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    4th DJ-Attempt

    It's a new attempt to keep focused on my dream world, this time I would like to share as long as possible some of my experiences with other people who could get interested. Comments are welcome. I apologize if my English is not too good. I hope I do it at least understandable. Hope you enjoy it!

    My code of colors:

    - Non-lucid
    - Lucid
    - Semi-Lucid
    - False Awakening
    - Hypnagogic Hallucinations and thoughts while falling asleep
    - SP, awake and/or observations.


    1. Nights 11 & 12 - Aut Comp 2023 (11-12.09.2023)

      by , 09-13-2023 at 09:02 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Night 11

      Ö/I turn and cross a door when somebody at my back says: ďHere we Ďflayí because of we f*ck and playĒ/Ö I woke up remembering that

      Night 12

      Ö/Iím in front of the model of a modern large house in the mountains. Iím carefully placing some round transparent reddish covering plastics on the courtyards to protect the next places Iím planning to go. Iím wearing skin colored stockings/Ö
    2. Nigjts 7-10 Aut Comp 2023

      by , 09-11-2023 at 10:15 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      07.09 - Night 7

      Ö/I get into a new section of the sorter, itís main purpose is to heal books. Here fall all books that got damaged along the process of distribution. The books this time are modern paperback versions. Thereís a book with pink cover on top of one of the piles on the plates.
      I donít see itís going to work, I have my doubts about the process. Itís not my task today anyway, Iím too wide away from my working place where Iím sorting stuff for titles for its placement or something like that. Weíre moving to another section of the sorter, we have to board a train. There are people from the design area. The big J is there/Ö


      I succeeded to incubate the dream back again but failed to recognize when it started

      Ö/itís the same new section, thereíre other paperback books piled there. Iím leaving the section now and I can see now the creeper of my living room hanging in a precarious way next to the sorter. Iím afraid itís going to fall, I try to fix it into a better position while the sorter keeps moving. Iím trying to figure out whatís the logic of this new station. Each book has some values, like RPG cards. And they must be placed on their corresponding plate according to those numbers for the machine to take them to their new location or something like that . Thereís a guy wearing glasses working on the first plate. He shouldnít be there handling books because of his task has nothing to do with books. Heís taking the books away from where they should be taken by the machinery. I think to myself: ďNow I see why itís not workingĒ/Ö

      08.09 - Night 8

      This time the dream was too abstract to recall a full sequence, Iím moving into thoughts and the scenery changes too fast to recall more

      Ö/I see some coworkers, old J is there. They twist and fall into big woks like theyíre sort of omelettes. Other stuff turns around and moves on/Ö

      09.09 - Night 9

      Ö/Iím on a train arriving at a train station. I see some cops with dogs doing their job/Ö

      Ö/I see my daughter is watching films In a strange language. I cannot understand what the actors are saying. Look like a live show comedy/Ö

      10.10 - Night 10

      No recall, got too few hours of sleep, then must go back to work
    3. Day 6 - Aut Comp 2023 / 06.09

      by , 09-07-2023 at 11:46 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Ö/Thereíre groups of cartoon like fat people with small thin heads, wearing coats. Some of them are wearing big round hats. Theyíre standing on platforms at different heights. Thereís something like a huge tonearm of a turntable switching from one group to another. They follow its inducted instructions and sing along a melody. Some seem not to know the lyrics and start improvising. I donít like it although itís not bad the result. I go down to the lower level of the system. I get to the small yard of my grand parentís house. The couch of the small living room is out there and another sofa. A short haired arrogant looking pretty girl around 20 is laying along the couch, with the head on the coach arm and both legs crossed on the couch back. Sheís wearing black stockings, mini skirt, plaid shirt and a jacket. I want to correct her posture without being direct to avoid rebellious confrontations, just by sitting next to her in order to force her to put the legs down. She doesnít look clean. I donít want to get too close to her feet, sheís not wearing shoes. I sit and she turns to put her legs on the table in front of the couch. I think: Thatís not the best but much better. I ask for a kiss as reward. Sheís angry/Ö

      Ö/Thereís something with my dad/Ö

      My daughter slammed the bathroom door when I was recalling the segments of this dream. That blocked my recall while I was remembering more details and lost the rest of the dream
    4. Day 5 - Aut Comp 2023 / 05.09

      by , 09-06-2023 at 05:04 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Fragment 1

      Ö/Iím heading to the end of a low illuminated dark brown corridor with dark green doors on the sides. In stead of a wall at the end, thereís a section of a conveyor belt crossing the way from left to right. The corridor is 3 plates of the conveyor belt bright. This part of the corridor is better illuminated with white lights above the machinery.
      There are old but well preserved hard cover brown books on each plate and Iím filling the plates with more books to get piles of three books on each plate while the conveyor moves on. I finish to set the piles and turn to do something else to my left. Looks like Iím very concentrated in some task at work/Ö

