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    Memorable Dreams

    1. LUCID URTH Dream: An Orc's Tale part 2

      by , 10-21-2015 at 05:52 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      The days went by as I nursed Snowmaiden back to health. I told her my name is Snakefist. We call each other Snow and Snake for short. She is able to walk and move about, and is recovering well. She seems unconcerned about Stonefist's inevitable arrival. She is sitting by the river on the bank, watching the fish swim.
      "He is coming. He is an excellent tracker. He will be alone, armed with a great stone hammer, and a sling."
      "I will kill him," I say simply.
      "Good," she responds.
      A bird alights on my shoulder and whispers in my ear.
      "He approaches on the gnolls," I tell Snow.
      "Aye, mine chieftain, I will join you, for I must have my revenge."
      I mount my horse, and my hawk, Sunfire, rides on my shoulder. Snow rides in front of me. She feels so familiar to me somehow. I feel a strong sense of deja vu.
      I see a large lone orc wielding a stone hammer coming over the hills. At sight of Snow riding with me, he roars in rage, and challenges me to dismount. I do, and simply wait for his charge. Snow somehow disappears, but I am too focused on my enemy to notice.
      As he approaches, he screams, "You have stolen my slave!" Right before he gets within striking distance, I morph into a great ox. He tried to backpedal, but it's too late, and his momentum carries him into my waiting horns. I toss him high overhead, and he lands behind with a loud thud.
      As he stands, I can tell his ankle is broken. I morph into a giant cave bear, and charge him. He readies his hammer, but is attacked by my hawk, Sunfire, who divebombs him, and yanks his head back by the hair. He tries to hit my friend with his weapon, but instead hammers himself in the head leaving himself dazed. I laugh at this as I charge. Suddenly a shadow drops from a lone tree behind him, and a blade flashes in the sun. The blade quickly decapitates Stonefist, and I charge into a headless body.

      "I didn't know you are a Ninja."

      "I didn't know you are a Shaman."

      "Why couldn't you kill him earlier?"

      "I had been starved by my father for refusing to eat the cubes. So, I was already very weak when I was sold on the stock market. Never a slave again."

      I nod. I summon scavenger beasts to eat the carcass, then we mount my horse and ride back to my cabin. We wash after the battle, and sit on my wooden and hay cushion couch in front of my fireplace.

      We drink some mead, and smoke some green herb. "Thank you, Snake. You saved my life."
      I turn to her.

      The invasion of the flies-orcavvie.jpg

      "You will be my mate forever. Our love is strong." I look into her eyes, and kiss her. We consummate our savage orc love in my cabin under a full moon. I sleep a deep sleep, and dream of a strange life where I am a human in a world with no orcs and no magic. How strange. I awake to a strange scraping sound on the outside of my cabin. I grab my stone dagger, and move toward my door. I peer outside, and see it's a large buck scraping his antlers on my cabin.
      "Oakleaf!" I recognize my old friend, and call him by name. He walks to me, and licks my face. Snow walks sleepily out, and is amused by our interaction. Oakleaf looks toward the woods, and a lovely doe and fawn appear. I tell Snow to fetch some seeds and grains I have for feed for many animals, and we feed them out of our hands. Oakleaf is an amazing huge deer, large enough for a full grown orc to ride.
      Oakleaf, and his mate, Willow, kneel down and beckon us to mount them. We do, and let them lead. We ride with their little fawn to a high hill and watch the sun rise. Life is grand.
      "I have never met an orc like you, my love," Snow whispers.
      "Nor I you, Snow."
      "Are there others like us?"
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    2. Gifts of the Bat-King

