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    No Explosion After All

    by , 06-18-2017 at 11:12 AM (343 Views)
    Morning of June 18, 2017. Sunday.

    My wife Zsuzsanna and I are in an unknown bedroom which is seemingly implied to be part of our home. I have some sort of booby trap set up. It is a jury-rigged device with an explosive. It is set up like this to prevent any imposer from having more access to our home.

    The setting has the essence of some sort of unlikely composite of the lounge room of our present home and my fourth grade portable classroom that was north of the main building, with the classroom layout here mirrored from right to left when inside. When the imposer comes in through the doorway, there will be an explosion.

    I consider the setup. The imposer will perhaps not be killed; only surprised. I talk to Zsuzsanna about the setup. Our bed is longways (adjacent to the wall) just to the left of the entrance. (I am not even sure if there is an actual door covering the entrance.) The foot of our bed comes up to near the entrance directly on the left side. The booby trap is right at the foot of our bed.

    I consider that perhaps it is not that great of an idea. I tell Zsuzsanna that the explosion will probably be big and that it might destroy a part of the house or even reach us.

    I go over to the device and pick up an oversized nine-volt battery. It has two wires at the top, each connected to what would otherwise be snap connectors. The two wires then lead to the explosive pack. However, instead of two polarized snap connectors at the top, there are two smooth electrodes with the same positive polarity implied for each, each of the appearance of an electrode from a singular cylindrical battery. I remove the wire from one, which will probably prevent the pack from exploding. Still, I also remove the second wire. I now know that I have disabled it.

    Of course, this setup makes no sense. In the first place, the nine-volt battery, other than being over twice the size it should be, would have no polarity in reality due to its invalid design. In the second place, one could not wrap wire around a cylindrical electrode (as it would just slide off). In the third place, there does not seem to be any kind of tripwire for when the imposer comes in, but just a small container of some sort on the foot of the bed, attached with two long wires to the oversized nine-volt battery.

    Still, as would be expected, disabling my fictional device caused a softer waking, with no hypnopompic jerk. I find it fascinating how the majority of dreams are internally premonitory (in a biological sense) of the waking mechanism, especially related to the seemingly infinite ways a dream renders the lead up to waking symbolism.

    So what is happening in this particular dream? Well, the bomb is at the foot of the bed. When I disable it, I (or rather my unconscious essence) have done something biologically that prevents the type of hypnopompic jerk that is like my leg spontaneously kicking upwards. The location at the foot of the bed validates this quite obviously, and the different locations relate to the subliminal awareness that my hypnopompic kick might also disturb Zsuzsanna (so thus I am talking about the imposer, as subliminally expecting my emergent consciousness factor rather than the preconscious). It is also to the left of a doorway. A doorway symbolizes a real-time shift in consciousness, often the symbolic state directly between dreaming and waking up, as has been validated in thousands of my dreams since early childhood (and which I have typified when only about ten years of age as the “threshold” type). Zsuzsanna is to my left in my dream as she is in reality in bed as we are sleeping (a repeating orientation in my dreams.) Additionally, the battery and wires represent nerves and disabling it is symbolic of softening the nerve impulses of my real physical body. As with common symbolic (but subliminal) reinduction, this is not clear to me until directly after waking.

    I have, since very young, always found it far more meaningful and important to understand the true meaning of non-lucid dreams than the pretend game of “interpretation” in the naïve sense. To each his own.

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