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    1. Moving Buildings

      by , 12-30-2014 at 01:35 PM
      Morning of December 30, 2014. Tuesday.

      I seem to be in Brazil or perhaps some sort of holographic life-sized model of a scene from Recife (“heh-see-fee”), Brazil, standing on the opposite side of a shoreline with many tall commercial buildings. It is during early afternoon, I think.

      After a time, I am able to mentally “pick up” an entire building and move it (without any damage, oddly enough), mostly farther to my left to place it in a different area. I am not a giant or anything; solely my normal size throughout. I seem to be doing it as a part of some sort of simple exercise or relative to perhaps a contest or game.

      Prior to my dream’s ending, I end up putting one building to the leftmost of the scene, where it actually “sits” on the water without sinking. This does not seem quite right somehow but I do not hear anyone complaining about what I am doing and I am not lucid in any way. (For example, no one falls or screams, etc.) (For some reason, the scene vaguely reminds me of reusable stickers, where you can put them elsewhere after first placing them in a particular area.)

      Again, something does not seem quite right, but I am not sure if it is because the building is just “sitting” on the water’s surface or if it is because it is too far to the left away from most of the other buildings.
    2. Strange Spider

      by , 12-30-2014 at 10:07 AM
      Morning of December 30, 2014. Tuesday.

      My family and I, as well as my (deceased) sister Marilyn (who appears only about thirty in-dream) are in an unfamiliar residence. On the other side of the large room and partly blocked by the fact the room is L-shaped as well as us (sister, son, myself) being in an alcove (the rest of my family in another part of the residence), is a television showing, it seems, an old black-and-white Bela Lugosi movie (though not like any real one) and the audio is oddly of what seems like a rude sonnet by a narrator rather than actor dialog. The sonnet is at least partly about manually pleasuring oneself, but there are other aspects.

      There is an alcove (to my right) where a larger table extends outward from it and about halfway out from the alcove. My oldest son, his back to the television, is somehow “on” the inner wall of the alcove closest to the television, possibly somehow sitting on the upper left corner of a cloth wall calendar. It does not make much sense how this could be and something so absurd does not trigger even the slightest lucidity. My sister is the only one facing the television across the table from me, though I sometimes turn around to look at it. The sonnet contains crude adult humor though I am not sure my son understands it as his face remains without emotion. There is a line about someone having their hands in their pants (for self-gratification).

      The volume is low and I notice earlier on that my sister is leaning forward a bit as if in attempt to hear it better. I turn the audio up with a remote control and ask her if she can hear it better and she nods.

      I then look at the beige cloth wall calendar. It is possible that my son is actually “sitting on the wall” like Spider-Man rather than his weight being on the left edge of the top of the calendar. I notice a rather large spider crawling on the lower left corner of the calendar. I tell my son to look (as he has always had a real-life interest in arachnids) and he tries to capture it. He tells me that it is not venomous when I ask him about it.

      The spider’s abdomen is quite strange and strongly resembles a darker beige pair of bowlegged corduroy pants (though the “legs of the pants” are not actually spider legs, just the odd abdomen shape).

      Because a spider typically represents hands, this echoes the earlier line about “hands in pants” and the fact that it is not venomous reflects that self-gratification is not “bad” as spiders in dreams sometimes represent metaphorically (although spiders sometimes have other hand-related meanings, such as a fear of being punished - this I learned from my childhood spider dreams).
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    3. A Small Portal

      by , 12-29-2014 at 05:53 PM
      Morning of December 29, 2014. Monday.

      Although this dream does have similarities to concepts from certain sparser past dreams, it is entirely new in its “design”. My intent, as usual, is to expand on each new in-dream “power”. I have only, for one day, been using a new type of dream “scripting”, but not as direct as other types. It involves a new type of training that combines focusing on and questioning an event or image transition with two possible outcomes, one related to “can only occur in a dream” and the other, “will likely only occur when awake”. Of course, this is so “obvious” as to be ridiculous, but I have never read anything remotely similar in dream publications. It is a more advanced form of continuous “reality checks” that eventually become “automatic”, that is, a natural way of thought continuity. Instead of just asking now and then if you are dreaming, you do actual meditative sessions with real objects or images and their status until your entire mind falls into this skill “automatically”. (I will go more into this later in other entries). Practice makes perfect as they say. I am surprised it has already “worked” in a way after only one day, but not as fully as desired, though I suspect it fits into the “prototype” type of dream.

      Obviously, dreams can be “anything” (including, for lack of a better term, “paranormal”, contrary to certain less-enlightened and less-experienced people) - and, strangely enough, I only began to fully understand this more recently (compared to the extent and longevity of my work). Because of the nature of consciousness, “anything” can be experienced in a dream and at any level of vividness (even two or more dreams at the same time if one is so inclined) including far more vivid than day to day real life (which I suppose worries some people as they are then concerned with somehow being “tricked” into thinking they are dreaming when they are not - which is absurd due to the fact that dreams naturally “trick” people into thinking they are awake - but, alas, it is human nature to “fail”, apparently), particularly various levels of remote viewing, which includes perspectives and perceptions not even close to habitual waking associations (which may, in fact, be why many people supposedly do not remember their dreams - due to them being too abstract or “far away” from their waking status).

