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    1. Attack of the Giant Red Lobster

      by , 09-07-1970 at 03:07 PM
      Morning of September 7, 1970. Monday.

      A giant lobster is approaching my school from the west and we all have to leave (I had been in a class on the second floor). When I am outside, east of the building and at a fair distance from it, the giant red lobster approaches from the other side, but the scene does not look right. It is as if the school is now only one large wall with windows (and perhaps now implied as four storeys high), since I can see everything supposedly on the other side rather clearly as the creature bashes his claws on the building. Realistically, I should only have seen the building and not what was behind it through any windows to the other side, as I was down on the ground.

      Not only that, the movement in each window seems to be the exact same partial scene and movement somewhat like a fly’s eye view, including what is seemingly duplicated sections of the same pieces of blue sky and arc of lobster claw in the background in each and every window. The simultaneous imagery and movement in each window is almost ominous in itself. Still, I actually enjoyed this dream because of its unusual “rare” nature. Although the “fly’s eye view” has occurred in other dreams (this being only one of two more vivid instances over a lifetime), it seems very rare.

      This dream, I think, amusingly enough, was perhaps more influenced by the restaurant commercials shown during “Shock Theatre” than by any monster movies at the time, though “The Black Scorpion” (from 1957) might have had an influence.
    2. Man Panther Shadow

      by , 08-29-1970 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 1970. Saturday.

      In a number of repeating similar scenes throughout what seems a very long dreaming period, I find myself somehow arriving on an island very early in the morning before sunrise, each time for “the first time”, though the repetitive nature of the “resets” is not monotonous or of any type of negative effect. I seem incorporeal for the most part, though sometimes standing on the beach in my physical body. Regardless of my mainly unresolved redundant arrivals, I do not become impatient. There is mainly a feeling of perfection, happiness, and timelessness. I have a vague sense of my “mystery girl” (who may be living near the central area of the island) but I do not see her at any point.

      Always in the distance no closer than thirty feet away, is a shadow in the form of a man but is also implied to be feline, with cat ears, and I sense it may be half panther and half man. There is no threat or negative emotion. The overall feeling the character is mostly projecting is neutral though seems to imply a beneficial future and even nostalgia (which seems unusual from a child’s point of view but has happened often with me as a boy). It seems like the creature is somehow always walking along the beach at this time on this seemingly isolated island. There are times when I more vividly perceive that this entity is my own shadow somehow cast from where I am standing on the beach (sparsely recurring including in much later dreams).

      Entry and additional notes confirmed and updated Wednesday, 26 October 2016.

      • Mainly influenced by the movie “Terror Is a Man” (November 1959) though again, completely lacking in anything either frightening or threatening.
      • Additionally influenced by the Money Cat scene from the animated movie “Gay-Purr-ee” (October 1962).
      • Additionally influenced from a previous dream from the night of Friday, December 23, 1966 (“Money Cat” minion saves me).
      • As of this writing, my last dream to feature an association with the Shadow Cat as the preconscious essence was “Catlike Shadow Creature and Shopping” from Saturday, September 10, 2016, though it has appeared in a number of other dreams, typically in a dream’s final minutes.
      • A beach in a dream represents liminal space and in fact is the most powerful setting of this nature. (See off-site link: The Beach, part 3 - Liminal Space.)
      • A cat (or in this case, a panther) mainly symbolizes the nocturnal form of the preconscious (especially in this shadow form), where its origin seems to be (even though cats are active during the day).
      • Shadow forms in my dreams are often friendly, helpful, and even radiate love, the opposite of what the majority of other people claim.
      • This form of the preconscious sometimes seems to be my own shadow, but in this case, I do not consider that a shadow could not appear in this way (for example, with no wall behind it for it to be logically cast upon), the same fallacy that has occurred in a number of other dreams since early childhood.

    3. The Old Shack (long-term precognition)

      by , 08-24-1970 at 12:22 PM
      Morning of August 24, 1970. Monday.

      This dream, I consider one of my most significant and “unexplainable” childhood dreams, as well as it being one of the longest of the time period. I called it “The Old Shack” in my original childhood journal. My dream’s back story started by three classmates and I (Tina L, Brenda W, and best friend Toby T) doing a real-life-based childish routine on the song “Sugar Shack” and pretending to mess up in timing, and going “whoops, it exploded… boom!” …“accidentally” (on purpose) flowing into the Nancy Sinatra song “Sugar Town”. School had gotten out June 5th this year.

