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    Marrying an Aztec Goddess

    by , 02-08-2018 at 02:00 PM (496 Views)
    Morning of February 3, 2018. Saturday.

    This dream has some beautiful imagery, but mostly ends up being a sequence of sensual scenarios with Zsuzsanna, who turns out to be the “Aztec Goddess”. This dream is of a type I experience through most sleeping periods but do not post online unless there is something unique or surreal as in this case in the last segment. It is mostly a result of extensive lovemaking that carries over into the dream state (Tetris effect), though with intensified tangibility and an enhanced sense of touch.

    It starts with some sort of tomb being seen, which apparently emerged from the ground. A supposed Aztec priest is present at one point and talks about the return of this female. Over time, the events kind of meander and Zsuzsanna ends up with me, much to the annoyance of the Aztec male, who just stands around looking confused. It almost seems like a television studio set at one point, or a set of bleachers where the audience directs their attention toward him.

    After sessions of marvelous enhanced tangibility with Zsuzsanna in her unusual but beautiful Aztec outfit, as we are together on a mattress on the floor (common no-brainer dream state indicator) in a television studio or whatever it is, not caring about the several people walking about near us, my dream enters the waking transition. It turns out to be the common return flight waking symbolism, but in this case, it is somewhat surreal. In the distance, as it seems I am inside and outside at the same time (very common dream perception for me since early childhood), I see a few boxcars lift into the air with a flame at each corner. They slowly rotate and then fly into the sky. Even though I am not fully lucid, I recognize this as an end marker of the dream state and almost expect to see ending credits rolling.

    This may be a vague influence from the ending scene of “Back to the Future Part III”, but even so, I probably would have eventually dreamt this anyway, as I have dreamt every bizarre variation of flight symbolism imaginable, all because my inner ears, by nature’s inherent design, do not correctly detect if I am standing up and conscious, as my dream self sometimes falsely perceives, or, in reality, lying down in unconsciousness. Still, the fact that it was of similar context as an ending scene from a movie ties in with it likely being an additional marker as such, which is moot, as I already have an understanding of dream state components (though in all likelihood, nature itself probably does not “discern” this or that I understand perception at this level, so it renders what waking autosymbolism it will).

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