      In my dream, I am sitting in the center of a mostly featureless pale blue room. I am not lucid, yet (as has often been the case in the past) still somehow aware I am making my dream from another “mental plain” (for lack of a better term). There is an invisible “portal” in the room that I am aware of, but it is very small. This portal is, for a time, seemingly no bigger than my finger, though it does seem to expand later. It is probably about a foot or so from the floor. In fact, I find it by moving my hand around until the fingertip starts to “vanish” when I move my hand forward a bit. This happens a few times.

      What is remarkable is that I can see my finger slowly vanish from the tip downward as it enters this other realm (though this does not trigger any degree of lucidity yet). I try experimenting with it. I take a small book and actually manage to push it through into the other (unseen) realm so that it seems to become “invisible” as a result (though not truly invisible, just beyond this portal). After a time, my mother-in-law, unfortunately, makes an appearance. The portal at that point almost seems like a sort of metaphorical “coin-slot” into this other world.

      There is not much definition or rendering of the mother-in-law presence or associations, but there is something to do with an occult book being taken out by the mother-in-law, though it is primarily inconsequential and something about demons (which I have never remotely seen any evidence of in my lifetime - only manifestations of someone’s own personal fears and limitations).

      There is not much else going on. I have not “worked” like this in any past dream in this particular way (only vaguely similar scenes), but it does seem a result of the particular “reality checks” I had done. However, they curiously took on a different metaphorical pattern. Instead of checking by “meeting a solid surface” with my fingertips, my fingertip “vanished” into an implied portal, the portal being otherwise completely unseen. Of course, this implies (though I already knew this) that even if a dream is seemingly of “one” implied environment (and not necessarily relevant to common bilocation experiences in dreams), there are unseen immediate phasing layers all around the dreamer. This is no surprise, I suppose, due to the fact that sound, imagery, and other features of the universe also phase in ways the public would refuse to believe even when shown. For example, when you invert one sound wave over another (polarity reversal) the second being originally the same as the first, all relevant sound completely ceases to exist. However, this is not a matter of “cancelling out” as some suggest. Why? Because if you insert something that slightly changes one of the waveforms into one channel, you will still detect that they both still simultaneously exist, just in a different inaudible form. This of course, is quite intriguing in what it suggests about the nature of dreaming and human thought itself.
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    4. Fishhead Man

      by , 12-28-2014 at 06:28 PM
      Morning of December 28, 2014. Sunday.

      This dream is possibly based on a very recent real-life event. An unknown male, possibly from a couple houses east of us, had yelled out “hello” from random areas on the footpath and eventually knocked, this happening two days in a row, though only once knocking each time (assuming it was the same person each day) yet immediately left before anyone could get to the door.

      In my dream, I go into the front room and when I glance out the window I notice that a couple trucks are parked against the house. Not only that, I notice that part of the bumpers are somehow up over the outer window ledge (which in reality is too narrow to support anything and is not really the right level for that as it is) making it seem even more of a ridiculous imposition.

      Upon seeing this bizarre unlikely intrusion onto our house itself, I look out and glance around our front yard and notice three men fighting and rolling around on the ground. Two of the men appear to be typical local males. One of them, however, has the head of a fish. He lifts his head up, looking blankly towards me for a short time and then goes back to fighting.

      I am eventually aware that at least one of them is a police officer. The other two are seemingly connected to a courier company, or perhaps two different courier companies. The fish-headed man seems to be losing for a time.

      Even though my perspective and overall perception are quite clear, I cannot quite determine if the fish-headed man is now (or had been) the police officer or is one of the others. Not much else happens. It does appear that the fish-headed man is wearing a uniform, but it may be a formal outfit for the delivery company.

      There was an earlier section where my wife’s brother Simon was visiting and he is talking about the changes that a friend of his went through - especially changes within his mind over time. He uses a term which contains “hero’s intuition” - the other word possibly being “unsung”. I hear him speak for quite some time and he seems sincere and at ease. I am not sure who he is talking about - but it seems like someone that had been in the hospital recently. (I do not know any of his friends in reality.) For some reason (dream-based empathy perhaps though I am not lucid), I admit to also being like that in the past but that a person changes over time. Foresight and long-term precognition supposedly become less significant and vivid over time because more of your life is behind you than ahead of you, though this is not always the case in reality.

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    5. Annoying “Cartoon People”

      by , 12-27-2014 at 10:30 AM
      Morning of December 27, 2014. Saturday.

      I am apparently on my way to see some of my old classmates though the circumstances are unclear. They are not actually the ones who were my friends, it seems. Several of them are at an (unfamiliar) house in the area.

      I find myself in the front part of an unfamiliar residence, though my classmates are there; about six or seven males. The kitchen is fairly close to the front of the house and there is a large counter through the larger room, extending from my right. Over time, I notice that there are a lot of dishes and such in a very large metal sink and the counter is quite messy - not all just kitchen-related messes, either, but possibly even car parts and pieces of old lawn mowers. I get a vague impression that I am supposed to do the dishes and clean the house.

      However, I eventually notice that all these prior male classmates are obnoxious versions of Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and other Warner cartoon characters. They do not seem that much like cartoons, though, but real beings. They actually seem quite nasty as well as lacking even a fundamental level of intelligence. I am certainly not going to help them in any way, especially as they ironically see me as “inferior”.

