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    Winter Competition 12.12.2022

    by , 12-13-2022 at 06:00 AM (176 Views)

    Familiar location, walking, and Dr. Loveless (or is it?)

    Walking through the parking lot of a grocery store in the town where my Grandparents used to live. There is a strange car parked in the parking lot, with beetle-like horns in the front and a big spiky tail in the back. My nephew is almost hit with this car, or else almost walks into it. We walk to the other side of the parking lot and down the hill a bit. The hillside in front of the store is partially grown up, and partially covered with daisies. I think it might have been in the process of being mowed. It seems to be the hillside, but in the past. There is a clue to how long ago this was in the fact that my second cousin, who is in his 20s now, was younger at this time.

    Across the street from this hillside is a body of water, like a small lake. As I look at the road going between the hillside and the lake, I realize that this looks like I location that I dreamed about recently and wonder if this might have been what inspired that dream. There is also a little park with trees across the street. It seems that there used to be a small fair, or open-air market, or such there.

    We walk along a nearby path. There is a large drain at the edge of the water. There is also a place where the path seems to cross over the water a little. There is trash in the water, and I think I might even add to the trash by throwing something else in. My parents walk ahead for a little distance, and then come back. They are concerned about someone up ahead. As we walk farther, we find that there is a weird little kid, or small man, with some strange shooting device. There is a bridge going across some water, and he sits under this bridge with his gun aimed at us. Then he starts shooting tennis balls at some kids in a boat race. It hits them in the face and think causes some swelling, but they donít seem to be too badly hurt.

    On closer inspection, we find that this strange little kid is actually a midget. He doesnít look too familiar, but we suspect that it might be Dr. Loveless from The Wild Wild West. By now this might actually be an episode of that show. There is something about a woman giving directions over a cell phone...
    ...A snippet of a memory about someone being taped down on the roof of something (a train or truck, maybe) and someone else being taped on top of them...

    Trash, robots, and tomatoes

    I wake up beside a trash incinerator. From where I am laying (outside) I can see murals painted on the buildings nearby. There is the phrase ďall things to all menĒ in my mind, referring to a woman who was an actress. There is a painting Iím looking at that is supposed to have something to do with womensí health. It is a big circle, kind of like a government logo or something, which has a big cloud (which looks like a dark cloud of pollution) and one or two other things. I wonder what these things might mean. Then I get up. Mom is nearby. I say hi to her. There is a trash theme at this point, and I see what looks at first like a man made of trash. He turns out to be a trash robot. I think there might be another one nearby, possibly serving my mother in some way. I think something about how robots are becoming common now.

    There is a website that has to do with robots. Possibly something where Iím just looking at pictures of robots, but then it seems to become a familiar AI companion site or something. But then Iím walking into a Lego robot store. There is a little Lego robot attacking a button on the cuff of my right sleeve, like a playful dog might do. It chomps on it and gnaws at it. I walk into another room where my mother is doing something. Then it seems that this robot is indicating a place on one of my knuckles where there is a small injury Ė kind of like a cut. There is now another girl with us. We decide that I need to go to the doctor to have this injury looked at, although Iím kind of embarrassed to seem weak in front of this girl. My brother shows up now, too. There is something about weeds. There are a lot of weeds where we are, and we start blaming each other for letting the weeds grow up. He had mowed there earlier on, and then I mowed later. Meanwhile, we are cleaning up tomato plants. The injury is now more like an open wound, and is in my leg instead of on my knuckle. We start throwing tomatoes at each other. At one point some tomato stuff gets smeared into the wound.

    Doctors, dogs, and the TARDIS

    Someone comes walking into a room. He seems to be familiar, and on closer inspection we find that it is the 5th Doctor from the original Dr. Who series. He has kind of scruffy facial hair though, and seems to have a false nose. At least one other Doctor, and possibly more, show up, from different regenerations. Each of them has a dog with them. I go up to one of them Ė an earlier Doctor with an earlier dog companion. I start petting the dog, wondering if it still remembers me after all this time. I might be one of the Doctors myself. There is an interaction between two of the Doctors Ė an older one and a newer one. The newer one wants the older one to do something for him. It seems that the older Doctor is reluctant to do whatever it is. The newer Doctor decides to put some pressure on the older and starts messing with his TARDIS. This involves pulling out some wires and messing with a strange beam (like a weaving beam). The result is that the older Doctor, who had a deep base voice, now has a high pitched voice. The older Doctor gives in (or at least acts like he does), but makes the newer Doctor reset his voice first. The newer Doctor complies, although at first he overshoots and makes the voice too low. But in the end he fixes the older Doctorís voice.