      by , 03-30-2013 at 12:32 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I see Raven kneeling by the koi pond in the Biodome on the moon. She is looking at the fish with WinterFae. They stand up when they hear me approach. WinterFae is led away by Selene after my two lovers kiss me. "Winter needs to rest and dream within dreams," Selene says. I nod.
      "Let's do dream healing on your foot, Nomad," Raven smiles at me. I give her a big hug.
      "Thank you for this, and for helping me to remember my dreams, and dream sharing and teaching me how to teleport, and summon weapons and make portals and for being a good friend and saving my ass so many times in nightmares." Raven just chuckles in response.
      "Raven, I think it's time for us to return to the Temple of the Angels."
      "Let's do it," she says.
      I raise my hands and ask my Guardian Angel, the archangel Michael, to aid us in our journey. He appears from everywhere and nowhere, suddenly a supernova searing the back of my skull with holy flame, and then a simple man in a robe made of woven light, with a sword of pure astral/dream fire and eyes like hot ice.
      A ripping sound from behind us: we turn and see a tear in the fabric of timespace. Koomo, my Dark Spirit Guide, King of The Planet of the Bat-People, the Man-Bat with skin black as coal, climbs through the hole and then expands his great leathery wings, alighting on the ground in front of me. "Koomo? Good to see you! But, why are you here?"
      "You think my two best childhood friends get together, and leave me out of an Adventure?"
      At the word 'adventure', I suddenly have flashbacks of thousands of adventures I had with Michael and Koomo in Dreamworld and the Astral Plane. Memories surged to the forefront of my brain of me talking and playing with them in Wakeworld.
      Koomo and Michael gave each other a strange greeting, grabbing two arms of the other person, and bowing, almost as if about to do some strange wrestling. Then, Koomo bowed to Raven and said to her, "Thank you for helping to defeat the WraithLord which secretly ruled my planet, and aiding me in my journey to the Throne as rightful King of Mon-Wa You have my gratitude. I have not been able to repay you or thank you as I have been so consumed with restoring peace to my planet. Also, my servants were crafting these five gifts for you to aid you in your journey, and to have cool fucking dreams, I give these to you, designed by King Koomo, and crafted by the best smiths of my planet, of gold and secret black stone from deepest mines."
      He gives Raven three gifts, a belt, a necklace and a tiara, each one golden with a beautiful pure black stone. "First, try this necklace, every gift is functional," says Koomo.
      Raven presses the stone on the hanging from her neck, apparently, it's a button. Quickgold, flowing like mercury over Raven's torso, golden straps grow, and out of her back, wings of the same yellow liquid metal. "Take flight!" says Koomo.
      Raven takes to the air, and laughs, "You don't have to tell me twice." Raven loops and spins, and flutters like a moth.
      "The wings increase maneuverability."
      Raven laughs and lands. "This pendant has a passive ability," says Koomo as he turns away and half-closes his eyes generating a small fiery orb of dark violet energy, " to REPEL DARK ENERGY." Koomo blasts the orb at Raven, and the black stone absorbs the attack, then spins and shoots the energy back toward Koomo like a thousand shards of broken glass, who blocks the counter-attack with his wings.
      Koomo gives her the bracelet. She puts it on and then presses the stone. The belt flows into her hand and becomes a whipsnake, a living whip with a venomous bite. The golden snake has beautiful deep black eyes, and is captivating, yet terrifying as looking into the uncaring vacant eyes of a psychopath. Raven whips it, and it hisses and roars like a crocodile. Raven smiles mirthlessly.
      Koomo gives her the tiara. She puts it on her head, and loses balance for a second. "This tiara increases lucidity, and will increase your psychic skills in Wakeworld. What you are feeling is disorentation due to your different bodies becoming more aware of each other. You're fine."
      "Also, now you have sonar." Music comes out of Raven, a Metallica song with lyrics that sound something like, 'seeking darkness, seeking light, i see in all things, and the blackest night."
      Koomo dreamscapes a maze like area for Raven to practice. The sounds are terrifying, cute, and weird coming from Raven. Raven and Koomo bow. "I have one last gift," Koomo says as he takes to the air, "and in the tradition of my savage people, you must fight me for it."
      "Fly, blackbird, Fly!" he taunts. Raven looks annoyed. "FLY!" he roars, as he summons a golden spear and throws it at her. She dodges the attack, and throws the spear back. Raven summons a double-bladed quarterstaff, and they fight in the air. Koomo charges his staff with dark energy, and screams at Raven. She yawns in response. She wields her whipsnake, and whips it at Koomo's spear. The whip wraps around the spear, and Raven yanks it into her hand. Koomo disappears into the maze. The maze goes dark, so dark the darkness shines out of the maze like light. I hear Raven making funny bat sounds and playing that rock song about seeking all, and see in the light and night. Koomo flies out of the cave, and Raven tackles him, and Koomo falls to the ground. She stands with her foot on his chest and his own spear at his neck.
      "You win," he says, grabbing the spear, which Raven uses to help him stand. "And the gift is in your hand." Raven looks at the spear, which melts on to the ground, and then grows up on to her feet as boots.
      "Um... Spear-boots?"
      "Yes! that, and more. Any object or shape you desire, an object of pure liquid Quickgold. I recommend it for weapons, armor, and lockpicks."
      Raven puts her palm out, facing upward, and the quickgold flows into it, a ball about the size of a baseball. The quickgold giggles and coos.
      "This quickgold is semi-sentient, similar to Nomad's symbiote, but quickgold repels dark energy instead of absorbing it like Nomad's alien. The quickgold also helps balance light and dark energy of the wearer."
      Raven pets the little giggling yellow sphere, and says, "I'll call you Goldie, funny little happy ball." Goldie starts laughing uproariously, and forms a mouth. The laughter emanating from the quickgold is so ridiculous, we all start laughing hysterically.
      After the laughter dies, Koomo greets me by head butting me. "Nomad Nocturne, and Raven Knight, I bestow upon you the title: Champions of Mon-Wa! All Bat-People who bless you may they be blessed a thousand times in return, and all Bat-People who curse you, a thousand curses return!"
      "My friends, I sojourn with you to the Temple of the Angels, for my planet is sick and dying after just 300 years rule of the WraithLord. I seek aid and wisdom to heal my planet's heart."
      Selene appears in our midst. "We must heal the heart of the Moon."
      I wake up with a jolt. I am in my bed in BanYanLand on the Moon. Selene is sleeping next to me. I am confused. I look out the window, and see the full moon in it. I am more confused. A raven flies across the moon and lands in the window, then looks at me. I hear a voice whisper, "Heal the heart of the Raven, heal the heart of the Moon." I feel something like a tiny moonstone angel-heart flutter inside my human heart. I fall back to sleep.
      I am standing back right where I was a second ago, slightly dizzy. Selene catches me. "Nomad?"
      "I'm alright."
      I look at Raven. She smiles at me benignly. "You're really important to me," I tell her earnestly. A tear rolls down her cheek. She hugs me.
      "You're really important to me, too, Nomad," she whispers.
      Michael opens a beautiful portal rippling with iridescent fractals. He creates a rainbow a large disc which we step on to: Koomo, Selene, Raven, and I. The four of us join hands, and we fly into the portal. The wormhole is perfect and clean, in total balance in harmony of all the flora and fauna. We land on something like a round stage or landing pad ringed about with marble pillars. Metatron greets us, his face shining like the sun.
      When he speaks, his voices sounds like a thousand waterfalls. "Welcome, weary Travellers. I know well of your journey. Thank you, Brother Michael for ushering these mighty Dream Warriors to our sacred Temple, Selene, Goddess of the Moon, may you receive what you need to heal the heart of the Moon. Raven Knight, the Moon Queen, may your healing skills ascend to match your limitless compassion. Koomo, King of Planet Mon-Wa, may you receive the wisdom and knowledge to heal your dying planet. Nomad Nocturne, Lord of Night, God of Nothing, may you receive the deep soul healing you desire to transfer to others.
      Metatron leads us to warm saltwater pools with air and water the same temperature as the skin. We float in them and fall asleep as if they were beds for what seems like days. We awake in different rooms in what feels like beautiful tropical bread-and-breakfast hotels, or medieval inns. Metatron invites us to eat with him and others at a great table in a beautiful edible garden. "So many Peoples of Myth have been transported here from the Dark Realms as you rescued them. They are healing in various areas in our Temple. I seen you are concerned, and they are doing well.

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    3. Green moon frags

      by , 06-21-2012 at 06:55 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am sitting with Eris and Selene on The Mountain on The Green Moon, overlooking the strange city in New Eden AKA The Biodome.

      We stare in silence.


      Yes, Nomad.

      Are you real? Do you love me?

      I love you as you love me, my beautiful wandering soul.

      Selene, how long have we been here?

      We have been here, my love, since the beginning of time.


      I am with Raven in her Inner World, we are at Vegeta's house.

      We are discussing dream battling and training. Vegeta tells me I am finally showing improvement.


      I am in the Invisibles comic. I am with King Mob and Ragged Robin. I tell them I am a Time Witch.


      I am with Mosh in his Inner World. He has some kind of funny big pet snake which hunts down astral parasites and eats them.


      I am in The Tower with Washu. She says she wants to help me heal my physical body.
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    4. alien abduction

