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    Flipping Rafts

    by , 04-26-2016 at 10:26 AM (47 Views)
    Morning of April 26, 2016. Tuesday.

    I am on a raft made of logs of which is floating on a body of water, but I am unsure if it is implied to be the ocean, a lake, or a wide river (though ocean seems the most likely). Over time, I notice a few empty rafts in the distance on each side of me, though more to my right.

    My dream becomes somewhat abstract. I try to use the raft as a trapdoor to flip it over to enter another realm.

    Flipping my raft (part manual effort, part mental effort) makes the other rafts in the distance automatically flip in unison with mine, though I somehow remain atop my raft when it flips. The implied “doorway” under each raft is black and seemingly without the presence or essence of water. I know that I am trying to wake up or at least enter a clearer level of awareness within the dream state even without viable lucidity. Going down into the water as well as the supposed dark “doorway” would imply dream induction. Still, I try for several minutes and eventually notice Zsuzsanna on a different raft. I get the impression that flipping my raft will send me through the implied portal up and onto her raft as a mostly subliminal act of “retuning” to our bed. This works and I am with her, by her side, and quickly wake.

    This is the first time (at least in recent memory) that a dream rendered a raft as a “door” (or as potential doorway waking symbolism). It makes sense though, as the water body implies going deeper into unconsciousness and a raft additionally implies autosymbolism of our bed, and again, was even perceived as such by my dream self.

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