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    Comp Night 10: Finally, some lucidity!

    by , 01-17-2024 at 10:17 PM (127 Views)
    Bedtime about 10:30-11:00. WBTB around 2:30 (bathroom, scripture reading, about 20 minutes).

    Fragment 1: Bus

    On a bus. It starts out as something from Lurkers.io, where I need to get to a specific place. This involved finding my way out of a space that Iím currently in and finding a path there. Once I get there, Iím supposed to make a radio broadcast or something. My brother seems to be in charge...

    Dream 1: Murder Mystery

    Someone has been murdered. It is a woman Ė an actress apparently, or some sort of entertainer. She has been killed in the upstairs of some place. I go up to investigate. I begin looking around to see if there are any weapons or things that might be used as weapons handy. It turns out that there are a bunch of knives. It seems that someone threw a knife and killed this woman. I try to get more information. I talk to someone whose native language is Swahili, and am having trouble getting her to tell me if the body was found with the head toward the kitchen area or if it was lying the opposite direction. There is some trouble communicating. Finally, I figure out that it wasnít lying either way, but had fallen down through the floor so that the head was sticking up through the floor and the rest of the body was dangling down from the ceiling of the floor below.

    I go downstairs. Family and friends are coming in for a sort of funeral/memorial. I start talking to people, trying to gather evidence. I introduce myself to several different people, and eventually zero in on a lady who is a ďproperty managerĒ for the family. I donít really know what a property manager does, but I figure it might give her a motive to commit the crime. Also, sheís cute. She has an animal with her on a leash. I canít figure out if itís a Canada goose or a dog. I decide that itís a goose, because it has webbed feet. I say to her ďI donít think Iíve ever seen a goose on a leash before.Ē She looks at me with a patient smile and says ďItís a dogĒ. Thatís a little embarrassing. But I keep talking to her, and try to explain that Iím tired, or something. Still the dog does look kind of like a goose, and itís fur seems to be more like feathers.

    We go somewhere. My memory here is a little vague, but it seems to involve some girls on a couch. Something with slime in a tub.

    (Not sure if this is part of the above dream or not). My brother is talking to someone. This person becomes violent, and starts hitting him. I decide to intervene, and try punching the guy. He seems to be really quick though, and dodges my punches. He and my brother start fighting. I grab a bottle of wine or something, and try to hit this guy on the head. I think I eventually succeed.

    Dream 2: Dad at Conference (Lucid)

    Looking for a bathroom. Iím walking with my Mom, or someone. They go into a womenís bathroom. I try to keep going, but there is something with the doors and the hallway all leading into the womenís room. I go to a different area, looking for the menís room. This turns out to be the wrong area, but I see a sign pointing to ďrestroomsĒ so I figure that might help. I follow the sign.

    Now Iím in a conference (possibly the same dream, but Iím not sure). There are a lot of people here, and a man walks by that looks like my Dad. It doesnít make sense that my Dad would be there, but who knows? I decide to do a reality check though. I try counting my fingers, and find that I have trouble doing so. I try multiple times, and keep having trouble. I become lucid! Remembering a goal that I have had, I find my ďDadĒ again and ask him what his story is. I donít remember getting much of a coherent answer though.


    Woke up around 6:30 and took some notes on my phone. Have had trouble getting back to sleep (not an intentional WBTB). Itís now 7:12. I had some milk and donuts.

    Fell asleep not too long after the above note. Had the following dreams:

    Dream 3: Trying the ďMergingĒ Technique (Lucid)

    I find myself awake on the couch. My friend D- is sitting next to me. I look over at his laptop, and see that he is getting on Dreamviews and checking out the competition thread. Then he starts watching Attack on Titan, and I figure itís because of the competition. I go outside.

    (Maybe part of the same dream, but Iím not sure). Outside, I try counting my fingers. I have trouble doing this, even with multiple tries. So, I think I try a nose pinch. I can still breathe. I become lucid. The dream seems to shift to my Grandparentsí old house, and I try flying. I jump off of a step and hover a bit, but I have a bit of trouble flying. Then I decide to try my goal of summoning a character and taking over his body. I try summoning the TV detective Monk, with whom I used to identify and with whom this trick used to work. I try calling for Monk several times, and then decide to tell myself that when I go around the next corner Iíll see him. I look around the corner, but I donít see him. I think I might try to pretend heís there anyway, and do the ďmergingĒ thing.