      by , 07-09-2011 at 08:40 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I wake up, and stretch. I am not at home. I am at home. I am in my bedchamber in the Temple of Nothing, ON THE GREEN MOON. Holy shit. Calm down. I snuggle closer to my lovers. I casually get up, like I do this all the time. I do do this all the time. WHAT THE HELL? I do? I do. Right. I walk to the “bathroom” more of a bath house, and look in the mirror. Yeah... I have a lion-man face. Stripes and spots dance across my face.
      I drink some water from an ornate fountain. I see a swirling vortex portal in the floor, and I shit dark energy into it, and laugh. Man I feel good! I fly up through a hole in the pyramid, and summon a rainstorm, and shower in it. I lick the rain and purr. Angelina teleports next to me, and pets me. She has two big cat guardians which rub up against me.
      Uh... what the fuck?
      An alien grey ship appears out of a portal to another dimension. Every entity inside it feels as godly as Vegeta. The Greys shoot pure astral tentacles out through the sides of their ship, and hook into my chakras. My fur falls off and my body turns grey. My eyes become huge and black. Angelina launches her white tigers at the ship, but I call them off. Angelina is confused.
      “I’ll be fine!” I wave, and disappear into the wormhole. I am terrified, yet fascinated. I teleport on to their ship.
      It is all chromed and smooth on the inside.
      “You missed your last two reports, brother. Now we must open you up.”
      They freeze me, and a strange cyborg machine wheels in, and opens up my abdomen as if it’s all robotic. It is all robotic.
      “What you are seeing is your brain trying to make sense of the raw data encased in your dream body. You have no guts or robotic parts here, only energy.”
      I remember now... I just feel... weak...
      I go into semi-consciousness, fading in and out.
      I wake up screaming in the Healing Glen.
      The Greys are standing all around me, along with the Frost Giant.
      “You told me they were benign,” he says, leaning on a staff. Wait, why is he- why does he look greyish?”
      I wake up for real on their spacecraft. I am strapped to a table. Goddamnit. This is the physical plane, isn’t it? Yes. No goddamned powers. Fucking wakeworld bullshit. How the fuck do I get out of here. I just- I inhale, and the restraints pop off my chest. I somehow have this intense chi... I feel it, right behind my eyeballs. I focus heat on my wrist restraints, and begin to weaken them with increasing heat. I focus a total vibration to make the heat reflect about an eigth of an inch above my skin so I don’t get burned.
      I grow into a great red demon, and become Hellboy suddenly. Okay, maybe this is a dream? But, it looks so real. Fuck it, I am going to kick some alien ass. I storm down the hallway, smashing shit.
      “I want to know what the fuck is going on, assholes!” I roar. Alarms go off. They run down the hall and shoot some type of sound frequency which knocks out my nervous system, and I collapse instantly. “goddamm you ath holth... “ I drool. Then a tall female one communicates with me telepathically.
      Listen, brother, we gave you the Christ gene of Compassion, which is something our species does not understand. We find it fascinating. Every once in a while, a Grey is created that is more individualistic and what you would call, ‘caring.” This Captain whose genes were bonded to yours was of that type. We have been doing experiments with your people, mixing our genes, for we are dying out due to our “lack of compassion,” as you would call it. Of course, we do not look at it like that. We realize we are the most intelligent species on our planet. So, we genetically engineered ourselves to be even more and more intelligent. We crafted our bodies to prolong our lives, and to induce whatever brainwave state we wish at any time. We gave ourselves the ability to turn on and off different hormones. Some people became addicted to their hormones, and they died off. The ones who survived usually do not use a lot of their hormones. We have become very powerful. We mathematically, precisely, recrafted our planet exactly how we wanted it to be. We took the best genes we could from everything for our species. Maybe because of this “selfish” endeavor, we lost the ability to care for other species, only looking at them for the genetic potential. We destroyed our planet with our genetic engineering, but by that time we had the ability to make portable planetoids, spaceships out of asteroids. We live in the Asteroid Belt, well some of us. We, as you call, the Greys, are a very Diverse race. Each asteroid, planetoid, ship, has its own culture. We are many Hive Minds. As descendants of insects, we see death as nothing. We just discard the bodies after taking what we can for genes. It becomes soil, food for our plants.”
      “You eat?”
      “Sometimes. We don’t eat the way you do, we absorb food. You have a lot of questions.”
      “Is this a dream?”
      “Why don’t you do a reality check?”
      I do a nose RC. It works at first, then I cough. I can’t do it. I look at my hands. I have great red demon hands.
      ‘You can shapeshift in the physical plane in this Dimension, brother.”
      “What the fuck? Where am I?”
      The alien starts saying a bunch of numbers. I say that means nothing. Then, I am shown a bunch of star maps, our solar system, then, we skip to another arm of the galaxy through a wormhole, and I am shown an earth very similar to ours. I realize I am inside part of the Moon, looking out of a window or crater. I feel so disoriented, I vomit. Nanobots appear out of the floor, and spray some type of enzymatic gel over the vomit which immediately breaks it down, and it vaporizes into the air with a puff that smells like strange flowers. Then, a tiny robot appears, and vaccuums up the remains: a tiny pile of dust.
      “Thank you for the compost, Brother,” the alien says matter-of-factly. “We pulled you into this physical dimension through the Dream Plane, because it’s easier to simply incarnate your dream body into a temporary physical blank rather that risk damaging the only physical body you have in your Home Dimension.”
      “You are blowing my mind.”
      “Would you like a tissue?”
      “Uh,” I laugh. “Wait, is that a joke?”
      “Yes,” I feel the alien wryly grin. “I have been working on this “humor” for about two centuries, and I have made some progress, however small.”
      “I sense you have been fed a lot of bullshit by the gods of lies. Yes, that happens. If you want to understand us, first we must be able to have some kind of mutual understanding, some type of real communication. In your value system, you believe “love,” or “compassion” to be the most valuable thing. But, why do you always kill each other? The only time we kill each other is if another person is dying, has lost their mind, is old, or if the person feels their existence is unnecessary. So, when we kill others of our kind, it’s a deliberate culling process. But, this idea of killing for, “love” love of another person, or of tribe, or nation, seems to us, contradictory. You people are very primitive in your technology, but your race is very adaptable, genetically, being the mutts of the galaxy. Also, your immune systems have resistances to many intergalactic bacteria. The war we have been fighting against the microverse has exhausted our species to the point of death. We have mastered ourselves. We returned to our planet, and cared for it with mathematical precision, helping things to evolve quickly, but, in our meddling, we upset the balance of nature. Again, many of us had to leave and live on asteroids for centuries while we let our planet lie fallow.
      “And when we returned, a Hive Mind with quadrillions upon quadrillions of creatures had invaded our planet: a bacteria. This bacteria is a gene-eater. It absorbs genes of its host to disguise itself as it infects the entire being. It is being controlled by a sentient mind even more powerful than ours due to its longetivity. It is 100 million times older than Our Mind. Therefore, we look to you, dear human, as our Experiment, and Savior. We would like to appear as the Compassionate Ones that we are supposed to be, but for that, we need some human genes from a creature that does not want to kill other humans. We will insert these genes back into ourselves in order to become more human, and in order to understand your people more."
      For some reason, at that moment I did not feel human at all. I felt like an ancient creature, tired, wise, and patient. “I offer you my genes in exchange for yours, my Sister,” I hear myself saying. I feel like I am creeping myself out.
      I am led down a hall... and the dream changes. Is my perception altering? A stone wall... sandstones in a castle... or pyramid... a pyramid. We descend down steps in robes. The aliens are wearing white robes, and my big red demon self a black and white one with gold birds on it. I am led to a large room shaped like an inverted ziggurat. There is a woman tied to a large stone slab. She is also gagged. She doesn’t seem to struggle. There are other humans around her, tying her knots loosely. The bow when they see us, then panic and run away. The aliens chant, then leave us. I undo the ropes, then I realize they are tied to nothing. She giggles, and wraps her arms around me, kissing me. We make love in the depths of the pyramid by torchlight. Suddenly we are back on the alien ship. We are two Grey aliens. “Did we just have sex?” I say to the female alien.
      “Of a type.” She shows me how our tongues come out, and sex cells are passed through small holes in the tongue. “My eggs are almost ready. I feel them,” she smiles. A handful of eggs like frog eggs come out of a hole in her belly. She shows them to me, then leaves the room. I follow her to an incubation area. She puts the eggs in a drawer, and slides the drawer shut.
      “What happens to our eggs?”
      “They grow.”
      “But, our children?”
      “There is no ‘our’ children, only Children.”
      “What did I just do?”
      “Gene exchange. Now you will morph.”
      “Yes, your physical body, your genes of your body on your home planet is going to morph because of the code we implanted in your mind. This code will alter your mind and brain to change your code to be more enhanced. You psionics and compassion will increase. This will inevitably bring more hardship into your life.”
      “You are welcome. From these lessons, should you learn from them, you will gain wisdom required to be one of Us.”
      “What do you mean?”
      “Please be patient. You are on a Mission, Captain. Your alien Christ genes are here to show the world love. We need you to be compassionate on us, or we will die. We need this to adapt to a changing universe. We will train you as you progress. Do not tell anyone about these visits that we have.”
      “Why not? I am going to do it.”
      “Fine. You have, free will, Half-Breed, but I will warn you that most people will think you are crazy for revealing any of this.”
      “It doesn’t matter, this is just a dream.”
      “I’m real,” she says and slaps my face.
      I slap my own face. OW! I do a nose pinch... doesn’t work.. .goddammit.
      “Go home,” she says, and grabs my face, kissing it.
      I wake up in the Temple of Nothing, a tiger-man kissing a pillow.
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    5. The Cool Factor

      by , 07-06-2011 at 06:59 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      Brainwave: Delta, Deep Dream State

