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    1. LUCID URTH Dream: An Orc's Tale part 2

      by , 10-21-2015 at 05:52 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      The days went by as I nursed Snowmaiden back to health. I told her my name is Snakefist. We call each other Snow and Snake for short. She is able to walk and move about, and is recovering well. She seems unconcerned about Stonefist's inevitable arrival. She is sitting by the river on the bank, watching the fish swim.
      "He is coming. He is an excellent tracker. He will be alone, armed with a great stone hammer, and a sling."
      "I will kill him," I say simply.
      "Good," she responds.
      A bird alights on my shoulder and whispers in my ear.
      "He approaches on the gnolls," I tell Snow.
      "Aye, mine chieftain, I will join you, for I must have my revenge."
      I mount my horse, and my hawk, Sunfire, rides on my shoulder. Snow rides in front of me. She feels so familiar to me somehow. I feel a strong sense of deja vu.
      I see a large lone orc wielding a stone hammer coming over the hills. At sight of Snow riding with me, he roars in rage, and challenges me to dismount. I do, and simply wait for his charge. Snow somehow disappears, but I am too focused on my enemy to notice.
      As he approaches, he screams, "You have stolen my slave!" Right before he gets within striking distance, I morph into a great ox. He tried to backpedal, but it's too late, and his momentum carries him into my waiting horns. I toss him high overhead, and he lands behind with a loud thud.
      As he stands, I can tell his ankle is broken. I morph into a giant cave bear, and charge him. He readies his hammer, but is attacked by my hawk, Sunfire, who divebombs him, and yanks his head back by the hair. He tries to hit my friend with his weapon, but instead hammers himself in the head leaving himself dazed. I laugh at this as I charge. Suddenly a shadow drops from a lone tree behind him, and a blade flashes in the sun. The blade quickly decapitates Stonefist, and I charge into a headless body.

      "I didn't know you are a Ninja."

      "I didn't know you are a Shaman."

      "Why couldn't you kill him earlier?"

      "I had been starved by my father for refusing to eat the cubes. So, I was already very weak when I was sold on the stock market. Never a slave again."

      I nod. I summon scavenger beasts to eat the carcass, then we mount my horse and ride back to my cabin. We wash after the battle, and sit on my wooden and hay cushion couch in front of my fireplace.

      We drink some mead, and smoke some green herb. "Thank you, Snake. You saved my life."
      I turn to her.

      The invasion of the flies-orcavvie.jpg

      "You will be my mate forever. Our love is strong." I look into her eyes, and kiss her. We consummate our savage orc love in my cabin under a full moon. I sleep a deep sleep, and dream of a strange life where I am a human in a world with no orcs and no magic. How strange. I awake to a strange scraping sound on the outside of my cabin. I grab my stone dagger, and move toward my door. I peer outside, and see it's a large buck scraping his antlers on my cabin.
      "Oakleaf!" I recognize my old friend, and call him by name. He walks to me, and licks my face. Snow walks sleepily out, and is amused by our interaction. Oakleaf looks toward the woods, and a lovely doe and fawn appear. I tell Snow to fetch some seeds and grains I have for feed for many animals, and we feed them out of our hands. Oakleaf is an amazing huge deer, large enough for a full grown orc to ride.
      Oakleaf, and his mate, Willow, kneel down and beckon us to mount them. We do, and let them lead. We ride with their little fawn to a high hill and watch the sun rise. Life is grand.
      "I have never met an orc like you, my love," Snow whispers.
      "Nor I you, Snow."
      "Are there others like us?"
      lucid , memorable
    2. The Epic Shit of the Ages (morning of 10/24)

      by , 10-26-2013 at 02:49 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I leap out of my physical body in werelion form. There are a circle of Dark Templar wraith surrounding me with glowing red eyes. They say something about wanting to talk, I respond with a mighty roar, grabbing the nearest Templar, and ripping his head off. I drop the body, and smash the head into the skull of the nearest living Templar. I cast a shield of protection over sleeping Winter and a battle ensues. I hear a sound like the ripping open of a mountain, and I see a tear in the fabric of time and space above me, and a portal forms. Raven flies out riding a black winged jaguar. She has two spiraling horns growing out of her head, and she is wielding a black staff with a wooden raven carved on the top. She roars like a lion, lifting her staff to the sky, and a thunderstorm spirals out of the staff. Lightning strikes her staff, and charges it. Raven multiplies into 256 copies of herself and flies around the battlefield attacking the Templars with lightning. Her laughter echoes off the mountains. I run with the speed of electrons ripping limbs off of our enemies.
      I hear another strange sound, like an earthquake, and I see Winter rise up, floating in a vertical position, eyes closed. Fairy wings sprout from her back, her eyes pop open and two white light beams shoot out. She grins deviously and says, "I'm a Dark Fairy!" She spins a white staff around, and slams it on the ground. Her pale skin becomes a dark violet, and her irises turn red. She flies madly through the battle, blowing icy bubbles which trap the Templars, and then shrink, crushing them into gooey messes of blood and ectoplasm.
      I then hear a rumble, like a sleeping dragon growling. A mountain moves, no, its a great green dragon. "MoSh?"
      "Hello brother. Long time no see."
      "Looks like you need help."
      The Templars attack MoSh, crawling over him like army ants. He roars in anger. I transform into a swarm of flying were-ants, and rip them limb from limb.
      The Templars form into a giant wraith, and I continue my swarm attack. MoSh breathes green acid on the creature, melting his armor, Raven shoots lightning at his eyeballs, and the red orbs fall out of his head, and go out. Winter freezes his hands, and they crumble and fall apart. Then a big cat paw comes out of the sky, smashing him like a housecat killing a mouse. Tigress?
      "Size is relative," she smiles from the sky.
      The battle is over.
      A cute litte fox runs to us, and drops strange red gems at our feet. "I stole these from the Templar demons!" he grins.
      "Pablo? Thank you, friend!"
      "Hmm... We should have these analyzed before we do anything with these," says Raven, putting the gems into glass jars.
      "Wow," I say. "Raven, is this real?"
      "Of course!" she laughs. I yawn, and everything fades to white.
    3. Quest of the Golden Monkey

      by , 04-20-2013 at 10:17 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      Dream Journal

      I am flying my spaceship, Future’s Hope from Urth to the Green Moon, when I get a distress call from Jack Sparrow on the holocomm. His image pops up, “Mr. Nomad, Ms. Raven dear, Moon people, whoever, help!”
      Raven: Did you get that message?
      Me: Yes.
      Raven flies her spaceship close to mine, and I piggyback mine on to hers then join her on the flight deck.
      Raven opens a portal, and we fly to a planet very similar to Urth. We fly to the parallel Urth’s Carribbean, and we see Jack tied to a mast of an East India Company ship. He is being taunted and questioned.
      “Where is the fucking golden monkey, you worthless pirate?”
      “I”ll never tell… unless you feed me some rum!”
      “What’s this?” The merchant pulls a map out of Jack’s pocket.
      “Please don’t read that note in front of the class. It’s meant for the pretty pirate girl with the black hair.”
      Just then Raven whacks the merchant with her sheathed sword. For some reason, she’s a pirate with black hair. The merchant collapses to the ground, and a battle ensues. We fight to a lifeboat, and Jack cuts the ropes, then we fall into the sea. We row away as the merchants shoot at us with their muskets. Raven strikes then with lightning, and laughs. Jack is extremely amused by this. We row into a fog.
      “We have to get back to my ship, the Windy Whale.”
      “Don’t you mean the Black Pearl?”
      “Hmm.. No, the Windy Whale. But, Black Pearl does have a nice ring to it. Is that your ship?”
      “No my ship’s name is Future’s Hope.”
      “Well, how incredibly boring. But, this isn’t!”
      He grabs Raven and kisses her, and keeps kissing her. I create a small fog spell to thicken the fog between us as I row.
      I bump into a large wooden thing. “Ah, this must be it, the Windy Whale!”
      Jack blows the fog away somehow. A cute blue ship is revealed. We teleport to the ship’s deck. Jack says we must make for a certain buried treasure right here on this- He feels for something, a map. He had it on the East India Company’s ship, but it’s gone now. “I know where it is, I have the map memorized in my head.” Jack commands his crew to make for the buried treasure.
      Jack tells us he is looking for a certain magical device, called the Golden Monkey of Atlantis. It’s buried in a shipwreck off the coast of Bimini. We sail into shallow waters. It’s a clear sunny day. Jack says to drop anchor, here we are. We jump off the boat, and dive down. We find a treasure chest in a shipwreck, and hoist it on to the Windy Whale. Jack opens the treasure chest and finds a load of gold coins, but no Golden Monkey. He shouts, “They stole it, those creepy merchants!”
      He tells us the Golden Monkey is an idol which gives the possessor an unknown power. But, he knows it’s something more, more than what the merchants know. Jack takes a swig of rum, and so do I. It makes me fall asleep, and I wake up on the Moon.
    4. Templars vs. Moon Orks

