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    Rocket Lighthouse

    by , 01-07-2003 at 07:07 AM (77 Views)
    Morning of January 7, 2003. Tuesday.

    My wife Zsuzsanna and I are in an unfamiliar restaurant, seemingly in early afternoon, and near a large window (about a restaurant table away in distance, as other people are at tables closer to the window as such), from about two feet from the floor to about two feet from the ceiling, with a wide view of the ocean, rocky shore, and a red lighthouse. I eventually get the impression that we are also in a lighthouse, though that is not very logical (as only one lighthouse is needed in a region), and our view via the window is at ground level.

    Over time, my father (April 26, 1901-February 14, 1979) is seen in silhouette in the distance only. (My dream self has no recollection of his death, as is often the case in my non-lucid dreams.) He looks as if he is doing something with an air hose, bending down somewhat (in profile oriented to the right) towards something on or near the ground). I am aware that he may be involved in the maintenance of these buildings.

    The lighthouse turns out to be (or rather, turns into) a rocket. It lifts off slowly, without incident. The beauty of the ocean also holds my attention and I “remember” we are near Cape Kennedy, though that was its name from 1963 to 1973, and is actually now known again as Cape Canaveral.

    I have some doubts though, about remaining in the restaurant. There is some movement as if of a mild “earthquake”. It seems we are lifting off, yet the view from the window remains of the rocky shore with no hint that we are rising as it seems other than a mild physical awareness of such. Perhaps we are not actually in a rocket and the vibrations are from another rocket that is not presently seen.

    Most relevant key terms:

    • Water induction as dream state initiation; water symbolizing sleep and its status (most common induction form, virtually every day for over fifty years in at least one dream of a twenty-four hour period).
    • Exit flight waking symbolism (similar to return flight waking system but probably not as common, though basically meaning the same thing; RAS symbolism and inner ear dynamics in the waking transition).
    • My wife Zsuzsanna in romantic scenario.
    • Father alive without recollection he had died.
    • Vibration as symbolic of growing awareness of my real physical body upon slowly waking.
    • Being at a public restaurant (mild hunger while sleeping).
    • Red as waking priority (common, typically only in the last dream of a sleeping period when I have been sleeping a bit too long).
    • Waking symbolism (and dream self attention) oriented to the right (most common).

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