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    Gecko Tree

    by , 05-20-2013 at 02:04 PM (251 Views)
    Early afternoon of May 20, 2013. Monday.

    I was having a nap; had a light headache, which kind of altered my dream state, I suppose. I rarely had headaches when younger and mostly only get them now in unseasonable heat - and it was really hot this morning even though it is supposed to be winter here - we even had to turn the fan on after this.

    In my dream, I am with my wife, and there is a gecko moving about on the wall as in real life. I watch the very smooth, circular actions. Later, I am outside in an unfamiliar area (but maybe a distorted version of King Street in Wisconsin), seemingly at night, becoming semi-lucid. I notice that there is an “identical” but different gecko moving in a similar or same way on every single leaf of a tree, each making a sort of circular movement and going around and under a leaf, around the same time, and I feel a very strange awe over that, as it would mean that there are hundreds (even thousands) of geckos in the tree (and perhaps every other tree in the area). It is not exactly a strong fear, just a sense of being near great, natural power with a potentially overwhelming presence. It has a similar sense of a dream as a child about a giant lobster approaching from behind a building and a particular pattern being in every window at the same time at one point. I guess you could call it some sort of “fly’s-eye” view or effect, the same thing repeated in many different facets of vision. This is actually only the second time in my life that I remember experiencing this. It may be related to having a headache (I did not document a headache codition for my lobster dream) - as, when I was awake later, I had a strong impression of several perfect rows of alternating red and green spinning “wheels” (like partial bicycle wheels).

    Another dream scene, though somewhat a possible continuity of the previous, involved looking at a journal entry from a dream journal site. However, instead of a computer monitor, it was somehow in a notebook of white unlined paper with picture cards attached to almost every part (from the center of the particular card, as most of it could be pulled out a little around the corners) with the entry and other comments all being on the same page, being more like a forum - also appearing to have been typed. Parts of it (one page) reminded me of something (a brief exchange) I had read on the real site that was hilarious (relating to celibacy, followed by the nice and blunt simple reaction and later additional comment in another entry by the original dreamer). A couple more comments were made in my dream, somehow appearing on the plain white (unlined) notebook paper, but the original dreamer and commenter were not the same as in real life and it involved something to do with spiders supposedly always being celibate - the real life scenario, though, reflecting somehow in my dream like some sort of jester-like catalyst. There is something along the lines of “oh look, nothing is growing” and someone else saying “I see a lot of flowers”, something to do with one person being more creative by seeing flowers - possibly relating to IMDb as well - where, very commonly in reality, one person hates the movie and another person really likes it.

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