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    Skewed Induction and Weird Godzilla Costumes

    by , 01-23-2017 at 07:23 AM (174 Views)
    Morning of January 23, 2017. Monday.

    I am wandering around near an area near the shopping mall. There are a number of people who are involved in some sort of publicity relating to Godzilla and a particular store (or perhaps the entire mall). I walk through the hall of the shopping mall at one point and I am annoyed by seeing three people approaching me who are all in unusual oversized Godzilla costumes (though a few other people are in human-sized Godzilla costumes), though not really looking like any typical movie version of Godzilla. They are about twice as tall as me so I assume that they are wearing stilts and have features within their costumes for more control of the larger arms and such. They do not really regard me directly though I know they are there to annoy people with some sort of promotional gimmick.

    One Godzilla costume is meant to convey the idea of rocky skin (somewhat like the Thing from “Fantastic Four”). Another is a purplish color with polka dots. One has mixed elements of lion and clown, with a sort of mane that seems akin to a wide clown outfit collar. I have an uncomfortable feeling that it will be difficult to shop anywhere in the region with all these annoying promoters.

    There is one scene where I see someone (unknown) watching a Godzilla movie on a narrow wall between two hallways, but the man playing Godzilla is somehow directly talking to the viewer. I get the impression he can even stick his head out of the implied screen unless some sort of holographic technology is involved. (In this case, the Godzilla head is about the size of a human head, unlike the large costumes.) I wonder if the viewer is going to allow himself to be attacked or “eaten” for entertainment purposes.

    I later find myself in a beautiful area near a marsh, eventually within a forest with dense shrubbery. I begin to relax and explore. However, one of the people who are wearing Godzilla costumes comes to where I am, though does not find me. He looks near a large shrub but cannot see me. This time, the costume seems about three times bigger than me but the size does not bother me (and does not even seem a factor).

    Finally, I focus on the nature of gravity. Water seems to run uphill. This is very puzzling. Josh Holloway (the actor from “Lost”) is present. Some small rivulets of water that flow upwards on the wall form a tree-like pattern. I see something very unusual and point to it. At first, I think it might be more water moving upwards along a wall but it turns out to be the glow of the plastic wrap over a new toy cap gun still on the card and somehow stuck on the wall.

    Josh is also apparently annoyed by all the people in weird Godzilla costumes. Several more (unknown) people appear and we explore a large public bathroom (which may be abandoned). I look at the sink and notice water flowing upwards in the side of the basin. Later, we manage to evade a person in a Godzilla costume as he only looks around in the first section of the bathroom.

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