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    Biplane Hang Glider Mishap

    by , 02-27-2016 at 08:27 AM (66 Views)
    Morning of February 27, 2016. Saturday.

    My wife Zsuzsanna and I are sitting in a parked car in an unknown large parking lot in an unknown area. I am on the left in the front seat, and America is possibly implied as the location. There are only a few buildings around, most in the distance. Still, consciously relative to our present home, I feel that the car is northeast of our home, facing north. It seems to be late afternoon. The sky is bright blue with a few white clouds. There are a few odd partial contrails in the sky, sparsely scattered, that are like truncated C shapes. There seems to be a vague awareness that military activities, mostly related to aircraft, are occurring somewhere in the region. I puzzle over this but I am not concerned about it or wary.

    Eventually, I notice a man high in the sky who is piloting a biplane hang glider. At first, he seems to know what he is doing, but at one point, the longer I watch, he seems to be falling (almost as if I am willing him to by subliminal expectation). He comes closer and closer to our car and eventually crashes onto the parking lot, sliding from left to right, hitting the left side of the front of our car with a hard metallic sound and resulting in the feeling of the car briefly moving.

    I get out of our car and look to see a number of pieces of the hang glider strewn over the immediate area. At least three of the wings are mostly whole. The male is sitting on the parking lot to the left of our car, about two feet in front of it, with his knees up. I stand to his left about three feet away. He does not look injured at all. I ask him if he is okay and he looks at me as if I am an idiot. (It does seem very unlikely that he did not get hurt or even killed, but he does seem okay.)

    Another male is eventually present who seems to be his companion (though he had apparently not been hang gliding) who stands to his right. There are thoughts of whether or not he used a kit to build the biplane hang glider himself or bought it commercially already made. Perhaps he made a mistake in building it, though this is uncertain.

    For new readers or inexperienced dreamers: A parking lot is autosymbolism for a specific level of liminal space unconsciousness (associated with being in bed as a car is otherwise a symbolic extension of the physical body in REM sleep). This dream is autosymbolic of the natural vestibular system ambiguity of REM sleep, biologically resulting in associations with falling, flight, or both. Therefore, it has no relationship with waking life or interpretable factors. An airplane, or in this case a hang glider, is often only an autosymbolic extension of the physical body during the vestibular system ambiguity of REM sleep. Therefore, it is usually unrelated to waking life. In my childhood, I typified this common type of dream event as “failed flight waking symbolism”. Use of the word “failed” does not imply a negative connotation as it is a biological dynamic of waking from REM sleep. Therefore, attributing conscious self meaning or waking life meaning is unintelligent. The victim in this dream is the personification of the vestibular system ambiguity of REM sleep, rendered as a projection in biologically “distancing” (or softening) the typical hypnopompic kick or other involuntary physical event. The Icarus myth as rendered here is based on the cessation of the illusion of the dream state by way of the conscious self identity’s critical thinking skills (the sun), which exist only in waking life consciousness. Thus, the meaning of this dream is the opposite of what an “interpreter” would typically imply, as such dreams reflect the nature of the dream self and inevitable dream cessation, not the conscious self in waking life. In fact, the vestibular system personification, an emergent consciousness factor of RAS mediation, assumes the same position as one assumes when sitting up in bed.

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