    Dream 4: Late Night Class and Movies

    (The following might have been part of the same dream, or might have been separate fragments. Iíll count them as one, since the point difference wonít be much either way).

    Waking up. My mother suggests a shirt for me to wear. I go outside, I think. I have a late class (about 10:00pm), so even though I seem to have slept through a lot of the day it doesnít worry me too much. Iíll be up pretty late. Some friends are going to watch something on TV around 2:00am. I think about joining them after my class.

    Some people want to go watch some horror movies. They have some reason for doing this, I forget exactly why. There is a horror movie marathon at a movie theater. It seems to be classics, like the Mummy, etc. Most of the people going to the movie are dressed in what seems to me to be stereotypical horror movie costumes from around the 1940s. This includes people dressed in Middle Eastern/South Asia garb, and/or British Colonial uniforms (not sure why these were stereotypical horror garb to me).

    Fragment 2: Two Dads

    My Dad is at home. Another guy comes along, who is apparently my new Dad coming home from work. My old Dad is relaxing in the recliner when the new Dad shows up. They seem to be on good terms, and shake hands.

    Dream 5: Visiting M-

    I have some spare time, and decide to fly to Africa to visit my friend. We look around her house and yard, and I ask how much of the property she owns. She explains that she used to own more, but it was sold. Also, her brother used to live in the house in front of her, but had to sell his house. So, the family used to have a nice chunk of land all together, but now she just has this smaller plot. Walking around out back, it is very soggy ground. Iím thinking she could have a garden, and then I think maybe asparagus would grow in this marshy area. My friend comes out of the house with a planter, and sets it by the door. Then I see that she has a decent sized raised bed in the back.

    Dream 6: Lord of the Rings

    My friend D-, I think, suggesting that we watch something more appropriate than something else we had been watching. Iím not sure if he means Attack on Titan. Anyway, I start watching the Lord of the Rings (a cartoon version, apparently). ďWaking upĒ in the morning, I try to finish watching it before getting started for the day. Iím watching it on a television up above the kitchen sink, and when my Mom comes along I think about stopping it but Iím too lazy to reach up to the TV or to try and find the remote control. Someone talks about how the Lord of the Rings is like grad school, or like research. In other words, it takes a long time and a lot of work to make even small progress.

    Dream 7: Girl and Signs

    There is a girl sitting next to me. There seems to have been some conversation about her size. There is also something about signage. Some kind of clever sign that warns about nudity, or something. I think itís a pretty nice sign, so I try to make my own, expanding on the theme of the sign. I put this up along a road, but when I look at it, it doesnít look as nice as I thought. Also, I have put it on other peopleís property without asking them. I decide to take the signs down (which involve shooting them with lasers or something). I drive down the road ďtaking downĒ the signs. One of them is a little harder to reach, and I pull into a parking lot to try to turn around and get a better try at it. I spend some time circling around the parking lot, and then try to pull back out onto the road. There is a guy sitting there, kind of blocking my view of oncoming traffic.

    Fragment 3: Watering Plants

    Watering the plants in my house. Someone else might be there with me.

    Fragment 4: Guy with Orange Stuff Coming Out of His Eye

    ďYou beast!Ē the man yelled. I donít know exactly who he was yelling at or why. He might have been yelling at me. I think I was criticizing or lecturing him for something, maybe trying make him feel guilty. Anyway, at some point I roll him over, and some orange stuff oozes out of his eye. I collect some of this on my finger, either to show him or to show someone else. This horrifies that person. The orange stuff, apparently, is some liquid form of someoneís rage.

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    1. Iluzjusz's Avatar
      So many dreams! :O
    2. Harlequin's Avatar
      The goose dog made me laugh out loud.

      I start watching the Lord of the Rings (a cartoon version, apparently)
      There is a cartoon LOTR from the 70s!
    3. cedwards105's Avatar
      So many dreams! :O
      Yeah, it was a productive night

      There is a cartoon LOTR from the 70s!
      I was thinking there was