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    An Unwarranted Treasure Hunt

    by , 07-25-2018 at 01:52 PM (66 Views)
    Morning of July 25, 2018. Wednesday.

    Reading time: 1 min 27 sec. Readability score: 75.

    In my dream, which seems to take place throughout the morning, Zsuzsanna had gotten a message from an unknown sender. It supposedly relates to a contest, but I become wary of the circumstances. Even though it seems like a legitimate commercial competition at first, it turns out that a gangster had buried a jewelry box near our house. (In my dream, however, it is firstly a variation of the Loomis Street house and near the southwest corner, although the sidewalk is not present.)

    Eventually, several male strangers are near the house. They begin to look for the buried jewelry box. There are supposedly valuable items inside. I see them as intruders and realize at this point that it is not a legitimate contest but that unknown men were using an area of our yard to hide the loot from other criminals.

    I hit a couple of them with shovels, but I think they have guns. I want to protect my family, but there is no logic in not letting them get what they want, so I wait. My family remains inside the house during this time. Eventually, the gangsters are no longer present.

    The house changes into a version of our present home. Two female police officers are in the kitchen. Each of them is wearing a blue bikini as well as a black trench coat. That makes me think that they may not be real police officers.

    I go outside to see them digging in two areas of our backyard. There is a police car parked there. It could mean they are real officers. I ask them if they are real cops. One of them looks at me with an annoying glance, saying that people only use the word “cop” on the Internet. (This, of course, makes no sense at all, but what else is new?) I remain unsure if they are real officers, but I slowly wake after this. It almost seems as if they are gardening rather than looking for the loot.

    Many years ago, when I was in middle school, a female bus driver, as my schoolmates were boarding, was angry. She said people should not say “cop,” because it was disrespectful.

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