    University Lucid

    Walking along a sidewalk near my undergraduate university. Waiting for the light to change so that I can cross the street. There are some other students around. I walk into the student center building, and when Iím there it occurs to me that Iím dreaming. I do a nose pinch RC to be sure, and can still breathe. There are some beams set into the ceiling at regular intervals, and I think I float up to these and use them to pull myself along as though I were climbing a ladder horizontally. I look over at some people nearby to see what their reaction is, but I donít think they notice me.

    Spying, ape woman, shackles

    Iím some kind of spy. I start walking into a building, where I am greeted by a woman. There might have been some sinister plot going on. I think there is also something about me being muddy, and not wanting to leave muddy footprints on the floor. I make an excuse to turn around and go back out, saying that I left something just outside. I go back outside and walk a little to the left. I do something where I go around a corner so that Iím out of sight, but also they can see me appearing to talk with someone and pet a dog. I pretend to be interested in looking down a drain grate, as though looking for a hidden message. Then I walk back to the place I was going into, smugly thinking that now the antagonists will be expecting messages to be deposited there and will be thrown off (this might have led into the ape dream above. Not sure).

    An ape thing chasing me or someone around. I think it was an ape woman. We run into a room and shut the door. Something about another woman I believe. Sheís 19 or 21, and she is interested in an older guy. At least for the moment...

    ...Something about being shackled to something, but itís like a game because Iím trying to get other people to play by the rules. A part of the system holding us shackled isnít even functional, weíre just pretending that it is.


    (1) The bottom part of a snowman, sitting on top of a fence or something. I end up smashing it or knocking it over, or something. (Winter Theme!!)

    (2) My cousin is starting a new school. He is trying to decide on school colors. I think he ends up choosing either red and blue or red and green. The school is across the street from a big lake (like one of the North American Great Lakes). He has a set of three flagpoles in front of the school, and I think there is a joking suggestion made that he should fly the Confederate flag from one of them. I, or at least my vision, move down the coastline a bit and see a large ship or pier just off of the coast. It looks like a place I have dreamed about at least once before.

    (3) Redecorating my apartment. I have a poster of Narnia, and in the dream am trying to decide where to put it.

    (4) Outside, there are some posts and caution tape placed around, as though the utility company had been marking something out. Someone mentions, I think, that at least some of the posts, or flags, are in the wrong place. But we are in the process of moving. I still have a lot of things in my room that I havenít packed up. My mother, I think, is kind of impatient to move, but I want to get these things packed up. At least the books. I might get angry and swear somewhere around here (which I donít do in waking life anymore).

    (5) Someone is being chased on a mountain. There might be a couple of them, actually. It seems like they are on horses, but one guy suddenly hops on a 4X4 and goes speeding over the peak of the mountain and down the other side. The mountain is kind of blocky, like something from Minecraft. At least one of his pursuers is on skis though, and can make some decent speed down the snowy part of the mountain. There is a narrator, like a sports commentator, saying something like ďhe is determined not to let Sam goĒ. It might have been Sam Gamgee that was being chased.

    The following might have been part of dreams listed above, so I wonít count them for the competition score:

    (i) My Uncle talking with a fellow student of mine about growing up in E.L. Later Iím asking this student if he talked to my Uncle about living there. My Grandmother is around too, and when this student mentions a name of someone he knew my Grandmother starts talking about that person, having apparently known them as well (but this might have been part of the ďspyĒ dream above, so I wonít count it for the competition).

    (ii) I wake up in the future. Or else I think about waking up in the future and expect to see futuristic things, but donít. In a building like the student center above (maybe a false awakening from the lucid)

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