      by , 04-18-2013 at 07:11 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      Dream Journal
      WakingNomad AKA Keola Pirata

      I leap out of bed with a roar, a black werelion with a necklace of skulls around my neck, wielding an adamantium spear. Templars in the sky riding Pegasi are raining down flaming spears at us. I cast a force field of protection over Winter Fae and I. I fly like a rocket into the center of the Pegasi squadron. “YE THINK YE BE ANGELS, DO YE, MY TEMPLAR BROTHERS? THEN, I WILL SHOW YOU THE FACE OF A DEIMON!” I scream, and demonize. Demon eyes grow and pop open in my forehead. A small black hole appears in my chest. A portal opens, and a bear-boar with six legs, eight eyes, and a snake tail leaps out. I mount my steed, and my spear comes to life. The spear’s head sprouts eyes and a mouth and screams: BLOOOOOOD! Writhing in the air like a sea snake swimming in the depths. Two more small portals open, and a pair of tiny dragons land on my shoulders.
      The Templars fly together, and say, “Form of: BAPHOMET” and all together become one giant goat headed woman breasted goat legged disgusting god. Then they say: MASK OF: MICHAEL, and wear a costume to disguise themselves as the archangel , Michael.
      “I must admit, fighting Michael the archangel him would be quite the challenge, but not so a foe as you parasites are no match for REX CURSON!”
      I roar and clap my hands together, and there is a peal of thunder, then the Baphomet egregore is struck by lightning. The metal in the armor begins to melt and catch fire. The Templars scream in agony. “Zasaz Zasaz Nasatana Zasaz!”
      “Hail Satan, Lord of Fire
      May your flames rise ever higher!
      Hail Pan, God of Nature,
      Bless the Beast, Imbue the Creature!
      Hail Gawn, Lord of Dreams,
      Nothing is, as it seems!”
      A portal opens, and Raven flies out, riding a giant raven. Cool! She’s wearing all black, but in her assassin gear.
      She throws bolts of dark energy from a staff she has. She tells me the staff is called the Darkstaff, and its sentient like my symbiote. She told me Washu gave it to her.
      Interesting. We can probably take these Templars ourselves, but I blow the Conch of Pan because it just feels so good. The blast reverberates through my demon skull, and I grin as portals open from everywhere in the universe, and Gawn, the Dream Warrior Master appears with an army of elite Dream Warriors Corps. They are so varied and strange looking. I wonder what their physical bodies look like. I see centaurs, and octopus like things, and people that look like rocks, and others like blobs. We simultaneously attack the Baphomet egregore. Bolts of energy, bullets, rockets, arrows, and spears fly at the Baphomet. The egregore breaks apart, and becomes a group of Templars riding Pegasi again. “For Michael!” They shout and charge us. Gawn charges the nearest one shouting, “I AM SURE YOU DO NOT SERVE MICHAEL!”
      Then he lightly shoulder bumps the Pegasus, and horse and rider go flying back into a portal. He blows the other ones, and they start flying back, back into portals he casts behind them. The battle is suddenly over.
      “Why don’t you kill them?” I ask Gawn.
      “They’d just respawn, and we’d have to fight them five seconds later.”
      “So, you send them into other dimensions alive, instead.”
      “Yes, and it disheartens them when they end up in dimensions with no other Templars, so they become weak because of their big egos.”
      “Funny. So where did you send them.”
      “Hippie communes, mostly. Another one I sent to be a lighthouse keeper. So, you want to come check out the Dream Warrior Planet, now?”
      “Yes, Father, but our aid is requested on the Moon. The Templars are attacking the Dreamhackers Moon Base.”
      “Those crazy Russian orks. Good Fighters.”
      “Right. But, I suspect the Moon orks are being infiltrated by Templar orks.”
      “So, you want to infiltrate the infiltrators, while I cause a big ruckus on the outside?”
      Raven smiles at the idea. “Yes, Father.” Raven opens a portal to the Moon Orks Castle on the Moon. We are standing on a hill watching a huge battle of Templars on pegasi with swords and lances versus orcs on giant beetles with axes and speas. It’s so epic, we forget our mission for a second. Raven taps my head. “Hey, Nomad, the mission!” Pardon me, I forgot the mission for a second. We morph into Templar Orcs, then put on Moon Ork disguises. We look at each other and giggle. We teleport right outside the castle, then run through a battle near a castle archway. We hear the voice of the Moon Ork King crying for help down below. We run down flights of stairs to a dungeon, and we see the Moon Ork King being tortured by Dark Templar Orks. “Ha! You see, we have him!”
      “NO YOU DON’T!” shouts a voice like a thousand bears from above. The Moon Ork King runs down the stairs with a giant axe. The ork being tortured transforms into a Templar ork, his true self. Raven and take off our Moon Ork costumes, and reveal our Templar ork shapes. We take the left and right guard of the Templar Orks running at the Moon Ork King. Right as the Moon Ork King takes his first axe swing, we turn on the Templars, and thrust two sword length hidden blades into them, killing eight or nine. “Traitors!” They shout. We turn into our Assassin forms. “Assassins! We laugh, as we teleport behind them, and assassinate any Templars that the Moon Ork King’s axe misses. Cheering is heard. The remaining Templars make portals and boogie on out.
      We throw a huge party with the Moon Orks on the Moon outside their castle. There are trees growing in grey rock. Interesting. I take a sip of wine, and everything fades to black.
    5. Gifts of the Bat-King