      I suppose this is actually how I see certain former classmates (though not ones I am still in contact with on Facebook) and some types of people in general - as “obnoxious cartoon characters” and even virtually “hollow”, though that is something I do not have that much interest to dwell on, especially in dream states, considering the vast potential of new horizons even at an older age.
    6. Forest Girl

      by , 12-23-2014 at 10:42 AM
      Morning of December 23, 2014. Tuesday.

      Even though this is vaguely related to the recurring (and assuming fictional) Enchanted Forest setting, it is not as defined as usual and seems to be in a different location.

      My family and I stop near a forest during, I think, an extensive shopping trip or other outing. We are still fairly close to the main part of town. The forest is still quite dense and supposedly isolated (internally), though. It seems to be around late morning. Although I am not sure of directional orientation, the forest remains mostly to my right from wherever we were walking from.

      After a short time, I notice an unusual-looking light gray “mouse” with very short fur and scurrying about at the edge of the outer perimeter and in and out of clusters of dead leaves. I watch it for awhile. It may actually be a vole, which I consider for a short time. I pick it up briefly but let it go again. For some reason, a vole seems more “wild” or “exotic” (as well as “rare”) than an “ordinary” wild mouse.

      Later on, a toddler appears from deeper within the forest. Even though she is only about three, she somehow seems to have been living there alone most of her life. This seems a bit odd, so we decide to take her with us as we do more shopping.

      Later, however, a younger male wearing glasses, who reminds me of someone I only saw once several years ago in public while he was carrying his daughter with a very annoyed look on his face while entering a men’s room at a drive-in theater, makes an appearance near the parking lot of a mall. He is very angry that we took his child from the woods. Apparently, she was supposed to be there on her own for a time as he and his wife were doing shopping (I do not think it was punishment). His wife is with him but he does most of the complaining. They take the child with them after a few conversations about leaving a toddler alone in an isolated area (which seem to “reset” and repeat - there are a couple times when I am thinking “jungle”, even saying it once or twice, but then change it to “forest” since I have doubt that there is a jungle nearby).

      For some reason, he does not think it strange to leave an infant or toddler on their own in a forest for a long time, as it seems she had been there for weeks according to the conversation. It seems my wife and I are very inconsiderate to have “rescued” his daughter in light of what we thought we were doing. (It vaguely reminds me of a real-life scenario years ago where my wife informed another mother that her young daughter was handling mothballs at a secondhand bookstore and was possibly about to eat a couple - the mother acted more annoyed at my wife for informing her in a timely manner than about the situation itself, and there was a similar event where a toddler was running around in her backyard on her own with large sharp scissors where the mother became angry with my wife instead of having any concern for the child).

      This still seems wrong to me, though my family and I resume our activities after I punch him in the face several times, knocking him over each time. He seems mostly uninjured and unwavering in his beliefs.

      This dream followed thoughts that have always greatly puzzled me nearly my entire life on how it is possible for toddlers to disappear or have fatal accidents in settings where there is apparently no adult around anywhere. This is even more of a puzzle since I have had extensive experience with a large family for quite some time (thus it certainly is not a question of a lack of perspective or role which many would probably use as an excuse regarding my opinion) and it has never been that difficult to care for family members and be aware of their safety. I still do not know how it is possible other than a bizarre lack of attention or awareness on the part of parents or guardians (when a child somehow wanders off), which does not even seem possible to me other than the parents simply forgetting they have children for a time. I suppose this sounds strange coming from someone who had a near-fatal accident themselves when not quite two years of age. I guess I was a quick climber and I do not blame either parent in this case.

      The girl in my dream vaguely reminds me of a real-life situation where we saw two female toddlers walking around in our front yard at about two in the morning and they were hanging around near our front steps as if lost. The parents were inside their house, possibly drunk or sleeping. A large dog was with them as if the parents thought that a dog somehow had human perspective and “responsibility” and would viably babysit their kids.
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    7. Manipulation

      by , 12-21-2014 at 10:44 AM
      Morning of December 22, 2014. Monday.

      I am in some sort of business building that is seemingly in the same location as the King Street boarding house was and on the second floor. I am not sure of what is going on, so I mainly just walk around. Other people, unknown, are sitting and standing in the area in a few different rooms. Apparently, we had all been involved in some sort of educational task but I do not recall what had happened before. At one point, I notice that my hair is braided on each side as well as the back, with a cluster of three feathers on each. Not knowing what else to do, I do a vocalization that is somewhat chant-like.

      Although I am not singing that loudly at all, another male walks by and acknowledges it. He tells me that he is Irish American (thus not like me at all) but that my singing seems to have made him feel better and is “improving his mind” in other ways. I am not sure what to say but make a vague remark and generalization about wavelengths. We walk north down a hall to some sort of counter. Apparently everyone is leaving but only a couple people here and there are getting awards for some reason. As I slowly walk by the counter (to my left) in the line of people going out, I am told that I “did very well” (though I have no idea what the reference is to) and a male places a bronze decoration (as an award of some kind), that represents a cluster of three feathers, on the counter. Before I get much farther, I am given an additional award, which is one smaller bronze feather. I am not sure how to react but I put them in my pocket.

