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    A Small Robot

    by , 07-03-1977 at 01:03 PM (208 Views)
    Morning of July 3, 1977. Sunday.

    I seem to be in another time period, possibly in the distant future (as the buildings look futuristic). It may or may not be Earth. There is a large city; some of the buildings being with dome-like tops, but there are no people around. Apparently, everyone has cleared the streets because of the supposed end of the world soon coming. As the world is supposedly going to end, a very small robot, looking vaguely similar in some ways like R2-D2 from “Star Wars” (except a bit smaller and more squarish) slowly moves down the middle of the wide street - and there is a feeling of terror sensed (not from me, from the unseen people of the world or region). It almost seems amusing to me in afterthought, as this small robot will be the sole cause of the world (or human civilization) to end.

    The area in my dream also seems to be bilocated with my Cubitis driveway as the robot approaches our carport from the west.

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