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    A small conflict, so aliens decide to hide from most humans

    by , 08-12-2013 at 09:53 AM (123 Views)
    Morning of August 12, 2013. Monday.

    This was another unusual recent dream relating to new technological concepts (gadgets this time - from alien technology) which has been more common in the last few years.

    It has never been all that common for me to dream directly about aliens themselves (although UFO-type lights in the sky that turn out to be various things - from secret test planes of the government to undiscovered stellar phenomena - before dawn, are rather common and very peaceful and even nostalgic).

    This time, the aliens are very passive and otherwise friendly and helpful towards humans. Some of them are nearly twice as tall as humans, but many are only slightly taller than the average person. They have yellowish skin and mostly wear green, white, or blue coveralls. Their facial characteristics are more angular than a human’s, almost canine, but with human-like skin for the most part. They remind me a little of a Marvel comic Skrull, but are never hostile or what I would call ugly in overall appearance.

    During this time earlier in my dream of their more open attitude, and very early in the morning in my dream, an alien girl (walking with at least one other female alien companion) asks me to gather a couple items. One of them is a few grams of the Indian mustard plant (petals and leaves) - which will be precisely measured on an otherwise normal looking small plate (but with some sort of very small, attached computerized tool to complete the dividing and measuring work automatically). The other, I think, is a certain amount of Lapis Lazuli. I do the task, enjoying the time of being outside in the early morning in a sparsely wooded area.

    Later, she is in human guise for some reason (although I still see her as partly alien at this time, but she is wearing a shorter pink-gray-yellow plaid skirt and to her left is a different alien than the previous companion) and I ask her (she is northeast from me in a larger building - a cafeteria at a local business?) if I can get her breakfast - but she says she has already eaten, an onion ring (at Dairy Queen or some such) and a slice of tomato, I think. She casually says as I am leaving the area…“love you…” in a similar manner as my wife and by which I nod back in confirmation, echoing her words (and I have a very brief thought of wondering why the aliens care so much about certain humans such as myself - I do not think there is any actual romantic connection though I did not feel certain of that at the time). She seems to be sitting at an indoor picnic table or picnic-table-like cafeteria bench (very common meeting place in my dreams for some reason - above and beyond scenarios with people at normal tables or household furniture of any kind) with white marble-design seats and top (metal frame otherwise).

    Later on, I seem to be fairly young and am in school, possibly ninth grade, perhaps - as it reminds me of DHS (but also just a little of DMS). A certain subject comes up - the flow of conversation eventually bringing attention to an alien girl to my left; the common, larger alien presence casually mentioned during some sort of open conversation with the whole class, which for some unremembered reason turns to the subject of the aliens being “everywhere” and relationships that people have with both them and with the culturally different. It turns out, however, that no one (except me) seems to remember the friendly relationship held with aliens for about a year or more. The alien looks human to everyone else and the rest of the people in the room have no belief or memory of the year-long experiences they had lived through recently.

    It turns out that the aliens - who have no ballistic weapons of any kind (but had been accused of such) - had sorrowfully erased any memory of themselves from the minds of the majority of humans because of violence and myth-building towards them and their ways. What is interesting is that the aliens now are even more active - and in two “forms”. Either they are in human guise (both for protection and stealthily studying humans, which they had not done when visible to everyone - it was only after a growing conflict/misunderstanding on the part of the humans) or are completely invisible to the majority and go about with experiments and important activities relative to natural resources and natural resource testing. The ones who are invisible are the much taller ones. They do work related to engineering and the natural resource testing.

    Near the middle section of my dream, I seem to be someone else, and I am with several other people at someone’s home (seemingly a larger second-floor apartment). I show a friend (Steve J, a male classmate from years ago) an alien “toy”. It is first shown as a large book-like object but with three or four three-dimensional rectangular computer screens that seem to be deeper (in visual orientation) than the “book” itself. Eventually, a few items emerge from out of the “book”/manufacturing device - via the “computer screens”, beginning as holographic patterns - then being physically created by some sort of laser “printing” into stacked layers of the eventual solid, completed form. One of the toys is like a white “moon buggy”, but with four legs instead of wheels (similar to the moon walkers that came free in Quisp cereal boxes years ago in the late 60s but much bigger), that moves forward and falls off the edge of the table after twice turning correctly at the corners. I tell a white lie to Steve claiming that it fell because I had not held the remote control towards it, but the truth was that its edge-and-surface-detecting software was malfunctioning. There are also a few robotic white dogs (one with no head) and some other toys that we watch for several minutes, all of them built by the book-like manufacturing device which was given to me (and certain others) by the aliens, and is also one of the few pieces of alien technology that all humans can see. This is why I use it to convince Steve and others that the aliens exist and are also friendly, even though, for the most part, they believe that the device could have been made by humans - at least to a point - until more complex “toys” are “built in mid-air” by laser printing, and then move about.

    Eventually, there are medicinal pills available (the containers given only to the select few that can already see all the aliens and their constructs and for them to choose friends or trusted family to give to) that causes the person that takes one to be cured of their mind’s limitations and which prevents the mental “blocking” of the complex electromagnetic fields or some such, enabling them to see all the aliens and alien utilities (as well as their spacecrafts). There are also a group of about five men from the government (relating to some sort of security or science or both). They are in a jovial mood and do not seem a threat to either the aliens or people. They had not yet taken any of the pills at that point. They are all both sitting and standing near the northern end of a large building.

    During the last section of my dream, I go to a small alien spacecraft (which looks a lot like an old-fashioned porcelain juicer) that is “parked” near some trees in a clearing to the north. There are a few wider grassy embankments. It is fairly close to the outskirts of an unknown town. The alien is so tall that I am only as tall as one of his legs. He is wearing vertically-striped gray and green coveralls. He has a deep gravelly voice but is very friendly and seemingly simple-minded. He is doing some sort of work with a rather large tree, the branches being cut off, then somehow restored in cycles, with some sort of complex machine being implemented. There is a very loud, rhythmic sound with very strange overtones. It almost sounds like some sort of giant (or greatly amplified) viola performance. I tell the alien about how mankind cut down too many trees (even in reference to the 1994 movie “Rapa Nui”) and the alien seems very puzzled, as if he does not understand that I mean cutting down a lot of trees can mean most trees in a larger area or region. He asks, “How could one man cut down too many trees in his garden?” as it does not make sense to him that a man (or men) can use a larger amount of human resources in their own business or endeavors. The idea of one man being allowed to own more than only a small area of land seems insane to him and beyond his ability to picture - especially relating to human population and needs - I guess he is not one of the aliens that had been studying humans more, but just a worker. He is then going into a procedure that is somehow causing the tree to become whole again for the final cycle. The sound of the machine becomes even more like a viola as I walk back to the south. The various parts of the tree as they are cut and then joined back as a whole, seems to be like an amazing exotic dance.

    I walk back to the other men and notice that someone who is seated (seemingly the oldest of the government-based group) is swaying and pretending to play a small violin (“to accompany the viola” it seems) and is also nodding his head and smiling. It seems they had actually heard the noise later on, as Steve had taken my container and given them the medicinal tablets. They also had some glimpses of the spacecraft and one or two glimpses of the tall alien. I ask the men if they were worried now that they knew the truth. The oldest says (quite vividly and fairly loudly but in a very friendly manner), “Oh, I don’t know, he had a very nice voice”.

    Curiously, in the majority of my dreams (but certainly not all) aliens are usually friendly and often even passive, even when rather unusual-looking, while humans are often the “bad guys” so to speak.

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