      by , 03-30-2013 at 12:32 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I see Raven kneeling by the koi pond in the Biodome on the moon. She is looking at the fish with WinterFae. They stand up when they hear me approach. WinterFae is led away by Selene after my two lovers kiss me. "Winter needs to rest and dream within dreams," Selene says. I nod.
      "Let's do dream healing on your foot, Nomad," Raven smiles at me. I give her a big hug.
      "Thank you for this, and for helping me to remember my dreams, and dream sharing and teaching me how to teleport, and summon weapons and make portals and for being a good friend and saving my ass so many times in nightmares." Raven just chuckles in response.
      "Raven, I think it's time for us to return to the Temple of the Angels."
      "Let's do it," she says.
      I raise my hands and ask my Guardian Angel, the archangel Michael, to aid us in our journey. He appears from everywhere and nowhere, suddenly a supernova searing the back of my skull with holy flame, and then a simple man in a robe made of woven light, with a sword of pure astral/dream fire and eyes like hot ice.
      A ripping sound from behind us: we turn and see a tear in the fabric of timespace. Koomo, my Dark Spirit Guide, King of The Planet of the Bat-People, the Man-Bat with skin black as coal, climbs through the hole and then expands his great leathery wings, alighting on the ground in front of me. "Koomo? Good to see you! But, why are you here?"
      "You think my two best childhood friends get together, and leave me out of an Adventure?"
      At the word 'adventure', I suddenly have flashbacks of thousands of adventures I had with Michael and Koomo in Dreamworld and the Astral Plane. Memories surged to the forefront of my brain of me talking and playing with them in Wakeworld.
      Koomo and Michael gave each other a strange greeting, grabbing two arms of the other person, and bowing, almost as if about to do some strange wrestling. Then, Koomo bowed to Raven and said to her, "Thank you for helping to defeat the WraithLord which secretly ruled my planet, and aiding me in my journey to the Throne as rightful King of Mon-Wa You have my gratitude. I have not been able to repay you or thank you as I have been so consumed with restoring peace to my planet. Also, my servants were crafting these five gifts for you to aid you in your journey, and to have cool fucking dreams, I give these to you, designed by King Koomo, and crafted by the best smiths of my planet, of gold and secret black stone from deepest mines."
      He gives Raven three gifts, a belt, a necklace and a tiara, each one golden with a beautiful pure black stone. "First, try this necklace, every gift is functional," says Koomo.
      Raven presses the stone on the hanging from her neck, apparently, it's a button. Quickgold, flowing like mercury over Raven's torso, golden straps grow, and out of her back, wings of the same yellow liquid metal. "Take flight!" says Koomo.
      Raven takes to the air, and laughs, "You don't have to tell me twice." Raven loops and spins, and flutters like a moth.
      "The wings increase maneuverability."
      Raven laughs and lands. "This pendant has a passive ability," says Koomo as he turns away and half-closes his eyes generating a small fiery orb of dark violet energy, " to REPEL DARK ENERGY." Koomo blasts the orb at Raven, and the black stone absorbs the attack, then spins and shoots the energy back toward Koomo like a thousand shards of broken glass, who blocks the counter-attack with his wings.
      Koomo gives her the bracelet. She puts it on and then presses the stone. The belt flows into her hand and becomes a whipsnake, a living whip with a venomous bite. The golden snake has beautiful deep black eyes, and is captivating, yet terrifying as looking into the uncaring vacant eyes of a psychopath. Raven whips it, and it hisses and roars like a crocodile. Raven smiles mirthlessly.
      Koomo gives her the tiara. She puts it on her head, and loses balance for a second. "This tiara increases lucidity, and will increase your psychic skills in Wakeworld. What you are feeling is disorentation due to your different bodies becoming more aware of each other. You're fine."
      "Also, now you have sonar." Music comes out of Raven, a Metallica song with lyrics that sound something like, 'seeking darkness, seeking light, i see in all things, and the blackest night."
      Koomo dreamscapes a maze like area for Raven to practice. The sounds are terrifying, cute, and weird coming from Raven. Raven and Koomo bow. "I have one last gift," Koomo says as he takes to the air, "and in the tradition of my savage people, you must fight me for it."
      "Fly, blackbird, Fly!" he taunts. Raven looks annoyed. "FLY!" he roars, as he summons a golden spear and throws it at her. She dodges the attack, and throws the spear back. Raven summons a double-bladed quarterstaff, and they fight in the air. Koomo charges his staff with dark energy, and screams at Raven. She yawns in response. She wields her whipsnake, and whips it at Koomo's spear. The whip wraps around the spear, and Raven yanks it into her hand. Koomo disappears into the maze. The maze goes dark, so dark the darkness shines out of the maze like light. I hear Raven making funny bat sounds and playing that rock song about seeking all, and see in the light and night. Koomo flies out of the cave, and Raven tackles him, and Koomo falls to the ground. She stands with her foot on his chest and his own spear at his neck.
      "You win," he says, grabbing the spear, which Raven uses to help him stand. "And the gift is in your hand." Raven looks at the spear, which melts on to the ground, and then grows up on to her feet as boots.
      "Um... Spear-boots?"
      "Yes! that, and more. Any object or shape you desire, an object of pure liquid Quickgold. I recommend it for weapons, armor, and lockpicks."
      Raven puts her palm out, facing upward, and the quickgold flows into it, a ball about the size of a baseball. The quickgold giggles and coos.
      "This quickgold is semi-sentient, similar to Nomad's symbiote, but quickgold repels dark energy instead of absorbing it like Nomad's alien. The quickgold also helps balance light and dark energy of the wearer."
      Raven pets the little giggling yellow sphere, and says, "I'll call you Goldie, funny little happy ball." Goldie starts laughing uproariously, and forms a mouth. The laughter emanating from the quickgold is so ridiculous, we all start laughing hysterically.
      After the laughter dies, Koomo greets me by head butting me. "Nomad Nocturne, and Raven Knight, I bestow upon you the title: Champions of Mon-Wa! All Bat-People who bless you may they be blessed a thousand times in return, and all Bat-People who curse you, a thousand curses return!"
      "My friends, I sojourn with you to the Temple of the Angels, for my planet is sick and dying after just 300 years rule of the WraithLord. I seek aid and wisdom to heal my planet's heart."
      Selene appears in our midst. "We must heal the heart of the Moon."
      I wake up with a jolt. I am in my bed in BanYanLand on the Moon. Selene is sleeping next to me. I am confused. I look out the window, and see the full moon in it. I am more confused. A raven flies across the moon and lands in the window, then looks at me. I hear a voice whisper, "Heal the heart of the Raven, heal the heart of the Moon." I feel something like a tiny moonstone angel-heart flutter inside my human heart. I fall back to sleep.
      I am standing back right where I was a second ago, slightly dizzy. Selene catches me. "Nomad?"
      "I'm alright."
      I look at Raven. She smiles at me benignly. "You're really important to me," I tell her earnestly. A tear rolls down her cheek. She hugs me.
      "You're really important to me, too, Nomad," she whispers.
      Michael opens a beautiful portal rippling with iridescent fractals. He creates a rainbow a large disc which we step on to: Koomo, Selene, Raven, and I. The four of us join hands, and we fly into the portal. The wormhole is perfect and clean, in total balance in harmony of all the flora and fauna. We land on something like a round stage or landing pad ringed about with marble pillars. Metatron greets us, his face shining like the sun.
      When he speaks, his voices sounds like a thousand waterfalls. "Welcome, weary Travellers. I know well of your journey. Thank you, Brother Michael for ushering these mighty Dream Warriors to our sacred Temple, Selene, Goddess of the Moon, may you receive what you need to heal the heart of the Moon. Raven Knight, the Moon Queen, may your healing skills ascend to match your limitless compassion. Koomo, King of Planet Mon-Wa, may you receive the wisdom and knowledge to heal your dying planet. Nomad Nocturne, Lord of Night, God of Nothing, may you receive the deep soul healing you desire to transfer to others.
      Metatron leads us to warm saltwater pools with air and water the same temperature as the skin. We float in them and fall asleep as if they were beds for what seems like days. We awake in different rooms in what feels like beautiful tropical bread-and-breakfast hotels, or medieval inns. Metatron invites us to eat with him and others at a great table in a beautiful edible garden. "So many Peoples of Myth have been transported here from the Dark Realms as you rescued them. They are healing in various areas in our Temple. I seen you are concerned, and they are doing well.

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      lucid , memorable
    6. Banishing Demons

      by , 07-30-2012 at 02:37 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am in a house that has poltergeist problems.

      The occupants have asked me to`come and banish the demon(s).

      They have sectioned off the haunted part of the house with a curtain. I pull the curtain back, and a dark wind blows out from a large empty plain shrine.