      I woke up remembering these scene, and wondered if I should consider it as a theme related fragment for the competition, since such books can often be found in libraries. They might come from one, same as they might go there. One way or another must point into that direction. Anyway, Iím constantly handling the main components of a library although Iím not aware of that during the dream. So I think it could score for that. Working with basic components of a library. I could use these books and the conveyor belt under dream control circumstances, to get straight into a library. May be jumping on one of the plates

      Then I considered to give it one more try and started to think about the fragment I remembered and fell asleep somewhere in the process

      Fragment 2

      Ö/Iím again in the corridor next to the conveyor belt. The sequence unfolds the same until I start to arrange more objects on the first books. This time I see what Iím arranging on them arenít other books, itís my folded clothing. And think: ďSo, they werenít all books, there were my clothes as wellĒ and put my pants on the old book to see it disappear to my right carried by the conveyor belt/Ö

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    5. 03-04.09 (Nights 3-4 Aut Comp 2023)

      by , 09-05-2023 at 09:30 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Night 3

      I didnít recall any along the day until I opened the refrigerator to see my daughter didnít buy any other cup of her apparently beloved dessert

      Ö/I open the refrigerator to see my kid brought more cups of the dessert that she didnít eat for more than a year and are still on the upper corner as a reminder to show her great love for it. I start complaining about that fact with sarcasms/Ö

      Night 4

      Ö/back in my teens, catching up with a friend. Heís talking about his father and how he killed him because of he didnít want to hear his arguments/Ö

      Ö/Itís a huge house, Iím walking all around looking for something, possibly recollecting something, not sure. We have to set all in order and there are still two circles left to be finished/Ö

      Ö/Iím on the street, close to one of the campus of the university of my youth, performing sort of sorcery or ritual with somebody dressed with long hooded clothings. Weíre drawing big circles on the floor, with a broom that leaves a line of characters on the floor, turning our body 360 degrees to paint the whole circle with lines that must be perfectly matched in order to have a continuous closed line. It must avoid the evil spirits to come in or something like that. It reminds me an old film about an apprentice that has to spend 3 nights closed in a locked room with a coffin containing the dead body of a witch. I see the signs that form the border of the circle, twist at my will to match their ends. Some characters look like Ďmís other are just straight lines. I have to finish two more circles of those/Ö

      Ö/In the kitchen, somebody is washing the dishes and putting them on the dish holder. Turns it downwards and all of the cutlery falls on the floor. I come out of the kitchen and find a coworker is about to get into the bathroom. I stop her to tell something and cannot avoid the impulse to kiss her. She kisses me back and with a gentle push she shows me that sheís in a hurry/Ö
    6. 02.09 - (2nd day Aut Comp 2023)

      by , 09-03-2023 at 10:25 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Ö/I see a black and white drawing art of a modern house. The paper size is around an A2. Itís hanging on the outside of a building in front of a glass door I have in front of me inside of this building. I see the picture breaking into pieces with the wind while I open the door/Ö

      Ö/Some coworker pooped on his pants three times, thereís something spoiled in the work place because of it, Iím still confused about the incident. Weíre working at night with very low illumination. I donít get the new distribution of areas. Thereís a lot of work taking place changing the distribution of items along the different aisles/Ö

      Itís a very recurrent dream scenario

      Ö/Iím working in a Sorter which is distributing the different media into its respective cells, itís sort of huge warehouse with 4-5 story buildings inside. Iím getting close to one of the corners of the transport band which is being loaded by people on a platform some levels away to my front. I see the moment when a large thin book gets stuck at the end of one of the curves. The coming articles which are also large books, start to crash after it and get stuck in a chaotic way. Itís starting to be a mess. I run and pull the squeezed book out of its plate, to let the rest of the material flow again. Itís a large light blue book and is ruined on the corner. Looks like itís a book for kids and itís too large to be put on the plate of the sorter. I get angry because of somebody intentionally put it there in spite of it was way too large. I walk to the upper levels. I see an ex-girlfriend working there, she looks perplexed. I keep walking some levels up until I find my brother and ask him if he knows where to find our uncle who is one of the auxiliary teachers in the place. He has no idea where to find him. Somebody says heís somewhere straight ahead, on the top office of one of the buildings which is close to a big yard, where a group of students in sport uniform forming a block are following the instructions of some trainer. I feel like Iím not going to be able to talk right now with my uncle, so I try to figure out who might be the person to talk with about the incident of this book/Ö

      I failed to realize because of the rush, this uncle passed away long ago and his DC sometimes uses to be a dream sign.
    7. 01.09 (Autumn Competition 2023)

      by , 09-02-2023 at 09:20 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)

      Ö/in 3rd person view, for some reason Iím rolling spaghetti from the floor into rolls of hot clothing. The last one Iím holding has a Rosa cream blouse rolled on it. It doesnít hold good enough and I start having difficulties to put it back into position/Ö

      Ö/Iím walking among tended white clothing in an open space in the woods. Itís Halloween time and I think to myself: Of course! Itís Halloween and now they are preparing the white clothing/Ö

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