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    2/17/13 short visit to dream school

    by , 02-24-2013 at 05:56 PM (746 Views)
    i finnish my last dream i posted if any one wants to read the rest. i was with 2 others in a gym or something practicing a new flying method. like how iron man flies. then suddenly the 2 others booked it out a door. then i realized what we were doing we were trying to fly. lucid now i looked to my left and saw a stain glass window. i broke and flew out side landing on the ground. i was in a school court yard. i saw crowds of people looked like they were changing classes. i searched for some one to talk to. i felt my body irl and my eyes felt light like i would wake any second but when. i got paranoid about waking up and started to hear a count down from 48 then 47, 46 but by then my girlfriend bumped me and woke me up. oh well its not her fault

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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      Outside things can be pretty annoying. If you start hearing a countdown pretend it is something else in order to change the expectation. Think of it as when you are supposed to meet someone. Or when you grow wings. When you teleport. That type of thing. good luck.
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    2. dreamenaider's Avatar
      thanks for the tip that could be helpfull ive been trying to meet my spirit guide so i guess i could use the countdown for that. all in all i do need to change my perspective on it.
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