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    1. Spring Competition Night 1

      by , 03-03-2023 at 05:05 AM

      Going to Class

      On my way to class. It is a class for which I am a teaching assistant. I am with someone else, and we seem to be running a little late. My companion takes a nearby elevator to the 8th floor, which is where the class is. I seem to be a little delayed for some reason, and the elevator doors close before I can get in. I spend a bit of time either trying to get back into this elevator or into another one. I find an elevator control panel which seems to just be attached to a wall with no elevator around, but when I press a button the floor nearby starts rising. It turns out that corner of the hallway was an elevator. I get into it, and somehow end up rolling onto my side or my back. The elevator lifts into the air, and turns over to deposit me standing upright in some kind of receiving pod a few floors up.

      ...At some point Iím trying to control where the elevator goes, as though it were a lucid dream (but I donít know if I was lucid). I might be trying to get to class here. I can imagine a door opening to one side, and leading to a hallway, then on the opposite side leading to another hallway. Then the front and back of the elevator...

      ...I make it to the classroom. My fellow TA is there. The students seem to be getting a little restless, and class has not started. I wander around a bit, and class still isnít starting. At least one student starts doing some homework. Then I start thinking that perhaps I was supposed to be teaching the class. Oops...

      Danger, gun, spaceship

      Walking back from somewhere at night. It is kind of sketchy in the neighborhood where I am walking. There are some people nearby that appear to be fighting, or something. They are in a lot off to the right of the road where it appears that a building has been demolished. I keep walking, going around a bend to the left. It is still kind of scary-looking now, but I have a gun with me. I tuck the gun into the back of my waistband, and under a shirt or jacket so nobody can see it. As I continue on my way, I see a construction worker, or something like that. I come across a factory that is open, and people are working. I go inside, since it feels a bit safer.

      I have a little apartment where I spend the night. I fear that people are out to get me, but I have my gun and it makes me feel a little bit safer. When I have the gun nearby or in my hand, I am able to relax enough to sleep.

      I seem to be on the starship Andromeda. On the Andromeda, part of the preferred reading appears to be the Bible. I see at least one Bible. Also, there is a room there where it seems safe. Itís like the captainís office or something. The trouble is that it has an alarm system that keeps going off, and possibly making a loud noise. In addition to the noise, it sprays stuff around the inside of a room. Someone else has taken this room before I could get to it, but I think they put me in another one just like it. It is supposed to be a preferred room because it is so safe (it still seems to be the theme of someone trying to get me). I find a room off of the main room that is a little quieter and where I wonít get sprayed with stuff.

      ...Something about people being held, possibly as prisoners. Or possibly as medical patients. Anyway, I go somewhere, and when I come back some ruffian-types have killed them. The ruffians were crew members, or something. It seems like they thought they had the legal authority to kill these people, but it would have been merciful to let them go and the killing was needless. I think I liked at least one of them personally. There might have been another set of these people though...

      ...This might have been related to my brotherís mushrooms. In waking life, he is growing mushrooms in his basement. In the dream, he ate three, but one of them was toxic. That seems to have been the way with these mushrooms Ė about two out of three with be toxic. Or something. His son might have gotten sick from one...


      ...People toward the end of a peninsula-like ridge. Maybe fighting? They come back toward us where we can see them... ...(maybe the same dream, but I donít know) a corner of the property that I have visited before [it seems like I have dreamed about this location previously].

      ...Driving down to a church that I used to attend. There is some function going on there. Family is with me, I think. Iím thinking about which Sunday school class they will attend...Leaving church, I think weíre planning to go to where my Grandmother used to live. I think it would be nice if I could stay there at least one night, but then I remember that my Mother and I came together so it would be hard to get back without her having to come and pick me up...We stop at a store (if this is the same dream).