auditorium-seating-type place. I meet a mysterious woman who tells my cynical things about "politics" and I tell her about how delicious all of the food at the bakery is. My memory is a little hazy here, but I think went to the bakery at some point and then returned to the auditorium place, but in the hallways behind where the actual seating area is. A friend of mine (that I can't remember) and I had noticed that the woman had been holding one open beer the entire night and acting kind of secretive about it, and we know that she's going to some political after-party or something so we catch her before she can leave and drag her into a tiny room and confront her on it. She says she's just going to the party to have fun and that's all and my friend goes "With the same beer!?" I grab it from her and take a sip and spit it out, "proving" that it has been poisoned with large amounts of sulfur (which I actually know nothing about). My friend arrests her and leaves. The tiny room turns into my house but in a totally wrong but hard to explain way. I walk into the kitchen and see Barney from How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris! ) and he seems to be worried about the fact that I actually took a sip of that sulfur. I try to tell him that it's okay because I only took a tiny sip and then spat it back out, but then I start thinking about it and it makes me start to panic. He does a total 180 and tells me to calm down because he was just being paranoid and he's sure I know what I'm talking about. Laughing, he pulls out a clothes hanger wire from nowhere and tries to tell me, like it's just some cool random fact, about how they used to use those wires to help people who had sulfur poisoning. I'm still really freaking out though because I'm sweating like crazy, especially my feet which feel practically underwater, and I look at my hands and see that my knuckles are turning a sickly-looking light green. I ran down the twisted hallway which is actually straight in real life into my living room and see my mom and dad sitting on the couch (and I think O behind it....) and tell them what's happening but before they can respond my anxiety-induced adrenaline rush wakes me up. Just to remember that I actually do feel terrible even when awake.... Eek.

      ??? - Dream Fragment

      I have no idea when this happened at night, but it occurred to me a little later after I woke up when I was playing Xbox 360. I had a dream somewhat based on Alice: Madness Returns.... It really sucks that I can't remember any more than that, that game is so cool! Oh well, just thought I'd add that.

      Updated 11-05-2011 at 02:40 PM by 50803 (Remembered a dream fragment.)

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    8. A Giant Tunnel of Eyes

      by , 11-03-2011 at 10:49 PM
      Alright, for the first time in ages, I tried not taking my melatonin. I have to say my recall did suffer a bit, but not significantly so, and I did log the most dreams in one night since I started my dream journal, so, meh. I got to bed around 11:15 pm I think....

      2:57 am - Non-lucid, Nightmare

      There was some kind of "training" going on at my house during the day, and everyone who was involved (my friend J and my cousin P as far as I can remember, but I think more than them too) spent the night afterward. The scene suddenly shifts to nighttime and I was in the den when I heard something in the kitchen and just barely saw someone moving in the dark. I yell out "Who's there!?" and it turns out to be J just getting something to drink. We start talking and head out to the backyard where we see a baby crawling around near the pool. Shocked, we go up to it, grab it, and leap up on top of the fence (which seemed perfectly normal, of course) to see a woman and another baby in front of the garage in the house on the opposite side of the alley, which doesn't exist in real life, there's just constant fence all the way across that side. I ask "Is this your baby?" and she replies "Oh, yes!" and climbs over the fence carrying her other, even younger baby, snatches the first baby out of my hands, and then jumps into the pool with them. Because physics are lame, they all start to sink straight down rather than float, although they do sink slowly, including the woman, who does nothing about it. J and I freak out and jump in after them and we pull the babies out and put them on the side. They're not breathing so I try to resuscitate them but it isn't working and I'm panicking. While I'm trying to do this, they're also slowly morphing into gummy bear-like snacks, though this goes unnoticed by me. Meanwhile I'm shouting at the woman to do something and dragging her up out of the water but she just remains perfectly still, smiling with this demented look on her face, and sinks back in every time. I'm really freaking out and thinking we're not going to be able to save them and then I wake up.... Why do my nights keep starting off with sad or scary dreams?

