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    Stump in the Center

    by , 09-02-2018 at 01:04 PM (109 Views)
    Night of August 30, 2018. Thursday.

    Reading time: 57 sec. Readability score: 53.

    Water induction brings about an association with fishing. However, in semi-lucidity, I focus on something else, and the potential fishing backstory fades along with my rod and tackle. It is a tree stump arising from the center of a lake. (It is the only feature above the surface.)

    I start to conceptualize it as something important, but I am not sure of what relevance it is. I think it possibly represents old age. After a time, the water becomes lower.

    Over time, I think about the tree becoming whole again, but I do not deliberately try to force the event. The water lowers to where the lake is gone. I become distracted by a shifting of awareness where I now see a bicycle rack as if a feature in an urban public park. The landscape slowly rotates around me.

    Despite the implication of the stump being in the ground at the lake’s bottom, it stems from the Old Man of the Lake, a Crater Lake feature, which vertically floats. The bicycle rack blends the typical association of the liminal space barrier as a fence (otherwise dividing dream self and conscious self presence) with a more linear vestibular system correlation anticipated (in contrast to flight, rising, or falling), though no bicycle is present. Instead, I wake with the entire landscape slowly rotating around me (clockwise) like a bicycle wheel, in addition to water lowering waking symbolism (ultradian rhythm and decrease of melatonin).

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