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    Ripples in Time

    by , 09-30-2014 at 06:02 PM (331 Views)
    Morning of September 30, 2014. Tuesday.

    This was a very long and epic dream, but with only a few clearer coherent parts left over.

    I am traveling through time somehow for whatever reason. I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and several unknown friendly people, seemingly from different time periods, both from the past and the supposed future. It almost seems like some sort of “wagon train through time”, but also like a tourist excursion in some ways. In a way, this is literal for the time being as we actually are part of a large wagon train moving through the west, possibly in the 1860s.

    There are about four or five wagons and several people walking or riding horses. At one point, a group of soldiers approaches us. They want some of our food to feed their own people. (This scene seems partly borrowed from “The Desperate Mission”, a 1969 television movie with Ricardo Montalbán - but it has not been that recently that I had seen it.)

    We are somewhat hesitant to share our food but decide to do so to avoid trouble with the soldiers. The mood remains cheerful for the most part. At one point, I become aware of a large storage area which first looks like an outdoor “cellar” of some sort. I go down into it on my own and look around. There is one opening near one wall of this featureless underground room. I think that this might be a good place to stay for awhile as well as store our food and belongings for a time.

    From this point, my dream takes on a very strange and intense vividness and perspective. Under the underground room I am in (which is mostly concrete or stone) is a huge structure supposedly built in the more distant past, possibly the late 1700s, and is apparently some sort of gigantic underground utility building (though I am uncertain if it was ever above ground) - perhaps once used for storing wheat or general supplies for a (unknown) community. It is like a huge three-dimensional mandala (facing upwards) of a fairly simple design. It is made out of thousands of thin boards and dowels as well as other lumber and seems mostly intact and creates the impression of a greatly enlarged wicker-like structure (almost like a greatly enlarged surreal Easter basket). I am able to look between parts of it, through a few different sections, and get the impression of an almost bottomless depth under it, into the darkness. The sight continues to fill me with awe and I wonder how people could have built this structure, especially underground and with apparently no stronger support (or places to stand on or be secured to while building) - even more-so, the fact there does not seem to be a foundation or “bottom” to it to hold up the rest over what otherwise seems a “bottomless pit” to possibly the core of the planet.

    Eventually, it seems to be related to a portal into another time period and we are eventually in the 1950s. My two youngest sons are there and playing a cheap handheld game, apparently from the 2030s that I think is able to project a holographic gaming environment around the player, rendered at various levels of opacity and translucence. People from the 1950s, mostly younger people, do not seem to take notice to the anachronistic presence of other things from elsewhere including the wagon train outside the school-like building we are in. I am aware of a red Cadillac outside, which may be our new form of time travel somehow, with all the members of our “team” having one. (This is possibly an association with “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs”.)

    My dream eventually decays into completely bizarre imagery. It relates to having watched the second movie in a series of three with the third supposedly being the strangest and the least-liked by the public. I seem to be watching part of it on the wall of the Cubitis living room to the right of the entry point into the hallway.

    It is the image of an (unknown) male’s face (which actually appears in a row with at least five or six others above another row which shows the upper halves of bodies) except that his mouth is from an emoticon or more like a composite of a real mouth and that of an emoticon. It rotates clockwise (as if through a software process) from being a smile but stops before making a complete frown so that the mouth is then sideways. It is almost like a malfunctioning “slot machine” but of radial symmetry relative to the “mouth section”. During this time I contemplate why I am watching such an absurd movie with my youngest sons and probably will not watch the third in the series. This may loosely relate to having seen people use the wrong emoticon for the message they want to relate. For example, I have seen people use random emoticons without knowing the meaning, particularly the eye-rolling one. I have also seen strange characters that do not show correctly in my browser, which appear like pieces of slot-machine displays.

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