      I roll out of bed, and stand up. There are a circle of angels standing around me. They seem annoyed. “Dreamer, you violated-”
      I see they are all actually demons. I laugh. They are now more annoyed I saw through their guise. “Hello, henchmen!” I grin.
      “We are not your henchmen!” they pout.
      “Well, I am about to go on some awesome dream adventures. You can come if you want. Or you can wander around in your gay angel costumes.”
      “You’re gay.”
      “You’re gay-ER! Bye!” I open a portal to the Moon. One of the demons grabs my ankle, and I have trail of them going to the Moon. In the wormhole, the Wyrm looks at me curiously, and I just laugh. We land on the landing pad on the Temple of Nowhere. I become a demonic cat god.
      “Tonight, my brothers, we roll up on some dreamers, and make those mofos have nightmares. They want it, to become lucid.”
      “Oh, they will be lucid all right,” one demon says, and cracks his knuckles.
      “They will not forget any nightmare I give!” says another.
      “And, they will have no dream control. I love deceiving people!” says another.
      “Wait... you are the three main dream demons that tormented me as a child!”
      “Yes!” They grin.
      I roar, and instantly teleport all of us to The Battle Pyramid.
      I become my Demon Self, Deathgawn.

      I am nine feet tall, with skin like charcoal, and a black hole on my chest. I summon a flaming morning star, and crack it like a whip. I energize my energy shield that Selene gave me, but I form it into an armor instead of a sphere. I energize my boots. The Battle Pyramid increases in size by 1000 to accommodate my power. I energize my energy gauntlets. I pound one into the ground like a jackhammer, creating a mild earthquake. Dust fall on us, and the demons lose their footing.
      “You can’t power up before battle! This isn’t Dragon Ball Z!”
      They rush at me, but I just project my energy shield out from me, in a sphere, and they bounce off. My witchblade forms over my body. I float up off the ground, and magnetic mecharmor attaches to me. I summon a small iron shield, and the other armor forms over it.
      One of the demons teleports into my energy shield behind me. I grab him, and throw him forward as I shrink the shield, and it burns him like acid. He screams, and teleports to the other side.
      The other demons just look at me.
      I grow in size as I grow six arms more arms. I summon the Moonblade, the Budgie Sword, the Witchblade. Four more empty hands. Shotgun. Machine gun. Two more arms. These arms have dragon tattoos on them my baby dragon pets, Skyfire and Hydro. The dragons come to life, and rest on my shoulders. Jo, my astral pet, my war beast growls off my forearm and rests on my hand. In the other hand, I summon the Flaming Sword of the archangel, Michael. The winged angel helm appears on my head, and burns into my scalp.
      “You cannot wield the power of angels, brother!” the demons shout.
      The helm burns into my flesh, but I ignore the pain. Suddenly, I can see... I see with the eyes of angels. I have finally discovered the purpose of this helmet! to summon the sword of Michael, to see with Angel Sight. I see the demons now, glowing orange. I see demons crawling all over the inside of the pyramid. Thousands of them. Thousands pretending to be three. Me against an invisible demon army. I like these odds. I crack the morning star like a whip, and cold blue electric fire shoots out of the iron ball. I throw the giant Budgie Sword, and the parakeets which make up the sword become a flock of thousands, which of course the demons laugh at, until each parakeet becomes a tiny blue blade, spinning faster and faster, bouncing off the inside walls of the pyramids, slicing through their bodies. I throw the Moonblade, and it goes out and comes back to me like a boomerang. Moonlight slices through them like butter. I lay down fire with my machine gun. The bullets split into ten pieces right before they hit. Fuck yeah. Then, I realize the bullets are covered with infectious nanomachines. Even fuckier yeah! The demons rush at me, but I blow them away with my shotty, which is somehow cybernetic steampunk cyborg beast. My dragons fly off my shoulders, and float through the air, in lazy figure 8's, burning and shooting ice bullets through the demons. They leap up on the the dragons, but slip off like water off a duck’s back.
      Jo leaps into the fray, and bites demons on their throats, and whips them into the air like a terrier killing rats. Now there are four swarms of demons around each of us. I call my allies to me. I hit the Atom button on my belt, and the four of us shrink to microscopic size. I ride on Jo’s back, and one dragon lands on each arm. I merge with all three, so now I am an eight legged lion man dogdemon centaur beast with two dragon arms, one blue, one gold. My bat wings grow out of my back. I can hear the demons say, “Where did he go?” My energy, then witchblade, then mecha armor forms over me.
      I go back to regular size.
      “Shit! You are cheating!” they complain.
      I shoot my dragons at them. The dragons fly out and spin, shooting ice bullets and fire everywhere. I ride into the fray, and rip the demons bodies’ apart. Selene appears, and opens a myriad of portals. I multiply myself. One Nomad for each demon. I rip them all apart, and summon the Mjolnir. I smash them to bits with the Hammer of Thor, and pull the portals closer to the bits. There is a woman flying around with a vaccuum cleaner, sucking the rest up. Then I realize it is Stephanie, the Biodome AI, looking out for me. All the demons are gone.
      I sit down on the floor of the Battle Pyramid in exhaustion, then teleport back to the Temple. Sarnox comes out with pomegranate juice wine. I take a deep draught, then toss the goblet away. “Mahalo, brother.”
      Skyfire and Rainstorm/Hydro appear in front of me. They smile, and I make it rain on them. They fly to the horizon of the jungle canopy. Jo appears next to me, and I pet him as he purrs like tiny rumbling earthquake.
      “Uh, Sarnox?”
      “Yes, m’lord?”
      “Dude, don’t call me that.”
      “Isn’t it annoying?”
      “My apologies, Your Grace.”
      “What am I supposed to do next?”
      “Well, you were going to give nightmares-”
      “Oh right... boring...” I open a couple portals and toss some scary silvery bugs down the wormholes. “Ok, next?”
      “The beacon.”
      “The beacon is lit.”
      “No it’s not. You turned it off.”
      “Why did I do that?”
      “You said it wasn’t fair.”
      “I don’t care what I said! Turn it back on.”
      “You turn it on! You’re the god here.”
      “I am the god of Nothing!”
      “And we are in the Temple of Nothing, asshole!”
      I teleport to the top of the pyramid, and it opens up. I slam a golden staff into a contraption, and a beautiful gold and green light beams down to Urth.
      Sarnox teleports next to me.
      “Is this fair?” he says.
      “Well, dog, these kids are supposed to meet at this other pyramid on Earth, but they are probably going to end up here.”
      “The Cool Factor.”
      “Well, the Temple of Nothing is pretty badass. When that Atras dude said for them to meet at a ziggurat, he may have had no idea that we fucking live here, dude! HAHAHAHA!”
      “So, he accidentally suggested for these people to-”
      I see dreamers flying up the beam of light. They land on the landing pad near us. There are eight of them. Five of which instantly disappear. They were vague anyway. I could tell they were losing the dream. Oh well.
      “See what you did!” Sarnox accuses. “They got confused because of your stupid beacon, and they came here instead, and woke up because they don’t know how to bilocate yet. DUDE.”
      “No, they are just learning. Just stop! There are three right here. Let’s talk to them. Hey guys, look at your hands. Stabilize the dream.”
      They all begin talking at once. By their language I can tell one is an American, one is French Canadian, and one is Eastern European. I turn on my Babelfish.
      The European guy disappears as he wakes up. The French Canadian dude says, “Ah, you are Nomad? You are the cat!” he laughs. “Cat and dog!” he says, pointing at Sarnox. The American guy says, “Hey, hey, it’s me, Atras. I made it! Is this the pyramid thing! Yes! Where are we? Who are you? Nomad? Is this aliens? Are we aliens? Holy shit! Are we on the Moon? Holy shit!”
      “Calm down, breathe. I turn them around, and show them the Land of Nod.
      The Canadian guy screams, “OH MARY OH JESUS!” in French and wakes up.
      I notice Atras dream body quavers for a second at this.
      “He’s okay, just be calm, and breathe.”
      “Okay, sir.”
      “Please don’t call me that.”
      Atras laughs. “This dream, is amazing.”
      “This is your dream," I tell Atras.
      “Wait, isn’t this your dream?”
      “This is just... dream.”
      “We are pure energy.”
      “Yes,” I say.
      “We don’t need air to breathe.”
      “We are invincible, aren’t we?” Atras says.
      He flies into the air, transforming into an angel consumed in orange flame.
      “I AM INVINCIBLE!” he shouts exultantly, and light beams of a thousand colors shoot out from his center. He laughs exuberantly, and disappears.
      “DUDE THAT WAS FUCKING COOL!” I shout, and turn to Sarnox as we HI-5.
    6. Nightmares and Fairy Tales