      My dream featured a strange old (fictional) wooden building (a “sugar shack” I had supposed - but not really - one room had an old bed we all “slept” on which seemed to be oriented from the middle of the south wall) where one room on the north end of the main room seemed sort of “burned” or dark, with very loose and missing floorboards as well as missing wall and ceiling parts - and appeared in different ways at different times (in terms of age). The only other feature in this shack of note are ragged curtains with only about fifty percent of the cloth left. There was a strong emotional focus on my dream at the time, but I did not know why. My dream also had typically recurring elements. The juvenile (in this case) “four in a bed” concept likely but innocently could have been inspired by promos (or newspaper theater advertisements) for “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”, though I had no idea what the movie related to other than from the Mad Magazine parody us four read in real life (and of course did not really find that amusing - and it certainly did not encourage us into looking forward to being “idiotic” adults, though I usually enjoyed most features in Mad Magazine), though I do not know the day it was bought - the cover date says September 1970, but it likely was available in June 1970 or earlier. The hair color (three dark, one blonde) matched, and I had a brother-in-law named Bob and a sister (not Bob’s wife) named Carol.

      In my dream, a normal rabbit (possibly modeled after my mother’s pet rabbit Cindy, though it seemed wild in my dream) had gone through the doorway that led in and out of the unusual room (though the floor did not seem strong enough or complete enough to walk on or even to actually enter the room). Later, it was a giant rabbit (bigger than a horse), but was not dangerous in any way. There is also a part where a snake grows larger but does not threaten us - though we do see it crawl past the open front door (on the east side of the building - the back door being on the west side), being about half the height of the doorway and this concerns Tina. At one point (when events are getting to a point where we need to leave), she says (in her “fake” British accent) “…but what about the rabbit?”

      Tina had placed a sparrow with a broken wing through the doorway at one point, and it had begun to grow larger. It eventually becomes a pterodactyl after flying over the shack and she seems a bit concerned about what she did. She also puts an old wilted bouquet of flowers (from the southwest dusty corner of the large room) through the doorway and the blooms become fresh. I am not sure how the room works at any point. Does it move through time (thus causing other things to change), or just make things bigger at times? I can understand how the sparrow became a pterodactyl if prehistoric “throwbacks” (as well as futuristic ones) are implied with time shifting, but that does not explain why the rabbit (and snake) - as well as my thumb near the last scene - just became larger.

      My friend Toby (who is wearing a cheap wristwatch) sticks his hand through the doorway to “test” it somehow (based on curiosity about how other things that had happened - such as the restoration of part of the torn curtain to becoming complete and like new) and ends up with a changed watch that is complex and computerized - there even seems to be a miniature slot machine video game on it (before I ever saw or heard of computer games as such). In real life, years later, such things actually existed as seen in my dream years before, which I found quite interesting.

      Near the final scenario, I had placed my right hand through the doorway and my thumb cramped up in great pain and grew nearly twice as large (I do not typically experience this level of pain in a dream).

      My dream had ended by me trying to reach an apparently known “portal” after running out the back door (though I am not sure what influenced this - possibly a “Star Trek” episode) and across a mostly featureless large grassy field, around the same time that the reddish pterodactyl (that had transformed from the sparrow) made a shadow on the ground near me as I was running (and I assume that it was ready to attack me) and I just made it through the old isolated trellis which was being used as an arched gate as part of a broken fence - which was supposedly the “portal” from my dream into reality (and probably the “cure” for whatever the room in the shack had changed) - though I am beginning to only become slightly lucid at this point (the situation nearly identical in mood and physical awareness to the event in the “Dogpile” dream of 1972 where I leaped through the front door of my Cubitis home) as I saw the pterodactyl become a sparrow again, and fall to the ground just after crossing above the supposed “portal”. (The pterodactyl shadow is likely a replay of a real-life event concerning a buzzard flying over me, of which numerous dreams were influenced by.)

      The outcome:

      Exactly six years later in real life (August 24, 1976)…I was in the hospital, my right thumb enlarged to nearly twice the size (exactly as in my dream) due to a completely unexpected medical condition, caused by an unexplainable series of four (and a half) cysts, all the same size except for the new one just starting, which all apparently had embryonic properties as if my body suddenly decided to grow a few other siblings from my thumb (though this followed other dreams which were also precognitive to this event). There was not the slightest indication of this until the summer vacation of 1976 when I first noticed the first one growing (with no hints or known causes beforehand), but did not get it checked out until there were four in a row, and by that time, a fifth had started closer to my wrist.

      The CBS late movie that was playing the night prior to the morning of my operation was “Night of the Lepus” from 1972 - about giant rabbits of the same size orientation as the one from my dream. There is more, but the detail is minor compared to the significance of the two main synchronous links.

