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    the platform dream world 2/7/13

    by , 02-22-2013 at 10:31 PM (346 Views)
    i was in a basement of some sort. it had red carpet and there were lots of people. we were taking cover for someting dont remember. then some one came down stairs and said it was all over. we all went up stairs. as i was going up the stairs i became lucid. i saw a boy about 18 yrs old. i took off flying and he followed me. i flew off the dream worlds edge. it looked like just a platform with buildings on it and was located in the middle of a galaxy or univers, i could see stars and such all around but i could see no planet just the platform with buildings. it was realy neat and a great sight to see the stars like that . any way i went back on the platform world flying above it there were no people . just me and the boy, i asked the dream for more people but all it gave me was a ferrite running across the ground. oh well i flew past it to a building. we enterd, it was a house inside. we went through it. i wanted to summen my spirit guide and said i demand to. . . then i thought wait i don want to demand anything. then i just said never mind dont want to try that again and went on to do something else. we went out then enterd an appartment. the boy started to talk to the owner. i saw some food and picked some up and eat it. it looked like rice and tasted like the chicken rice we had the night before irl. then i seen a t.v. and thought about the t.v. test i wanted to do. i walked up to it something playing on it but didnt pay attention to the programs on it there was no sound. i was more focused on what the buttons would do. there was a play button i pushed it the sound turnd on. i pushed it again and it turnd off. it only had buttons like a v.c.r. so i push fast forwerd which changed the channel. i pushed it many times to see how many channels there were. there was only 2 or 3. then i pushed a bunch of buttons while keeping my mind blank nothing happend. huh all in the mind i said. after that i went back to the food. the owner and the boy were done talking. i asked for some food i can take with me. he said ya here some hunny buns. i eat one it tasted just like a hunny bun. i grabed 2 to take with. i thought if i munched on them it would help me stay lucid on my adventure.unfortunately i forgot about them and did not have them when i walked out the door. out side the owner stayed home the boy still followed. some kids asked the boy if he wanted to go to a party. he said no i have to stay with him and pointed to me. i told him to go ahead and flew off . i came to a river 2 girls were on one side and 4 men were on the other in a tree fort. the were shouting at the girls and throwing things at them . i asked the girls if they wanted me to take care of the men bothering them. they said yes, so i flew up to the tree fort the men had guns . with my hand i shaped it like a gun, they laughed. i made a sound effect for each shot i wanted to unleash, boosh, boosh, boosh, boosh. i ment for the shots to push them back and knock them out. instead it paralyzed them i gave them a talken to and they were ok after that. i woke up shortly after

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