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    The Snake that Followed Me Home

    by , 10-13-1972 at 03:59 PM (216 Views)
    Morning of October 13, 1972. Friday.

    A pinkish (Pepto-Bismol-colored, recurring to a lot of dreams in my youth) fairly small and skinny snake is trying to follow me home from school as I travel northward to my home in Cubitis. It hides in different areas such as roofing timbers, above lockers, and so on. I get the impression it is a relative that had been transformed (or perhaps even reincarnated) unwillingly, perhaps a supposed (but fictional to real life) uncle. As I walk home, the longer time I spend outside from there, the less I notice it. No one else notices the snake. I stop at a few other buildings, being inside for a short time on my way home.

    As stated several times in my online journal, I believe a snake in dreams often represents the human intestine due to its shape and how it can “coil”. In this dream, it was even more obvious, I think. I had a fairly mild stomach ache prior to sleep, the snake was the color of Pepto-Bismol (a stomach-ache remedy), and it was “above” me (beyond my control) as well as following me. However, there was no stronger fear - in fact, my dream had a sort of comedic mood for the most part. Also, after I had evaded it, my stomach ache was mostly gone (I had not taken Pepto-Bismol during this period, though had at other times, before and after.)

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