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    “Earaches and Pancakes”

    by , 06-26-2018 at 07:43 AM (129 Views)
    Morning of June 25, 2018. Monday.

    I am watching a scene of which I am not directly a part. It is an unknown house of which is being renovated by a few unknown males.

    There is a slight awareness of needing to use the bathroom, but I am uncertain if a bathroom is available nearby. I am also thinking about working on some music.

    A voice calls out, possibly about an unfinished kitchen or bathroom renovation, “There is nothing in there but earaches and pancakes”. I simultaneously find this both startling and clever in my semi-lucidity.

    It is typical of the preconscious to call out with random rhyming gibberish or bizarre surreal phrases near the end of a dream. This is similar to how the creative process works.

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    Tags: renovation