      5:30 am - Non-lucid, Memorable

      I'm walking around an airport trying to follow my friend D. I've got a suitcase with an extensible handle so I pulled it out so I could wrap another bag around it instead of having to carry it, then started walking and ran into an old friend, B, who I hadn't seen since middle school. She looked like she was proportionally older, though. She starts walking with us and then as we're moving the airport turns into a mall and I bump into my cousin K and some of her friends. I say hey to them and then run forward to catch up with a new imaginary person I'm suddenly following, a girl who seems to have it out for this other imaginary girl named Randy. Apparently, we had spent all of this time trying to track Randy down only to keep finding that we were still two steps behind her. Some stuff happens in between here that I don't remember that well, and actually I think it may just be that when this part of the dream started I was flooded with false memories that I didn't actually experience so they're not as clear as what happened before or after that. We run into some random person and ask if they know where Randy would go and they respond "To Japan and Korea, of course!" At that point we're suddenly in a car with a phone over the glove compartment which rings and the girl I'm with answers it. It's the FBI! They're calling because they know where Randy is and they want us to give them a reason that they can take her in, and the girl starts cackling and telling them about the "Verizon money heist" that Randy was involved in. She hangs up and shows me an old picture of Randy next to a big scary-looking guy with a newer photo of Randy taped on to the side to show how she had changed since then. The scene shifts to third person perspective and I see current Randy and the man from the photo, Randy is being sentenced to death for what she did and the man is the executioner. She is angry with him and he tells her that it's just his job and she did a crime and that "we'll all pass" eventually. She responds "No, you'll live on." and he says "Well that's where you're being absurd, you just use magic." Suddenly the scene shits again to what I can really only describe as a large alien lair that seems to be some kind of cave at the end of a tunnel. The tunnel is completely covered in shards of mirrors and at the end of the cave is a cyclops looking into the mirror, causing his one eye to be reflected out of that shard and all over the tunnel, so every single mirror shard has his eye staring out of it. Basically it looked like a giant tunnel of eyes. It zooms in to be in first person from the cyclops's perspective. As he sees himself in the mirror he is disgusted, and he throws an apple at it, shattering the whole scene. Then the dream fades... and I wake up.

      6:47 am - Non-lucid

      I'm at Victoria's Secret (according to the dream, thought doesn't at all look like one) trying to buy a dress I want and there are two different registers open and not that many people at first, but by the time I'm getting in like there are swarms of people all over the place. I end up sitting down because there are so many people in front of me in line and I see and start talking to this guy A that I haven't seen since around 7th grade I think and he has this, like... demon mouth or something, it slants back like an anime mouth and has a little fang sticking down out of the top corner. I can't remember what he said, though. I get up when I notice that more people are taking advantage of the fact that I'm sitting down to cut in front of me! Another guy I haven't seen in years named D cuts directly in front of me, but I'm still only a couple of people away from the register. For some reason everyone in line (including myself) has a "gender card" which contains information about their gender and some other characteristics about them and for some reason is all you need to make your purchase. I swipe mine and get my dress! But then the dream ends. Oh well. Also, Adele's "Someone Like You" was playing in the background the entire time.

      8:38 am - Non-lucid

      I'm at school with O and I'm trying to find a bathroom but it doesn't seem to be anywhere, try as I might. In this dream I'm able to fly and phase through walls easily, but it's non-lucid so this doesn't really occur to me as strange or interesting. O eventually gives up on helping me look and gets to class. At one point I try to go through a wall and it fails, confusing me greatly, and I accidentally knock over yet another person named D and we fall on to a pile of students and we all get tangled up. I finally work my way out of the mess and go to join O in class. I see him on a computer and I walk over to sit at the one next to him and for some reason my legs are trembling like crazy the whole time! I told him that I fell on D "yesterday... no wait, like I minute ago", and then I woke up.


      An odd night, but not so bad if I do say so myself. I think I'll leave the melatonin out from now on and see where that gets me!
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    9. Arrival of the Marijuana Mattimoag

      by , 11-02-2011 at 02:19 PM
      Got to bed and took my 10 mg melatonin around 11:00 pm this time. It turned out to be a big bunch of nothing until my final dream of the night where I was actually able to remember something.