      by , 07-05-2011 at 05:24 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      (This entry is named after one of my favorite comic series.)

      I arise from my bed, a great horned demon. I am surrounded my demons waiting to attack me. I exhale, then inhale them into me. I chew them up, and spit them out, laughing.

      "To the MOO- wait... nightmares? Some silly boys wants some silly nightmares?" I morph into Fear Form, a disgustingly terrifying bloated beast monster with hypodermic needles sticking out from all over my body. I roar, and baby spiders pour out of my mouth, and swarm over my body.

      missing time

      I am at Stonehenge, on the sacrificial stone. All the dreamers are around me, sleeping in coffins. I grab the fabric of time and space, and ripple it, flipping the dreamers into Outer Space. They awake groggily. I morph into a Shadow Demon with glowing red eyes.

      Three are frozen with fright. Two of them laugh, and one wakes up from shock. Another two are still asleep.

      The frightened ones suddenly absorb some kind of strange colored metallic armor from nowhere, and giant swords. We have an epic battle in space, and I forget about the nightmares.

      missing time

      I am with Raven at the Balancing Pools. We step in. I somehow have an excess of both dark and light energy. Apparently it was spinning around me inside, churning, which led to ill calm.

      missing time

      MOSH! Oh my God, your Inner World is magnificently strange. He opens a door to the back of the house... We are on a mountain in a tropical rainforest. There are rainbows, and colorful birds... The beauty is so overwhelming, all I can do is stare. Strange spacecraft fly by...

      Is this the Land of Aud? Are we on the Green Moon?


      This, Man of Shred, is your Hidden Potential, I find myself saying to him.

      Raven steps out from the house and stands next to me. The three of us stand in silence, just taking it all in.

      MoSh opens a portal, and pulls Sam out. She is in obvious distress. We do healing on her. She calms down, and looks MoSh in the eyes. I hear him whisper, "Be hear with me, now."

      I feel overwhelmed with empathic emotion, and I turn to hide my tears.

      Raven says it's time to return to the Healing Glen. I nod. We return and do mutual healing on each other. The Frost Giant appears, and blows healing herbs on us, then gives us all pomegranate juice.
    7. Isochronic Induced Lucid Dream!

      by , 06-24-2011 at 10:03 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I woke up at 3am to pick up a friend and drive her to the airport. I got home around 5 am. It seemed the perfect time for a LD. I only needed to sleep just a bit more... I recently discovered isochronic tones. I played one to induce Theta waves (which is REM.) I started to get really sleepy really fast. The sun began to rise, and was shining in my window. I covered my face with my cowboy hat, and passed out.

      I am walking down a country road somewhere in Hawai'i, I think. It looks like The Big Island (whose name is Hawai'i.) It's nighttime, warm... there is a small stone wall to my left going along the dirt road. It's a bit of a scrubland. Why am I here? Oh, I am going to my girlfriend's house. Wait? What is my girlfriend's name? Wait. How can I not remember her name? Or even what she looks like... uh...

      I stop, not wanting to go any closer to her house. If I see her name on my phone, I will instantly remember, of course. I pull my phone out of my pocket and flip it open. It looks like silver pyrite. WTF?

      Oh, I am dreaming! I feel a surge of energy. Calm down. Ok, let's just relax, look around. Stay in the dream. I forget about the girlfriend.

      I inhale the nothing air.

      I walk slowly to the rock wall, and touch it, feeling the texture. Even in the dim light, the detail is amazing. I can see the different surfaces, subtle variations of color, and bubble holes in the rock.

      missing time

      I want to fly! A surge again- NO. I am going to stay in the dream.

      In the dream... I am still lucid! Okay... What should I do? I see a large black backpack lying on the side of the road. I slowly walk to it, open it, and pull things out. I feel things in there, but, when I pull them out, they disappear.

      Well, that's annoying. Stupid dream. Aha! I am still lucid! Another surge- wait, calm down.

      What's that light? So bright?

      I accidentally open my physical eyes as my hat tips off my head, and I wake up. The 20 minute song still has 3 minutes. I was asleep for 17 minutes.

      This dream was amazing, because of the intense clarity. I am learning to stay alseep when in theta (REM), and not go into beta (awake). I realize most of my lucid dreams are in Delta, well, the epic ones.
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    8. Smoking Weed with don Juan

      by , 03-26-2011 at 11:29 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am chilling with don Juan on a mountain in Arizona. We are smoking weed and sage out of a long peace pipe. “Look, soldier. The enemy approaches, and yet none is there.” I see a swarm of locusts, and zombie confederate calvary approaching through the desert, then they suddenly vanish.

      “Nothing is real, blah blah blah.”

      “The way of the shaman is upon you. Listen to me.”

      He roars into my ear like a demon. I feel like I am falling into Hell.

      Dream Diverge

      1) I fall into Hell. Everything is obscene. I alter my perception. Now the same thing is beautiful.

      2) I am still with him on the mountain.

      “All those drugs are just gates, man. You found the gate, and now you can open it any time. But even still there is a superior way: do the drugs in dreams in your invincible dream body, and find the doors that way. Do only drugs that benefit your physical body. Avoid drugs that are only for symptoms or to alter your mind or mood. For that, we have the Realm of Gates.” We have been walking on a old dirt road in what feels the 1600‘s of New England. He swings an iron gate to a graveyard. We walk through, but all the stones are now gates. They have names of different drugs, mindsets, brainwaves, and chemicals in our own bodies named on them. We return to the mountain.

