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    Return of the Crow

    by , 05-02-2017 at 10:28 AM (142 Views)
    Morning of May 2, 2017. Tuesday.

    I am in an unfamiliar classroom (or perhaps at a seminar), where the students are mostly adults in their thirties. (In real life, I still have a cold, so my sleep cycle is apart from the usual.) I am the speaker. The subject is a childhood dream that I had originally titled “When the Moon is in the Seventh House” to poke fun at astrology. It was about the moon changing into a giant crow and falling through the roof of my Cubitis home into the large closet, becoming somewhat cartoon-like in appearance. (I had gone over the full decoding of this dream a few times when much younger.)

    Over time, I explain how my dream (from February 4, 1972) was designed and rendered. Originally, there were about five notebook pages regarding this somewhat short dream that I wrote at age eleven. (I never post the full text of my dream data online as it would be far too long and the format is not possible to post online other than in a large image which is not really feasible.) I explain that it was partly influenced by hearing about the January 30, 1972 lunar eclipse.

    I explain how many dreams are premonitory of biological waking mechanism factors and that a crow is such a symbol as the emergent consciousness event, especially as the same event has occurred many times in different ways since early childhood. (Also, since very early childhood, a bird’s beak was sometimes such a factor, but only in dreams relating to the lower back spasm waking event such as “The Buzzard’s Beak” from October 4,1969, though which the factor was proven to have some suggested level of control as in dreams such as “The Elongated Beak” from from September 8, 1968. These days, now that I am much older, there does seem to be an unexplainable liminal space in half-sleep where the back and shoulder spasm events can be lessened to an extent as well as somehow subliminally activated.)

    I explain that the falling giant crow additionally is a staging phrase of “night is falling” (since a crow is black and is also a specific circadian rhythms symbol for me, though I have not captured or recorded all the specific clock times it is rendered as such as I have with cats in some cases, though date markers are more obvious).

    I explain that the “failed flight waking transition”, one of my most common dream sequences since early childhood, is not necessarily of negative implications. It simply describes the type of dream that renders a falling event that is biologically linked to the natural consciousness shift that occurs upon waking.

    I explain how the actual meaning of my dream’s outcome, is that the emergent consciousness factor lands in the closet due to it being the first place I go to to get my clothes to get dressed for school after waking up. The moon had been the induction factor, which transmutes into the waking transition during my dream’s natural ending. The moon becoming the giant crow represents the unconscious (moon, or “night self” as akin to “dream self”) becoming the conscious self waking precursor. I add how “When the Moon is in the Seventh House” is especially fitting as a title, as ours was the seventh house along our stretch of highway. My dream amused me and colored my mood in a very cheerful way concerning my otherwise tedious task of getting ready for school, so thus my dream was useful in that way. (A specific dream often serves more than one purpose.)

    In the last scene, I actually “play” my childhood dream (as if it was a holographic movie over my dream’s main environment), as it originally occurred, although there are differences. The ceiling of the classroom disappears and the moon is present overhead. The full moon (though in reality was waning gibbous and only 85% visible in regard to the original dream) changes into a giant crow and begins falling toward the building.

    Soon, I “become” the giant crow as I am also my dream self’s human body (though at this point, the giant crow is only about three feet from the floor) as it coalesces into my dream self as the emergent consciousness factor. I bend one knee down with my arms up and out at this moment in a sort of dramatic presentation. I awake with the soft abdominal jolt (with a slight kick), which is not unpleasant (rather than the natural falling sensation), as the giant crow’s belly is touching the floor, and I am very surprised that I had not been lucid at any point.

    This is the second time I have recently non-lucidly dreamt of explaining the meaning of a childhood dream in front of an audience (the other being about “The Tadpole’s Ghost” from December 21, 1970). It is probably due to my lifelong study of my own dreams while realizing that much of what is published about dreams is a sham (especially the irritating myths that dominate dream lore).

    My dream also related to thinking about mapping more dreams more specifically, though only on the two main sites I post where the present count is about 3,500 (which is less than one-tenth of my total number of records and study data - though I do hope to have about 10,000 in a few years at least on tumblr if it is still there).

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