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    Charlie Brown’s World

    by , 04-29-2018 at 07:12 AM (198 Views)
    Morning of April 29, 2018. Sunday.

    In my surreal dream sequence, there is eventually a focus on the “Peanuts” comic strip. It is supposedly an anniversary of when the first strip was published. (This is incorrect, as in reality, October 2, 1950 is when the dailies started and it was January 6, 1952 for the Sunday strip.)

    The detail eventually stabilizes on a stage that seems to be for a television show being broadcast live. The announcer says “Charlie Brown” vividly and clearly and extends his hand to the right, upturned for introduction. The “real” Charlie Brown walks out on stage and the audience looks on. It is a real man, but he is very old and has oversized ears, which are probably fake. He actually has the essence of a very old Charlie Brown in appearance (which is unusual as the comic strip character has hardly any facial detail, yet my dream includes a very precise essence somehow), but I consider it is mostly makeup to play the role.

    There is a shift and the same scene repeats. After this, a similar scene occurs, though this time it is a very old and “real” Sally Brown sitting in a chair. The audience looks at her as she is interviewed. In the last scene, which is supposedly part of a movie that is showing a new “Peanuts” event, two anthropomorphic rats are standing near the back door of a building. Apparently, they are being married, though I see no other characters present at this time. The rat is named Roquefort, though in reality has nothing to do with Charlie Brown’s world (as far as I know). Roquefort eventually says how he is “impotent”. The female rat (I do not recall any name) says, “We’re British. We do not use that word.”

    From here, there are detailed closeups of one of each rat’s ears (the right for the male and the left for the female). I see that while the male’s lobe is connected to his head, the female rat’s lobe is slightly raised, with a J-shaped groove. This seems to mean that Roquefort might change his mind about the wedding, but it is the girl rat that turns and walks off.

    In hypnopompic disclosure (the preconscious and emergent consciousness correlation where the clear meaning of my dream surfaces), I realize the whole dream was triggered by the vestibular system correlation of the waking process, the stage being autosymbolism for “watching” the dream state (as well as a play on the “stage” of sleep). The rest was surreal nonsense of which I cannot even correlate with a media influence.

    Many of my dreams have autosymbolism for vestibular system correlation as the waking factor (in fact, an average of more than one dream per sleep cycle for over fifty years includes this biological process), though typically related to flight. (Vestibular system correlation is a common dream factor as the dream self cannot viably perceive the conscious self’s physical form in REM sleep.) It has astounded me since childhood that the same processes repeatedly being rendered are completely ignored in favor of “interpretation” simply because of their uniqueness each time. Perhaps in a thousand years, more people will begin to see what dreams actually are. Still, from the evidence I see in society, including most people that pretend to understand or “interpret” dreams, I very much doubt it.

    Dreams, especially the preconscious transition, are not actually supposed to relate to waking life as they are meant to be a release of the conscious self identity (unless literally prescient or when overwhelming stress is literally borrowed by RAS modulation, the former being quite common for me, the latter very rare, and neither of those two factors requiring “interpretation" due to being literal), for the reason of contrast in the emergent consciousness activation, and they do not come from the unconscious or subconscious either. For example, the male talking rat using "impotent” (after a satisfying lovemaking session prior to sleep) and the female rat replying with “We’re British”. This is the opposite of anything in my waking life. (I do not even know anyone who is British or English in waking life, that is, where I actually live.)

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