      “Now you know where that is, I will reveal you the mysteries of the universe.”

      “Yeah right.”

      Suddenly I feel like my soul is melting, and vaporizing into steam by the ray of a star. I feel like screaming, but I can’t conceive a scream due to the fact I feel like my mind is completely gone. I am nothing and everything... I am the universe... everything is. All is one, and one is all. Everything orbits around everything else. I am really one snaking centipede not really moving through time, but growing through space, using time as a vehicle.

      I slam my fist down on to the surface of the dream. BAM.

      “GRANT MORRISON!” I shout.

      He appears before me, like Professor X in a leather jacket. “You are beginning to get it, Nomad. I am you. Everything is you. Everything is everything. We’re all just part of this childish larval universe, and I am cool with that. Star in your own movie. Write yourself into your dreams. Write your life and may it be so.” He flips me off, and laughs, then disappears.

      A graphic novel appears before me.

      It’s called: NOMAD: Oneironaut
      A second one appears in my hands. It’s called NOMAD: Oneiromancer

      A series appears in my hands: The Nomad Chronicles

      A miniseries appears in my hands: WEEDMAN

      A video game console appears before me. It’s called the Wii 3. You step into a suit to play video games. I put the suit on. I am in a lucid dream video game. I am playing myself. I see Raven, Tigress, and Mosh characters in the game.

      I excitedly summon a pen and a book, and begin writing a book about myself....

      There is a writer... he is a lucid dreamer... in dreams, he is called Nomad. He becomes a god in dreams. It’s a joke... no one gets it... He dreams of a beautiful woman called Selene... He dates two women that look like her... like Grant Morrison... He writes of himself becoming a superhero, Weedman, a multimillionaire playboy writer who dons a ridiculous cannabis Green Man costume at night, and runs around giving people the cure for cancer.

      He writes of himself having a hot girlfriend who is his best friend. He draws sigils and burns them. He forgets he does this. The sigils work. Aliens laugh in joy at his magical madness. He forms a gang of dream warriors, calling themselves VIRUS with the goal of infecting the Hive Mind with the revolutionary idea of equality and peace.

      The writer is about to write about himself getting abducted by aliens, when aliens abduct him, mind, body, and soul. He visits planets in Sirius. He is only gone for five minutes of earth time. The writer appears back in his bedroom, writing about getting abducted by aliens. Everyone thinks he’s insane, but he’s making the comic book companies a lot of money, so they don’t give a shit.

      He publicly states that IBM worked with the Nazis to help them track down Jews to kill them in the death camps. His publishing company cuts all ties with him. He starts his own company, and buys all the equipment in cash.

      He makes e-comics and paper comics. The comics are all completely true, but he writes them as fiction.

      I close the comic.

      What the fuck? That was insane.

      I write in the air, “Tomorrow, I will meet a beautiful woman.” I erase it, and write again, “Tomorrow, I will have a conversation with an interesting, single beautiful woman.” I erase it again. “Tomorrow, I am me, as I always am, and always will be.. a part of everything, and nothing...” I smash the words together into a sigil, crumple it up, and eat it.
    9. Perfect VISION, Perfect Vividity

      by , 03-22-2011 at 09:35 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      Okay... So vividity is not a "real" word. It's a dream word, so fuck you! This was the most vivid lucid dream of my entire life. It's because I removed my Blur Lens.

      I am practicing a parkour technique I just created in this dream called gliding. It’s running without bouncing up and down. I am at my house, which in my dreams, is always a different house. Somehow I know it’s mine. I am outside in the yard, gliding to the door, a few inches above the ground, taking impossibly long strides. Then, I realize it’s physically impossible, and I must be dreaming, even though it’s super vivid. It’s 100% clear, just like real life.

      It’s a balmy night here in tropical dream land. I look up at the sky, and levitate about 40 feet off of the ground. I notice a tree I am looking at starts to fade. I often focus intently on things in dreams to make my dream more vivid. I look at the sky. The clouds passing in front of the moon look amazing. Stars are out, bigger and brighter than in waking life. A moth flutters across my field of vision. I am amazed by its perfect flight and detail.

      The tree below is still fading into darkness and blurriness somehow. “Should I go to the Moon? No. I have to make this dream more vivid first. Just be patient, and enjoy the moment. It’s a beautiful dream.”

      I float down about fifteen feet until I can see the Moon behind the tree. The brightness of the moon makes the edges of the leaves and shapes in the tree sharpen. A zephyr blows by and the leaves blow in the wind, so perfectly vivid, it’s like magic. Now there is nothing blurry in this dream. It looks exactly like waking life. EXACTLY.

      A swarm of gnats suddenly is flying around my left forearm. I somehow associate this with discomfort from the physical plane bleeding over into this one. I suddenly feel an obnoxiously intense itch on my leg. I know it’s my physical body. I can’t help it. I wake up, and scratch.

      Lessons Learned and Commentary: I fell asleep in the living room at my sister's place. I woke up at 3 am, and went home. I then read one of my dreams from almost two years ago where I had an amazingly successful WILD. Uncannily, I perfectly described my last lover. (Not Angel, we broke up, but it's cool.)

      I don't remember if I did WILD or not, but I did induce a lucid dream! I have released my fear of getting obsessed with my magnificent dreams, which has allowed perfect clarity in dreams, exactly like waking life. Most "regular" (not Deep Dream State) lucid dreams with me being outside at night. I usually try to fly to the moon, always unsuccessfully. This time, I just decided to be in the moment, and enjoy the beauty around me. You see, I have been working on making my regular LD's just like my Deep Dream State dreams. I am teaching my lucid mind all the things my Delta mind knows. So, it's like I am starting all over again, but I know everything I need to to get to the point where I want to go because I am already there!

      I am excited about this type of lucidity. One mistake I made was I went to bed dirty. That's why I was itchy. I know it's gross, but I keeps it real. I usually shower before bed, but I crashed at my sister's place blah blah blah. Anyway, it makes me realize how important it is to dull any stimulus from your physical body. Be comfortable, clean, wear earplugs, and a blindfold or sleep mask. If your place is noisy play some music, or turn on a fan to mask the noise. These simple things are very important to extend LD time.

      Another thing I learned is that not only do I have a certain sleep cycle where I have more LD's, it's always around a certain time! It's always around 7AM, even if I stay up late or whatever. I am on Spring Break. That means a lot of sleeping in, and a lot of LD's!

      I have accomplished my goal of making my dreams as clear as waking life. My new goal is to stay in a lucid dream as long as I can.
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    10. Which Moon? THE GREEN MOON

      by , 03-08-2011 at 05:00 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      Planet Moon is under massive attack by Dark Templars riding android horses with glowing red eyes.

      Moon Orcs and Moon Dragons fight back.

      The people of Hollow Moon pour out. The look like burning shadows. fucking terrifying. It seems as if they have a fire energy core in a dark energy skin. They slash the Templars.

      I become consumed with dark energy. I cackle maniacally and morph into a werewolf. My symbiote giggles incessantly. I form a storm inside my belly, and shooting dark energy tentacles at all the Templars, then channel lightning down my tentacles. The Templars get electrocuted, and I spin them, tossing them into different dimensions.