      After leaving the building, most of us walk west down King Street, but the area is quite different. At first, it seems fairly late at night. There are sections that look like the inside of a house (even with furniture) but are inverted to be external features near the sidewalk. There is a turn off to where we are apparently going to walk north. During this time, an unknown female is worried about being accosted so she walks to my left for protection. There are other random people around that are farther away from us.

      One of the males near the front of the line is talking about people with guns approaching us (from the north). At first, I think it may be some sort of military scenario, then think about a possible active gang. The male that warns us is soon shot.

      Several new unknown people appear - all with pistols, the leader being a blonde female working with a dark-haired male, and we are apparently going to be forced to be guests at a “mob” wedding due to the fact that they do not have enough guests and the wedding is to be very soon. They hand out adult “bibs” that look like the front part of a white dress shirt - complete with real black buttons (but no tie). All of us are supposed to wear them and follow the others to the wedding location as we are all held at gunpoint.

      After a short time, even though I am not lucid, I “remember” that I have certain abilities, primarily to manipulate the thoughts and physical movements of people. Even though the two main people with guns are bossing my group around, I soon mentally will them to turn around and shoot each other. That threat is eliminated. I then cause the others to turn back and give the members of my group time to get to a building for safety. We travel easterly into an industrial area with large warehouses and my dream begins to fade.

      The sensations of altering someone else’s thoughts (as well as in causing them to move a certain way) is quite direct and physical where I actually seem to “feel” movements in the other person’s mind from a distance; the act somewhat like mentally changing the positions of tiny magnetic balls. This is the third time in a row in recent dreams where I was experiencing something related to perceived movements in the mind. It is far more defined and clearer than it had ever been in the past, though even that was rare.
    8. Vacuuming

      by , 12-18-2014 at 11:07 AM
      Morning of December 18, 2014. Thursday.

      Although this dream was extraordinarily vivid, realistic, and very well-rendered and defined, it was a typical housecleaning dream without much going on. Often, in housecleaning dreams, I become semi-lucid and start mentally washing and painting the walls, but not in this case. (I sometimes even reupholster furniture in need of repair, with in-dream telekinesis).

      I am vacuuming the floor and especially corners of doorways, where a lot of dirt and dust has accumulated. My family (as they are now) are involved in other activities. I put a lot of attention on a wooden desk that I actually have not seen in many years. For some reason, this particular desk has appeared in far more of my dreams than other furniture even though I am not sure why (I suppose that sounds hilarious to non-dream-workers) and often appears in a location where it would not have been in reality. In this case, it seems to be a variation of our present home.

      This desk (which had been sloppily painted brown by someone who had apparently not liked the natural wood appearance and who also utilized the not-so-clever painting of the one small drawer so that it often got jammed for a short time) had single shelves on each side and a narrower area across the middle (under the top part) which I also used as a book holder (the books being a bit heavy and curving the board downward slightly). The most common type of dream this desk is associated with is the “sudden fictional books” feature - fictional books which I somehow remember having had most of my life - and this new dream is no exception.

      I get to a point where the sucking is not as strong as it should be and I reason that something is blocking it within the hose (I certainly hope this is not a cellular reference to my arteries). I also take off the normal head (as I sometimes do in reality) to use just the hose itself, as the head is often clumsily large and not very feasible anyway.

      From here, I see what is blocking the hose and the items (all paper-based) fall out into an open space. Firstly, it is a partly rolled, quickly sketched vacuum cleaner advertisement from a 1950s magazine showing a smiling woman in the seeming process of vacuuming a red and white vertically striped sofa but holding up the head to about the level of her head, angled out at about 25 degrees to the left. She looks very blissful in her small white lacy apron, holding up the vacuum head, ready to take on the world.

      Then, as the dream eventually loses cohesion (but is still very vivid at this point), I see that I had accidentally sucked up a blank sheet music booklet (but which is actually almost full of unpublished written-in musical works) which is actually an A5-sized booklet. I am slightly concerned about dirt having ruined the booklet, but I see that the dirt marks are mostly only on the corners of all the pages. I treasure this book…and remember it well…even though it has never actually existed.
    9. Rare Egg

      by , 12-10-2014 at 01:49 PM
      Morning of December 10, 2014. Wednesday.

      This dream was fairly short but the theme was quite different. In my dream, my wife and family and I seem to be living in either a different house - or what actually seems more like a different version of the house we presently reside in. (I say this because the general orientation feels the same and stays as such after waking in otherwise transient afterthought.)

      The house has a hallway that goes from north to south and into an area that is different than reality. The east wall of this fictional hallway is what is ordinarily a large space open to the kitchen. In the left upper corner of the doorway-like area at the south end of the hallway is a rather small birdcage within which is a small bird. It appears somewhat like a young or miniature roadrunner (have not seen one in real life since childhood). The mostly square cage is tipped at about forty-five degrees, so that it actually looks somewhat diamond-shaped.

      At one point, I end up with a large (chicken) egg. I have rarely eaten eggs in any form (other than in processed foods of course) in my lifetime. In my dream, after a conversation with my wife, it turns out to be a special sort of egg; a type that is not that common but is still good to eat (and supposedly more beneficial than “normal” eggs).