      7:21 am - Non-lucid

      I'm waiting for O to come over and watch some American Dad! with me. At some point I think he's at the door but it turns out to be some random shady person walking across my yard. But then O comes up to the door and everything's fine! He comes in and sits down while I start the episode but then go back to my room to grab my new black sweatpants that I'm really excited about having, and for some reason waited until I had company over to change into. I put on a matching black sweater too for some reason, just to complete the outfit I guess, and then go back out to the living room. The American Dad! episode seems to have changed into a Futurama episode, but of course I don't notice that until after waking up. It took place in Antarctica or I guess some ice planet or something, and there was a military group there (that really looked like a bunch of anime characters) that was supposed to be fighting some rebellion. It started out showing a defeated soldier being told to call a mysterious person named N that only the most wealthy and influential people in the world know on a special cell phone, being given to him by this strange person who then walks off. He starts to dial the phone but then some other people pick him up and he drops it and yells "NOOO!" The people who picked him up turned out to be his military buddies wondering how he got away before the commander did or something, and he said it involved unexpected time travel. Suddenly, flaming penguins with spears (blue fire that is) start charging down over a nearby glacier with the intent to swarm the characters. The scene switches again to be the interior from the Planet Express building in Futurama and the penguins swarm over the side of a wall to get to the main characters. At that point an unseen TV character DC yells "They look like the marijuana mattimoag!" ... Meanwhile, I'm only half paying attention to the episode and half enjoying my new sweatpants and sweater which are apparently insanely soft to the point that I can effortlessly slide all around the hard floor. And that was the end of that lol.


      That was an odd one.... I considered going back to bed so I could at least log two dreams but figured it was too late in the morning anyway. Oh well, next time!
    10. I wish I could've tried that candy....

      by , 11-01-2011 at 02:27 PM
      I decided to take 50 mg of melatonin a couple hours before bed to see if it had any significant effect on my dreams last night. I took it at 8:00 pm and got to bed around 10:00 pm. I'd say it definitely made them a bit more detailed and vivid but overall didn't really help with my recall much. I think I'll stick to reguler amounts from now on. But, it was quite a night, so without further ado!

      12:53 am - Non-lucid, Nightmare

      The dream's been taking place in some kind of outdoor learning center or school or something in the Amazon. I don't remember much leading up to this point, but I'm in a large auditorium seating area with several other students, a few of which I recognize from my K-12 years. Above me are a couple of guys I've known since elementary school named N and T and some of their friends though I don't remember which ones they were now. They're trying to complete some complicated math homework and they know that I'm a bit of a math nerd so they just stare at me expectantly. I sigh and say "Alright, tell me the problems." In the meantime we decide to leave the seating and travel to another part of campus. The transportation is a system of trains that run on one giant rail road track, there are two trains that each run on just one rail next to each other and they always run in opposite directions so that from the point of view of the train moving forward you're always on the right-sided rail. The trains still look pretty normal though, it's just that they only have the wheels on their right side on the track. The tracks themselves are set up on top of large rivers, so the trains actually run over water. I was in the middle of working out one of the more difficult problems, which upon waking I realize makes no sense whatsoever, but then I noticed that our train had broken off the rail and was slowly moving over to the other side. I start freaking out and saying to myself "No, no, no, please go back to the other side, please go back..." but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I notice that we're about to hit broken track that just caves in to the river and I start to panic. There's one open window near the front of the train car where no one is, but other than that we're totally sealed in. There are also seat belts for some reason. I look back and say "Hurry, we have to get out of here!" and everyone starts struggling to escape their seats, including myself, because the belts are unnecessarily complex. Unfortunately, we weren't fast enough and the train fell through the cracks and water starter pouring into the open window. My heart starts beating really fast and I wake up as soon as the water hits me. At least that's over....

      3:58 am - Non-lucid

      I'm at some kind of big department store that reminds me of Target. I got to the "candy isle" because I'm trying to find this nonexistent candy that's said to be extremely tiny but have a powerful burst of flavor. I also noticed after waking up that Sara Bareilles's "Love Song" was playing on loop throughout the store. (Well, it is a good song lol.) I finally found the candies, and they were REALLY tiny! Like, the size of ants or smaller. There was something you were supposed to do with them to make art involving some equally small colored pencils that come in the box but I had such a hard time getting them out that over the course of trying to accomplish that whatever that artistic thing was kept changing. Eventually the candies disappeared and I forgot what I was doing and realized that I was in the magazine/comic book isle, so I just started browsing until I woke up. Hmm....