      Though this pales in comparison to nearly endless unexplainable “mystery girl” associations and numerous other mysteries (including my present knowledge of fractals in the language and certain types of patterns), I still find this one interesting, all in all, relative to the main reason I started paying attention to my dreams when very young and why I started dream journalism in the first place - because no adult could be honest or tell me how dreams continuously “echoed” into reality, often with precise visual detail of something not seen (or even existing) until later. There is no excuse for such ignorance or denial (or replacing personal experience with incompatible religious beliefs) - as each person has a will to make a life for himself - and to validate his own understanding successfully.

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    4. House of Rats, Child

      by , 07-05-1970 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of July 5, 1970. Sunday.

      This is yet another old dream that does not have the “best” title. It actually takes place in a large apartment building (perhaps even a business building in some parts) rather than a house. The title comes from what someone tells me about the place. An older black lady says that “it’s a house of rats, child”.

      I am aware that some of my classmates are in different parts of the building, in different rooms. It seems we are on some sort of extended field trip and will be sleeping on the floor for at least a few days. At one point, I look through a long pipe and see the large head of a black rat looking up at an angle to the right. It seems almost like some sort of special magnification or realization - it is almost as if this long plumbing pipe (part of an abandoned kitchen, I think - yet also serves in-dream as a sort of telescope-like device). There are a lot of chewed-up old clothes as well as chewed-up crayons and open coloring books in one area. I am not attacked at any point, but there is a very eerie atmosphere throughout. This is a dream I had recorded into newer journals a few times and with a short comic strip format. It is also implied in the dream that the rats are almost as intelligent as people at one point (perhaps as a result of an experiment though this is not defined) and will live there as long as they can, making it impossible for human beings to live in or near the building. They also seem to be multiplying.

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    5. Museum Puzzle (Fox on Shelf)

      by , 06-01-1970 at 12:01 PM
      Morning of June 1, 1970. Monday.

      In my dream, I had been on a mid-morning school field trip with classmates in the southeastern side of the main part of Arcadia (and south of my school) but got separated and did not return to the group when I should have. It is at a very small museum (but which is more like a small empty family-run grocery store or knickknack store) with hardly anything in it, one of the only features being a stuffed fox (in the taxidermy sense). It is on a large shelf (like the kind in a grocery store) that faces west, the fox’s head on the south end. At one point no one else is around, not even the people who supposedly own the “museum”. I am trying to work out if perhaps the fox comes to life and prowls the local area to get food to keep it in a more pristine appearance on the shelf but that does not make much sense. I do not see much else at the supposed museum other than a few empty narrow crystal vases and at least one large urn. I should probably go home but do not know if I should go back to school instead though it seems to be on or near the last day for the semester. Nothing threatening happens at any point. There does seem to be some sort of vague mystery associated with the fox. There is a vague idea that I will visit there again soon but will be somehow invisible.

      Although this dream was precisely precognitive, it may have other layers of meaning. (Remember that only the dreamer can viably “interpret” his or her own dream. Do not let people mislead you.)

      On June 5, 1970, the following Friday after this Monday morning dream, it was the last day of school prior to summer vacation. My class went to a park as well as a small unusual museum (that looked as if it might have served as a knickknack store in the past) that I did not know existed (especially as it was in an area my parents never drove to south of the school) and I actually did see a small stuffed (real) fox.

      Of another layer, the fox could also represent the red-haired girl who was my close friend and next-door neighbor (also south of where I lived in the same orientation as the museum from the school). Even more obviously, her name was Lisa which actually means “fox” in Russian. She also had a somewhat sly demeanor. The fox was rendered as stuffed because she was not yet in her transitional stage into the teenage years (thus “inactive” at this point relative to a more mature relationship) and on a particular level on the shelf up from the floor as she was neither “beneath” me or “above” me in that sense. On another note, she was the only other one “with” me (in the museum setting), as she did not go to my school or know my classmates at this time, though was someone I spent the most time with otherwise. She primarily faced away from me, though her head was turned to the right to partly acknowledge me even though we were not always “face to face” or seeing “eye to eye” (though we did share dream work at times). This dream also has additional layers of meaning too personal to get into, relating to self-fulfilling prophecy on one level.

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    6. Boa!

      by , 04-18-1970 at 10:18 AM
      Morning of April 18, 1970. Saturday.