      I decide to eat this special egg due to its supposed augmented nutritious value. Eating is quite rare in my dreams as mentioned before (however, in this dream, both the sense of touch and taste is greatly enhanced). I take the shell off and it already seems like it was hard-boiled even though it was not. The egg white is naturally solid for some reason and I notice it is of a spiny texture. The very minute spines remind me somewhat of a cactus but do not come out or become embedded in my skin as with a cactus pad, yet it feels very realistic for what is implied. It does seem a bit strange and makes me unsure if I should eat that part.

      Eventually, I do start to eat all of it and it does not taste unusual (which is atypical of dreams - many tasting events in dreams are odd and different than reality). The inside seems much more like a lily than an egg; that is, with several ovules. This is possibly an implication that several small chicks could somehow hatch from one egg.

      Later, I have a concern about the bird having had enough food recently. The cage seems a bit too high for my wife or children to reach and I do not recall feeding it recently. However, when I go under the cage and look up, I see that it has plenty of two types of seeds across one entire side of the cage, one somewhat corn-like, and the other much smaller (roadrunners actually eat meat and carrion, even rattlesnakes). My perspective is skewed, however, as my dream’s logic and law of gravity fails. That is, the seeds are not falling through the spaces of the cage as they should but are somehow suspended in the air over an “invisible surface” (though which is not actually present). I contemplate this wrongness in the back of my mind though it does not fully dawn on me that I am dreaming even though another part of me seems to be telling me that I am making my dream myself and doing this to indicate it is a dream. I also get the idea that when I throw fresh food up into the bird cage through the wire, it will somehow not fall out.

      The complex special egg likely represents my intended new enhancements of my dream work in the coming year. Even though I had been continuously fully validated and satisfied years ago via thousands of precognitive and useful dreams and dream work (especially since 1991), I have decided to pursue an enhanced potential in 2015 even though there has been no real need for it for over twenty years other than enhancing what I already know. Usually when I do this, my dreams tend to be more energized yet also more surreal in some ways. Instead of just sitting on the supposed apex of my life (and having resolved most of my childhood dreams), I am sure I can do more.
    10. Silly telekinesis again

      by , 12-08-2014 at 09:44 AM
      Morning of December 8, 2014. Monday.

      I believe it is in the morning, possibly about nine o'clock. I am not sure of the location. There is a chair full of textbooks, notebooks, papers, and possibly other printed materials. I seem to be seated at least five feet away from this other chair.

      Over time, fully convinced I am awake, I start to try to will a folded piece of paper on the top of the stack to move. There is a sense of control and “connection” somehow, though it is very slight. The piece of paper actually slides to the left and flies across the room to land on the floor. My mother makes an appearance a couple of times, and strangely enough, this seems normal to me (she died years ago, in fact).

      Even though my telekinesis dreams are so vivid and lifelike otherwise, I rarely get the hint or idea that I am dreaming. In fact, I usually wake from such dreams with a sense of disappointment (as well as feeling slightly foolish). This, and being able to hover and fly about in a fetal position, is a very common in-dream ability. The hovering, however, sometimes triggers vivid lucidity.

      I am contemplating the nature of my seemingly new ability and try several more times after putting the folded paper back. It works each time, and the paper slides and flies to the left of the room in the same way. At one point, I have a vague idea that the event might have been caused by the wind, but this is not the case. I am able to perform telekinesis a few more times.

      Finally, I decide to try it on something else. I look at the dining room table and notice a few clothes scattered over it. There is an empty cola can sitting near the edge. I will the can to slide towards me and fall off the table but then fly into my hand (as is common in such dreams). However, I soon wake and wonder how I did not detect it was a dream.
    11. Boring laundry dream

      by , 12-02-2014 at 01:42 PM
      Morning of December 2, 2014. Tuesday.

      I seem to be involved in a required job at WWTI (now WWTC) rather than going to any actual classes (but which still seems relevant to my grades). However, the only people that seem familiar are old high school classmates (instead of former WWTI classmates), including Steve W. (Steve W probably represents an aspect of government in my later dreams, due to the fact I did poster art for his campaigns in middle school, though he appeared in dreams prior to that). There is one point where I look in from outside at the south end of the building and it seems to be some sort of auto mechanics class, but I do not go in and no one notices me. The room is rather messy, with various tools and pieces of metal lying about.

      The room I am eventually in to work is supposedly the girl’s bathroom but is huge and also is a laundry area, apparently. No one else is around (other then the one mentioned later). There are at least two large sinks on the north wall with one modern washing machine between them. An old-fashioned washing machine (the kind with rollers) seems to be in disuse and is out into the middle area. Four enclosed bathroom stalls (doors starting about two feet up from the floor) line the east wall with the door to the right of them. There is another rectangular area that breaks off more to the north on that side so that the room is somewhat L-shaped.

      I am feeling somewhat annoyed and do not know quite what to do or where to start. I accidentally knock aside two large stacks of towels (about three feet high) of various colors and patterns (which seem more suited for a residence than institutional), which partly fall out from the side of a torn plaid storage bag (the cheap kind we have several of in real life). I then have to spend time putting them back in order, which is difficult, as the bag is split and should probably be duct-taped.