      5:25 am - Non-lucid, Memorable

      I was wondering how soon I'd get to log one like this in the dream journal! I spent a lot of time in this dream walking around the park near my house, but I really only remember the end of it. I think my cousin was in it at some point, but... nah, it's gone. *fragment!* I was actually doing something up to this point, but somehow it changed to myself and my friend O helping my friend M and her old boyfriend Z. Z had (apparently, but probably not actually) told us earlier that he wanted to try LSD and he had managed to get some, but then before getting to use it he had lost it in the forest and he wanted us to search for it with him. So, we started looking for it. It took us a while but we saw it in the distance, but this old guy came out of nowhere and grabbed it before we could! (What a jerk!) A large playground suddenly popped out of the ground next to where we were, which of course didn't seem odd at all, and we chased him all the way up to the top of one of the structures where he tried to make us pay him a ridiculous price for it if we wanted it back. We managed to wrestle it out of him. Then out of nowhere, the top of the structure we were on leaned all the way forward to touch the ground, then let go and sent me flying off like a catapult.

      This is where it gets weird, so stick with me here. I wasn't in the dream anymore, I was just seeing things from a third person perspective. The setting was some kind of strange-looking tent, and there were eight different poles, as two rows of four one right in front of the other, that I was seeing at an angle so that without depth it looked like all eight poles were lined up together. There were things wrapped around each pole that looked kind of like really poorly designed voodoo dolls of cartoon characters with lots of spiked hair. Each one of them was exactly the same, but they represented different people. The four in the back row represented a parent, while the four in the front row represented one of their children. Lastly, they were all tripping on LSD, with their position on the pole showing how hard they were tripping, with higher being harder. Although I was seeing this all in this strange perspective, I was also aware of the fact that from the first person perspectives of each of these people, they were just in a normal room and everyone else looked like a normal person. Either the pair all the way to the left or the next one most inward of them (it's hard to remember now) was a father and son and they were having an argument. The son was higher up on the pole, so tripping harder, than the father and he was saying that the father is old news, he doesn't have the spirit in him that he did in his youth and that the son was... uh, I guess usurping his throne, or whatever you want to call it. So the father got angry, feeling like his authority was being challenged or whatever, and propelled himself WAY up the pole, much higher than anyone else. Most of the other people let out a loud gasp.

      Now, my perspective has been placed into the father, so I'm seeing a normal-looking world again. I'm in the room but I'm only facing one corner of it, and there's a man and a woman looking at me in shock. Everything in the room starts to take on a deep purple tint and look liquidy, and the woman says "He's tripping balls." and as she says it time begins to slow down and her voice gets deeper and stretched out. Everything starts to take on a very lagging movement, like it would move really slow and then skip forward a couple seconds. The man and woman start to transform into a doctor and nurse but they quickly become kind of like demented and somehow sexualized caricatures of themselves and they latch on to each other and start to make out with each other in a very graphic and over-the-top way. My vision pulses and suddenly I'm back to a third person perspective, but this time it's still of a "normal" world. There is a line directly down the center of my vision that represents a wall with a door in it sticking outward from me. There are two rooms, one small one with very little furniture in it on the right, and a kitchen with doors leading to other rooms on the left. The colors in the rooms are vivid but kind of washed, making it look like a very strange cartoon or something similar. In the right room is Lois, the mom from Malcolm in the Middle, who for some reason keeps making an appearance in my dreams that are extremely weird like this one. She is running into walls, babbling, and laughing like a maniac. In the left room is O, my friend from before, and the man and woman, listening to what Lois is doing through the door. Lois trips over a tiny stool in the room and faints, and O asks if they should do something about it, but the man replies "No, her heart just slowed, it's okay." After that, the scene started fading away and I woke up.

      I wonder what's in store for tonight?


      I really wanted to get back to bed and dream some more after this last one, I did wake up pretty early after all, but I didn't manage to. *yaaaawn* Oh well, that's all for now!
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    11. Just another night.

      by , 10-31-2011 at 07:50 PM
      First entry! I got to bed around 10:15 pm, and I took 10 mg of melatonin, but I take that regularly as a sleep aid and it doesn't noticeably change my dreams much if at all. I wake up a lot during the night so if my dreams are memorable enough I'll usually be able to log at least a couple down. Tonight my first two dreams were completely blanked out of my mind, no memories whatsoever, but after that I managed to get a few.

