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    A New Factory Job

    by , 05-16-2018 at 08:15 AM (55 Views)
    Morning of May 16, 2018. Wednesday.

    I become aware of sitting on a couch in an unfamiliar office. From my left, two unfamiliar men had been talking to me, one at a desk (facing the same direction as I am, toward the opposite wall), the other standing farther back and facing me. There is also a door to my left, between me and the desk. Apparently, I am present to take on a new job in their factory. A special agency had apparently sent me here, though there is no definite backstory. I am to serve as a foreman. There is an extraordinarily vivid and focused awareness of being in the room, though I consider that I may have fallen asleep briefly as they were talking, but they do not seem to notice. I remain relaxed and confident as they speak. There are no threads of my conscious self identity present at all even though I feel like myself. Only one thread of my conscious self identity is present in the last scene.

    The man who was standing walks over to a large bookshelf (against a wall perpendicular to the couch I am on and also to my left) and picks up, from the middle shelf, a large leather satchel or what resembles an oversized purse, though it may be implied to be an oversized backpack. They will be producing this item as I am working for them. The man demonstrates how the zipper opens and closes over the top. It does not seem finished. In fact, there seem to be parts of the device that was used to make it still attached to each side.

    I decide to speak, to give them the impression I am attentive. “Is this item made manually,” I ask, “or is it set up on a machine?” I lift my arms up in front of me and make motions as if I am pulling a lever with each hand simultaneously. The male who is standing says something about machines, but is not clear on the answer. My dream self is not aware that the couch I am sitting on had suddenly rotated (with no feeling of movement) ninety degrees to the left so that it now faces the right side of the desk.

    The man at the desk is looking over some documents. “You will only be watching each employee to make sure they are doing their work,” he says. He continues very seriously, “You are their master, and they are your slaves.” I find his statement slightly puzzling, but I do not say anything. It sounds like easy work, just watching someone else. I try to recall the agency that sent me, but I cannot think of the backstory of this scenario.

    Soon, I am in a different room without putting much thought into it or even having gotten up at any point. The two men are still present, but one is facing me while sitting at a large table and the other is sitting on a kitchen counter. I still seem to be sitting on the “same” couch. The man on the counter is holding a mat of the type made from recycled tires, a product of a factory I first worked at when I was eighteen years old. It is not implied to be a product they will be making. In fact, it is missing much of its right side (my right) when held up vertically by the man. I tell them this and describe the manufacturing process to them. I again make motions with my hands and describe how it is put together. “They start by slicing the tires into strips,” I say, “and then they put the spacers between the strips. Mostly all there is on that side are the metal rods holding it together.” I then describe how the metal rods are bent on a worktable. My dream eventually fades during this scene.

    Again, the only thread of valid conscious self identity is in the last scene, though that is a very old thread from about forty years ago and even so, rendered into an otherwise fictitious scenario. I continue to find it interesting how many non-lucid dreams have no associations with current waking life at all and I always remain baffled as to why so many people believe in waking-life-related “interpretation” above any real attempt to understand the dream state. In this case, even the autosymbolic nature of the dream state does not seem fully active other than the usual preconscious factor and the implied thinking skills correlation to initiate waking life consciousness. In addition to getting me to focus on thinking processes, my dream self’s status is seen by how the mat is incomplete on its right side, as waking autosymbolism is oriented to the right. It implies, while in my dream, that my bed is solid underneath me on my left side (analogous to a mat one steps upon). Thus, the essence and imagery of this final dream feature is more “solid” on my left, while waking reality, the openness to my real environment (right side), is causing my dream to render this fact with biological environmentally-based autosymbolism (my dream self’s awareness of my real environment is incomplete in this scene, thus that side of the mat is incomplete). This type of autosymbolism has been rendered in virtually countless previous dreams.

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