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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Assasinating The Vampyre Priest

    by , 10-19-2015 at 06:03 AM (1723 Views)
    I rise up out of bed, floating in the air, and land standing on the floor. I am in my Lucid City apartment.
    I stride to my computer terminal.
    "Big Joey, give me the first Assassin quest."
    "Assassinate a target of your choice, big guy."
    I nod silently.
    WinterFae stirs in the bed.
    "Can I come with you, sweetie?"
    "I've got to do this quest alone. I have ultra-mega spells and guardians from multiple dimensions protecting you while I'm gone, my love."
    She nods with her eyes closed, and goes back to sleep.
    I lie down on the floor, and astral project, searching for a certain most vile energy signature. I lock on to a golden thread mixed with tiny balls of dark energy within. The thread twist and squirms. This is the thread of a child molesting Catholic Priest in Urth York.
    I open my eyes, and open a portal to Urth York City, and step through. I am on the streets of Urth York City. There are many strange races milling about, as in Lucid City. There is a certain church I am going to. Today is Sunday, and Soulkyst the Vampyre is going to church. I can smell the evil priest, I can smell his blood. He is about two miles away from me now.
    I walk the streets until I get there. Every now and again I get an odd look for most Vampyres do not walk among mortals. I find a large cathedral, and enter. Some of my Vampyre kin have feared entering churches, and I laughed and told them both the god and the devil are lies.
    I sit down before the service is about to start. I listen to the boring choir, and a priest enters the stage to give a sermon. There he is, my target. A disgusting fat bastard, he has shaved his fangs to flatten them, though I can tell he is of my race. He happens to make eye contact with me, and I nod and grin at him. He suddenly begins to sweat and wipe his brow.
    I can see his pustules on his horrid face pulsating with his increase heart rate. His heart, which will soon be silenced.
    I go up for Communion, and when he hands me the goblet, I look up at him, and shoot a dark energy tracker, the size of a dime out of my third eye, and it hits him in the side of his face. He swats at it like a fly, then it burrows into his flesh and disappears. He coughs, then continues the ceremony. After the service is over. I go to a hotel next door, and get a posh room fitting of an immortal.
    From the hotel room, I astral project to find the priest. He is now changing into his street clothes, and he goes to a local pub. I also change my clothes to look like an American cowboy, and I apply make-up to my skin to make me look Human.
    I go down to the street, and follow the astral thread. It leads me into a basement dive called, "The Underground." It's a typical sleazy urban dive. I go to the bar and order a drink, then take it, and sit down in a corner. The priest comes out of the bathroom, zipping up his pants. He sits at the bar. The bartender apparently knows this regular.
    "Ey, Father Johnny boy, what'll it be?"
    "That's Johnny to you, pal! Can't I just be a regular Joe Urth Yorker for once?"
    "Okay, pally. You want your lil alcoholic coffee and milky-poo?"
    "That's Gorilla Juice, to you."
    "Okay, Johnny boy, here's your coffee brandy, and here's your milk."
    The priest mixes his own drinks, then guzzles it down. He calls someone on his phone.
    "Okay, good. Are the little ones ready? Okay. Great. This will be a lovely ceremony after that fucking bullshit I had to deal with today with all those stupid bitches not wanting to fuck me. Okay, yes, sir. I have the money and everything."
    I see the priest go down a long hallway, then disappear into a hidden door. After I hear his footsteps get further away, I use my dark energy and pull it out of the door, then phase through to the other side.
    I see him in semidarkness ahead, then he turns a corner. I silently follow.
    The scene before me is horrifying. The hall opens up to a large vaulted chamber, similar to a Catholic Cathedral. On the stage is a stone altar, with an image of Baphomet above it. There are Vampyres donning red and black robes readying to do a sacrificial ceremony. They are chanting and murmuring about blood.
    On the altar are two children, a boy and girl, bound, gagged, and stripped of their clothes, absolute terror on their faces. I summon 8 dark energy throwing knives, and I place them between my fingers. I hurl them at the other Vampyres, each one hitting a target. I have aroused their wrath. I summon lightning from the electrical wires overhead, and they shriek as they spark and burn with electrocution. They fall over, every one writhing on the floor, a charred living mess of burnt flesh. I grab a wooden table, and break a leg off, then I walk to each Vampyre, and slam the table leg into their vile chest.
    I hear my dagger, Blood, speaking to me. "Blood! Me! I want!"
    I withdraw Blood, and whip the dagger, elongating it into a sword. I decapitate every single Vampyre, including the priest. Blood screams and gurgles with delight as he drinks all the blood he touches.
    I wipe my blade, then I free the children. I take off my cowboy duster and wrap them in it. They are not afraid of me.
    I use my finger, and shooting a stream of fire on to the floor, I burn these words amongst the bodies. "KILLUMINATI."
    I open a portal to Lucid City, and step through.
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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      This is an awesome dream. Are you evil in these dreams or just neutral? I can't tell. Not too much of a fight when you went to kill them. I was hoping that they would put up more of a fight. I know that electricity is strong, but every time that I do a huge attack on multiple enemies, it seems like on of them is immune or can teleport faster than my attack.
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    2. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      I define good-neutral-evil thusly. This spectrum is based on harm to the innocent. A good person will never deliberately cause harm to the innocent. A neutral may or may not harm the innocent. An evil deliberately causes harm to the innocent.
      Sensei likes this.