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    Nichelle in a Small Rocket

    by , 03-08-1997 at 09:08 AM (72 Views)
    Morning of March 8, 1997. Saturday.

    I had a dream about Nichelle Nichols (Uhura of “Star Trek”). My dream was extraordinarily vivid.

    She remains (as her Uhura character) in a small powerful rocket moving above Earth. It seems that Doctor McCoy is the one that put her in the rocket as an experiment, though for an unknown purpose. She bounces around in the interior of the rocket without getting injured. It seems as if I am present, though incorporeal. It does not seem to be part of a movie as in similar dreams, but is implied as a “real” event.

    An association relates to her appearance in Star Trek V, which had a surreal moon induction scene and featured a “cat dancer” in another scene. Another connection relates to a vivid dream from 1966 which was influenced by the somewhat anthropomorphic cat dancing as in “Gay Purr-ee”. Additionally, a similar essence was in “Cold Hands, Warm Heart”, an “Outer Limits” episode which starred William Shatner (also of “Star Trek”). See the composite image for how similar the essence of these images are, which my nonconscious correlated over many years (or I would never have consciously made the personally eerie connections).

    In addition to the typical vestibular system correlation, there is also the factor of rolling around in sleep.

    I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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