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    Scanning the Bottom of Loch Ness and Finding Beauty

    by , 02-16-2016 at 08:16 AM (205 Views)
    Morning of February 16, 2016. Tuesday.

    I am watching, while incorporeal, the adventures of two young males riding in a small boat in Loch Ness. There are other people around, but not as integrated into the events I am viewing. As the men travel over the lake, there is some sort of special imaging they are able to see which is related to a new kind of advanced technology. Other unseen characters are making this possible for them and they do not seem to be part of the research themselves. There is a sense of beauty as the bottom of Loch Ness is rendered in perfect detail, though all in one brighter color yet which seems to be different over time.

    Soon, the flat fossilized remains of a huge pterodactyl are seen on the large screen. However, it seems as if I am moving over this rendered area (of the bottom of Loch Ness) in a bird’s eye view as well as with no implication of water, only the imagery of the lake bottom as I (or the imagery) slowly move ahead, somewhat like horizontal scrolling though with the seemingly correct size orientation (as if my incorporeal form is integrated into the technology itself or at least the end result of it). There is a vague awareness of the possibility of seeing the Loch Ness monster if it exists, but this does not occur. Over time, only unrealistically huge fossils are seen, mostly all of flying creatures. It seems amazing that mankind is now able to see everything at the bottom of Loch Ness and the two males are thrilled and grateful to the others who are making this possible (as, again, they seem like random members of the public who just happen to be in the right place at the right time).

    A huge archaeopteryx fossil is also seen (possibly about a hundred times bigger than it would be in reality), and the focus probably remains on this section for the longest period. There are also a lot of similar fossils, one which is possibly the fossil of a giant (fictional) prehistoric flying snake. Curiously, again, there do not seem to be any fossils of swimming creatures anywhere on the lake bottom, or extinct lake denizens, mostly only the giant prehistoric birds and flying reptiles, some fossil sections touching mostly at wingtips. The mood remains very cheerful and satisfying even during the waking transition.

    Of course, this dream represents looking into the deepest recesses of memory at the deepest levels of mind to see things that were not as visible or detailed as before. The fact that they were only gigantic flying creatures relates to the “higher” ideas and memories (and with greater perspective) I think, which had originally “taken more in” from a more detailed “bird’s eye view” before becoming a part of my memories and dreams. This also fits in with my increased research of date-specific layers in dreams over time. On February 16, 1970, there was a dream of a living archaeopteryx (only about the size of a chicken in this case and remaining on the south side of my room) in my bedroom in Cubitis, which was influenced by an image in an old book (which my mother bought second-hand) on prehistoric animals.

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