      From here, I try to get the modern washing machine to work, and of course, this being a dream (though I am not lucid) that is very unlikely. I attempt to plug in the cord to the outlet and fire shoots out several times (though there is something else plugged in next to the empty socket, perhaps a hairdryer). I then think of using the older washing machine but I do not think all the parts are working and it seems I have to remove debris from inside it anyway. There are also old boxes, carpentry tools, rolled up sections of wallpaper, and other miscellaneous junk in that part of the room.

      Only one female (unknown), wearing blue jeans, comes in during this time and remains in the other section of the room. I do not see her face and I am not aware of when she leaves (though she is gone later). I remain aggravated about what I should wash and what I should leave as is. It seems most everything is washed and in order anyway so I am still wondering why I was sent here to work for about an hour or two. I notice the frayed wires on both cords and start to get more annoyed at the fire and buzzing shooting out of the outlets when I attempt to start working. This seems to be even more problematic, as I ponder what will happen when a particular machine is full of water.

      In real life, I had been both a student (during two different years and courses - carpentry and machine tool) yet also a maintenance man and cleaner at WWTI (rather ironic, I suppose). My mother had an old-fashioned roller-type washing machine which I sometimes used on my own as a child. I had also worked in maintenance at a middle school, installing new showers and such. The storage bags actually do split easily in real life sometimes. Electrical outlets often do spit fire where I live (including all past addresses), which is apparently not a real issue and never triggers the safety switch (which only ever seems to randomly misfire - turning all our power off for no reason - which happened just recently).

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    12. A Place in the Sky

      by , 11-26-2014 at 09:50 AM
      Morning of November 26, 2014. Wednesday.

      This is a dream more-so of a theme from several years back regarding the end of the human race and my family and I “moving on” to a better existence. It is typical to where I eventually have full control over my dream (as a “writer” and “director”) for the most part yet am not remotely lucid or even in a more vivid or defined state.

      In my vaguer dream state, I am unsettled at the severe lack of intelligence on one dream “interpretation” site. I had actually joined the site recently, but do not plan on being much of an active part of it. One main “interpreter” (with about 20,000 posts) and another with 3,000 posts seem to have never correctly remembered any dreams in their lifetime or even know what dreams are. This is actually far worse than what I read when growing up and not wanting to have anything to do with dream dictionaries and such. Even though I am not aware I am dreaming, I ponder the two bizarre characters on that site and my proportional focus of being entirely “alien” by comparison. (This focus is what eventually builds the main dream itself, I think.)

      One of the posters believes that all dreams are functions to wake up a person - sometimes because they are tired (which makes no sense at all - if you are tired you need more sleep or rest not less) - or in many cases, caused by a pain in the neck or arm in a certain position. He continuously claims all dreams are solely for waking you up and never have any meaning at all and that lucid dreaming is not possible. There are around 3,000 posts of this nature - all evidence the “interpreter” has never remembered a dream themselves or know what they are. The posts are so bizarre, I cannot help but have residual “alien” associations. While it is true certain types of dreams are influenced by the environment or physical body or sometimes produce scenarios to deliberately wake someone up, that is certainly not the main cause or purpose of all dreams. The other “interpreter” with the near-20,000 posts interprets almost everything as either “a thief” (and making references to serfs and pages/page boys and many other long-outdated social scenarios as if he is from another century) or “getting a money” - and yet people reference this poster when asking for “interpretations” on that site as if I am still living in the ancient Middle East. It is a strange world still.

      Obviously, there are far worse things than the general lack of intelligence and valid information regarding dream work. The overwhelming corruption of authority comes into focus again.

      At one point, there is a war between two groups of people. Apparently I actually am an “alien” as it is the “only” explanation for my perspective of society as it is. Oddly, though, other (unfamiliar) people that are seemingly average are also “alien”. There does not seem to be different DNA (other than human) to “explain” this. I am the leader of a group that is moving to a planet that is very close to Earth (which of course would not be possible in reality - planets cannot exist within a short distance of each other). However, before we can be fully free, we need to destroy the infrastructure of Earth so the governments will not corrupt the new planet. Mostly, miniature airplanes (about the size of a person with their arms spread out) that look like Fokkers (from World War I) fly around and destroy everything but without killing people. At times, I seem to be flying over various landscapes seeing what needs to be done. I see people running around in chaos and fear, but again, I do not see anyone being killed (unlike similar dreams of the past).

      Over time, I am aware of the American president (Obama) agreeing to meet with two or three people from my group as well as me (it is extremely rare for me to dream of presidents in any context). After this meeting and shaking of hands at a public venue (after most infrastructure has been destroyed), my group and I walk down a sidewalk and begin to prepare to eventually travel to the other planet - and all our clothes change color - for us to elude other people (for example, snipers) who know what we had been wearing at that meeting. Still, I sense betrayal for the most part, and at any rate, we need to “begin again” on the other planet.

      I mentally set off a huge atomic bomb of potentially worldwide destruction, or so it seems at first. It is not even that far away from where we are and I can see it towering into the sky in the distance, reminding me of a sunset in some ways. However, the explosion and mushroom cloud is slightly “frozen” yet moving in extremely slow motion. (This being similar to dreams where I control tsunamis to “freeze” their location or reduce their force or “play with their energies” sometimes experiencing ecstasy.) I casually walk along, and eventually decide to also remove the nuclear fallout potential from the event before I bring the event back to normal speed after we get to the other planet - there will still be all the otherwise healthy humans of Earth but without a means to reach us at this point, until they rebuild, I suppose…
    13. Driving a Tractor

      by , 11-25-2014 at 09:53 AM
      Morning of November 25, 2014. Tuesday.

