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    The Fall

    by , 10-16-2018 at 07:28 PM (124 Views)
    Afternoon of October 12, 2018. Friday.

    Dream #: 18,925-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 53.

    I have written in many other entries on the nature of vestibular system correlation, my main dreaming process, which is biological, unrelated to the often fallacious concept of “dream interpretation,” as its cause stems from the waking process, not real life. To this day, people continue to invent nonsensical “meanings” for it without any understanding of what the dream state is.

    One of the many differences between the status of the dream self and the conscious identity as in real life is that it lacks awareness of where its real physical body is or how it is oriented. That is enough to manifest a falling dream, either by subliminal anticipation of the process or the process itself. Think about it carefully, using genuine intelligence. The conscious self rarely enters enigmatic space during viable wakefulness and usually knows where the physical body is and how it is oriented. I am only repeating this information here to list some additional factors of falling dreams, based on my last one (although many mindsets will never understand the dream state and continue to propagate misinformation).

    In this case, I had fallen asleep on the couch while sitting up. Zsuzsanna was out with our children at the time. The television was on, and it was fairly loud. I could hear it through the veil of sleep. It was a man’s voice talking continuously. As soon as he stopped talking and there was silence for about two seconds, I experienced a falling dream.

    Here is how it has always worked for me since childhood. If I am asleep in the dream state where everything in my real environment is mostly quiet, and there is an unexpected noise, I will probably quickly enter enigmatic space, sometimes with a preconscious avatar or a vestibular system avatar dominating the process, depending on the part of the sleep cycle. The opposite also occurs as with my above dream. If a voice or other sound is continuous in the background and stops, I will also experience the falling start.

    Additionally, if Zsuzsanna has her hand on my chest or abdomen as I am sleeping but moves it away, I will sometimes have a falling start. In contrast, if she moves to touch me when I am asleep when her fingers are still inches away, I sometimes experience the back spasm “fall” and nearly jerk sideways off the bed.

    Ultimately, this reveals that it is a concurrent change of any kind that sometimes causes this “falling” event, to repeat, continuous sound followed by silence, silence followed by unexpected sound, having someone else’s hand on me as I sleep and they move it away, someone touching me when they had not been. Thus, both stimulus and its sudden absence result in the same waking process. I do not find that unusual at all, as the mind, even in sleep, is designed to detect changes in environmental status. (Still, as with other waking processes, a fall can be used to vivify and sustain a dream.)

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