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    clxxix. Protecting a minister and film called "The End"

    by , 10-13-2020 at 06:36 PM (110 Views)
    12th October 2020


    Somewhere in China. I was helping some kind of cabinet minister or something. I think I was his bodyguard and for some part of the dream we were in a silver car; the minister was the driver.

    I was constantly on the lookout for potential threats. Vague recall of having a weapon. I remember an underground area, a mix of some metro station I know (grey, dingy) and an underground car park or something.

    Most recall faded, but by the end of this dream sequence I was in a kind of transition where I was in my native country, in the capital or somewhere like it and near the water. On one of the quays? Something about catching a train.

    Some family members were there and I was trying to be the last one to get on the train to make sure nobody got separated. T and her sister were there.

    Not sure what part of the dream, but at some point I was selling guns, shotguns?

    13th October 2020


    Dream about a film, called "The End", which was apparently the first in a series. There's a group of four people and they have to stop the four horsemen at the breaking of the last seal. There's some narrating? Not sure: "But what if one of the people, the wizard, didn't make it on time? What would you do?"

    This bit seems to be a replay of a previous dream section but with altered details. Vague visual recall of seeing the last seal break, implying the group failed.

    Before this, I was a child or teenager. I saw my reflection, of my younger self, on a metal blade of some kind.

    I had inherited a large wooden instrument from some African music player. I recall now the instrument looked exactly like a wooden organ pipe, but with tribal decorative patterns painted on it. (recently made a joke to H about one of these sounding like a didgeridoo)

    It was apparently up to me to find someone who would take on this instruments legacy, or I could take it on myself.

    I remember while I was younger I had to train weapon skills (vague recall of panel like classic WoW skills) and I was going to be training my unarmed skill, so I was going to spar with someone my age.

    Something about needing saturated fat first though, and eating some cereal rich in it and other stuff.

    There was a barge too... Maybe we were on it? Recall faded too much.

    Even earlier than this in the dream, dad and I in the middle of a city, like the capital. He'd left his car in a lane and we were on the pavement talking, but I get the feeling he'd left the car open, like he/we were getting back in soon.


    - I never used to have dreams about my younger self. But it seems they are starting to appear more often. I have an inkling as to why but I can't be certain and it's a bit complex.

    Too tired at the moment to make other notes on some stuff. Need to remember to edit this later.
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