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    1. Comp nights 4 and 5

      by , 03-07-2023 at 04:04 AM

      Old Job and Zombies [+1]

      Back to the old job at the hospital. I am gathering items, including a heparin IV and another IV bag. There are also a couple of things that we are looking for, not sure if we have them or not. I think about how I have been here for 8 years (in the dream). Dividing up the labels that print out for filling...Zombies come at night. Its as though I watch this on TV. A guy spends the night in a car or truck. Lots of carnage around. The windows of the vehicle become streaked with blood. I hide my eyes while this is going on. It seems like I become the person in the movie. I wonder, what if we stayed in the water tower this next night? That seems like a safer place. We get into a vehicle, and now there are several of us. A siren starts going off, which warns us that Japan has built a nuclear bomb, or something. I get the idea that they are going to nuke the zombies, and if we can survive it will be a lot safer out. I have to do something with two telephones.

      Fragment 1 [+0.5]

      ...Something about identical twins at a gas station. Middle aged guys with curly-ish hair. It turns out that there are actually three of them identical triplets...

      Fragment 2 [+0.5]

      ...Getting coffee at a gas station. I decide to give a tip to the clerk, putting money in the tip jar at the counter...

      Fragment 3 [+0.5]

      ...A play with a Grinch-like character...Machine with rotating parts...A Bible school-like event, which involves a toothbrush. This is going on in a basement, and I might be trying to brush my teeth in a nearby bathroom...

      Fragment 4 [+0.5]

      There is a dog that runs out onto the highway. Someone is trying to call it back with a dog whistle.


      Fragment 1 [+0.5]

      I stop at a gas station. I would like to get something to drink, but the cups that are provided with the water seem to be dirty. One has a tea bag or two in it...There are people swimming in heated pools down town...My friend R...