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    BloodSand's Dream Journal


    by , 04-16-2016 at 01:28 PM (413 Views)
    I'm at a hospital/doctors office, helping a friends old friend Stephanie. She has an appointment there but was to anxious to come alone so my friend Beery and my mom and I come with her. I find by coincidence that my grandparents also have an appointment themselves and in the waiting room. I don't remember why now but one of the doctors there really pissing me off and I'm about ready to physically attack him. The doctor is a bit of a big guy and clearly works out, to make matters worse he indicates that he knows taekwondo. He ask me what I think I could possibly hope to accomplish if I were to fight him. I'm not willing to back down just because I'm likely to lose and get my ass completely kicked and I say “well, probably going to get my ass kicked”. I then come in to attack, hope he's just proficient enough to be able to read and manipulate easier but not so well as to be able to completely nullify any attack I launch. So I come in trying to telegraph an attack for the solar plexus, when his stance shifts I look for any opening even if it's not one likely to do any damage. I kick behind his knee and punch him in the side. I back out and shift back to defense. The attack didn't do much, but it was still more then I could have really hoped for against a big guy who claims to have some training. I had got an attack in and managed not to get counter attacked, even if he barely felt it. My grandfather shows up and luckily despite not knowing anything of situation he decides to back me. My grandfather is a big man but with his health lately he wouldn't likely be able to do much, luckily in the dream he seems to be more like himself from 10/15/20 years ago. A time skip occurs in the dream without my noticing. With my grandfather's help we have him beaten and he hold him down for me. I grab a bucket and a gallon of water. I put the bucket under his head and pour the water over his mouth and in his nose basically waterboarding him. I head back to the spot where Stephanie is sitting and realize I left my pants in the other room. I had never taken off my pants, but I went back to get them, more worried about my wallet in them then the actual pants themselves. Other things happen but are fuzzy in detail now, the doctor planning to get revenge, him bugging my toothbrush and my step-dad being at the same office/hospital over hearing that fact and wanting to help.

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