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    Apple Baby on Bus

    by , 01-07-1982 at 07:07 AM (90 Views)
    Morning of January 7, 1982. Thursday.

    Dream #: 5,498-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min.

    I am on the city bus in La Crosse, seemingly headed south. The route is like one I had taken in real life from the north side to the south side. There are so many people on the bus that one unknown young female is standing at the front of the bus, though facing away from the main doors, and holding a baby of perhaps six months of age. I am seated in the middle of the right side, closest the aisle.

    This female appears to be in friendly conversation with a few people sitting at the front of the bus. She is holding the baby with her right arm. Eventually, as the bus is coming to its next stop, she holds a large red apple in front of the babyís face with her left arm. The infant not only opens his mouth impossibly wide to consume the apple in one gulp, but he also swallows the left forearm of the girl who is holding him. She looks at the baby with a sense of awe but seems uninjured and still cheerful.

    Two forms of coalescence waking symbolism occur here; firstly, the bus, which represents returning to consciousness (as an imaginary journey) in this case, with all the other dream characters together in one vehicle; secondly, the baby swallowing the apple with exaggerated dynamics. Being on a bus is also a form of linear vestibular system correlation, all vehicles being associations with the physical body. That factor typically includes cars, boats, and airplanes.

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