      I am at school (West Elementary in Arcadia) and see my (second-best friend after Toby T at this time) friend Danny H. He is high on a scaffold and trying to be friendly with a giant boa constrictor when everyone else has gone into hiding within the school buildings. The snake’s mouth is ready to engulf him - the top of the mouth over him and the bottom part under the part of the scaffold he is standing on. However, nothing happens after this as if it suddenly becomes a “frozen image” from my perspective (as if time had suddenly stopped somehow). (In real life, some classmates made fun of him for being feminine, such as how he carried his books across his chest or how he spoke.) Note that with the term “boa constrictor” - the idea of constricting stomach pain or intestinal constriction are also possible plays (especially as a snake looks like an intestine). Thus the pain of a stomach illness could be a “boy constrictor”. I did not have this at the time - but Danny did in reality.

      This dream seems to have two possible layers of composite cause as the dreaming mind cleverly utilizes over time. Because Danny was believed to be on the path to being “too feminine” (which was really no concern for me at all, but I did not like how he was bullied), the snake, being a boa (a play on “boy” as was often used in real life in my school, especially by David K, whereby if someone called him a “boy”, he would angrily state “I ain’t no boy/boa constrictor”!) seemed to grow to bigger-than-life as a sort of threat to see if this would be enough to increase his male nature.

      Also, he had a stomach ache (as in real life) at the time and needed to go to the nurse’s station by way of a (fictional) questionable outside entrance that was clearly unsafe. This links to the snake also being a visual symbol of the intestine and the pain of a stomach problem. I was clearly, in both cases of interpretation, dreaming directly about him and not an aspect of myself (especially as I was not the one with a stomach ache in reality - he was).

      Update Tuesday, 8 December 2015. There may be another viable “explanation” here. Snakes may also represent umbilical cords. In this case, I may be projecting Danny as being immature as well as not having as much support from other people (who are in the building while he is outside the building on a precarious structure). The “giant umbilical cord” may relate to being “constricted” as such (perhaps by his mother in comparison to my mother, as I view the scene from a distance).

      This dream is type ECA (subtype Cbellsub: emergent consciousness bellicosity sublimated to a secondary character). The giant truculent boa constrictor is my emergent consciousness. Danny is the projection of my dream self, therefore the temporary waking self model, but my true dream self watches safely from a distance. Here my conscious self swallows Danny as representing coalescence.

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    7. The Pole Vault Event

      by , 04-13-1970 at 10:13 AM
      Morning of April 13, 1970. Monday.

      Summary of meaning: In subliminal anticipation of the need to get up for school, my dream renders a school setting, but this is more about having the physical energy to wake up and start the day. My classmate goes through a time warp while pole vaulting and instantly becomes supposedly old skeletal remains. The hypnopompic physical event (back jab) lacks intensity, possibly because of the flight association and “rising above it” in the moment of waking. Still, the pole may be subliminally perceived as a pointy object and may have an association with the hypnopompic back jab.

      This was a shorter dream in childhood but quite vivid and eerie. I am not sure of the backstory or how it came in. My schoolmates and I were never involved in pole vaulting at any prior time in real life. The outcome is rather macabre. There is a slight possibility that the idea of pole vaulting is associated with magnetism (regarding north and south poles on a magnet) or time distortions caused by magnetic fields.

      I am seemingly near the high school building and area across from the primary school which I had been a student of in real life (West Elementary). A friend, D Smith, a black boy about my age, is running about and is going to be involved in a pole vault attempt. I do not seem to be engaged in any sport or practice of any kind; I am just standing around. There are hardly any other people around, mostly at least one male teacher or coach and a few other students and possibly a couple parents.

      (Somehow, I am aware that the bar is sixteen feet above the ground. This has been a recurring height distance which may relate to symbolism of possible measurement in Hz regarding Beta waves. Beta states are the states associated with normal waking consciousness. 16 Hz would be the last phase of Beta 1 power.)

      D begins the pole vault routine, running due south. However, when he goes up and over, he quickly ends up as “old” skeletal remains on the other side, along the side of the road (with a soft “gasp” or “sigh” from the others; no yelling occurs), which is near the sports area. I somehow perceive that he went through a time barrier.

      This is instant death waking symbolism, unrelated to day-to-day reality (as dreams do not really have “interpretations” as such). It simply means I am coming out of sleep, the symbolism of which is rendered in many different ways. It can also be typified as a form of exit flight waking symbolism, more specifically, failed flight waking symbolism in biological anticipation of physical (muscular) hypnopompic effects (which are spontaneous and cannot be controlled by will).

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    8. My Little Cane

      by , 03-28-1970 at 09:39 PM
      Morning of March 28, 1970. Saturday.

      One of my favorite dreams, very long and with many parts, I had at age nine and this was a time period where the color of Pepto-Bismol sometimes dominated as a main feature (dreams only, not hypnagogic or hypnopompic visions). I am not sure why; I had not actually taken it that much. I tend to wonder if we had never had Pepto-Bismol in the house, if the features in my dreams would have been the same other than that color, because all the things that did have that color would not be remotely associated with that shade of pink for the most part. In fact, in this dream, the cane actually does seem lighter greenish-blue at times.