      I seem to have the job or at least the temporary responsibility of taking a few bales of hay to at least two locations via tractor, though either it turns out to be several locations or my dream “resets” several times. (I say this because the two men I talk to at each location, other than the last one, seem to be the same people each time even though the setting is seemingly different.)

      At the last location, the men seem annoyed and state that they do not need anymore hay because they sold their place and had gotten rid of any animals and were in the act of moving. Apparently I was supposed to have known this. They start to get in their van to drive off. I start to act more annoyed than they are acting and their van ends up with three bales of hay in it (and nothing else) because I say how I am just supposed to be doing what I am doing (because of what someone else told me to do) and so I put it in the van. I then go on my way.

      I end up going to a recreational area near a large lake. There seems to be some sort of family reunion or possibly a wedding. As I am driving my tractor over a small bridge mostly intended for walking (I never leave the seat of the tractor at any point in my dream until the very last scenario when it seems to shift into a different theme), I notice a young female (a younger version of my wife whom I do not immediately recognize) being given what I first “understand” to be a couple birthday cards or congratulatory wedding cards. Looking more closely, I see they are miniature tombstones made of plaster of Paris. This does not seem all that strange though I am not sure what it is for.

      The large variant group does seem to be there for a wedding. I note the beauty of the lake for a time. At least six picnic tables in fairly close proximity near the shore are all full of people. For a time, I seem to be driving the tractor right over the surface of the water as if I was in a boat though I eventually pilot it back to shore and onto the land again as if there was nothing unusual about the scene. I feel happy and relaxed in doing this.

      I notice about eight undressed females near the picnic tables in two areas. They are walking around and standing near the tables. At times, they seem to be wearing partial diaphanous pieces from a wedding dress, mostly only above the waist. It does not dawn on me that they are all identical copies of my wife. The scene itself is somewhat like the park we were married at. It is ambiguous, however, as it also seems like Wisconsin in some ways. I do not even catch that I am dreaming although I do sense a sort of puzzlement over the scene as if some of them are reflections or projections from somewhere else.

      I think about approaching one of them, but remember that I have more work to do and do not want to lose my job. I drive up a fairly steep overpass but then quickly glide down the other side as if on a roller coaster. There is no other traffic.

      I somehow end up in a different job which is related to some sort of dodgy apprenticeship for some sort of self-help or quasi-religious organization; and wander around at a typically pointless seminar where people sit around listening to someone else talking about the transient opportunities that may work for each member of the audience if they only tried. It is like an auditorium (without much lighting) and I feel a bit energetic and very cheerful. I run up and down the aisles like a child, annoying a few members of the audience. One older male is lying on the floor for some reason, apparently because he believes I may be throwing things at people (though I am not doing anything but running around, enjoying myself, and feeling very light on my feet).

      A young female is speaking about how the organization has helped her. She does a “before” and “after” routine where she takes an open company brochure and hides the lower part of her face that has acne saying that this is what she looks like now; no longer having acne. This of course seems rather pointless - so ridiculous as to not even come across with the potential of being deliberately deceptive. Several other people are seated in front of the audience, each telling their faux “success” story in a somewhat tentative fashion. Another person rolls the company brochure into a cylinder over his lap, to show how it has supposedly enhanced his virility. More foolishness. The audience is unmoved.

      I mostly do not care about this pointless seminar and end up going back outside to start delivering bales of hay again, mostly in pairs, feeling more cheerful than before at not being a part of the ridiculous group behind the seminar or a part of any organized faux system.

      I have not driven a tractor in reality in many years, since I was about twelve years old.
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    14. Tornado Encounter

      by , 11-24-2014 at 05:24 PM
      Morning of November 24, 2014. Monday.

      My dream starts with some sort of prior memory of being recently angry at a grocery store or other business in a more commercial part of a city (as an implied in-dream back story, I think). I am not entirely sure of what had transpired or what the location is. There is one (unknown) male I seem to be annoyed with and he comes out to shake his fist at me. This does not matter all that much, as I can simply fly away and relax, which I do. I rise slowly, gaining more speed as I fly above the streets. Such an event seems very similar to swimming except that you rise up and “into” instead of going down and into.

      I then seem to be on the north-side of La Crosse, within a few blocks of where my sister had lived and where my parents and I had lived when last moving from Florida (where I have not been for over twenty years). Apparently, there is a tornado approaching from the north or northwest. I move into a narrow alleyway where taller buildings line each side (it is not as such in real life in this area). The tornado seems almost intelligent as it turns to go near where I am seemingly on purpose, but nothing happens. The tornado cannot come through the alleyway as it is too narrow. The wind is quite strong, but it does not threaten me - I just stand near the end of the alleyway feeling the wind for a time. The tornado eventually “decides” to leave and goes west down the street (and at this point I am vaguely aware that I am making and controlling the tornado, not aware enough to trigger lucidity, though, and in fact, my perspective becomes much “duller” in-dream after this).