      I cast a spell and banish the darkness. SUNTULU D'ZATN!

      A red and gold footstool flies out of the room and hits me, paralyzing my mouth. I can no longer speak.

      I realize I left my Staff of Chaos (which I have IWL) outside the room. I retrieve it. A crazed half-posessed human tries to attack me.

      I swing the staff in a small circle, spinning a tooth on the end of a string on the bottom of the staff, and the human backs up.

      I struggle to speak, but I have lockjaw.

      I awake.
    7. Lucid Dream: Theta Waves

      by , 03-07-2012 at 03:41 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I forgot most of this because it was a couple days ago and I'm not writing it until now.

      I am in the city. I realize I am dreaming. I fly up into the sky. It is an overcast day. Wait, what do I want to do? I know go to the moon! I fly. This will take forever. I stopped. I try to make a portal. It does not work. I wake up.

      I try to go to sleep but I cannot.
    8. IODSP: Pyramid Dream

      by , 08-20-2011 at 10:32 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am at the Temple of Nothing. I am a black lion man.

      (BTW this is from Carnal, a bad ass graphic novel in the making.)


      my children, my ancestors, my friends, my family, my allies, my tribe. COME TO ME.

      I play DON'T FUCK WITH THE MOON PEOPLE on my didjeridoo.

      People stream in down the Dark Rainbow Road from Chichen-Itsa on Earth to the Temple of Nothing on the Moon.

      Koomo rides up on the Black Moon Bus, and a bunch of Darklings pile out.

      Xaphor, my red dragon DG leads a fleet of black Moon Dragons with crescent moons on their foreheads, and lands them on the Moon.

      Atras and AndresLD appear near me talking at the same time.


      We laugh and hi-5.

      Atras: Are we going to remember this?

      Me: I hope so.

      Andres: Wow! We should battle!

      Robo appears.

      Robo: DUDE I AM SO MEGAMAN. But, check it, I have all these upgrades I bought at the store for free. check this shit out: PORTAL GUN! Robo charges up his arm gun, and shoots at the sky. A crazy portal opens, and hundreds of reploid people pour out. Robo runs to them, and hugs them. "I feel ... here. I feel like I belong. These people... are somehow my family?" I hear him thinking.

      Andres leaps off the pyramid down into a free for all battle below.

      Robo appears next to me with a female Reploid. "Omigod, NOMAD, this is my friend from another Dimension! She is REAL!"

      I bow to her, and kiss her hand. She smiles at me, then at Robo. "I know," I say.

      Robo flies off with the woman, shouting, "ADVENTURE!"

      Atras keeps disappearing and reappearing. He keeps waking up, but is good at returning to the dream.

      Atras: ACK! DAMMIT!

      I grab Atras' hands. "Ok, look at me, now. Look into my eyes."

      Atras: Holy shit, Nomad! You are a black lion... with golden eyes? You look crazy.

      Me: Everything looks crazy. Look around you.

      Atras takes it all in.

      Me: Sit down.

      Atras: Ok, now what.

      Me: Now, we do Nothing.

      Atras: Ok... what is that supposed to do?

      Me: sh...

      Atras: ok, I uh....

      We sit in silence, looking over the City of Nothing. There are pyramids poking up above the jungle canopy. The wall can be seen in the distance with the Moai heads standing guard. The Hawaiian warriors paddle a war canoe through the sky on patrol. Flying cars whizz by. The Juargawn statue grins guarding the gate to the City. Below there is a silly dream battle.

      Atras: wow. I feel like sleeping.

      Me: Go ahead.

      Atras falls asleep, and his strange robe becomes very detailed and crisp. He seems to be getting more solid. He wakes up two seconds later.

      Atras: OMIGOD THAT DREAM WAS CRAZY! Wait! I am dreaming!

      He does a RC.

      Atras: HOLY SHIT.

      He wakes up.

      Raven walks around the corner from a portal with MoSh. She is picking little bat creatures off her that are draining her energy. I notice we all have parasites. We sit down without a word, and we do mutual healing. Raven plays ocarina, MoSh plays acoustic guitar, and I play the didjeridoo and Hawaiian nose flute.

      "It's time to go," Raven says.
    9. Montulu in Nowhere

      by , 07-19-2011 at 06:26 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      I am Montulu, the Great Destroyer of Nothing. I am a giant monster inside my Temple of Nothing on the Green Moon. I grow a beacon out of my head, a beautiful green and gold light. “I AM THE GREAT MONTULU, DESTROYER OF NOTHING. I SUMMON THEE!”
      I shoot a dark energy beam to earth to draw dreamers to me.
      I see many. I morph into Juargawn, my cat beast self, and am a little angelic and demonic. Atras waves his arms and runs to me. “Hey man. I think I did it? Did I? Is this real? Is this a dream?”
      “What do you think?”
      “Well everything looks real,” he says doing a nose pinch RC.
      “No... wait- I am dreaming. What are you doing in my dream? Is this a shared dream? Is this your dream? Are we in Mexico? Are you an alien? Why do all the people look like animals and aliens and superheroes? Why does that guy look like a talking plant? I am so confused! What is going on? This is amazing! Am a dreaming?” he says looking at his hands. He skin begins to change to a sky blue. “Oh my god!” he disappears.
      Windhover appears standing next to me. We are leaning on staffs looking out at all the people. She is wearing a thick white robe with light green on the inside. She has a white wooden staff with leaves growing out of it. She seems tall and very ancient, like an elf queen that has lived for thousands of years, and has very slow emotional changes.
      “How long do you think it will take, until we realize we are always dreaming, Nomad?”
      “Lifetimes, probably, but at that point, we’ll finally have evolved into full awareness of the fourth and fifth dimensions, and we can exist in all five simultaneously in complete harmony.”
      “Hm.. that makes sense.”
      She suddenly morphs into a tall woman that looks half Asian and half white wearing a business suit. She sits down at a desk and starts drawing. I create some holograms which dance across the desk. “What is that?” I ask.
      “Oh, it’s my visual DJ. I keep this in my dreams to help me remember things I want to draw.”
      “What’s this?” she asks, referring to the holograms.
      “That’s me, that’s MoSh, that’s Raven, that’s you, that’s Xaphor.... look...”
      She looks at the holograms and claps her hands.
      “How silly and amusing!”
      “Oh, pardon me, I said that in Korean, and yet... I perceive you understood me?”
      “That is how things work in dreams. I am allied with an entity that translates all languages. I take the Babelfish from my ear, and it morphs into a fairy. She divides herself in two, one green, and one red. The red one flies to Windhover, and flies around her head.
      “Hello, Fairy! I am waking up. Bye Nomad!”
      I bow to her as she fades.
      Raven flies down on a broom. “Hey Nomad? What are you doing? I was at Hogwarts. My students, some of them have greatly accelerated and are teaching me things. They have learned how to dimensional travel.”
      “That is amazing.”
      “Oh, I went to Denn, kicked some orc ass, then I told them, hey, be cool, why don’t we have some brownies and red wine with the humans and such. I infected them with a love virus. It was awesome.”
      We high five and laugh.
      “So is this shared dream project thing... oh, look at all the dreamers!”
      There are many people below running around like ants. Some are building things, some are battling.
      “Hey, you!” I shout. “All of you!” They look up at me. “You are all dreaming!”
      Most of them do RC’s, and a lot of them wake up. A few of them run up the pyramid. I see Loaf standing in the corner looking up at the sky in silence.
      Atras runs up the pyramid, and speaks to me out of breath.
      “Oh my God, Nomad, I did the go back to bed thing. I re-entered. Did I remember the dream though?”
      “I don’t know. Did you write it down?”
      “No? I don’t know.” Atras smacks his head.
      ‘Why don’t you relax and enjoy the dream?”
      Atras sits down and looks at the dreamscape. Flying cars and flying saucers flit about over the jungle canopy as the sun sets on the City of Nowhere.
      “It is pretty amazing,” Atras says.
      I smile and walk to Loaf. “I like this world. The other wold sucks. It’s a piece of shit.”
      “I know how you feel,” I say.
      Raven stands next to us, and we silently share healing energy as the sun goes down, and the earth rises.
    10. fake Keiko, bathroom frag, lucid dream THeta (rewrite)

      by , 07-18-2011 at 07:28 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I could not finish this due to pain in my left wrist. I spend sometimes hours a day writing. I decided I must purchase an ergonomic keyboard, which I did. I recommend this to everyone. Also, bring your awareness to your body. Are you thirsty or hungry? Drink water, eat, use the bathroom. Are you hunching over? Sit up straight, yet balanced. Place your feet flat on the floor. Take a break, go outside and get some fresh air, then come back. Are you sitting up straight? How easily we lose physical awareness. How easily we lose dream awareness.

