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    Love that Bobcat

    by , 08-16-2018 at 02:16 PM (57 Views)
    Morning of August 16, 2018. Thursday.

    Dream #: 18,868-02. Reading time: 2 min 15 sec.

    In subliminal mode (dream creation and control without lucidity), my dream self chooses to ride in the back of a car. (This is the same stem of subliminally desired vestibular system correlation that otherwise creates flight events but with less anticipation of the biological process that results in a falling start). After creating this scene as a passive transition, I watch the scenery to my right. I am uncertain of who the driver is. (It is the preconscious avatar of course, but I remain unsure of its identity in this segment, but I vaguely perceive it is female, probably a thread of conscious self identity implying Zsuzsanna, as she is sleeping on my left at the time.) It seems to be late morning. It is a beautiful sunny day under blue skies.

    We go past an enormous cow pasture on our right. There is not much definition of the driver on the left. It is an American car. (I am subliminally choosing not to augment my dream, as I sleep on my left side). Despite its size, there are only a few cows here and there, which I find puzzling. They are all black-and-white Holstein cows of a very similar appearance as if my dream utilized the Photoshop clone stamp tool.

    Eventually, we come to crossroads (which represents reticular formation mediation). I look back and see that one end of the cow pasture (on the road perpendicular to the one we are on) is unfenced. There are several houses along that area with large side yards. I start to wonder if cows sometimes get out through that area. (This is a very passive changeover of liminal space division, which a fence otherwise represents. Of course, this scene also causes my dream to jump into a different stage.)

    I am now inside a big featureless room that is not well lit. An unfamiliar male climbs a rope up to a square cage hanging from the ceiling that is almost touching it. A bobcat is sitting inside the cage. The man, who reminds me of the essence of a magician, opens the door of the cage and starts petting the bobcat. It seems very tame. The man and the bobcat start hugging and kissing. I soon wake.

    Climbing a rope (whether or not it is the dream self or projected into an avatar) is usually the final metaphorical representation of vestibular system correlation during the waking process, though it is less common than flight-related events. A cat is a form of the preconscious as a “witness” to the dream state, while the man is a transition of the dream self and an emerging consciousness factor. It is a unification (coalescence) process.

    My dream’s model is typical (though again, not as common as flight-related vestibular modulation), for example, “Climbing a Vine” (March 4, 2017), uses the same model, only it is integrated rather than projected. Additionally, that dream perceives the reticular formation as a possible threat rather than resolving liminal space with unification.

    The dynamics behind this dream stem from having watched “Sabretooth” (2002) with Zsuzsanna last night. It transmuted the negative unification factor (as the cat in the movie attacked and ate people) into a more harmonious unification factor. It is the desired waking process rectification other than when the immune system is under attack (as in my “Night of the Rat” dream from April 8, 1978).

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