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    Falling into the Safety Net

    by , 10-01-2017 at 08:39 PM (143 Views)
    Morning of October 1, 2017. Sunday.

    I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now. We are seemingly at the local showgrounds at nighttime. (This is likely residual memory of the enjoyable time we had there in real life.)

    Zsuzsanna takes our youngest daughter with her up a ladder to some sort of minimal structure whereby a person then jumps off an I-beam from at least thirty feet up. I am soon seeing the view from overhead even though I had not yet climbed the ladder, yet I do not seem incorporeal as in similar events.

    I am somewhat wary of this as I do not want them injured. However, after they jump, a safety net comes into view and they cheerfully land on it and everything is okay.

    I then decide to try this for myself. However, I start to realize as I am climbing the metal ladder (with round rungs), that climbing a ladder is a metaphor for waking from the dream state (even though I am only partially lucid at this point). Before I get to the I-beam, I wake, feeling very amused that I “tricked myself”. (I was already apparently on the I-beam. I really did not have to reset my dream as such to experience this waking symbolism as I have otherwise enjoyed flying, falling, and rising in my dreams on a day to day basis for over fifty years.)

    Falling in a dream is usually biologically based on inner ear dynamics via RAS (partly caused by perceiving one’s fictional dream body as standing in the dream state while the physical body is actually horizontal in bed, as one obviously but naturally loses the perception of environmental solidity and stability while unconscious). However, someone or something else falling is typically an event projected by subliminal conscious will in an attempt to soften the waking transition.

    As long as there are people (who should really know better) pretending that a dream involving falling has an “interpretation” or meaning related to real life circumstances (when it is simply RAS-based biology in most cases, which is a circadian rhythms factor typically beyond conscious intent or will), superstition and ignorance will continue to corrupt any hope of understanding the dream state.

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