      Learning Dream Skills in my Theta Mind

      I am in a building with elaborate neoclassical architecture. I am on a high floor and there are English policemen saying I am going to get a ticket and go to jail for my outlandish behavior.

      I see the Interdimensional Witch in the crowd smirking at me.

      I realize I am dreaming. Surge. Calm down.

      The policeman shoves the ticket at me, ordering me to sign it. "I don't have to sign shit. I am not going to jail. This is my dream." The police move to arrest me, but I just ignore them and laugh.

      missing time

      I am on a balcony now, with the same crowd, right outside the room I was in. It is night.

      missing time.

      I am back in the room, and I look up at the blue sky. I am going the fly the fuck out of here! Surge. Calm down. I float out to the balcony, and fly slowly, maintaining altitude over the scene below. I am at an Ivy League college. It is a bright summer day, and people are milling about on the grass below. I fly in a vertical position with my arms rigid. I wonder if I am doing this in waking life. I focus on my dream arms. They feel real. My arms are starting to get tired. I ignore the tiredness, and focus on flying. Smoothly, smoothly, good. I float down to the crowd.

      I wonder what will happen if I spin like a tornado. I spin and turn into a red tornado blur like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character, and teleport ten feet forward. I try it again. Awesome!

      There is an extremely tall woman, like an Amazon, about seven or more feet tall, or about 2.4 meters. She has very long blond hair, and a long straight nose, high cheekbones, and a broad face. She looks Chinese and White. She is curvy and sexy. She pulls me to her as I fly by, and her boobs are in my face. I tilt my head up to kiss her, and wake up.

      I woke up from this awesome dream, and used the bathroom. I lied back down, then remembered my dream. After remembering it, I realized I had forgotten it for a minute, then remembered it! This goes to show that Recall is the most important dream skill, and lucidity is not going to necessarily help us remember our dreams.
      On another note, something unusual I have learned about myself is that I am more adept in Delta brainwave state, or that my recall for that state is above average. I do not have very good dream control in Theta. But, the same rules apply, except for some reason, I have to teach my Theta Dreaming Mind all the skills that my Delta Mind knows, from the ground up. This is why I am focusing on such simple skills as flying and teleporting. I used to always try to summon weapons, make portals, and shoot fireballs in Theta with little or halfway success. I have since learned that for some bizarre reason unknown to me, my Theta Mind must learn all the Dream Control skills from the ground up, starting with the basics such as flying and teleporting.
      For some reason, I could never remember to spin in dreams. Spinning like a tornado instead of a little kid helps for me personally.

      Fake Keiko

      Keiko is this woman who I was dating for awhile. She is out of my life right now, and I am a little disappointed about that. She is from Japan.

      I am talking to Keiko, and she is responding in her cute thick Japanese accent. It sounds like her, but this woman is a different person. Why are we at school? I am confused.

      I wake up, and realize it was a dream, because Keiko looks nothing like the woman I was talking to in my dream. Later on, in waking life, I went to school. I was standing in line at Subway, and I heard a Japanese accent, a female voice standing next to me, which I ignored. It's unremarkable, plus direct eye contact with complete strangers may be considered rude in their culture. This woman was standing right next to me, and as I turned to go, we were staring each other in the face. My jaw must have dropped, because it was the woman who I had a dream of earlier that morning. Even standing in line I thought, "Her voice sounds like Keiko's, but I know Keiko would not be here."
      I hung around outside to see if the woman was going to come out, thinking it might be significant, then I dismissed it as a real synchronicity, but simultaneously insignificant.

      Bathroom Frag

      I am cleaning up my roommate's piss on the toilet. Dirty fucker.

      Funny thing is, I live alone, and have lived alone for a few months. In my dream my roommate was my neighbor in the next apartment over who I always hear piss fart and burp.

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    11. Nightwalker, I

      by , 07-12-2011 at 01:11 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      I am in my apartment. I am dreaming. How did I get here. I feel a creepy presence. I turn, and I see it’s just my reflection. Just a seven foot tall lanky demon in the mirror. I scratch my chin. Oh, hey that’s me. That’s right. Nightmare time. MUHAHHAAHA!
      I summon seven mirrors. Each one has a different Self or version of me... Timelyst Knight, my Future Self Lord of Knight, the immortal android from the future, with an adamantium body, and symbiote armor. Soulkyst, my Vampire Self, with pale lavendar skin, and long white hair. 3Juargawn, my Beast Self, God of Nothing, the Jaguar-Man. Peter Pan, my Inner Child, who resides in my Inner World, NeverWonderHell. I see the other mirrors changing into different forms... Solgawn, the Minotaur from another dimension, Deathgawn, my Demon Self...

      Aha, my Angel Self! How profane! I pull my angel self out of the mirror like a suit, and become an angeldemon. I writhe in pain as my angel helmet burns into my flesh before finally fusing with my skull. I wield the Flaming Sword of Michael, and it burns itself into my hand. I scream it pain as it fuses to my hand. Feathery bat wings grow out from my back. My skin is half red, and half covered in tiny white feathers. I feel like I am going to vomit. I spin around, and the dream changes. I am in Hades. Gawn is sitting upon the throne of Hades. He is continuing a conversation, gesturing in disgust to an animal in a cage next to me. “...and furthermore, I have no energy to feed it, unless you would like it to feast upon you. So- what have we here? Nomad?”
      For some reason, I am about three feet tall. I bend over and cough.
      “Stand up, you!”
      I stand before Gawn the Dream Warrior Master, my father-in-law, and look him in the eyes, with one yellow eye, and one red.
      “Holy shit. You actually did it. You’re one crazy fucking bastard, man. I give you that. I definitely give you that. Holy fucking shit. Hey, that’s what I name your angeldevil demonangel whatever form: Holy Shit. HAHAH. FUCK YES. YOU LOOK FUCKING CRAZY. LOOK IN A MIRROR.” He summons a mirror.
      I kind of look like Two-Face, but, angel and demon.
      “What the fuck were you thinking, Nomad?”
      “We are all one, Father-In-Law.”
      “Oh, there are no laws, cut the bullshit, son. lol.”
      “So, you thought, ‘oh, hey, I am a badass. I am going to infect the Hive Mind with the Ultimate Coolness. Since we are all one, I will just prance through the Dream Plane as an angeldemon doing the work of Gawn?”
      “Something like that, Your Honor,” I cough.
      “Someone give this man a drink of water, or hm.. pomegranate juice, I heard he likes that. And don’t call me that, you little weird alien boy.”
      “I grin,” I grin.
      “And do stop narrating out loud everything you do.” DOH! “Now, walk with me through these cartoony purpley grey caverns, and we shall speak of dreams and other dimensions, but mostly... Nightwalkers.”
      “Uh... what’s a Nightwalker?”
      “You, apparently.”
      “Is that like a Nightstalker?”
      “No! Nightstalkers are ignorant demon posessed fools! Or infected children, or weak minds, poor things. Nightwalkers are a different breed. You will see.” Gawn leads me to a giant door with letters carved in the purpley grey rock: NIGHTWALKERS in yellow letters. There is a note nailed to the door which reads: If you like be one Nightwalker, take an application to the left of the signe. If not, go away. After you take the application, throw it away, because you are not fit to be a Nightwalker. Lol.
      The Nightwalkers
      P.S. I’ll haunt your fuckin dreams, bitch.