      5:21 am - My mom and I are at my grandparents' house. The point of our visit is tell them some important news. My grandpa is surprised at the news but overall not affected very much. I don't remember very much of the actual dialogue from this dream. Thinking back on it now, what I perceived as my grandparents' house was actually based on the house of an old friend of mine, who also appeared in a later dream even though I haven't seen him in quite some time. The house was basically the same only taller and the structure kept changing, it had moving staircases that looked kind of like the ones in the Harry Potter movies but that were placed in separate corners of the house rather than all out in the open. It's kind of hard to describe. Anyway, my grandma eventually got home and my mom told her the news too, but she totally freaked out and told us to get out and that she never wanted to see us again. My mom began arguing with her and I started to cry. I remember this part more clearly because it was at the end of the dream, I hugged my grandpa goodbye saying that it may be a while before we see him again, and he said "Maybe five and a half years, you're fourteen now!" This is pretty confusing statement, because I'm not fourteen, and I'm also not sure what exactly adding five and a half years to that would imply either. However in the dream it made sense to me as some kind of joke, and I managed to laugh a little bit, but it also made my cry some more. My mom said that we would be staying at one of her old friend's house for the night, so we walked out side and I saw her friend's car parked in front of the house, but then I woke up. Very odd, but I was happy that I had a dream to log down. Still, I have to wonder....

      6:33 am - This was a weird one, I had a long string of dream sequences where, in the dream, I felt like I was constantly walking a line between the dreaming and waking worlds, but of course I was actually asleep the entire time. I was not actually lucid at any time. A lot of it is hard to recall, but I remember that near the end I was in a 2D world that looked kind of like that one old Legend of Zelda game on the SNES (I think it was the SNES?) and my consciousness was in one of the characters on the screen so I was seeing it in third person but it felt like first person to me. I had a bunch of company over unexpectedly and I was spazzing out because I hadn't finished preparing any of the food for the dinner party yet! But then suddenly my whole point of view started pulling away from the screen and I was at some really tiny school with this dinky playground next to it, and I was holding a Game Boy that had the screen on it still where the dream had left off. I started laughing and went "Oh, I'm dreaming!" (still not lucid lol). I took use of this fact to look away and then back at the screen to see it change randomly. The thing is because I thought I was somehow awake and dreaming at the same time I thought that I really WAS awake, but just like hallucinating or something because the dream world was layered over reality, and I figured all of the kids on the playground must think I looked insane or something because I was perceiving time to be really slow and stumbling over and everything and looking around with a big gaping smile on my face. I was following my friend whose house was in the previous dream, who I'll call D, to the parking lot but he kept changing into random DCs and I was losing sight of him. I was also walking a lot slower than him. I got to the parking lot but I was still on the grass and some random guy in a gold SUV drives up right in front of me on the sidewalk and parks. I go "Is that you D??" and blink, and my vision goes back to normal and it is D in his car. I get inside and another one of my old friends I haven't seen in a long time, C, complains about the Game Boy volume because I'm so out of it that I keep turning the sound all the way up and then all the way down to amuse myself. Since I think I'm fully awake now, I start typing down everything that just happened on my phone so I can write about it in my Dream Journal and so I don't have to focus to remember it anymore, only to wake up and realize that the memory is fading because of that so I hurry to type it down!

      8:02 am - The last dream of the night. C, from the previous dream, is on trial for allegedly attacking someone, though in the dream this is consistently described only as "being Peter". (From Heroes! That wasn't explained anywhere in the dream, I just knew it instinctively at the time lol.) I searched around trying to find other friends of mine who witnessed the event so I could get their stories and try to prove that C was innocent, and finally I realized that my friend S would be able to get him off. S and her family drove up to the courthouse, which was actually like sort of a small log cabin-type convenient store, and she gave her testimony and he was set free. Suddenly I'm back at home and I notice that the back door to the garage was left open, so I go close it. Then I woke up. What an anticlimactic ending. :bravo:

      So that's that, I'm actually surprised at how much I was able to remember, usually my dreams are so dark and hazy, but I guess getting into the spirit of writing a journal helped increase my recall!
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