      This time it was a cane with a small sliding switch on the top that activated special powers for me. It was shaped like a candy cane and was that familiar Pepto-Bismol color. A lot of major events occur, and my dream was probably an hour long, or so it seemed (although it is possible it was a series of dreams in one night, which were linked).

      In the very first part of my dream, there are two prisoners looking out through a jail cell (I eventually associated them with “Hudd and Dini” from Cracked Magazine). It actually seems to be more like a cage, I suppose, as I can clearly see the scene as if it was inside a normal jail, although there does seem to be some sort of “outside office” to the east. Other people walk about and notice the criminals. However, at the same time, it seems to be taking place in the playground in the middle area of the southern side, closer to the fence (where beyond are normal residential homes).

      Somehow the prisoners escape, and for some reason, because I am right there at the time, may be after my special cane and start to chase me. However, I chant “invisible…invisible…” and I both turn invisible and sink down into the ground (several feet). The prisoners are running perfectly in step with each other, reminding me of a scene from Alice in Wonderland or a scene from older issues of Mad Magazine (or maybe Scooby-Doo), with their knees lifted comically high in the air. Soon, I am above ground and actually chasing them. They realize this, and do a double take, but I still am able to get away by going through the outside wall of the auditorium.

      I notice Brenda W (female classmate) is putting on some sort of marionette show, but is having a lot of trouble with the strings, and the audience is booing her. She is sad - but I become invisible to help her, and am able to move the puppet around and perform all the actions and such of the whole play. It mostly involves animal antics, with an elephant mopping the floor in a sort of Carol Burnett-like routine mixed with a scene from “Fantasia”. The audience is amazed and marvels at her show.

      Later, I am at an area that seems to be a combination of a brother’s home (in Cubitis) and the principal’s office in school. I am marching around in my invisible state and making “booing” sounds and another boy my age (sitting on the couch) is looking terrified.

      Eventually, along comes Ricardo Montalbán driving a taxi. He has the two criminals of the first part of my dream with him. He is after my “magical” cane (which has a “real” technological explanation for what it does). I am worried for a little while, but I surprise him, and float up through the roof of the taxi and escape.

      I then end up at an older house with two floors and an attic on “King Street”. This part was amazingly precognitive in that is actually where I was living years later (in Wisconsin), including the street name - and the mood I then had was very precise (there was no way to know my family would move to Wisconsin again at a later date or that I would feel just as I did at that much later stage of my life). Somehow, the cane stopped working and I was trapped as a “ghost” who could only walk around and haunt the place by knocking chairs over and such until someone came along and helped me. But I remained a “ghost” at the time. Not the greatest ending, but it was still a fun dream. There were several other parts that I did not originally write down. I know there was something about avoiding mosquitoes by becoming of no substance so that they just moved through me and could not bite.
    9. The “Little Rabbit” Song (Fence Autosymbolism part 1)

      by , 03-17-1970 at 09:17 AM
      Morning of March 17, 1970. Tuesday.

      My dream’s setting is the southwest corner of West Elementary School’s playground. A small light-colored rabbit is trying to get through the bottom of a chain-link fence where a few of the links had been broken (to leave the fenced-in area of the playground to continue south, where there are mostly the backyards of suburban houses), presumably to escape danger. The rabbit firstly seems slightly too large to fit through. (I am not sure what the danger is, as I do not see any other animal at any time. Perhaps it had been running from a fox, though this remains uncertain.)

      I and a few other children, mostly my friendlier classmates, including Danny and Annette as well as schoolmate Linda, gather around the scene. Some of us are standing and some of us are squatting. I am squatting. We start singing, “Come little rabbit, you can do it” to the tune of “Glow Worm” (a song my father performed now and then and one I had played on the accordion and organ when I was older). (I did not make the direct association with the song while in my dream.) It seems to be working, as the rabbit is almost through and I get the sense that our singing was effective.

      Even though we are happily singing “come little rabbit” (rather than “come on little rabbit”, though this would not have fit as well with the “Glow Worm” melody), the rabbit is moving through the fence away from us to the other side. For the record, the “Glow Worm” lyric (as subliminally borrowed in my dream) is “glow little glow worm, glimmer, glimmer”, which matches “come little rabbit, you can do it” with its nine syllables. (There are variations of the real song, including comedic ones.)