      I then realize the door is Wounded Paw, the Native American Dreamwalker I saw in my dream so long ago. “WOUNDED PAW!” I shout. He morphs into a human and grins at me. He creates a portal, and we walk through together. We walk up a flight of stairs. The stairs rumble then grow slippery, which I ignore, until they feel like living flesh beneath my feet. Gross. Eyeballs roll down next to me. Then, a river of blood, pus, and vomit. I begin to smell it. I summon a clip over my nose.
      “Okay, this doesn’t scare me, it just grosses me out.”
      “FUCK YOU! YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY!” Wounded Paw grabs me by the throat, and shoves me into a dream where I am in an insane asylum, trapped in a straightjacket. I want to do an RC, but I can’t move my hands. Fuck. This must be real. Yeah, it looks real. How the fuck did I get here. Oh, right... dreams. I told too many people that I can do dream sharing. The government said I could either work for them, or they would drive me crazy. I ignored them. Little did I know they just made me look crazy, as a form of imprisonment. This is making me crazy! Being here, locked up. Goddammit. I should’ve never told anyone that I have been contacted by aliens. Of course those alien fuckwads are not going to save me. Fuck them. Shit shit shiT! AW SHIT.
      Xaphor appears. “Dude, you are SO DREAMING.”
      “No, I am not. I am going crazy, and you are a figment of my imagination.”
      “Okay, I am just going to ignore you Mr. Figment. La la la...”
      “Oh! You’re incorrigible.”
      “Oh, good he’s gone.”
      “No, I’m not.”
      “Well, I can’t see you.”
      “Because I am invisible.’
      “Soon, I am going to stop hearing you.”
      “La la la.. I am just here in this padded room by myself.”
      “Whoah... that was really loud.. I actually felt the sound in my chest...”
      “That’s because, I am real.”
      “Are you a ghost?”
      “No!” he shouts materializing in front of me. “I am your Dream Guide, he says, breathing hot dragon breath in my face. I feel like I just got sunburned. Ow...”
      “Okay, this is obviously real, so how did I get here?”
      Xaphor leaps upon my legs, and bites my face. I scream in pain, and writhe out of my straightjacket, ripping it off and Xaphor, flinging him across the room. He hits the wall and smiles. “That’s th spirit, Nomad. Now let’s kick some interdimensional ass.”
      “Stop trying to make me sound crazy, demon!” I shout, becoming a demon zombie.
      “Why are you morphing?”
      “I don’t know, Xaphor.”
      “You are in Nightwalker School.”
      “Holy shit! I forgot.’
      “Yes. Epic PHAIL! on your part. Looks like Wounded Paw is not going to hire you.”
      “Dude, I don’t even know what a Nightwalker is. Gawn doesn’t tell me shit! It’s annoying.”
      “You should trust him. He is the Dream Warrior Master.”
      “I do trust him, but that has nothing to do with being curious.”
      “Maybe he doesn’t think you are ready.”
      “What is a Nightwalker, Xaphor? No riddles.”
      “You made it up.”
      “Oh... uh... no I didn’t! What the fuck?”
      “A Nightwalker is a dream invader, a Nightmare Inducer. A Nightwalker induces two types of nightmares for two different reasons. One nightmare is the Adventure Nightmare. A Nightwalker will invade the dream of a non-lucid dreamer to induce lucidity and recall through fear or amazement. The other type is Pure Vengeance. In this type of Nightmare, the Nightwalker will invade the dreams of an evil person, to avenge the victims of their evil deeds. These dreams are the ones in your Hidden DJ that you have in your dreams.” Xaphor reads from a book.
      “Uh, what is that book?”
      “Your book.”
      “What’s the name?”
      “Dreamwalking: Oneiromancy for the New Millennium.”
      “Kind of long.”

      missing time

      I am in a dojo. I am learning basic martial arts. “Time to get back to the basics, Nomad. Time to have lucid dreams in Alpha State. Valerian, Choline, use whatever aid you can. Melatonin, vitamins... just do it all. nothing is cheating. Mother Earth provides us with such things for dreaming. Electronics are machines made by man’s mind. Amazing. Do not fear of relying on such devices. When the time comes for you to become a cyborg, choose wisely a company known for quality, such as Yamaha.
      As soon as he says “Yamaha,” I lunge at him, knowing he must be some Templar fuckwad trying to infect my dreams with Consumerism. “FUCK YOUR PRODUCT PLACEMENT, BITCH!” I shout, as I leap upon his chest, and beat his ass. It’s Gawn. “It’s Gawn.” I stand up.
      “Yes, I know who I am. You don’t have to tell me, idiot.”
      “”Oh, shit! Did I say that out loud?”
      Gawn rolls his eyes. “Actually, the founder of Yamaha is an avid lucid dreamer, who dreams about quality, and perfection. He plays every saxaphone, drives every motorcycle in his dreams after the engineers come to him with their designs. He has taught his top designers to lucid dream. In fact, its a requirement for all lead engineers of Yamaha to be able to lucid dream at will.”
      “Are you serious.”
      “So, are you saying I should work for Yamaha?”

      “No, I am just saying when you buy your cyborg parts for your body, look for a company with a reputation for quality. Wake up! You are dreaming.”
      “Oh, right. I forgot. Thanks. Oh wow. I am. Gawn, I have to wake up, an write this down.”

      “Do it.”
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    12. Deeper Down

      by , 07-12-2011 at 08:14 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am sitting with MoSh in a kind of trashy house. We are playing poker, drinking and smoking cigarettes at a card table. Asuka is doing dishes. There are some kids playing in the next room. MoSh is overweight, and looks pale and tired. He suddenly stands up, overturning the table and says, “Fuck this dream!”
      “Fuck this whole Inner World!”
      He destroys all the illusion, until it’s pure energy. He takes a deep breath. We are all colored energy, so is everything. “It’s beautiful,” I say.
      “I feel fine, I feel good. I can leave my Inner World like this. It feels like truth to me,” he says.
      “Okay,” I smile. ”
      “Now, lets go into those tunnels.”
      We teleport into a great cavern. “Of course our archetypes take over this meme here,” MoSh says. “Just like in waking life... One person sees a tool, another one sees a weapon, but it’s just a rock.”
      “Right. Interesting.”
      “So, because this is not my Inner World, we are not in an Energy Place, we are in a Cave, but on Earth, if we said we were in a Cave, it truly would be, but it also is a place of pure energy.”
      “That makes sense.”
      Suddenly MoSh turns into a Green Mage. He has a white staff with a claw holding a glass orb with glowing lights in it. He points it to the center of Hollow Earth, and we go rocketing through the tunnels.
      We step through an arch into a lovely garden. A Naga approaches with something in his hand. He blows sleeping powder on us, and says, “Go to sleep.”
      We pass out in a field of poppies.