      The King of Hollow Moon says we must leave for we attracted the invaders.

      I refuse.

      He says we can move our entire dreamscape Planet Moon off the old Moon with just a thought.

      I move Planet Moon off of the old Moon, right next to it.

      The King grunts in approval, then shakes my hand, and nods.

      I stare at the two moons: One Green, one Grey.

      I stare in silence for what feels like hours or even days.

      I watch all the life on both Moons.

      Then, I see the entire universe is teeming with life, but we can only perceive an tiny percentage. I see creatures like plankton swimming through space.

      I ask Xaphor if many people may now be able to perceive the Green Moon.

      He whispers: many.
    11. Werewolf lucid

      by , 01-16-2011 at 05:26 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am in a large hallway connecting a lab to a house. I am a scientist in a white lab coat. I am in a video game.

      I am supposed to be able to web-sling. I practice with a black web thread which is balled up in one hand. It works, but I hover more than swing. I stop trying to web sling. I spin a short amount of web thread in front of me like a propeller. I move forward slowly, hovering about two feet above the floor. I then realize I must be dreaming.
      I play around with the web for awhile, combining swinging with hovering. I go into the next room. In an old dirty living room, I see Brennen and Kalani sitting on the carpet doing homework or something. "HEY GUYS!" I shout, "DUDES, WE ARE DREAMING!" Brennen smiles broadly, and Kalani shrugs. They continue doing what they are doing. I focus on Kalani. "Listen man, we are dreaming. This is a dream."

      "So what? It doesn't matter."

      "But, we can do anything we want in a dream!"

      "No, we can't."

      Kalani grows light grey fur on his feet and hands. His eyes become completely blood red.

      "Look, you are turning into a wolf, because this is a dream. Why don't we go outside and look at the Moon?"

      Kalani grins, and I see his teeth are now canine. We go outside in the backyard. I feel part man and part wolf. I walk on all fours. I feel like I have a man mind in a wolf body. There is no fence between this yard and the next. I can hear other wolves growling in the tall grass. My heart races. I am afraid they may attack me, forgetting my wolf-ness for a second, then I remember I am one of them. I growl back, and grow larger. A couple wolves reveal themselves in the grass, then turn away. They have acknowledged I am one of their own.

      I see a large black wild boar rustling in a bush, digging for food. I assume it's another dreamer. I wonder who it is. Then a white animal bumps up against me. At first I think it's a wolf, then I realize it's a kid, a young goat. I playfully push on its head. I bump its eye, and say, "Oh sorry!" I check its eye. It's fine. I play with the kid more.

      A woman comes out of the house and tells me not to play with the kid. I say in the dream and in waking life, "No, I can do whatever I want. I'm dreaming."

      The sound of my own loud voice talking in my sleep wakes me up. I want to re-enter the dream, but I have to use the bathroom, and I don't want to forget, since I haven't had a regular lucid for about a month, so I get up to use the bathroom, and write the dream down.
    12. Fear and Loathing in the Dreamworld

      by , 09-24-2010 at 05:22 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      June 16, 2010

      Hunter S. Thompson is sitting across from me in a hotel lobby. "This is some good shit, this DMT stuff, boy. Hell yeah. I am going to do this shit this entire afterlife, kid. Mahalo." He is cutting a powder on the table.

      "Uh, Hunter, is that cocaine?"

      "No! And even if it was, who gives a shit? This is our dream, and we are going to do whatever the hell we want."

      He yells his head off.


      Hunter turns into a giant albatross with a can of tuna with two mice in it on his back. They turn into Ralph Steadman, and Ralph the Motorcycle Mouse, and then, Hunter flies off.

      Now I am in The Rescuers. I feel confused. I get dizzy and puke.

      I wake up in a hotel bathroom. Johnny Depp is slapping my face. I cough. Smelling salts.

      "Holy shit, kid," he says, turning into Hunter. "That was some crazy shit you just snorted pal. Why don't you take it easy, and just go kill some lubricant aliens. They keep trying to infect my fucking wormholes. See, I got water on the brain, from being in the desert. My skull's bloated man. Don't you get it, you asshole? I thought you were my lawyer, you worthless Samoan. HELP!"

      Hunter has a heart attack, and explodes. There is blood everywhere. I freak out and scream.

      I am in Hunter's den. He's writing a suicide note. He burns it and chuckles.

      He loads a revolver.

      He looks at me. I realize I am looking at him through a mirror.

      He points at his reflection. "FUCK YOU."

      He lifts the gun to his head. I leap through the mirror as he blows his head off.

      I freak out and beat the crap out of his body. 'YOU ASSHOLE! WHAT THE HELL.'

      His ghost taps me on the shoulder.

      "It's all green gravy, kid. No use crying over spilled blood. HAHAHA. Hey, I was planning on it for years. I didn't want to go through any of that old age bullshit. Can you blame me? Now I am free. I am going to be an angel or demon or something write? Get it? Write. See I am speaking to you telepathically, so you can see what I am saying. Anyway, aren't you supposed to give me a pair of wings, kid?"

      "No, I am just a human, you idiot!"

      "Dammit! Don't lie to me!"

      He throttles me.

      "Fugg yew! Here!" I cough. I summon a pair of cheesy red costume bird wings. He puts them on and flies up. He strums a harp, then shoots red arrows.

      "I am going to play Cupid for awhile, Nate."

      "That doesn't make any fucking sense!"

      "Hey, fuck you kid. I will now proceed to wander through Heaven and Hell as I so choose."

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    13. MANCON where are you?

      by , 07-26-2010 at 06:59 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)

      Deep Dream State

      I am at Hanauma Bay again.

      CYGNUS. MY MAN CYGNUS. Where are you?

      Cygnus bodysurfs in on a wave, and stands up.

      Nomad? Nomad? Hey! What's up man!

      Immediately the sun drops, and the moon rises.

      Cygnus: hmm... I should build a fire...


      He gathers firewood, and lights it with his thumb.

      We sit in front of the fire.

      Hmm... Why am I here... I was supposed to...?

      I hear Raven calling me.

      I open a portal and help her fight some Templars in a forest.

      I come back.

      I see the totem pole. right!

      There is an owl at the top.

      Sitting on top of the totem pole, more like crouching, is the strange big-headed blue man with stars in his beard from my dream with YAD (Ian).

      Ok... Who are you?

      The blue man jumps down from the totem pole and stares me in the eye. "I, my friend, am +-, Ian's Dream Guide. And who might you be?"

      "I'm Nomad, sir. I am Koomo's spirit guide."

      "I have heard of such a person. Well, we are all spirit guides, dream guides whatever in different dimensions our planes. Anyway... that guy was supposed to meet me here."

      Ian tumbles out of a portal. He is fighting off three little shadowy imps. He rips them off his body and tosses them into the portal, then seals it. He wipes his hands off, smiles, then collapses. He is covered in lacerations with dark streaks in them.

      PlusMinus, Cygnus and I take Ian to the water, and float him in it to cleanse his wounds. PlusMinus does some strange type of throat singing, and the wounds seal up. We carry him back to the beach.

      Ian coughs, and wakes up. He vomits black and red stuff.

      PlusMinus gives him a glass of water.

      Ian: Thanks. Those creatures... they're after me. Little fuckers chasing me through many dimensions. They want my Crystal Soul.