      Decoding my dream with intelligence and experience (only for people with a genuine interest in dreams):

      A point of focus is the chain link fence. This fence exists in real life. The fence divides my elementary school’s playground from the backyards of the suburban residences nearby for the entire city block. The essence of a dream’s autosymbolism is more from literal factors, not symbolic in the conventional sense. The fence is autosymbolism based on how I would perceive a fence in reality, as a divider between states of being and the area of immediate current focus as I sleep. As I am unconscious, and as a rabbit is involved, I consider that a rabbit, representing dream state induction as in “Alice in Wonderland” and naturally perceived as an underground denizen, is autosymbolic of the sleep cycle itself (being underground as being analogous to being asleep). The rabbit is apparently trying to escape from the playground area, though there is no perceived danger.

      It can be considered that I view and project my dream self as the secondary form of a rabbit due to my desire to return to deeper sleep (with the school’s playground as a preparatory rendering of getting up and going to school). Thus, I focus on the metaphorical barrier that divides the dream state from wakefulness. A rabbit also represents vulnerability. However, do not make the mistake of pretending there is a conscious self correlation, as it is about feeling vulnerable while I am sleeping. This is a mistake that people who “interpret” dreams always make, that is, mistaking the dream self identity as always being like the conscious self while awake (which ultimately makes no sense at all). While there are sometimes threads that are shared, including literal prescience, the dream self “I am” cannot possibly be the “I am” of waking life. Many people cannot seem to grasp this at all despite how easy it is to understand with even minimal experience.

      There is an important factor that no one else would guess unless I revealed it. In addition to the rabbit being an indicator of my desire to return to deeper sleep, I also associated rabbits with being back home during the time of this dream, as my father ran a rabbit farm on our property. However, the rabbit is “escaping” from the schoolyard by going south, not north to where my home is in reality. However, “returning home” (to my bedroom) would otherwise be autosymbolic of the waking process, which is not my dream self’s directive, liminal or otherwise, thus I choose to direct the rabbit south, farther away from my real bed.

      One additional factor is that a rabbit typically kicks when picked up. The rabbit is within the liminal space divider, so this correlates with the hypnopompic kick that is a result of some waking transitions.

      This dream correlates with hundreds of other dreams that use the same processes. For example, in the “My Little Cane” series of dreams, also from childhood, I lucidly phased into the ground (into an oversized rabbit warren) as well as chanting “invisible, invisible” to avoid the waking transition of the preconscious. Once again, such dreams are related to the dream state itself, not waking life. To pretend waking life symbolism where it does not exist is the way of a fool, of which I am not. (After all, Alice did eventually wake and come to her senses. In fact, I had an “Alice in Wonderland” dream the day before this dream.)

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    10. Quilt Utopia (World Under a Blanket)

      by , 01-17-1970 at 01:23 PM
      Morning of January 17, 1970. Saturday.

      This is another dream from age nine that I additionally wrote about (compared to typical basic documentation) several times when much younger and even made a homemade “comic book” version about. I tended to have more lucid dreams (mostly late at night) during the winter when I lived in Florida, as I had a smaller heater in my room that was quite noisy and caused me to remain in various half-sleeps at times. It rattled continuously when it was on, with a nice bright orange fiery glow. Sometimes a miniature fireball in the form of an insect, spider, or a bit of dust would go flying out. I always felt very comfortable at the sound and glow, though, regardless of the unusual metallic rattling and vibrating noises on and off throughout the night. I heard they do not make these heaters anymore due to the fire danger. The walls of my room were solid rough “prickly-textured” concrete, though (with a big long mostly diagonal crack on the south wall, floor to ceiling, which was painted part cyan, part dark brown, as if someone had ran out of paint), kind of a sharp contrast to the thin and light plastic curtains I had for a time, which blew all the way up to the ceiling at the slightest breeze during the summer months in a noisy, crunchy cascade.

      This childhood dream was recurring a few times, later versions were slightly more movie-like and this was one of those times when I even “rolled the credits” upon waking as well as starting my dream by showing the titles and opening credits.

      This one mainly involved shrinking and becoming only about an inch high. The first versions I had recorded in my journals as “World under a Blanket”. My later title was “Quilt Utopia” just to be fancy, I suppose. The later “Quilt Utopia” versions were more interesting, as the different crazy quilt patterns became part of the actual dream, such as “roads” or convoluted “sidewalks”.

      The main idea was that when I shrank, I was still under the blanket yet somehow in a different world, complete with buildings and roads and a “blanket sky” way above. However, as my dream progressed, the “sky” would get lower and lower until it was more like I was in a cave. The warlike characters that came after me turned out to be small toy soldiers that were from a box at the foot of my bed. Later versions usually had a more positive theme, yet with castles, kings and queens, and at one point, a very large but eerie lake with distant swamp-like aspects, where you could see the horizon where the blanket sky domed down over the “edge of the world”.