      In this dream, I and dream friends are exploring with geologists and expert spelunkers, the Labyrinthe. We are called subterranauts, and mainstream society is now as interested in exploring The Labyrinthe as much as outer space. We also have camera crews with us, for publicity, of course. We build waystations in the caves along the way, and we travel for two months, before MoSh and I finally find ourselves tumbling down a strange slippery tube. At first I resist, then I realize I cannot, so I just go with the flow. Raven, a black moth, flies down after us. She has radio transmitters on her back. I end up a muddy mess in a huge cavern. I am surrounded by reptilians off different colors. Torches are dimly lit. They hiss at us derisively.
      One of them wearing a headress which looks like its made of dried gills of some amphibian points at me with a strange staff with a skull on of a human.

      “What business do you have in The Labyrinthe, Surface Dweller? Do you think you can so easily contact your allies in the Inner Earth? First you must sojourn through the Dead Lands.”

      “What are the Dead Lands?”
      “Here! Our Domain! You ignorant fools call this the Dead Lands, for all who enter here die.”
      “Why do you kill everyone? Why not make peace?”
      “You idiot. How can you survive in our world? You need the sun.”
      “We have mastered genetic engineering. We can adapt to whatever we need to.”
      “So you Imperial Surface Dwellers come to invade our world?” the leader asks menacingly.
      “No, we come in peace, and for exploration. Our desire is for peaceful contact. We have made peace on the surface world, and have come here to spread it.”
      “Lies!” shouts the shaman.
      Suddenly, I am out of body, and I feel a parasite on the back of my neck. I send my silver centipedes to attack it from the inside, and rip it out, smashing it on the ground. I fall over coughing.
      “Ah, you have wisdom to see you were infected, boy. Maybe we can talk.” Some of the Lizard People grumble quietly. I heal the wound, and stand up.
      I bow. “I apologize, my lord.”
      “I am no lord. We are all equals here. I merely have the most knowledge of your race.”
      We have come here seeking friendship and wisdom, if you have it. Our world is at war, and the whole planet suffers because of our ignorance and waste.
      “What you do has little to do with us. We have been here longer than you, and we will be here when your race is gone.”
      “What can you do to help?”
      “What can you do to help? You’re the human. You think they will listen to us? They won’t believe you. They will say you are crazy. Are you still going to tell them. What if they imprison you? Threaten your family?”
      “Shit. You have a point there.”
      “Listen, there will come a time when 80% of the human race will believe in other sentient life from other planets, or even this one, which of course makes so much more sense. This is the tipping point. Then, your race will be ready, and we will manifest. Begone!”
      The lizard man makes a portal, and pushes us into it.
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    13. alien abduction

      by , 07-09-2011 at 08:40 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I wake up, and stretch. I am not at home. I am at home. I am in my bedchamber in the Temple of Nothing, ON THE GREEN MOON. Holy shit. Calm down. I snuggle closer to my lovers. I casually get up, like I do this all the time. I do do this all the time. WHAT THE HELL? I do? I do. Right. I walk to the “bathroom” more of a bath house, and look in the mirror. Yeah... I have a lion-man face. Stripes and spots dance across my face.
      I drink some water from an ornate fountain. I see a swirling vortex portal in the floor, and I shit dark energy into it, and laugh. Man I feel good! I fly up through a hole in the pyramid, and summon a rainstorm, and shower in it. I lick the rain and purr. Angelina teleports next to me, and pets me. She has two big cat guardians which rub up against me.
      Uh... what the fuck?
      An alien grey ship appears out of a portal to another dimension. Every entity inside it feels as godly as Vegeta. The Greys shoot pure astral tentacles out through the sides of their ship, and hook into my chakras. My fur falls off and my body turns grey. My eyes become huge and black. Angelina launches her white tigers at the ship, but I call them off. Angelina is confused.
      “I’ll be fine!” I wave, and disappear into the wormhole. I am terrified, yet fascinated. I teleport on to their ship.
      It is all chromed and smooth on the inside.
      “You missed your last two reports, brother. Now we must open you up.”
      They freeze me, and a strange cyborg machine wheels in, and opens up my abdomen as if it’s all robotic. It is all robotic.
      “What you are seeing is your brain trying to make sense of the raw data encased in your dream body. You have no guts or robotic parts here, only energy.”
      I remember now... I just feel... weak...
      I go into semi-consciousness, fading in and out.
      I wake up screaming in the Healing Glen.
      The Greys are standing all around me, along with the Frost Giant.
      “You told me they were benign,” he says, leaning on a staff. Wait, why is he- why does he look greyish?”
      I wake up for real on their spacecraft. I am strapped to a table. Goddamnit. This is the physical plane, isn’t it? Yes. No goddamned powers. Fucking wakeworld bullshit. How the fuck do I get out of here. I just- I inhale, and the restraints pop off my chest. I somehow have this intense chi... I feel it, right behind my eyeballs. I focus heat on my wrist restraints, and begin to weaken them with increasing heat. I focus a total vibration to make the heat reflect about an eigth of an inch above my skin so I don’t get burned.
      I grow into a great red demon, and become Hellboy suddenly. Okay, maybe this is a dream? But, it looks so real. Fuck it, I am going to kick some alien ass. I storm down the hallway, smashing shit.
      “I want to know what the fuck is going on, assholes!” I roar. Alarms go off. They run down the hall and shoot some type of sound frequency which knocks out my nervous system, and I collapse instantly. “goddamm you ath holth... “ I drool. Then a tall female one communicates with me telepathically.
      Listen, brother, we gave you the Christ gene of Compassion, which is something our species does not understand. We find it fascinating. Every once in a while, a Grey is created that is more individualistic and what you would call, ‘caring.” This Captain whose genes were bonded to yours was of that type. We have been doing experiments with your people, mixing our genes, for we are dying out due to our “lack of compassion,” as you would call it. Of course, we do not look at it like that. We realize we are the most intelligent species on our planet. So, we genetically engineered ourselves to be even more and more intelligent. We crafted our bodies to prolong our lives, and to induce whatever brainwave state we wish at any time. We gave ourselves the ability to turn on and off different hormones. Some people became addicted to their hormones, and they died off. The ones who survived usually do not use a lot of their hormones. We have become very powerful. We mathematically, precisely, recrafted our planet exactly how we wanted it to be. We took the best genes we could from everything for our species. Maybe because of this “selfish” endeavor, we lost the ability to care for other species, only looking at them for the genetic potential. We destroyed our planet with our genetic engineering, but by that time we had the ability to make portable planetoids, spaceships out of asteroids. We live in the Asteroid Belt, well some of us. We, as you call, the Greys, are a very Diverse race. Each asteroid, planetoid, ship, has its own culture. We are many Hive Minds. As descendants of insects, we see death as nothing. We just discard the bodies after taking what we can for genes. It becomes soil, food for our plants.”
      “You eat?”
      “Sometimes. We don’t eat the way you do, we absorb food. You have a lot of questions.”
      “Is this a dream?”
      “Why don’t you do a reality check?”
      I do a nose RC. It works at first, then I cough. I can’t do it. I look at my hands. I have great red demon hands.
      ‘You can shapeshift in the physical plane in this Dimension, brother.”
      “What the fuck? Where am I?”
      The alien starts saying a bunch of numbers. I say that means nothing. Then, I am shown a bunch of star maps, our solar system, then, we skip to another arm of the galaxy through a wormhole, and I am shown an earth very similar to ours. I realize I am inside part of the Moon, looking out of a window or crater. I feel so disoriented, I vomit. Nanobots appear out of the floor, and spray some type of enzymatic gel over the vomit which immediately breaks it down, and it vaporizes into the air with a puff that smells like strange flowers. Then, a tiny robot appears, and vaccuums up the remains: a tiny pile of dust.
      “Thank you for the compost, Brother,” the alien says matter-of-factly. “We pulled you into this physical dimension through the Dream Plane, because it’s easier to simply incarnate your dream body into a temporary physical blank rather that risk damaging the only physical body you have in your Home Dimension.”
      “You are blowing my mind.”
      “Would you like a tissue?”
      “Uh,” I laugh. “Wait, is that a joke?”
      “Yes,” I feel the alien wryly grin. “I have been working on this “humor” for about two centuries, and I have made some progress, however small.”
      “I sense you have been fed a lot of bullshit by the gods of lies. Yes, that happens. If you want to understand us, first we must be able to have some kind of mutual understanding, some type of real communication. In your value system, you believe “love,” or “compassion” to be the most valuable thing. But, why do you always kill each other? The only time we kill each other is if another person is dying, has lost their mind, is old, or if the person feels their existence is unnecessary. So, when we kill others of our kind, it’s a deliberate culling process. But, this idea of killing for, “love” love of another person, or of tribe, or nation, seems to us, contradictory. You people are very primitive in your technology, but your race is very adaptable, genetically, being the mutts of the galaxy. Also, your immune systems have resistances to many intergalactic bacteria. The war we have been fighting against the microverse has exhausted our species to the point of death. We have mastered ourselves. We returned to our planet, and cared for it with mathematical precision, helping things to evolve quickly, but, in our meddling, we upset the balance of nature. Again, many of us had to leave and live on asteroids for centuries while we let our planet lie fallow.
      “And when we returned, a Hive Mind with quadrillions upon quadrillions of creatures had invaded our planet: a bacteria. This bacteria is a gene-eater. It absorbs genes of its host to disguise itself as it infects the entire being. It is being controlled by a sentient mind even more powerful than ours due to its longetivity. It is 100 million times older than Our Mind. Therefore, we look to you, dear human, as our Experiment, and Savior. We would like to appear as the Compassionate Ones that we are supposed to be, but for that, we need some human genes from a creature that does not want to kill other humans. We will insert these genes back into ourselves in order to become more human, and in order to understand your people more."
      For some reason, at that moment I did not feel human at all. I felt like an ancient creature, tired, wise, and patient. “I offer you my genes in exchange for yours, my Sister,” I hear myself saying. I feel like I am creeping myself out.
      I am led down a hall... and the dream changes. Is my perception altering? A stone wall... sandstones in a castle... or pyramid... a pyramid. We descend down steps in robes. The aliens are wearing white robes, and my big red demon self a black and white one with gold birds on it. I am led to a large room shaped like an inverted ziggurat. There is a woman tied to a large stone slab. She is also gagged. She doesn’t seem to struggle. There are other humans around her, tying her knots loosely. The bow when they see us, then panic and run away. The aliens chant, then leave us. I undo the ropes, then I realize they are tied to nothing. She giggles, and wraps her arms around me, kissing me. We make love in the depths of the pyramid by torchlight. Suddenly we are back on the alien ship. We are two Grey aliens. “Did we just have sex?” I say to the female alien.
      “Of a type.” She shows me how our tongues come out, and sex cells are passed through small holes in the tongue. “My eggs are almost ready. I feel them,” she smiles. A handful of eggs like frog eggs come out of a hole in her belly. She shows them to me, then leaves the room. I follow her to an incubation area. She puts the eggs in a drawer, and slides the drawer shut.
      “What happens to our eggs?”
      “They grow.”
      “But, our children?”
      “There is no ‘our’ children, only Children.”
      “What did I just do?”
      “Gene exchange. Now you will morph.”
      “Yes, your physical body, your genes of your body on your home planet is going to morph because of the code we implanted in your mind. This code will alter your mind and brain to change your code to be more enhanced. You psionics and compassion will increase. This will inevitably bring more hardship into your life.”
      “You are welcome. From these lessons, should you learn from them, you will gain wisdom required to be one of Us.”
      “What do you mean?”
      “Please be patient. You are on a Mission, Captain. Your alien Christ genes are here to show the world love. We need you to be compassionate on us, or we will die. We need this to adapt to a changing universe. We will train you as you progress. Do not tell anyone about these visits that we have.”
      “Why not? I am going to do it.”
      “Fine. You have, free will, Half-Breed, but I will warn you that most people will think you are crazy for revealing any of this.”
      “It doesn’t matter, this is just a dream.”
      “I’m real,” she says and slaps my face.
      I slap my own face. OW! I do a nose pinch... doesn’t work.. .goddammit.
      “Go home,” she says, and grabs my face, kissing it.
      I wake up in the Temple of Nothing, a tiger-man kissing a pillow.
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      lucid , memorable
    14. Silent Loaf

