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    ccxlviii. Space crash and bounce

    by , 04-10-2021 at 12:22 PM (307 Views)
    10th April 2021


    I'm in space, in a ship. It feels like a mix of Elite, Rebel Galaxy and Starpoint Gemini. Space is mostly realistic though, black with stars, no fancy nebulae or anything like that. I remember at one point there was something about overriding speed safeties and using a manual control to improve time taken getting somewhere.

    I'm cruising at a high warp speed, not sure how fast, but fairly fast as I come toward the surface of some astral object, I become unable to slow down enough and bounce off the surface. On an interface I see I lost about 75% integrity. There are local armed defence systems and I re-engage a warp speed to get away from here.

    I remember interacting with someone, a friend or family maybe?

    There was a lot more to this dream but I left it too long and having made no initial notes, rest of recall is lost.
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