      There was also an “Alice in Wonderland” theme in one version, where I said something near the end like “I’m not afraid of you, you are only toy soldiers…” and being almost my full size with a very small king and queen looking on under the “blanket sky” that was slowly getting lower. The later crazy quilt version had unusual faces in the “sky” that stayed with me in a hypnopompic event.

      There is one point where I am poked with a bayonet, which turns out to be a bed spring, poking through the mattress when I am awake, so there are two main versions - one in which the “world under a blanket” is a dream, and another where I actually go into a sort of other dimension with portions connected to the real world (such as the “blanket sky”).

      There was another much later “version” of this dream as a young adult, but it involved the entire Earth in a giant “pillow case” or “slipcover” (I think the real-life caption was “Earth’s Slipcover” in the magazine I later had). This was later also related to seeing an idea in a humor magazine in real life (such as the many “Mad”, “Cracked”, and “Sick” magazines published at the time) related to fictional horror movies, except the later dream was not really nightmarish overall. The humor magazine drawing showed the world covered by a giant pillowcase or slipcover, I think; a somewhat rehashing of my childhood dream, but not quite precognitive, even though the odds at the time of someone else coming up with a “world under a blanket” idea would be fairly unusual to the individual’s own path (especially prior to the Internet).
    11. The Story of Red

      by , 01-11-1970 at 07:11 AM
      Morning of January 11, 1970. Sunday.

      This was another favorite dream for a time, also at nine, and it had a few visually precognitive elements relative to Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball’s careers several years later. In my dream, I was in some sort of movie they were making called “The Story of Red”, which also had songs and poetry. (Oddly, I did not originally document the play on the fact that they were both redheads. In fact, this part “escaped” me completely at that age, for some reason.) There were some very moving scenes. I was given a special pair of red glasses that only allowed me to see in red (or rather - allowed me to only see things that were red - everything else was just a black background otherwise). I listen to the music, poetry, and the special narration. I look into blackness (seemingly from the doorway of an unknown kitchen - which seemed to be precognitive relative to a later location I had not been in prior) and see the beauty of a fire truck (and hear its seemingly melancholy siren - which seems to manifest a strange “false nostalgia” in my dream) going to put out a fire. I feel very aware. The fire truck seems to be moving towards me, but not directly, as it is oriented more to the right.

      Later on, there is more poetry, often starting out with something like “red…the color of an apple…” - and talking about the beauty of the seasons (such as regarding autumn leaves) and such.

      Near the end of my dream, I am seemingly living in a basement in a (fictional?) house where both Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball live (as if they are somehow both my mothers, perhaps). (This seems related to an episode of “The Lucy Show” that I saw on the night of October 31, 1966. In fact, it seems there was a “prototype” of this dream on that date.) Features of the room also resemble the apartment on Rose Street, where I had not lived in about four years.

      I am eventually in a folding bed (rollaway cot) near an old winter stove (almost as if I am preparing to wake up by going to sleep within the dream). All of a sudden, hundreds of pieces of coal (or charcoal briquettes) emerge from the stove (far more than it could actually realistically hold) into the room, like some sort of “flood” and I “float” on top near the end of my dream, getting higher and higher for a short time. It seems a bit odd and rhythmic and almost like a body function. It is somewhat like a hypnopompic experience though I am still fully in-dream.

      It is also likely that there is a play on the expression about “rose-colored glasses” relative to my dream, which is mentioned in my original documentation. There is also a scene where I look in a mirror and see only the glasses floating in the air.

      This dream is type ECA. Fire is often present as emergent consciousness, but in this curious and unusual segment at the end of this very long dream, I am lifted from my small rollaway bed as my emergent consciousness is depicted as countless charcoal briquettes (or coal) that pour out of a small stove into my room. The amount of coal is much greater than the stove could have contained. I wake at exactly this point (though the coal does not burn and it is not implied to be hot or threatening - in fact, I find this transition amusing, and there is an odd “visual stuttering effect” as I rise higher as if my emergent consciousness can not quite “ignite” at first).

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    12. Not Quite Snow White

      by , 01-10-1970 at 09:32 PM
      Morning of January 10, 1970. Saturday.

      A boy I knew in real life as a classmate, Bobo C (at least he was always called BoBo though that was possibly only a nickname) was a couple years older than other students, and he had a mental disability (and apparently did not have access to a special school). He would continually shout “Are you sassin’ me?” (in the lower grades) when anyone talked to him, though as he got older, he seemed to become more settled and less emotional. He even became friendlier towards me and more than once took back a comic book from someone who had taken it from me without me asking him.

