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    The Nomad Chronicles

    Lucid Urth: Soulkyst the Vampyre, Assassin Quest

    by , 10-19-2015 at 12:49 AM (1073 Views)
    "Alright, big guy," says the Artificial Intelligence hologram, Big Joey. "You gotta turn on your murderous intent radar, and telepathically find a Master Assassin, and follow them to the Assassin's Guild.
    WinterFae, my wife, is a little pink Fairie on my shoulder. "Me too, I want to be a Black Mage Assassin!"
    She beckons me outside, then makes rocks fall from the sky, summons a sphere of fire around her, then shoots ice daggers in all directions. She pulls in dark energy, and fires a bolt at me, which I absorb.
    She alights on my shoulder. "To the Assassin's Guild!"
    My HUD comes up with a radar with a yellow dot. The Master Assassin. I go through my apartment, and exit into the hallway. I take an elevator to the street below. I am in a kind of Neo-Honolulu in 2120.
    There are bright lights, and electromagnetic cars zooming past. I see all kinds of races of people. There is a gnome that stands out to me. A male gnome, he looks to be about 400 years old. He is leaning against a lamp post smoking a cigarette. He is wearing brown robes. I feel his murderous Assassin energy. He glances casually at me, and walks away.
    WinterFae and I follow him around a corner, through some city blocks, then he descends down a flight of stairs in the ground. I follow. He goes through a door and closes it behind him.
    I stand in front of the door. I telepathically broadcast my murderous energy. I hear someone say in my head, "Art thou of murderous intent?"
    "Yes," I answer, "I intend to kill mine enemies."
    "I intend to kill my enemies!" WinterFae says.
    The door opens on its own. I walk down a long hall lit by torches into a large room with a crude stage. There is a small assembly gathered of about 50 people.
    The gnome paces back and forth on the stage slowly. "Welcome to the Assassin's Guild. You are all wannabe killers. You want to kill someone for some reason, and this is why you are here. You are now all Apprentices, then you will move up to Journeys, then Masters if you can. Your first quest to prove your loyalty will be to assassinate a target of your choice. We will provide you with whatever training you feel you need before you begin your first quest.
    If you would like training, exit into the Training Yard. Our Training Yard is underground under a large dome with a projector that can create images of the sky or flat ceilings. Do not be misled. Nothing is True, Anything is Possible."
    I see Redfox in the group about ten feet away. She is a red energy Vampyre with long straight red hair, and red and yellow eyes. She turns to me.
    I hear her telepathically since we are both Vampyres. "You, you look familiar... Hm... are you?"
    "Nomad, yet in this form, I am Soulkyst. This little Fairie is my wife, WinterFae."
    WinterFae curtsies. Redfox and I focus on each others' third eye, in the Vampyre greeting, and I learn of her tormented past, similar to mine. She wants to kill Evils, like me.
    "Let us go to the Practice Yard, and there we may spar, and test our spells and combat skills."
    "I'd like that," Redfox says.

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