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    Escaping World War Three

    by , 03-19-2007 at 10:37 AM (220 Views)
    Morning of March 19, 2007. Monday.

    In this dream, I am in a public area, and in a different country. It seems it may be the northern area of Syria. A lot of people are around. For some reason, Sam Neill, the actor, is there. He has a large boat to help people escape from the coming war. There is also a girl (from Tel Aviv?) with him. She is wearing a Star of David patch on her dress or blouse, but is told to take the symbol off, as she will not be safe in any part of the world with any group of people (during the war) if she keeps it. I believe she takes off the patch and puts it in a pocket or wraps it in a scarf. There is also a teenage male on the boat, but he plays such a small role, I am hardly ever aware of him.

    A Syrian man (about forty years old) approaches me. He asks me where I am living, and for some reason, I state that I am living on the Saudi Arabia / Iraq border, which seems quiet and suitable in my dream, curiously enough. He informs me that he will go and get a gun for me to help protect myself as I am leaving the country. I wait outside and overhear him say something about me being gullible in my belief that he would do this, but the word is not “gullible”, it is something else I am not sure of, a short word which seems to express a few ideas at once, something to do with word play on “assaulting” (assaultin’) and “sultan”, I think. There is a point at which a large cloud of black smoke rises in the distance.

    I later see a large television on display to the public and the news is on, showing scenes of smoking, damaged buildings with text (lower on the screen) “Beginning: World War III”. However, the news announcers seem very calm. I decide to go on the boat to “escape”. There are only very few people on the boat with Sam Neill as captain.

    The “logic” of my dream makes absolutely no sense with regard to travel. The large boat is able to travel over land and even through buildings. In fact, somehow, during a couple similar or “reset” scenes, we even manage to get through a narrow checkout in what seems to be a small grocery store in Australia. At times, we are on water, but there is supposedly no flood to justify how the boat goes through different buildings to different countries or travels as it does.

    We knock aside some military vehicles, one being a colorful semitrailer truck. It is not clear to me who is doing the most fighting or even what the war is about. It just seems that every country is at war with every other country and even different armies of certain countries are against each other.

    We go into a whirlpool and we go down through a subterranean system of rivers, which are almost perfectly round. There is some concern that we will reach a dead-end and not be able to go back. At one point, we go through a palace in India where I notice intense-appearing women that gaze at us suspiciously - and the boat even goes down the front flight of stairs before going back into a larger body of water.

    Finally, we end up in an area in which I am trying to work out if we are just west or east of Canada. It seems more like it is near Alaska, on the west side of Canada. There is a smaller cylindrical iceberg in the water, which is where I will be living until the war is over. The area is peaceful and beautiful. I expect to see airplanes or smoke along the horizon, but everything is clear and blue here.

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