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    Mulder in a Guitar

    by , 01-02-2016 at 07:02 AM (274 Views)
    Night of January 2, 2016. Saturday.

    In my dream, I am in a field on a sunny afternoon, just outside of the more utilized land of a farm. An unknown male walks along carrying an acoustic guitar, from my left to my right, getting slightly closer but not regarding me in any way.

    Inside the guitar is Fox Mulder (David Duchovny from “The X-Files”) looking out through the sound hole and with his fingers (both hands) out and gripping the bottom edge of the sound hole. He looks slightly worried or perhaps is thinking of a way to get out without being noticed. I cannot be certain if he trusts the person carrying the guitar or not. There is no sound; just a sense of curious movement. There do not appear to be strings on the guitar, at least normally arranged, only because I have a clear view of Mulder’s face and his fingers.

    This of course is beyond ridiculous; a real oddity. A human being could in no way fit inside a guitar, let alone be so effortlessly carried one-handed by another person (as the guitar moves in a way as it is being carried that would indicate no other weight inside it). However, it seems fairly likely that the guitar represents a casket in this particular case, especially as my father’s headstone has an engraving of a guitar on it, so this is probably a surreal rendering of my thoughts or concerns about mortality. Fox Mulder, highly skilled and having experienced the unexplained, is always “looking for answers” in a world of skeptics (who are often either wrong or instigating a coverup), much like myself on some levels. Since the guitar does not seem to have strings, that is another clue concerning mortality and the inability to “make music” (or to live).

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