      What's that?

      The Crystal Soul is what houses our spark of life. All Crystal Souls give off a certain vibrational frequency. Mine attracts all sorts of weird entities, "good" and "bad."

      Interesting. Well, I am supposed to meet... Mancon here!

      The wooden owl flies down and stands in front of me. He is the size of a man.

      Mancon: You rang?

      You are his dream guide. Not the actual Mancon.

      Well, don't blame me for naming his screenname after me!

      I open a portal to Mancon. I see him playing a strange game by himself similar to Jenga, but it's full of glass, lights, and wires. Is he defusing a bomb?

      Mancon! Mancon! Stop it! This is a dream!

      Oh. Call me Jeff!

      So that's your real name?

      No, I just like the name Jeff. I hate my name.

      Ok.. uh... Jeff. Come through the portal.

      I have to complete my mission here.

      No, you don't.

      Sh... I have to concentrate.

      I close the portal in frustration.

      PlusMinus: Try again!

      Ian looks at PlusMinus in fascination and bewilderment.

      I open the Portal.

      Jeff! Jeff! This is a dream. Come through!

      I'm busy. I just need to...

      I fly through the wormhole, and ignore the Wyrm battle going on.

      I grab Jeff. C'mon, let's go!

      His dream body starts to come out of his astral body, but, I can't grasp the astral body.

      I pull and pull at Jeff.


      Don't you mean "fate of the world?"

      Whatever! Just let me finish.


      I go back through the portal, and sit on the beach and sulk. I sit by the fire.

      Cygnus hands me a stick with a marshmallow on it.


      A mist forms around us.

      Mosh, Tigress, Raven, Loaf ride out of the mist on horses. I see Walms on a crazy beast like an alligator, but with a little longer legs. Mowglycdb is a non-lucid fox.

      We fly into the sky, and battle against strange Templar-demons.

      They grab Loaf, and take him captive.

      We chase them, but they keep jumping through dimensions.

      I turn into a Hellhound. Next time I see them, I shoot a chain hook out of my mouth and stick it into one of them. I shove my feet into the ground, and pull with my mouth. The chain grows taut.

      I see MoSh, Raven, Tigress, and Mowglycdb running down the chain. Walms says he knows a shortcut: he is going to outflank them from the front.

      There are portals everywhere. I focus on perceiving Loaf and the two Dark Templars which have kidnapped him. My chain-tongue is going through many dimensions. It feels like eating dirt, ice cream, saltwater and shit all at the same time.

      I turn into a ten-ton winch, and wind back.

      Raven comes back on horseback, holding Loaf under her arm. He is a loaf of bread with a face on it. He is grinning at me.

      Tigress and MoSh are covering the rear, shooting orange and green fireballs at the Templars.

      Walms is at the Templars' backs now. He turns into a 2D giant mouth, and sucks them in like a black hole.

      Delicioso. Good dark energy. Thank you. HAHA

      We go back to the Biodome to regroup.

      There is a welcome home parade for us in the Biodome City. They put us on a float. I throw up a clock, and turn time forward, due to the fact I am exhausted.

      We are now sitting in the grass on the plateau on The Mountain, near a clear pool.

      Ian joins us.

      "Ah, so this is your Shared Dream Spot, my friends?"

      Well, actually, it's the whole moon!

      "Fascinating, I must look into this further."

      We have a picnic on the Mountain.

      Dozens of people join us.

      We lay on our backs, and stare up at the stars.

      I fall asleep with Angel in my arms.

      by , 07-06-2010 at 07:05 PM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      this was a long ass dream, but I only remember frags


      In many houses, on a river...

      waiting for a boat.

      Leaving my house, going to another

      A strange "mother" presence is shadowing me

      I put on a green parka to disguise myself
      like one she used to wear
    15. Su wazzy woozy wu

      by , 07-02-2010 at 12:50 AM (The Nomad Chronicles)
      I am a dark African sitting in a grass hut on a swamp somewhere on the dream plane. I have a necklaces of animal bones around my neck, and feathers coming out of my head. I have thick dreadlocks.

      There are all kinds of voodoo shit hanging about.

      Raven enters with MoSh, Tigress and Loaf. MoSh is half snake, but no one seems to notice. Loaf is half vampire, half werewolf. Tigress is a werewolf. Raven is Queen of Night.

      "We have come to seek the guidance of the Night Shaman," says Raven.

      "What is it you desiyah??"

      "We desire the Great Red Ruby of Foresight atop the Mountain of Despair."

      "Oh, no. You don' wan go dere! You goin' die. You all goin' die many many deaths."

      "Just tell us how to get there."

      "Me not know if you be deservin'. Are you strong? Are you wise ones? Are you... in unity? If not, you will die, die like a snake writhin' in th' sun! You must accomplish de task of Fiyah firs'! Outside dere is a large swamp tree, with a hollow arch. Walk t'rough de tree. You will find you in de Hell of Hells. Bring me de One Watah Drop in all of Hells, and you will prove to me dat you have de strength it gon' take. NOW GO!"

      They eye me suspiciously, but turn and leave. I cast enchantments upon them of protection, energy and power to assist them in their trial.

      Q appears next to me. Do you think they'll make it, Professor X?

      Well, Q, it's my Danger Room. I can turn it off if they lose lucidity or get lost in pain. I am going to give you an AI orb with a portion of my power. This orb will guide you in my will, and stay with you when I am awake.

      I summon a small silver orb, and put a piece of my sentience into it. I hand it to Q. Q10 appears. Q hands the orb to him.

      I wake up in some remote viewer facility.

      "Good job, sir. You have successfully joined the Dream Corps of the CIA Remote Viewing Project, Dreamgate."



      I run out of the room. I am in a huge underground base in a mountain. I run down a catwalk. I don't know where I am going. I have to get the fuck out of there. I feel needle in my back. I collapse to the floor.

      I wake up strapped to a table in an operating room.

      "You have already betrayed your friends. Oh, yes, you fool. You signed on the dotted line when you slept, you idiot. Don't remember, do you? Too bad your recall sucks."


      THey show me a video of me signing a document in blood in an interrogation room.

      "That's not me, you asshole, that's some CGI actor or something."

      SILENCE. And now, we torture you for your insolence. Release the straps.

      I try to get up. I can't move.

      You have been given a paralyzing anesthetic. You can't move for the next forty-five minutes. Yet, you will feel all the pain and torment as we slice you open, and examine what makes you tick.

      I see in the reflection of the crazy doctor's eye, a jaguar face. I am confused.

      They slice me open, and I scream. I feel no pain. They remove my guts, and play catch with my liver. I realize it must be a dream. I feel a dark fire burning inside me.

      I roar, and stand up from the table.


      I grab the doctor, and bite his head off, then spit it on the floor. The others back away.


      I shoot claws at all their eyes, then fly through many floors until I get outside the mountain.

      Goddamned spooks in jet packs are awaiting me.

      I call out to Koomo, as the RV Templars hit me with a knock out drug. Fuck yo tranq, beeyotch! This is MY DREAM!

      I begin to fall. Michael catches me. Man-bats appear out of portals, and we battle the Templars.

      I soon see my friends from the first part of the dream come and join me. We kick ass.

      Loaf runs through the mountain, affixing bombs to the pillars. He hands me the detonator. BOOM!

      We fly back to the Moon, and rest.
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