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    A Ghost Story (with empirical concurrent decoding)

    by , 11-18-2016 at 05:18 PM (32 Views)
    Morning of November 18, 2016. Friday.

    I non-lucidly become aware of being in the northeast bedroom of the Loomis Street house in La Crosse. (This means that my synaptic gating has held my memory of having fallen asleep, but not held my memory of my current location, thus my dream self accepts this erroneous location as current. In my dream, I have no focus on any relatives who lived here. I had not lived here since February 1994.)

    No east window is present, an error my dream self does not regard as incorrect. (This is due to synaptic liminal space gating being closed at this point and also why Zsuzsanna appears in my dream with me but as a younger incorrect rendering. Thus far, there are two literal threads, memory of having fallen asleep and partial recall of Zsuzsanna.)

    Over time, I slowly become aware of the evidence of an unthreatening haunting, which firstly only relates to marks appearing on the east wall, though it eventually seems like writing. This supposed ghost seems more like the real Zsuzsanna, though I am not directly aware of this fact in my dream. (This means that factors of my emergent consciousness are becoming active by way of RAS mediation. Threads of recall of who Zsuzsanna really is are becoming more dominant as I grow closer to waking. Well-known lifelong autosymbolism is rendered; “a wall as a liminal space divider”; that is, the precursory synaptic gating between dream self identity and conscious self identity. “Ghost writing” is utilized by way of RAS to augment language and reading skills, which typically do not viably exist in the non-lucid dream state.)

    Eventually, I go outside via the Loomis Street house’s back door, though I am then in the backyard of the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane. My dream self does not consider this impossible location change as erroneous or worthy of attention. (Synaptic gating has brought about a focus on a more recent location I had lived, but not my current address or viable conscious self identity.)

    There is a shed in the backyard which is similar to the Loomis Street house’s shed although it is also associated with the shed at our present address but mirrored. (A shed is typically autosymbolism for a specific type of memory recall and storage.)

    It seems to be early morning at this time. The haunting continues, in two-dimensional dynamics, on the outer wall of the shed that faces the back of the house (west, relative to the Stadcor Street house). The ghost seems to remain contained within the wall, but she communicates with writing and eventually speech. (This means that my emergent consciousness is becoming more active than before to where more viable threads of my physical status of being in bed with Zsuzsanna are extant.)

    A few random unknown people are eventually present near the shed. I notice that the ghost now has the power to direct lightning into the television antenna. I say “look at that” and point. Long thin bolts of lightning intriguingly jump about on the antenna. This causes me to feel somewhat wary. I think that the ghost may now become three-dimensional and perhaps even emerge from the television by going through the antenna and into the house. (This is autosymbolism for the waking transition in my dream’s final stage. It indicates subliminal awareness of Zsuzsanna’s neural energy as metaphorically coalescing with mine - I use “metaphorically” for people who cannot accept the existence of telepathy. The antenna is autosymbolism for serotonin receptors as well as synaptic efficacy. This is very similar autosymbolism as in dreams such as “Not my Fault”, a childhood dream from May 1971.)

    This type of haunting dream stems from the biological factor of being unconscious, though perception of vestibular system ambiguity is minimal here (as there is no association with flying, falling, or other implied movement). The reason for this dream, along with its meaning, has been validated in its correlation with thousands of occurrences of identical autosymbolism in RAS mediation in dreams since early childhood.

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