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    1. Comp nights 11 and 12

      by , 03-14-2023 at 05:43 AM

      Fragment 1 [+0.5]

      I was in my apartment, I think. I try to turn on the light, but it wouldn’t turn on. This is unsettling, but I also remember that this is a dream sign. I think I do a reality check, but I don’t remember what happened after that.


      1:00am bedtime. 10 drops of wormwood tincture (half dose) about 11:30pm.

      Awake by 9:30am. Took the following notes:

      Preparing for exam, moving, driving through plaza, someone’s family died but doesn’t care, other guy remembers his own daughter and dancing with her, building electronic device, using  symbol for “about”. (Moving -> getting things out of cupboard)

      Hobbits, a book, swimming pool, lemon in swimming pool,

      Riddles, “hoodwinking” based on someone’s name.

      Fragment 1 [+0.5]

      I don’t remember too much about preparing for the exam. It involved making some kind of electronic device, and using the  symbol as a representation for the word “about”.

      Fragment 2 [+0.5]

      We are moving, or helping my grandmother move. Part of this process involves taking things out of a cupboard. My grandmother doesn’t seem happy with the way I’m working, which isn’t like her...something about driving through a plaza and then onto a road that intersects with the road my grandparents used to live on...

      Fragment 3 [+0.5]

      People are standing in line for something. While they are there, one guy finds out that his family has been killed. At first, I think he pretends to be shocked and grieved. But then he kind of shrugs it off because he is estranged from them anyway. Another guy that is standing with him starts thinking about his own daughter. It becomes a kind of cutscene, in which they are dancing together. The imagery becomes cartoonish as they do so.

      Hobbits [+1]

      Two Hobbits. I might be one of them. Or maybe I’m just with them. There is a book involved. There is something important about the book, I think. I go into someone’s house to see the book, maybe? Then we go on an adventure. This involves climbing down a hill, and a fighting scene. I have two short swords or daggers that I am fighting with, one in each hand. I think I’m borrowing one of them. [This might have been the same dream, and maybe earlier on:] going from one place to another. To do so, we jump into a swimming pool. I find this to be exciting. We cross to the other side of the pool where something happens (maybe this is where the Hobbit adventure happened, but I’m not sure). At one point, I think it might be fun to throw a lemon into the pool. I think about throwing several in, but decide on just the one.

      Fragment 4 [+0.5]

      Something about telling riddles. It seems that if you are really good at it, or able to trick someone else, this is called by a name I don’t quite remember, also known as “Hoodwinking”. The word, it seems, is based on someone’s name, someone who was good at tricking people I think.

      Took a nap in the afternoon. Had the following dreams:

      Fragment 5 [+0.5]

      Something about British Columbia. Something about stars set in a blue background, I think. It seems to be a murder mystery (at least that’s what I wrote in my notebook). Something about how the US was glad to give British Columbia to Canada. It might have been a part of the state of Washington at one point in time. Someone says this in a belittling way, referring (I think) to the conservative leaning of the people that live there. The person talking is a liberal.

      Fragment 6 [+0.5]

      Christopher Robin gathers together a bunch of stuffed animals (representing Winnie the Pooh and friends) and jumps into a kind of square portal in the floor that takes him to the 100 Acre Wood.
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