      by , 07-05-2011 at 08:26 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am walking up a hill near the Mountain in New Eden on the Green Moon. Loaf is sitting there in silence.
      I stand next to him, and inhale the view. It's breathtaking.

      We communicate telepathically, in images, in silence. We turn, and smile at each other. We are both vampires. I am a dark energy vampire, and he is a red energy vampire. We leap off the cliff, and fly over the jungle canopy to the Land of Nod in which is my Vampire Castle. Sylvia is there, and so is Angel. Angel tells me to stop invading her dreams. I tell her she is on the Moon, we are not in her Inner World. She just says, "Whatever," and disappears. I guess she woke up.

      "Who was that?" asks Sylvia, a violet and black vampire.
      "She was my lover at one time."
      "She seems nice. We were talking earlier."
      "She is a lot nicer in dreams. But, she gets confused."

      "Oh. And who is this young man?"

      "Vampire Loaf."

      Loaf looks around, and nods to Sylvia.

      Then, we go hunting, feasting on the souls of the damned, allowing them to cross over as we drain their last bit of essence from this plane.
    15. Isochronic Induced Lucid Dream!

      by , 06-24-2011 at 10:03 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I woke up at 3am to pick up a friend and drive her to the airport. I got home around 5 am. It seemed the perfect time for a LD. I only needed to sleep just a bit more... I recently discovered isochronic tones. I played one to induce Theta waves (which is REM.) I started to get really sleepy really fast. The sun began to rise, and was shining in my window. I covered my face with my cowboy hat, and passed out.

      I am walking down a country road somewhere in Hawai'i, I think. It looks like The Big Island (whose name is Hawai'i.) It's nighttime, warm... there is a small stone wall to my left going along the dirt road. It's a bit of a scrubland. Why am I here? Oh, I am going to my girlfriend's house. Wait? What is my girlfriend's name? Wait. How can I not remember her name? Or even what she looks like... uh...

      I stop, not wanting to go any closer to her house. If I see her name on my phone, I will instantly remember, of course. I pull my phone out of my pocket and flip it open. It looks like silver pyrite. WTF?

      Oh, I am dreaming! I feel a surge of energy. Calm down. Ok, let's just relax, look around. Stay in the dream. I forget about the girlfriend.

      I inhale the nothing air.

      I walk slowly to the rock wall, and touch it, feeling the texture. Even in the dim light, the detail is amazing. I can see the different surfaces, subtle variations of color, and bubble holes in the rock.

      missing time

      I want to fly! A surge again- NO. I am going to stay in the dream.

      In the dream... I am still lucid! Okay... What should I do? I see a large black backpack lying on the side of the road. I slowly walk to it, open it, and pull things out. I feel things in there, but, when I pull them out, they disappear.

      Well, that's annoying. Stupid dream. Aha! I am still lucid! Another surge- wait, calm down.

      What's that light? So bright?

      I accidentally open my physical eyes as my hat tips off my head, and I wake up. The 20 minute song still has 3 minutes. I was asleep for 17 minutes.

      This dream was amazing, because of the intense clarity. I am learning to stay alseep when in theta (REM), and not go into beta (awake). I realize most of my lucid dreams are in Delta, well, the epic ones.
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      lucid , memorable
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