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    The Marble Giant

    by , 09-13-1972 at 02:03 PM (311 Views)
    Morning of September 13, 1972. Wednesday. (Wife’s birthday before we made real-world contact.)

    In a fairly long dream, the first version being from sixth grade, I am in New York. The Statue of Liberty comes to life but is made of lighter-colored marble. She seems sad rather than being a threat as some people think. At one point, she is wading through the harbor, seemingly endangered by the depth of the water and seemingly wanting to drown herself - I see her getting lower in the water and get a sense of her saying goodbye - at least for a time. There seems to be some sort of ominous message in the dream (even a warning) regarding the giving of human attributes to statues - though that is only one lesser facet.

    For some reason, there is also a background story in the dream, almost like a secondary obscure movie, about Sandra R, a female classmate I was somewhat romantic with (not in a more intimate way). Interestingly, I did not ever see her again after this school year, and I never asked anyone else about her.

    For some reason, I am also very vaguely aware of the “Solid Tin Coyote” cartoon (possibly because it seriously “creeped me out” as a young child I guess because it was the first show I ever saw on the big screen - at a drive-in in 1966 I think, just before an Elvis movie - “Spinout?”, yet it remains my favorite Roadrunner cartoon). The original title (as here) in the first documented version was “The Marble Giant” which I later changed to “The Iron Giant” (even though it is mostly copper, I think) in a related summary (even though again, the one in the dream was of marble). This was coincidentally the name of a very interesting animated film I bought for my oldest son when he was little.

    Because of the nature of the female statue coming to life and meticulous research, I believe this dream was animating the concept of my yet-to-be wife’s energies long before I met her. This tends to link directly with similar dreams where statues came to life and represented an aspect of myself (or possibly also of my firstborn son), such as this one: Sentient Flood (on son’s birthday long before he was born)

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