      I then decide to check up on my relatives who had lived in this area (not remembering they had all passed away except for one older half-brother). The street is not a street but some sort of raised bridge (about ten feet high) which I walk across. Looking at the neighborhood, the ground is covered with giant cooked spaghetti strands everywhere (just the pasta and nothing else, for example, no sauce or meatballs). I am uncertain of the nature of this scene in conscious afterthought. It may be a link to the idea of youth and jump ropes, though the strands are bigger in circumference than a garden hose.

      In the back of my mind is a (possibly false) memory. I recall something about an old comic book story (possibly “Spooky The Tuff Little Ghost”) where there was a tornado made of spaghetti (However, in my dream, the tornado seemed normal for the most part.) There is also the movie title “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” from 2009 but I had only known of the title in the back of my mind.

      There is an impression that the “spaghetti” is actually the “damage” caused by the tornado (where normally you would perceive debris, such as pieces of wood and glass over the ground).

      Update on August 4, 2015: Thanks to finally fully confirming what tornadoes represent as well as pasta; including macaroni and spaghetti; which I will be writing about in an upcoming entry, I understand that this dream is about using intelligence in a balance of reception and projection and using care relative to the direction of mental energies or how thoughts coalesce with certain perspectives (probably mostly of the more distant past). The tornado is the bottom half of the Merkaba and I have finally solved the concept of macaroni relating to mental energy, as I now fully get that macaroni and cooked spaghetti in some ways resemble the folds of the human brain. One of the reasons I did not decode this in the past was that I have had very few pasta-related dreams. In this case the tornado destroys an area I used to spend much time in, probably relative to being focused on the area “too much” while in some dream states (this only being a habit of practiced lucid dreams years ago) - thus the area becomes more like raw (unshaped) mental energies but still with lucid potential - simple. And yes, I am very serious about this and feel satisfied in solving some previously enigmatic dream features.

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    15. Mystery Tour

      by , 11-23-2014 at 04:46 PM
      Morning of November 23, 2014. Sunday.

      I am walking with my wife (we seem much younger, which is typical) in an unfamiliar area in Australia, but likely not that far from where we presently live. I am aware of the “Enchanted Forest” being nearby. This is a fictional in-dream location that has been a part of my dreams since earliest memory, though the more defined version seems based somewhat on the Enchanted Forest concept from the older Harvey comic books (from the mid to late 60s). This was also where I first learned “my animal” was the opossum at age four (which I originally incorrectly associated with “small foxes in trees”).

      Usually, the forest is seemingly in the United States. I usually go in at about a twenty-two degree angle (half of the perfectly diagonal forty-five degree angle) from the west (and off from an otherwise “familiar” public road). There is another section on the south end which does not occur in dreams quite as often.

      It is always a very beautiful and “deep” reflective state, somewhat like a “hiding place” but when no hiding place is needed. There are almost always other characters I enjoy taking in with me. In this case, it seems to be reflective of the “Magical Mystery Tour”. There is an idea of what others have believed (in perceived “wrongful ways”) about dreams, though this does not have any residual negative impact on my dream state. I have read that one person on one site believes that dreams are created by someone (or something) other than the dreamer. This writer does not believe in anything “paranormal” (for lack of a better term) such as precognition (or even intuition apparently) or shared dreaming, and yet believes dreams are created by some other entity or being - quite possibly the most ridiculous form of hypocrisy and doubletalk I have ever seen. I am fully aware that I am the dreamer and “creator” here (as with all dreams of this “Enchanted Forest” type), and yet this is not a lucid dream (in that the intense vivid energy of being truly lucid and “fully conscious” in the dream state is not present). In fact, this is a typical non-lucid portal dream, where I am “delivered” into one of several of my most desired dream settings upon the dream first taking cohesive form.

      In fact, I have almost always been aware at one level or another that I was creating my own dream (even in non-lucid states) - at least the foundation or primary focus thereof. I have even been fully aware of being the one behind certain chase dreams where I have a memory of instigating the chase scenes for excitement and by which the dream then became “too real”. I have, however, been aware of individual personas or the presence of “something else” which usually only ever occurred with negative dreams or impressions, even when awake but in a state of meditation or stillness. That which is positive, beneficial, or life-oriented has only ever seemed to come from my innermost self in all honesty (only one of many reasons I have never believed in “guides”).

      My wife and I walk through winding paths with high grasses on each side, enjoying the scenery and isolation from the public. We seem to be going southwest for the most part, though more westerly. I seem to feel that I know where we are going on one level, though the forest seemingly always has different potential. After a time, I start to see evidence of civilization. However, there has always been an impression that sections of the forest (usually the most central) were not in “this” world.

      We emerge into an area that is mostly an open field, with shorter grass and signs of human habitation. There are a few buildings here and there, but quite far apart. I note three places where there is mostly only one larger building. One of the buildings has some sort of sign regarding Victoria. It may be a travel agency. It seems odd that we could have gone that far in such a short time and ended up here, apparently in Victoria. There is a cheerful mood for the most part, but we decide that we should go back rather than leaving the periphery of the trees to look around this isolated habitation or very small town, though the dream is already losing cohesion at that point.

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