      His persona becomes a “tall” dwarf in my dreams (I know - makes no sense). There is confusion of Rumpelstiltskin (which is not related to the “Snow White and Rose Red” story to my knowledge) in being the son of Rip Van Winkle (which is completely unrelated to either story in reality - though the names both start with “R” and have four syllables). Either there is two of him, or the father is much like the son in appearance. Both are old and have long white beards. I play a game with the names, everything from “Rump Van Winkle” to “Ripple Still Skin”.

      At the edge of the world (which I originally wrote as a child in journals as the “end” of the world - not knowing that term was more relevant to an imagined event rather than a place) is a sort of barrier, like a single brick wall (not very wide - perhaps about six feet across and with a partial implied doorway or section of missing bricks), but with decorative residential features near the opening, such as an upright flower pot with one flower and a tipped-over one on the other side. This is where Snow White and Rose Red watch the world below. In this situation, they are enemies (both after the same male - me and their “place” on Earth). There is no logical realization that perhaps a person could just go on either side of the area with the wall, though I still get the impression there is not much beyond that (other than perhaps a long narrow bridge floating in space).

      Bobo just wants to leave the region as he does not like the idea of “falling off the edge of the world” as he claims Columbus actually did (and was never heard from again). At the ending of one version, he climbs “invisible stairs” rather oddly (as if by two invisible steps at a time), though I somehow “know” they are not actually there and if I tell him they are not there, I might become responsible for any injury he incurs. Where he is going, though, is undetermined. If nothing exists beyond this space, where will he end up at?

      Not much happens. I am tempted to turn the one plant pot upright, but do not have the bravery to do so. The ground may not be solid there.

      One girl (I do not remember which one but probably Rose Red) is at an old-fashioned spinning wheel. However, she is not spinning gold but sharpening a knife. It is for a battle to come. (“Did you find a directing sign on the straight and narrow highway?”, “Someone is waiting just for you - spinning wheel is spinning true”.)

      This was a “prototype”, apparently, for my “Castle of Winds” dreams in the 1980s (though there was a version in the mid 70s) and my life’s path in general, on a higher level - as the “other” (Susan R) “battles” my wife-to-be (long before I learned the “mystery girl” was real), and of course, the blonde hair and dark hair is relevant in this case. An invisible staircase could suggest “not getting the (right) support” (especially as he was mentally disabled) but stepping up anyway.

      On a side note, yet more synchronicity. I just went to Facebook briefly and a brother (who rarely posts) left something on my timeline (for no apparent reason that I can presently guess, as there was no comment) - an animated GIF link featuring mostly red roses in very large clusters. I sometimes wonder how something can be so consistent, especially something “unexplainable”, and especially when the majority of people supposedly do not experience it.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    13. The Clutching Hand

      by , 01-02-1970 at 07:02 AM
      Night of January 2, 1970. Friday.

      This dream was more likely into the very early morning of the next day, perhaps around one or two am of the (beginning of) third of January. In my dream, I am aware that I am “sleeping” on my right side and oriented with my head to the north though the bed is in the southwest corner of my room and aligned against the west large jalousie windows. The time in my dream probably reflects the same time it is in reality. Even though I am apparently “sleeping” I am still aware of a scene (still in my dream-body as such - in my in-dream “sleeping” role yet somehow fully aware at the same time), of a shadowy unknown presence moving quickly into my room, a bony hand (seemingly of an adult - I am only nine at the time) gripping me on my left shoulder, me suddenly being aware and “waking” and turning around to look - and yet the presence, perhaps a human being, is gone immediately. I am left with a strange feeling on who it could have been - perhaps my future self with an important “message” for me, but the “other older me” left because I was asleep - but in contemplation, no human being could move that fast - though there is no stronger fear or concern remaining in my thoughts a short time later.

      This is a rather unique dream in that it was a directly self-fulfilling “anniversary” type where, in 1977 on January 2, my dream reversed the roles; that is, I dreamt of touching a younger version of me on the left shoulder while in my Cubitis bedroom in the exact same setting and feeling of time. I do not really see this mundane connection of a self-fulfilling dream as remotely odd or unexplainable (even though others had when I was younger), especially in regards to the thousands of my dreams that did have unexplainable aspects concerning remote-viewing and precognition, which were always validated in very interesting ways.

      The name of the second movie on “Shock Theatre” this night was called “The Clutching Hand”, though I did not see it or know of its plot (I sometimes fell asleep before the second feature started), so the title alone could have been the trigger for this dream, though again, it was not horror-related.
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